This is the second volume of the Sierra Waycross saga. It can be read as a standalone story but if you want to see how Sierra became a gladiator then check out 'Academy' in my list of stories. This tale contains strong erotic content and sexual domination so enter at your own risk.


Sierra Waycross stood in the wings waiting for her first contest as a professional gladiator. She nervously adjusted the thin band that held the bottom part of her wrestling costume together. The only relief to her sense of anxiety was that her opponent was her best friend and roommate from the Saebra academy where they had spent the last two years training. Tessa Lockhart stood at her side with the same sense of excitement and anticipation that Sierra felt.

Sierra and Tessa came from two completely diverse backgrounds but had developed a deep friendship regardless. Sierra had lived a privileged life as a daughter of nobility in the far off kingdom of Rahnd. She had a talent for weaponry and martial combat, which she kept secret from her family. She left the drudgery of court life without telling anyone in order to follow her dreams of becoming a warrior. She now kept her noble background secret. At the academy, she was often underestimated in combat because she appeared too feminine to be considered a threat.

Sierra's beauty had a classic quality. Her hair cascaded to her shoulders in waves and natural dark streaks permeated her blonde locks giving a striking multicolored effect. Her skin was a golden tint from her time training outdoors and her bright emerald eyes completed a sensational portrait of a woman that any man would desire. The fact that she didn't look the part of a gladiator often worked in her favor. Her opponents at the academy never expected her to be so skilled and she finished at the top of her class along with Tessa.

Tessa was a raven-haired beauty with dark mysterious eyes. She was just as alluring as Sierra, but that sense of mystery shrouded a hint of ruthlessness that could rise to the surface if needed. She came from a land where she grew up as a thief in order to have enough food to eat. That survival instinct turned into a profession until she was eventually caught and arrested. She had the option of prison or the gladiator school. She chose the latter.

Sierra continued to fidget with her scant costume. "I can't believe they make us wear these," she complained. "We might as well be wrestling in our underwear. I don't see how this is supposed to stay on in a fight."

"I think that's the idea," Tessa replied wryly. "I find the knee-high boots that go with it even more amusing. And these vibrant colors really make us stand out."

Both girls were wearing identical costumes except Sierra's was a vivid lime-green and Tessa's was bright yellow. Each had a black collar signifying the rank they had when they left the academy. They hoped to achieve metallic collars eventually which signified a much higher rank.

"I just have to get used to the fact that there will be men in the audience looking over every inch of us," Sierra added. "I'm not used to being so exposed. At least at the academy it was just women watching."

"Get used to it. I heard that the costumes in some of the midnight shows are even worse than this. At least these are somewhat sturdy, but not by much," Tessa replied.

Sierra and Tessa waited patiently for their match. Two other female contestants stood just ahead of them and would be competing first. The women stood as far from each other in the wing as possible and gave each other cold glances. There was obviously no kinship between those two.

The herald announced the two competitors and they both entered the arena to thunderous cheers and applause. Even though this was one of the smaller arenas in the city of Beltran it was still packed to capacity with people paying no small amount of coin to attend.

Beltran was famous throughout the lands for its gladiatorial games. Decades ago, it was primarily slaves and convicts who competed, but now fame and fortune could be found for aspiring athletes. Successful gladiators became stars and heroes to the adoring public. The loud cheering that came from this small arena was just a hint of what the future would hold for those who advanced.

The two competitors faced each other in the center of the arena. The woman in the red wrestling costume was named Janlyn. She had closely cropped blonde hair and an athletic body. Her opponent, Caiteran, was wearing blue. She had sandy colored hair, which she kept tied back as not to hinder her match. Their outfits were just as skimpy as what Sierra and Tessa were wearing. Both contestants were strikingly beautiful, which was a sign of favor from the goddess Saebra. It was believed that beauty helped a gladiatrix channel Saebra's energy into fighting skill.

Slave girls entered the arena with buckets and poured a clear oil on the padded floor of the arena. The two contestants were staring each other down. When the slave girls exited, the herald rang the bell to signal the start of the match. The moment the bell sounded Janlyn delivered a swift kick to Caiteran's chin with her red boot. Caiteran staggered and Janlyn pounced on her not willing to give up her advantage. The audience erupted in a frenzy of cheers.

The women grappled and tumbled on the mat. Their bodies were now glistening in oil under the torch lit arena. Caiteran started to regain some momentum but never fully recovered from the cheap shot she had received from Janlyn at the opening. There was a nasty gash under her chin where her boot had made contact. Before Caiteran could steer the match in her favor, Janlyn grabbed the back of Caiteran's head and managed to undo the tie that held her hair back. Caiteran now had another disadvantage as her hair fell freely. Janlyn had a hand hold of it and started dragging and swinging her around the arena.

Caiteran managed to grab her opponents arm and threw her over her shoulder. She appeared to be back in the match but Janlyn grabbed Caiteran's tight, blue top and started to pull. Caiteran scratched and clawed back, but Janlyn finally ripped the flimsy top off. Caiteran made a futile attempt to cover herself and was embarrassed by the roar of the men in the crowd. That moment of modesty turned out to be a mistake as Janlyn took advantage and was able to maneuver her into a painful hold.

Sierra and Tessa watched the match in astonishment. "There's obviously no honor in this contest," Sierra said.

"Or rules for that matter," Tessa added.

Janlyn was pulling Caiteran's arms out to the side with her knee planted firmly in her back. The men in the audience enjoyed this hold as Caiteran's breast were now helplessly thrust forward.

"Give up, wench," Janlyn growled.

"You won't get the pleasure, bitch!" Caiteran shouted defiantly. Then Janlyn started pulling her arms harder as Caiteran screamed. There was a popping sound as her right arm dislocated from her shoulder.

"OKAY-OKAY I GIVE UP!" Janlyn released her and Caiteran collapsed to the mat sobbing in pain. An arena judge came forward and raised Janlyn's arm as the crowd cheered for her in adoration. Caiteran was carried off the mat.

Sierra was beginning to wonder what she had gotten herself into as she waited for the herald to announce their fight. At least she was competing against her best friend where there wouldn't be any of the dirty fighting that they had just witnessed.

When Sierra and Tessa entered the arena their adrenaline started pumping at the sound of the cheers. The evening sky had a purple quality as the sun had just set. Numerous torches lit the exquisite architecture of the stadium and the oil that covered the arena floor had a sweet and pleasant smell to it. The mostly-male audience eyed the new combatants hungrily. Sierra felt awkward and self-conscious knowing that all these men would probably be fantasizing about them after hours.

When the bell sounded, all friendship was momentarily put aside. The girls circled each other with the only intent being the defeat of the other. There were no cheap shots but they fought fiercely trying to take advantage of any weakness they had learned about each other during their training.

Sierra was finding it hard to get a good hold on Tessa as they were now covered in slick oil. Tessa maneuvered behind Sierra and had a forearm locked under her chin. Sierra tried to escape but Tessa grabbed the thin strap that held the bottom part of her costume together for leverage. The more Sierra struggled, the harder Tessa pulled the strap until the fabric started to make a tearing sound.

"Watch the suit, Tess," Sierra growled in a fierce whisper. "It's about to break. I'd rather not have my nether regions on full display to the public!"

"Come on Sierra," Tessa teased in her ear. "Shouldn't we give the crowd what they want?"

Sierra made a desperation move by kicking her leg back and managed to trip Tessa. Both girls rolled until they were tangled up like a pretzel. Sierra now had a superior position with her opponent locked up in a pin. Tessa desperately tried to escape but she couldn't. The bell sounded after she maintained the pin for five seconds signifying that Sierra had won.

Sierra stood and helped Tessa to her feet. The crowd cheered enthusiastically for their spirited battle but was disappointed that there had been no hair pulling or shredded costumes. The two women exited the arena while artfully dodging the groping hands that were trying to reach over the wall and touch their glistening bodies.

Mistress Tameer was in the wing to greet them. She had been the headmistress at the Saebra academy and was here to mentor Sierra and Tessa in the beginning stages of their career. Tameer had long silver hair that flowed past her shoulders. It was difficult to determine her age. There wasn't a single line on her face, but it showed maturity. Her body was youthful and had the form of a twenty year old . Sierra guessed that she was probably fifteen or twenty years older but never dared to ask.

"Congratulations to both of you on a well fought match," Tameer beamed. "You never cease to amaze me, Sierra."

"I would have had her if she hadn't started chatting it up with me in the middle," Tessa sulked, but then gave Sierra a playful smile.

"You'll know better next time," Tameer reprimanded.

"If I may be so bold in saying," Sierra interjected, "this is nothing like I thought it would be. First of all, these costumes couldn't be any less practical. I also thought there would be a sense of honor in combat, but judging from that first match it's far from it."

"Honor means little to your audience," Tameer replied. "There is a dark side to the masses and they will gladly turn a blind eye to treachery. It creates more drama for their entertainment. Plus, you are nothing more than a guilty pleasure to them. Visual sex, if you will. The underground powers that run the arena network are aware of what the public wants and will gladly give it to them. Your best bet is to hone your skills as best you can and play the game the way it's meant to be played."

"Now enough of the serious talk," Tameer continued. "You've both earned yourself a visit to the spa. Beltran has the best in the land and I'm sure you'll find it quite an enjoyable experience."

Tameer led them through a network of tunnels that ran underneath the city. After walking a quarter of a mile she led them up a stairwell into the spa. Tameer left them in the first chamber, which had a large bubbling bath carved in the tile. Two sorceresses stood on either side of the bath. They held their glowing hands outstretched before them. They were apparently causing the water to bubble and steam by use of magic. Both of the magic wielders wore silk gowns that were nearly transparent and tied at the waist with a sash. They had an exotic allure about them.

Dimly lit orbs on the wall cast a subtle light in the chamber that danced off the moving water. Janlyn, the winner of the first wrestling match, was already in the pool completely naked.

"You may disrobe and enter the baths," one sorceress said to Sierra and Tessa.

Tessa shrugged and started unlacing her boots. She peeled off her wrestling uniform and stuck a toe in the water to test the temperature. She slowly eased her way into the churning water. "Ahh, Sierra, now this is the life."

Sierra, being a bit more shy due to her noble upbringing, unlaced her boots slowly. She wasn't used to undressing in front of others. Janlyn was watching her intently as if she were sizing her up. Sierra quickly slipped out of her costume and hurried into the pool a little too fast. She hissed as the water scalded her at first but she soon got used to it.

Tessa turned to Janlyn and asked, "So where's your opponent?"

"Probably with the healer," Janlyn replied nonchalantly. "She's missing out on a luxurious evening at the spa. That's the price she pays for being weak."

"That's a rather brutal philosophy to have," Sierra responded. "You could have really hurt her."

Janlyn showed her first hint of emotion all evening. "You sound like a spoiled little princess. You'll be eaten alive with that attitude."

The comment stung Sierra a little because there was probably a hint of underlying truth to it. Sierra had come from a life of privilege and nobility – a fact that she tried to keep well-hidden. She thought she had buried those courtly influences at the academy, but she was starting to realize that she still had much to overcome. She had to come to terms with the fact that this was a very different world, which demanded a different approach.

After a half hour, the sorceresses put their hands down and the water slowly stopped bubbling. "You may exit the pool and enter the next chamber for your massages," one of the sorceresses announced.

Janlyn got up and stepped out of the tub. Her body glistened as water ran down her lithe form.

"This is your first time at the spa, right?" Janlyn enquired. "Follow my lead." She grabbed a towel off a hook and proceeded to dry off. She went to her belongings and slipped into a tiny black thong and nothing more. She then proceeded through the door to the next chamber while Sierra and Tessa were still drying off.

Tessa put on a satiny pair of red, string bikini panties and then strapped on a matching bra. "Well, at least I'm more modest than she is, just not by much," she giggled.

Sierra picked out her most comfortable underwear, which consisted of a small pair of white lacy panties with minimal coverage in the back and a bra that had a delicate lace fringe. Both girls took short terrycloth robes off the hook and tied them on before they entered the next chamber.

When they arrived, Janlyn laughed at them. "You won't be needing those robes much longer. Why bother?"

Before they could respond, Mistress Tameer entered the chamber. She was followed by ten ravishing men wearing nothing but loincloths.

"Now ladies," Tameer chimed, "you may pick out a masseur. Janlyn gets the first pick for winning her bout most soundly. Sierra gets the next pick."

Janlyn picked a man that was well-built, but appeared a bit on the soft side for Sierra's taste. She imagined that Janlyn liked to feel superior and that might have something to do with who she picked. Sierra zeroed in on a dark haired hunk who was well-muscled but not overly so and was much more masculine. He had just the right amount of hair on his chest and Sierra imagined what it would be like to run her fingers through it. He also had two days worth of beard stubble, which gave him a rugged look that she liked. The man Tessa picked had a nicely chiseled body that was smooth and shaved. The rest of the men seemed disappointed that they weren't chosen.

"With that, I will leave you to enjoy the rest of your evening," Tameer announced. She left the chamber and the remaining men followed her.

Three tables were spaced out a distance from each other. Sierra's masseur led her to the table in the middle of the chamber.

"Sierra right?" he asked gently. "You may want to remove your robe."

"Umm, wow, I don't even know your name yet," she replied nervously as she fingered the hem of her robe.

"My name is Chaven and trust me, I'll be gentle," he smiled at her.

Sierra reluctantly removed her robe and hopped on the table laying on her stomach. Chaven applied an oil to her back that had a nice exotic scent of spices. His strong hands were gentle and felt good to her.

"You don't look like the type who would be giving massages. You look like you could be a gladiator yourself," Sierra said in a relaxed voice.

"Actually, I was a gladiator for a short while and won a boxing tournament two years ago. Then I decided to retire."

"Why did you retire? You're still young."

"The injuries and cutthroat nature of it all started to get old. Plus, this job has its perks." As he said that, Chaven gently ran his fingers down her back and started caressing her buttocks. Sierra held her breath as he let his fingers glide along the edge of her panties.

"Why don't you turn over," Chaven said.

"Um…okay," Sierra replied and hesitantly rolled over. Chaven started to rub oil on her belly and slowly worked his way down. He lingered right at the edge of her panties and then proceeded to caress her legs with his masculine hands. Sierra's nipples were now pressing firmly against the flimsy material of her bra.

"You know, if you remove your top I can give you a more complete massage," Chaven coaxed.

"Well, that would be a bit forward now wouldn't it?" Sierra replied.

"Look at the others and you tell me," he said with a smile.

She looked over at Tessa and she already had her bra off. Sierra then looked over to the other side of the room and gasped. Janlyn had just unhooked her masseur's loincloth and she was stroking his growing manhood.

"Well, I wouldn't want to break tradition," she said and cautiously sat up. Chaven reached around and expertly unhooked the strap. Sierra felt self-conscious at being so exposed with her rock hard nipples giving away her sense of excitement. He lavishly applied oil to her breasts and circumnavigated their roundness. He teasingly worked his way up to her pointed nipples and gave little circular motions on them with the tips of his fingers. This drove her crazy as she involuntarily gave a little moan and her breath quickened.

Sierra looked over and noticed that Janlyn was walking out of the chamber to a private room with her naked massage guy. Tessa was now being straddled by her man. She was working at undoing his loincloth as he was massaging her.

As Chaven continued to bring new levels of pleasure to Sierra's breasts she looked down at his loincloth and noticed the bulge underneath. She couldn't help herself and her hand wandered underneath it. She could feel the perfect outline his swelling penis through the flimsy material that contained it. She then found and undid the hooks and let it fall to the ground. Her heart skipped a beat as his manly girth fell out and bounced a little until it rested at a forty-five degree angle towards the ground.

"It looks like we have the chamber to ourselves now," Chaven informed her in his deep velvety voice. Sierra looked over and noticed that Tessa had already left with her guy, apparently to another private room.

Chaven ran his fingers under Sierra's tight panties pulling them down an inch. His fingers brushed by her closely trimmed hair so he started to pet it. At the same time he bent forward and let his tongue flutter on her nipple. He then navigated to the other nipple doing a circular tongue motion before sucking it sensually.

"Maybe we shouldn't do this here," Sierra said in a quivering voice. She was nervous that someone would walk in.

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