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"Ooh, poor little cutie!" The little dryad's eyes sparkled with glee. "I bet you just can't even keep standing anymore, can you? Can you?"

"Nn..." Salvin felt his legs quaking beneath him. He fought to keep hold, fought to resist, but how could he? His mind was melting with sheer... agreement. Of course he couldn't keep standing. Coryl knew best.

She gave his hand a fond little squeeze as he fell to his knees in the grass and moss.

Her hand was soft. Her skin was smooth, and strangely slick, like she was oiled up or something. Salvin's hand tingled pleasurably, and he let out a soft moan as she ran her other hand over his arm, feeling his muscles and cooing over his strength. "Such a big, strong man!" she breathed.

Coryl was a slight young woman with meticulous spiraling braids, deep browned skin, and a cute, heart-shaped face. And yet Salvin, a brawny traveler standing nearly six feet—not that he could stand right now—felt helpless to her touches. Her eyes gleamed with hazel rapture as the hand played up his arm, dancing over his bare shoulder, and grazed over his face. "I think we both know how bad he wants to give my finger... a li'l sucky, huh?"

"Mm," Salvin moaned, leaning forward to suckle at her pointer finger. The thought filled him with bubbling need. How had he not realized before how badly he wanted this?

And the second his lips contacted her smooth skin, he moaned louder, feeling more intensely than ever how true her statement was. Salvin felt himself fading, unable to resist a single word that issued from those plump, dark, perfect lips.

She told him he wanted to unbuckle his trousers. Of course he wanted that. He nodded eagerly, smiling at her, still sucking and licking her finger. He didn't know why he wanted it so badly, but he did. Ever since she'd laid her hand in his, he had known she knew what was best for him.

He did struggle a little when she laid a finger on his cock. He wasn't sure he was comfortable with that. He'd heard things—things about seductive fey, brainwashing, people being turned into mindless, horny toys for dryads' amusement... If he felt this good and agreeable with her holding his hand, how overwhelming would it be if she... she...

But she flashed him a smug smile. "Shh. You know you want it, don't you? Let Coryl take care of you, sweetie!"

His struggles slowed. Yes. Of... of course he wanted it? He leaned in, savoring her touches as she slowly stroked over his erect, throbbing cock. Yes. Oh, fuck yes. He definitely wanted this.

Coryl started to hum as her finger pulled from his mouth and started to trace down his chest. The tingling was everywhere, now. It was in his head.

He felt so woozy, when dear Coryl suggested that he couldn't possibly remain kneeling, of course he knew it was true. He smiled numbly as he sank facefirst into her arms, filling his vision with her ample cleavage, his air supply with the sharp, hazelnut liqueur scent that pervaded her perfect body. The tingling field his brain with slick, fuzzy warmth.

She slowly stroked his cock up and down with her slick, warm hand, filling his manhood with a burning need for... whatever she said it needed. He trusted her. She pumped him gradually, building his lust, as roots gathered around his arms and legs. He could do nothing to resist—even the slightest murmur of concern was silenced by waves of melodic whispers reminding him how badly he wanted all of this.

Soon, he was murmuring just for the sake of hearing her voice. Every whisper made the strokes so much more sensuous.

It was after fifteen minutes of this gentle touching that Coryl apparently could wait no longer, because she leaned in closer. Salvin was by now totally bound within the vinelike roots of the hazelnut tree, lost within this strange fey woman's hazel eyes. She wrapped her arms around him, beaming. "I bet my cutie wants more, huh?" she cooed.

He stirred. More. More.

"Y-yes!" he gasped, bucking as her finger ran over his cock head. "Oh, f-fuck—"

"I know!" Coryl squealed with delight. "My cutie wants me to fuck his itty-bitty brains out! Only..." She frowned in a tremendous pout. "Oh, darn. Darn!"

"W-what?" His voice trembled as she moved closer and closer, rubbing his arms and legs between her slick hands and her toned thighs. Her lips were mere centimeters from his skin. He instinctively knew that once she kissed him, he could refuse nothing from her ever again. Once she kissed him, he would be forever lost inside her world where she was the Wise and he the Learner. Her will would be his reality. Inescapable.

"Well, it's just..." She bit her lip. "Aw, darn. The only way I can fuck your ity-bitty brains out is if you beg to be my slave forever!"

"Oh." Salvin blinked slowly. That did sound bad.

"You don't want that, do you?" Coryl batted her thick eyelashes. "My cute little toy doesn't wanna be my little sexy slutty toy forever and a day!"

Salvin trembled as her fingers ran up and down his shaft. He was getting closer and closer. He needed her! Needed her sheath, needed the sweet, slippery release she could grant him. This was tortuously slow.

"N-no," he whimpered, with the heavy weight of regret on his tongue. What was he saying? Of course he didn't want that, but...

"Ooh. No?" And Coryl's tone changed. She moved closer, so that her lips just barely feathered by his own when she spoke. Her deep hazel-green eyes bored into his own. Her hands rubbed over his arms as her thighs stroked and caressed his legs. "Did my boy say no?"

"N-no?" Salvin repeated, uncertain. He was still bucking towards her hand. He couldn't help himself.

Coryl giggled. "You know," she whispered, tickling under his chin with one finger until he found himself giggling, "I don't think you're being honest." Her fingers spiraled mischievous circles around his glans, as above, she leaned in and began planting the barest of kisses on his cheeks. His mind was awash in Coryl's wishes, drugged on them. It was like every suggestion she gave him entered his brain and stayed there, swirling as iridescent as oil in water. "Are you?" she asked sweetly, as he gaped in dumb rapture at her.

Her fingers skittered along his thigh, causing him to jolt. "N-no," he whimpered. He didn't even recognize he was just repeating himself now.

Coryl giggled triumphantly. "I thought so! What a naughty boy!" She leaned in and kissed him again, her lips trailing just a little bit longer this time. As she pulled back, she gently bit down on his lip, nipping him. As if she was claiming him. His mind splintered as she rose back up and grinned at him expectantly. "So what do you want?"

Salvin stared numbly up at her. "I... um..." What did he want? He couldn't even tell if she'd given him a suggestion to follow. He was so confused, and she was so beautiful, and she felt so good touching his cock like that...

He couldn't even begin to think straight. But Coryl could. Coryl had all the control right now. And he knew what she wanted, didn't he? And wasn't that the same thing as a suggestion? Salvin's mind was so swirled and confused, this almost made sense.

And he knew what Coryl wanted. Her eyes were fogged with lust as she studied his taut, muscular physique.

So he bucked once more towards her hand, causing her to smirk. "I w-wanna... wanna be your sexy toy!" he cried, as the orgasm slowly climbed higher and higher, teetering on the precipice with her cruel fingers. "Oh, please, Coryl! Please! Make me yours!"

And, eyes gleaming with pure joy, Coryl sank down onto his shaft.


"What a jerk!"

High up above the moaning, gasping, wriggling coupling between predator and prey, four fairies watched the proceedings with a mix of indignant fury and... other emotions. The speaker was a particularly short but curvy fairy—only the height of a particularly large praying mantis—with brilliant green hair, cerulean eyes, and hair the length of her body trailing after her.

"Easy does it, Ora," soothed one of her brethren, a darker-skinned fairy with shoulder-length pink hair, blue eyes, and rosy wings. Val stroked Ora's back comfortingly. "You know it doesn't pay to mess with the Ranch fey. Let's just keep going."

"Nn... let's wait, like, a few seconds more," whispered a fairy with brilliant gold hair. Glam's hair rose up above her head like wind was blowing beneath her feet. "J-just... maybe we can... help..."

"Y-yes," whimpered a fairy with positively glowing red hair and red eyes, gyrating slightly in midair, "h-help..." Erie's iridescent wings beat rapidly behind her, filling her area with dazzling sparkles. Those sparkles had been a special gift from a human illusionist, and Ora had to be careful not too look at them too long right now.

The four fairies were flying above the mighty bamboo forests, following the winds, as was their way. But this scene had caught their interest—in more ways than one. Val and Ora had been interested out of a shared moral outrage, while Glam and Erie were openly masturbating one another right now as they watched.

"This isn't something to get off to!" snapped Ora, trying to ignore the heat in her own nether regions. Much as she longed to enjoy the view, knowing the rape for what it was somewhat spoiled the experience for her. "We need to help him 'fore that dryad takes him completely! Don't you know how dangerous hazelnut dryads can be?"

"Do you?" husked Glam. The golden-haired fairy wiggled her hips slightly, letting out a soft gasp as the fingers between her legs stepped up their attentions.

"W-well..." Ora shook her head, irritated at this inconvenient fact. She'd never actually faced a hazelnut dryad before. They had some sort of very powerful mind control, but it was limited by something. Was it eye contact? Language? Some sort of consumable? "But I know what's right, darn it!"

"She is straying outside the Ranch zone," mused Val, rubbing her legs together slightly. "I bet they sent her out to catch that poor boy." She bit her lip, clearly thinking. "It might be safe to, uh, mess with her a little bit."

"Yeah!" Ora nodded eagerly. "We can save 'im while they're still out here, and vulnerable!"

"A little flash," gasped Glam.

"A little sparkle," moaned Erie.

"An' she's as good as ours," Ora completed proudly.

But Val still seemed unsure. "Dryads are tricky," she said, tapping her foot on the bark of the branch. "'Member the time we played with that pine dryad?"

"Ooh!" Glam bucked her hips. "C-couldn't sit down for days w-without g-giggling!" S-so... t-tickly!" The blonde fairy was already starting to lose control of her vocal skills, Ora noticed. Once those started to go, it tended to be a one-way street with Glam. That left Val and Erie as Ora's backup.

"Right!" Val nodded, wringing her hands. "And she was a friend." She turned imploringly to her two masturbating friends, clearly hoping to appeal to them, and in so doing, outvote Ora. "Just think about what this lady could do to us if we messed with her."

"Mm..." Erie let out a purring sound. "What she could do to us..."

"Oh, gods," cried Glam.


Val bit her lip, repressing her own rising lust as she watched her two old friends orgasm in each other's arms. Those two were hopeless. She tried to tune out the rising moans and screams from below as the new boytoy reached his first of many coming climaxes. This forest was a cacophony of lusty noises right now. It was time to get herself and her friends out of here.

"Okay, look, Ora," she said, trying to sound sympathetic, "I think we gotta be—" She turned around to face Ora. Or where Ora had been a second ago.

Because Ora was gone.

"Oh, shit," Val whispered. "Ora!" She spotted the glimmering little green fairy zooming down towards the couple, a verdant blur against the browning underbrush. Val spun back around to face the two lovemaking fairies. "Glam, Erie, snap out of it! Ora's getting into trouble. Help her out and..." She looked around nervously. "I'll... try to start a swarm, I guess!"

And without waiting for an answer, Val took off into the forest—leaving Ora alone, her plans known only to a pair of lusty-sweet fairies. But not for long.


Coryl smiled down at her prize with unconcealed glee. His eyes were currently rolled up into his skull with pure bliss, and he cried out with every stroke of her pussy along his long, hard, pulsating shaft. She'd already forgotten his name, in truth. He was just a handsome young man who had wandered too close to the Ranch, and Coryl was so, so happy he'd done so.

She wriggled her hips and batted her eyelashes, savoring his every gasp. "Do we like this, cutie?" she cooed down at him. She dropped down and kissed him hungrily, nibbling gently on his lower lip, then pulled away again. "Feels like you doooo!"

Out of the corner of her vision, a light flashed. She giggled and stroked his face. "You feel so good inside me," she whispered. "Gosh, I just wanna make you cum your adorable brains out!"

The much larger man trembled, his member caught in her pussy like a silken vise. She licked her lips as a light flashed again. "I g-gotta fuck you," she whispered, "til you forget what's going on. I hope you don't mind!" She stroked his chest, giggling. "I bet you do mind, huh?"

"Y... yes..."

"I bet you're super worried about consent and all those boring things!" She pouted, even as she lowered down and started kissing him. A light flashed in the corner of her vision. Gods, she was getting hornier and needier than she'd been in months, and she had a huge cock in her right now! Where was this need coming from? Whatever her new toy's name had been, he was in for a very long day.

"Y... uh, yeah," he mumbled, in-between her long, wet kisses. "C-consent... you shouldn't.. shouldn't do this... p-please..."

"But..." She booped him right on the nose, pushing him just slightly away from her as he lay helpless in the grass, "I bet you're too horny to care!" She bounced a few times for emphasis.

Pleasure suffused his body, and the strange concerns instantly dissolved back into dust again.He moaned loudly. "Yeah, yes, yes!" he whimpered. "Too horny... feels so good..."

"So good," she husked, bouncing faster. "So, so good—"

"J-just... submitting..."

"Feels so good...

"So good to submit.

"So horny and needy and... and..."

Coryl's eyelashes fluttered in confusion, even as she felt the orgasm surging within her. She bucked and writhed with pleasure, but inwardly, she was starting to get the sense that something was wrong. She was never, ever the first one to cum. Even as her new toy started to scream, now affected by Coryl's pussy juices to magnify the most recent suggestions a hundredfold, she couldn't stop bouncing in his lap.

She was mewling like a catgirl in heat. She couldn't help it. Her pussy was in heaven with every bounce, with every moan, with every...

... flash...

"Good girl," whispered a high-pitched, squeaky voice from above, and a tiny form descended into view. Coryl almost fainted from bliss as she saw the gorgeous green-haired fairy. Oh, she was so beautiful. And her breasts were so... large for a fairy's... "Just gonna be a nice, good li'l girl for Ora now, huh?"

"Uh..." Coryl's brain was almost dead with pleasure. The orgasms kept coming, one after the other. Just... kept... coming... "Y-yeah... just wanna cum..."

The fairy giggled, zooming in and examining Coryl more closely. Her form was nubile and perfect, despite her tiny size, and Coryl felt her arousal climbing at the sight even as she was dazzled by the brilliant fluttering wings, the gorgeous insectile emerald eyes, the blinding orgasms she was stripping out of her new human plaything's big, throbbing dick.

"Goddesses," the fairy murmured, "you are hot. I think maybe someone needs a taste of her own medicine, huh?"

"Uh..." Coryl started to grunt and moan, the orgasms finally taking firm control of her verbal processes. "C-cum," she whimpered. "Wanna c-cum..."

"I know you do!" Ora smirked. "Now climb off your new boytoy, hm?"

Coryl frowned. Something about that seemed off. She was... she was brainwashing him! She was cumming on him! She couldn't... didn't want to...

The wings fluttered, and the fairy whispered, "Be a good girl."

Coryl found herself climbing off the boytoy, leaving her pussy bereft and empty. The boytoy lay there, twitching and moaning, still glistening with her oils.

Coryl mindlessly crawled towards the fairy, who giggled as she flew backwards, leading Coryl away from the boytoy. Coryl could only follow, mouth hanging open, captivated by the brilliant glow of the fairy's glimmering wings.

So pretty... so horny... Time blurred into colors as she watched those lights and crawled.

At last, though, Ora came to a stop, and so did Coryl. Still numb, but finally able to use her hands, Coryl started vacantly stroking her sex with her spare hand. "Wanna cum," she whimpered. "Wanna h-help me cum??"

The fairy giggled. "Gosh, you're such a bimbo! I barely even hit you with that mirror enhancer." She fluttered forward, stroking the dryad's cheek with one arm. Coryl whined at the ticklish touch. Because Ora was flying, her hand vibrated ever-so-slightly. "How'd someone like you ever manage to brainwash anyone?"

Coryl licked her lips, trying to remember. All she could think about, though, was her boytoy's big, meaty dick. "Um..." The ticklish touches distracted her. She longed for Ora to play with her, as she knew fairies could do, but Ora seemed quite happy to just taunt and tease her. "Y-you wanna... know?"

"Oh, yes," the fairy purred, tickling along Coryl's lips.

"J-just... please... touch me..."

"Of course," Ora said, beaming as she began to rub her whole body against Coryl's cheek. She was practically grinding on her. The ticklish touches were excruciating.

"I..." Coryl stared stroking herself with both fingers, sliding back against a clump of bamboo for balance. "I s-saw him, all horny and hungry after a... p-pine dryad caught him. T-teased him."

"Yes..." Ora's voice was barely a breath. She started kissing along Coryl's face, tiny vibrating kisses. Her wings filled Coryl's vision with brilliant, gorgeous lights.

"I pretended to be d-dead on the path. He ran up and checked my p-pulse." Coryl started to gasp and whimper as her orgasm began to climb again. "People wh-who touch me... get so horny... obedient..."

"Obedient," the fairy repeated, running her vibrating arms over Coryl's plump lips even as Coryl spoke. Coryl couldn't help it—she let her tongue flit out and tease over Ora's nude body, causing the fairy to squeak and giggle with delight. "Heehee—h-horny!"

"So he wanted to... to kiss me..." Coryl started to swing back and forth on her hands and knees, toying rapidly with her clit. She was so close. So close. "Everyone l-loves my lips..."

"Everyone," the fairy echoed. Her wingbeats began to slow as she stared at Coryl's big, plump, soft lips. She atroked them with both lips, seeming to marvel at their softness.

And as the wingbeats slowed, Coryl felt a strange sense—like she'd been sleeping upon her arm and had only just rolled off of it. It was a sort of pins-and-needles sensation. She stared numbly at the fairy as her orgasm drew closer and closer. "You," she whispered vacantly, "l-love me?"

The fairy seemed to struggle a moment, and the wings beat once, scattering Coryl's thoughts for a few more seconds. But the wingbeats were weak and languid. Her eyes were glazed over, and her mouth was hanging open in desire. "I... I l-love you," the fairy whimpered. And she finally went limp. The fairy's wings stopped, her arms went slack, and she slowly drifted like a feather, down into Coryl's lap.

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