tagLoving WivesGloria's Hole Ch. 01

Gloria's Hole Ch. 01


I had to force myself to concentrate as I drove. My wife, in the seat next to me, was talking a bit more than normal, but that wasn't distracting me. She was wearing just some shorts and a tee shirt, nothing too skimpy, certainly not enough to bother me as I drove. No, none of those things distracted me, what distracted me was our destination.

Gloria and I had talked about doing this for some time. It was a big step, but as our marriage progressed things had gotten a bit boring in the bedroom and we needed a way to spark things up. Now we had ordered some porn online and picked up a fine assortment of toys and they helped a lot. With the help of the toys and inspired by the porn, we tried a lot of new things and really enjoyed ourselves.

It was strange, after all these years we found ourselves tossing aside old hesitations and were trying things that we had thought taboo all our lives, and we enjoyed it. In the course of a few years we went from having sex with the lights out using two, maybe three different positions, to making our own home videos, masturbating in front of each other, oral and even a bit of anal play. For a couple who made love only in their bedroom or an occasional hotel, we found ourselves having sex in every room including the attic, garage and even the coat closet. We had even tried some public sex, once actually masturbating each other to orgasm during a nice dinner at an upscale restaurant.

Although we had been having the best sex of our lives we wanted more. Now we are both a bit overweight and showing our age, so although we thought about swinging, we weren't sure if we'd fit into that crowd. We pictured swingers as Club Med type svelte men and women who wouldn't look twice at a homespun couple like my wife and I. But we did have another outlet and after a lot of talk we decided to give it a try.

As I continued to drive my wife asked, "How did you find out about this place?"

"It's the place I want to get the porn and some of the toys that I brought home. Not as convenient as ordering them from the internet, but this way I got to see the items for real, not just pictures. You could even preview some of the movies they were selling."


"Well in one of the preview rooms I noticed it and had an idea."

"So here we are."

"This is the place," I replied pulling into the World News Video and Botique.

The parking lot was fairly full but I found a spot and we slipped in between the cars and then stepped into the store. It was a bit odd, but we did spot another woman with a guy so Gloria didn't look so out of place. Still, two women and twenty, twenty five guys was a bit imbalanced.

Gloria was a bit nervous so we slowly browsed around, looking at a number of the sex toys, searching through a few stacks of magazines and then spending several minutes looking at the clearance items. We decided there were a couple of interesting looking things there that we would look at after going into the booths.

We casually sauntered toward the back room where the video booths were. Stepping into the dark room we saw about six men milling about, but each very politely stepped aside as we found an open room, opened the door and then went inside. I locked the door behind me and immediately heard some quick shuffling and then I heard the door to the booth beside us close and lock.

I fed a couple of dollars into the video machine and watched as the video started midstream through the movie. Gloria watched as some woman ran her hands over her cum covered breasts for a few moments and then the scene suddenly changed. I reached over and pulled my wife to me, kissing her on the mouth while slipping an hand down the back of her shorts, squeezing her ass. I ground my cock against her for a moment and then stepped back, looking and nodding downward.

There, just below waist high in the wall next to us was an approximate 6" diameter hole. Looking closely in the dim light that shined from our video screen we both could see the head of a cock, just on the other side of the opening. The bluish head and tiny hole hovered there, the hole glistening with pre-cum.

I whispered, "Touch it with your fingers."

Gloria reached her hand down and touched the head of the cock with two fingers. The cock immediately slid through the hole. My wife looked up at me and I nodded, so she wrapped her fingers around the cock and began to stroke it. While she stroked the man's cock, I eased my cock out of my shorts and began stroking myself, several times leaning forward and letting our cocks touch each other.

When Gloria and I discussed coming here we agreed she would only jack the guys off and then she'd suck me off letting them watch us through the hole. As she continued I could see the guy's cock moving back and forth as he fucked my wife's hand and figured he probably wouldn't last long. I glanced over at Gloria and could see her face flushed with excitement as she played with his cock, slipping her fingers through the hole to play with his balls.

She then leaned her head forward and ran her tongue down the length of it, making sure she stayed clear of the head and the cock hole. After a few more long licks his cock glistened and I realized this was really turning me on too, so much so that when Gloria looked up at me and opened her mouth, I gently pushed her head toward his cock.

Moving deliciously slowly, she moved her lips over the head of his cock and then took him in her mouth. While she did that she reached up and grabbed my cock, gently stroking it. Her head bobbed back and forth on the strange cock as I watched the glistening shaft disappear and reappear into her lips. Her head began moving faster and I heard a muffled moan from the next booth.

Gloria tugged on my cock, so I squatted down to I could watch close up. My wife nodded and then I noticed her eyes blinking fast and she gagged a bit, but quickly swallowed. I saw the cock seem to expand and then suddenly release, twitching several times and then seeming to relax. A bit of the thick white cum rolled out of the corner of Gloria's mouth, but she pulled back off his cock, and licked up the drop.

Stunned at what happened I backed up and sat down on the bench, my cock rock hard. My wife stroked the cock a couple of times with her fingers and then watched it disappear through the hole. She then moved and sat next to me.

"What do you think?" she asked.

"I'm shaking," I replied.

"Was it good? Are we okay after that?"

I just looked at her, unable to speak.

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