tagMind ControlGod Am I Ch. 02

God Am I Ch. 02


God Am I Chapter 2 - My Training

I woke up sometime in the middle of the afternoon. As I stretched my hand brushed up against someone's back, causing them to moan slightly in their sleep. Then the events of the past 24 hours came flooding back to me. Working with Jennifer and what we did on our rest break. How she came over to my house last night and sleeping in the woods from the fright of waking up to find her going down on my nightly hard-on. Then the finale of this morning when I fucked her fast and hard only to pass out from sheer pleasure.

Quickly I jumped out of bed. Jennifer stirred slightly, rolling over to face me in her sleep. Then my thoughts raced with the 'How' and 'Why' did all this happen. I suddenly remembered my last thought before I fell asleep. Were these events happening because I willed them? only one way to find out.

I walked up stairs figuring that Jennifer would sleep for awhile yet and that I could grab a bite to eat before she woke up. I was in the mood for some buttered toast and bacon. As I got to the kitchen I settled on a simple bowl of Rice Krispies since I was to lazy to cook bacon today. My mom walked in to get something to drink and she saw me eating ceral. She was 5'6" with long blond hair and blue eyes with a hint of green in them. Her breasts were perky and firm, I would say she was a 34 b cup. Her hips where round from having me all those years ago and she worked out regularly. She was wearing a white tank top and some tight jeans. Her usual wear around the house.

"Tsk, now Mike it's 3pm you should be eating something more solid."

"I know mom but I'm to lazy to cook something right now." God I wanted bacon bad. Maybe I could try out my theory on my mom. I sat there and conncentrated hard thinking that my mother should make me some bacon.

"Why don't I cook you something honey, say some bacon and toast?" My mom asked.

"Yeah that would be great!" I replied. Wow it worked I thought I wonder if it was coincidence or was it really me. It's just kinda hard to believe that I could control someone through sheer thought.

"Did your girl friend go home afterwords this morning?" my mom asked me.

"Mom she's not my 'girlfriend' she's just a friend and Nah she didn't go home she's down stairs asleep. Guess she got tired. Figured I would let her rest here for a bit" I answered.

"I wonder what could have made her tired?" My mom thought out loud.

Looking up at her face I could see a glint of laughter in her eyes as I knew she thought I had worn her out.

"Don't know ma, She was working yesterday and guess she waited up all night for me." I couldn't help but notice that my mother had a smirk on her face as if she knew the truth.

A few minutes passed and the bacon was ready. As my mom bent over to set the bacon down in front of me I couldn't help but look at those fabulous tits settle nicely in that tight white shirt of her's. God I bet they look great I thought.

I started to dig into the bacon, I ate with a vengence and in no time I had finished off the last strip of bacon. I looked up to thank mom only to notice she was topless now!

"Um mom you um your breasts are showing." I stammered while I continued to stare at her bare naked boobs.

"Mmm so they are honey." she simply stated.

"Don't you think you should cover them up. Perhaps put your top back on." I suggested.

"No, that's not what you want." was her only response.

That's when I noticed the look in her eye. It was the same one as Jennifer's. The vagueness almost as if they were staring off into space. Oh My God I thought my mom is completely under my control.

"Um mom where is dad?" I was eager to find out what I could do with my new powers and wanted to make sure it was just me, Jennifer and my mom home.

"Your father is off at work today. He has a business meeting this evening and won't be home until 10:30." she said.

"That's good news. Tell me mom do you want to make me happy? no matter what I want will you do it?" I was sure the answer would be yes.

"Yes honey I want to make you happy." was her reply.

Now I knew she was under my control. Oh the possiblities. But first I would have to get Jennifer and make sure she was still in my power. Couldn't have her waking up and finding out what I had in mind now without being under my control.

"Follow me down to my room mom. Oh and leave your shirt here." Was all I said as I headed towards my room.

"Yes honey." and with that my mom followed me to my room.

As we got there I went inside to find that Jennifer was still asleep. I gently shook her to wake her up. I had finally come to know that all I had to do if I wanted something was think it. That was all there was. How easy and simple did my life just become. I could do anything or anyone and get away with it. This was the greatest thing that ever happened to me and damn if I was not going to use it.

"mmmmm where am I?" she asked sleepily.

"Your in my bed." was all I bothered to say.

"Oh now I remember, did you enjoy me last night master?" Jennifer asked me.

I couldn't believe Jennifer didn't say anything about my mother stainding bare chested right next to me. Guess my abilities stun the persons shock system making everything that happens seem to appear normal. This was diffenitly a good thing for what I had in mind.

"Yes I enjoyed myself. How about you?" I asked her.

"Oh very much I loved the feel of your cock buried deep in my pussy. In fact I am getting wet just thinking about it master. Care to fuck me and use me like you did this morning?"

God I couldn't believe how big a slut Jennifer really was. Just hearing her ask me that made my cock come to life.

"I have a better idea, mom lay down next to Jennifer." I commanded and she obeyed.

"Good now Jennifer suck on my mom's tits, since you didn't get nothing to eat all day later you can eat my Mom's pussy and Mom you will enjoy this alot." I figured this was only fair since she feed me and not Jennifer.

I watched on as Jennifer placed her mouth over my mom's right breast and breathed slowly warming up my mom's nipple. Then she brought her tongue out and flicked it over the now hardened nipple causing my mother to moan in pleasure.

"That's it Jennifer get my mom all good and horny!" I shouted.

Jennifer's hand slowly massaged it's way down my Mother's stomach inching ever closer to her pants.

"Mom undo your pants for Jennifer." I commanded.

My mom quickly reached down and unzipped her pants. As see wiggled out of them Jennifer's mouth closed around the soft mound of flesh and proceeded to suck hard causing my mom to arch her back in pleasure. Jennifer's hand finally reached my mom's now exposed pubic hair and she cupped my mom's pussy with her hand and started to shake her hand fast grinding it deep into her pussy.

"Oh God!" my mom moaned.

"Jennifer come around so that your bent over the bed and start eating my mother's pussy." I ordered after watching this site for a few minutes.

Jennifer did as she was told, removing her mouth from my mother's tit and planting little kisses and she crept towards her soon to be lunch. As she finally got in place and deeply enhaled the musky aroma of my soon to be eaten mother she could feel my throbing memeber probing her between her legs.

"Oh Mike take me while I eat your mom!" Jennifer begged.

Without any hesitation I plunged my cock balls deep into Jennifer's wet cunt driving her face into my mom's waiting snatch. She quickly starting licking and lapping up my mom's dripping juices as I pounded her from behind.

"Ohhhhhhhh FUCK......Mike your girl is soooo gooooood!!!!!" mom moaned.

"Call her your daughter mom! and refer to me as your son!" I yelled out in a powerful commanding voice.

"Oh fuck my baby girl is eating me out soooo good....FUCK YEAH!!!!" she screamed as she placed her hands on Jennifer's head forcing her to eat her out harder and faster.

My mother grinded her pussy into Jennifer's face as Jennifer brought her hand up and started using two of her fingers to plunge deep into my mom's hot cunt. I was so turned on I just started fucking Jennifer hard as I could feel my balls ready to explode. Then just when I was about to cum I had the most hottest idea I could ever imagine. I quickly pulled out of Jennifer and told those too to stop what they where doing and kneel before me. As they obeyed me I thrust my trembling cock in front of my mom and told her to open her mouth. As she did I couldn't hold back any longer.

"Fuck Mom Drink my CUMMMMMM!!!!!!!" I yelled as I blasted her mouth with my jism.

"Mmmmmm oh SON your cum tastes sooo gooood!"Mom said as she started gulping down my hot sticky white cum.

Shot after shot I sent down my mom's eagerly waiting mouth. Then as I my last shot missed her mouth and landed on her chin I told Jennifer to clean my cock, which she did taking my now quickly shrinking member into her mouth and sucking all cum that was left over into her throat. When she finished she turned to see my mom who quickly kissed her deeply. That's when I realized my mom held some of the cum still in her mouth as they frenched I could see the strands of my cum between the two beautiful women. I couldn't believe how erotic this was and my cock quickly regained it's hardness before it had time to fully deflate.

Ready for another go at this I decided I couldn't fuck my mother right now since that was to taboo. Besides I could always fuck her some other time. Besides it was 4:30 and that meant MuchMusic had some good vids on so I told my mother to go upstairs and clean up and then make us some supper. I sat down on my bed and turned on the TV. I told Jennifer to come sit next to me and to play with my cock while I watched a few music videos.

Lucky me amongst their great wisdom at MuchMusic they put on a Britney Spears video 'Baby one more time' I think it was. As I sat there and got turned on watching Britney caress her body Jennifer had taken it upon herself to start kissing my neck as she slowly strocked my cock. Damn my cock was starting to get so hard it actually got to be 7 and a half inches. I haven't been this hard since the first time I had sex. let me tell you that if you had a beautiful woman like Jennifer playing with your dick while you watched a Hot Pop Idol all but finger herself on TV you would be so fucking turned on too.

The video was quickly over and they moved on to Christina Aguileria's 'Genie in a Bottle' video. Damn did that woman have one fucking hot set of legs.

Man I wondered how good those little hands of Britney would be wrapped around my member? would they feel as good as Jennifer? or better yet how would Christina's legs feel wrapped around my hips as I fucked her brains out. Damn I wish there was some way to find out.

Next Chapter 3 - My Abilities

I decided to break this up into two chapters to give me more time to work on the next one and allow my readers to get a taste of what is to come, Thanks for all your feedback on my first story guys! Hope you enjoy this and will try my best to get the next chapter out soon.

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