tagBDSMGoes Both Ways!

Goes Both Ways!


I met a couple several months ago who invited me to an S&M play party at their house. Tina was a hot blond dominatrix standing 5ft. 8in. tall with a curvaceous body anyone would take a whipping for. Her slave Darren was a gentle 6ft. tall and slender man with long brown hair tied in a ponytail. I was jealous of his huge 9in. erection which made my 7in. cock seemed quite small. The three of us got familiar with each other over a period of several weeks during some hot and wild S/M sessions. Enjoying her dominant nature in the privacy of her studio the three of us agree that there would be no boundaries during our sessions Darren was more than willing to do anything to please Tina. Tina dominated both of us taking turns whipping our naked bodies into submission. Rather than suffer to lash we agreed to her demands.

During an intense whipping Tina began interrogating me threatening more lash if I didn't tell the truth. She demanded to know whether I had sex with other guys before. With my ass blistered in my back striped with welts I confessed. I told Tina that in college my girlfriend's roommates loved having wild parties. The lesbians in the group suggested that the guys mix it up. I balked at the idea but I was overpowered by several women who stripped me held me down and invited the most hung guy to screw me as everyone cheered. Fortunately I was quite intoxicated which made me more relaxed for losing my cherry. My own girlfriend sucked the guy hard and after greasing me up pushed his cock right into my virgin asshole.

Everyone cheered and laughed while I took the fucking. Making things more exciting my girlfriend did a strip tease rubbing her naked flesh all over me. Caressing my body with her breasts and rubbing her sexy ass cheeks all over my cock the crowd was getting quite turned on. It was hard to take the pounding so my girlfriend started French kissing me to muffle my cries. She then kissed her way down my body as everyone cheered and started sucking my cock thinking a good cock sucking would get my mind off the stud fucking my virgin butthole.

I was so excited and it only took a few minutes and I was shooting fresh come into my girlfriend's mouth. To show off for the girls she saved every last drop in her mouth and after sucking me dry she fed me the load in a wild nasty kiss spitting come all over my lips so that everyone could see I was swallowing my own come to the nasty jeers of the crowd. One of the lesbians started goosing the guy fucking me massaging his prostate so that he would finally come. Finally he pushed his cock all the way into me and started squirting as everyone cheered.

Instead of being looked down upon I became the hero of the party for involuntarily becoming their entertainment. As a reward the two girls holding my arms got into a hot threeway with me kissing and sucking my cock. I ended up getting fucked on my back with one girl sitting and my cock and the other on my mouth. My girlfriend was so turned on she ended up fucking the stud that fucked me. Even the lesbians put on a show for us 69ing and screaming out after each orgasm.

When I finished confessing Tina slapped me across the face and immediately forced me to start sucking her husband Darren's cock. As soon as I got him hard Tina lubricated my asshole and pushed Darren's huge 9in. cock into my tight asshole. I was fortunate that Darren fucked me nice and slow. I was so turned on I shot my wad into Tina's hand who forced me to lick it off as Darren continued fucking. Tina forced him to pull free making me suck Darren off instead. That session solidified our threeway relationship so that from then on Tina always incorporated fucking and sucking in all of the sessions. I could tell that they both wanted to take our relationship to another level.

After our last wild session I called Tina the next day to thank her for quite an exciting session. I told her that my bottom was still stinging from the caning which made her quite happy to hear. Tina told me over the phone, "I want you to take me to your favorite remote beach so that we can get to know each other a little better without my husband. I'm going to bring my largest silicone dildo and make you my personal anal slave. What do you think about that?"

With my anus already itching from her invitation I told Tina that would be fun except I didn't want to cause any problems with Darren since all of our previous sessions have been together. Tina told me seriously, "That's not going to be a problem because I will definitely tell him everything we do and make sure that before I leave him Darren will definitely be pleasured beyond any jealousy."

Making me an offer I couldn't refuse I told her that I couldn't pass up a beautiful Mistress such as she on taking her to the beach.

Tina change the subject reminding me, "My favorite part about last night was forcing you and Darren to suck other. Watching men sucking is a real turned on for me so I want to reward you for obedience and have a nice sensuous one on one with you at the beach!"

Tina love's talking about sex over the phone. I thanked her for promising to keep the secret between us three. Told me she wanted me to suck her dildo so I added that a guy with a condom on was a lot like sucking a dildo making her laugh. I confessed that I couldn't believe how big Darren was adding that I could barely get half his shaft into my mouth. Tina giggled telling me, "With a little more training that will not be a problem. As you surprisingly experienced Darren never choked swallowing your cock. Granted your little smaller But when he first started he even choked on smaller ones! You're going to be surprise because dildo I'm bringing is even bigger than Darren's cock!"

When I heard that I almost dropped the phone. I was speechless and before I could talk Tina started laughing, "I think you don't understand what it's like being obedient to a dominatrix is .....This it's not a game it's a lifestyle that you have chosen and I'm going to teach you that there are no choices in life for you anymore other than what I have for you...Is that clear slave?"

I give a long pause and finally told her, "Yes Mistress!"

I told her that I'm finally realizing that it's not a game and I have chosen this lifestyle so I must subjugate myself to dominant women to prove my loyalty and obedience to female domination and female supremacy. I actually apologized to Tina over the phone for doubting her or questioning her dominance.

Tina belted back a quick but perfect answer, "I will not accept any apologies without you first kneeling before me for judgment followed by the lash is that clear?"

Knowing I was facing her strict judgment I quickly said, "Yes Mistress!"

"I'm still going to give you a reward at the beach after you have paid fully for your insubordination," Tina promised.

"I want you to pick me up Saturday morning at 9:00 AM sharp and make sure that you have taken an enema so that your colon is completely clean. I'm going to take you to new heights with my strapon and make you come like a girl. By the time I get through with you you're going to wish you were a woman rather than a useless stud with a small cock," Tina scolded nastily!

Tina slammed down the phone and all I could think about was getting my rear end reamed. Tina has fucked me before several times in front of her husband which was quite a turned on but I never knew she was excited to screw me again when we were alone. This was quite a turnaround for women's liberation where a dominant woman invites a man to the beach for some passionate screwing. This time instead of me doing the screwing Tina promised me she was going to give me a buttfucking I would never forget!

I woke up early Saturday morning finding the muscles in my ass were completely free of pain from the intense whipping Tina gave me last Saturday. I could see in the mirror that all of the streaks of welts had disappeared from across my cheeks. I took a good look because I knew there would be more after Tina got finished with me this afternoon. I took two enemas making sure that I was perfectly clean on the inside sparing some embarrassing moments at the beach. I even decided to have a liquid breakfast drinking only fruit juice to keep my colon squeaky clean.

I drove over to pick up Tina and I saw a note on the door welcoming me inside. The note also warned me to strip completely naked and join them in the playroom. I quickly dropped my shorts, remove my shirt, and stepped out of my shoes. I was actually rather excited sporting a huge erection. I embarrassingly walked into the playroom showing off my hard cock.

To my surprise Tina had Darren in the stocks buck naked. Already busy greasing his asshole Tina spoke, "I can see that you have read my mind.... you're already hard. I want you to put your cock teasing could use and fuck Darren!"

Not wanting to be disobedient knowing a I was already going to get one whipping I got behind Darren. Grabbing my shaft Tina started rubbing the head into his anus. "Grab his shoulders and start pushing and I will guide you all the way inside" Tina ordered.

Not even thinking about it I pushed into Darren as ordered slowly easing my entire shaft inside. Feeling quite tight Darren started moaning loudly but not because of pain but because he was actually enjoying getting penetrated.

Tina started giggling saying, "My slut loves getting it in the ass! Enjoy every second of it and screw him nice and hard. Remember the treat that I told you I would promise to give Darren? Well getting fucked by you is that treat!"

I closed my eyes and tried not to think about screwing a guy. Even though I fucked Darren before it still made me uncomfortable. Yet I was screwing Tina's slave right in front of her and she was frantically masturbating watching me do it. He was actually a good screw knowing when to tighten his anus each time I pulled away giving me the maximum pleasure. I learned this technique from reading about it so I always practiced it while I am getting screwed with a strapon. I always wondered what would feel like for a man and I was already getting pleasured with this technique.

I finally realized I was bear backing Darren but after an extensive interview Tina knew I was quite safe and didn't run around with other guys. I didn't hold back because I wanted to impress Tina who was already whipping my bottom with the riding crop ordering me to start fucking faster. On each inward thrust Darren was crying out as my thighs slapped against his cheeks.

It didn't take long and with one last forward thrust I started squirting deep inside Darren's rectum. Tina had just pushed the handle of her crop into my anus screwing me as I came. The round knob of the handle was stimulating me to squirt even more fluid. I counted a good twenty ejaculations before I finally pulled free.

Tina quickly pushed an anal plug into Darren not allowing any of my fluids to escape. Looking at me sensing that I was quite embarrassed for screwing her slave Tina assured me saying, "Don't worry with enough practice fucking a guy is going to become second nature!"

Pulling her riding crop out of my butthole Tina demanded, "Bend over slave so I can whip your guilt away with my crop!"

I quickly bent over and almost bit my tongue when I felt her slice the crop across both of my cheeks. "This is for screwing my slave without thanking me you filthy slut. For showing no appreciation or gratitude your rear end will be mine all afternoon!'

Giving me a good dozen stripes across my bottom Tina forced me to my knees. Flipping around her crop she crudely pushed the head into my mouth saying, "You're not getting away with screwing my slave without cleaning the mess.... Lick and suck the handle clean like a good boy!"

With the handle already pushing against my lips I had no choice but to start sucking and licking it clean. Wrapping my lips around it Tina enjoyed pushing it in and out of my mouth saying, "Get used to it because you're going to be sucking an even larger appendage after I open you up at the beach!"

When Tina was convinced that handle was clean she flipped it around slapping the tip right across my face painfully stinging my cheek. Moving around to the front of the wooden stock Tina gave Darren a long sensuous kiss. Pulling away she giggled saying, "I hope you enjoyed your surprise slave I'm going to leave you in the stocks for about an hour until my girlfriend comes by and lets you out! I can see you're still excited about getting screwed in the stocks.... too bad you're beautiful erection has to go to waste!"

Tina nastily started stroking Darren's cock making him struggle in the stocks as she teasingly pleasured him. Pushing a thumbnail into the head until he went soft Tina spoke convincingly saying, "If you're a good boy and do all the work around here this afternoon I may allow you to have just a touch of pleasure!"

Placing an arm around me Tina took me into the bathroom locking us inside. Under the sink she pulled out a red water bottle unscrewed the cap and grabbed my limp penis pushing it into the top of the bottle saying, "Start pissing slave and don't tell me that you cannot go for me. You're going to get a golden enema whether you want one or not!"

After sex I always had to go so it wasn't a problem emptying my bladder. I started pissing into the bottle until my stream stopped. Tina squeezed and wiggled every last drop into the bottle then to my surprise she placed it under her crotch and began peeing into it as well. Watching my surprised face Tina laughed saying, "You're going to experience what I call the sacred enema which is a mixture of both of our golden fluids preparing you for my treat at the beach!"

I watched Tina carefully set up the syringe inviting me into the bathtub to bend over for her. As soon as I stepped inside and bent over I felt Tina pushing the greased syringe into my rectum. Giving me a swat on my ass I could already feel the stream of liquid entering my belly causing immediate cramping. Tina ordered, "Take deep breaths which will help with your cramps... I'm not pulling out the syringe until the bottle is completely empty!"

Finally the golden enema disappeared into my belly. With the syringe still inside Tina forcefully washed my mouth out with soap saying, "I'm going to make sure your mouth is squeaky clean because I refuse to kiss a toilet seat after you sucked on the end of my riding crop!"

The soap tasted awful making me salivate as she pushed her two soapy middle fingers almost all the way down my throat cleaning my mouth like a bottle brush. I think this was more humiliating than the golden enema. With my mouth still frothing Tina handed me a glass of mouthwash saying, "Rinse your nasty mouth clean for your goddess!"

As soon as I rinsed and spit Tina slapped me back and forth across the face until I saw stars reprimanding me saying, "I demand respect from you at all times especially at the beach that is a reminder that I am always in charge and you will do everything I say is that clear slave?"

Looking reverently down on at her feet I answered, "Yes mistress!"

After I relieved myself we both showered together. Getting our bodies completely sudsy things got a little more playful and jovial as we freely washed each other's orifices with our fingers. I had to use my left hand on her anus and my right hand washing her completely shaven pussy. Tina did the same for me pushing several soapy fingers deep into my anal canal making sure I was squeaky clean. Tina giggled saying, "I'm really going to enjoy screwing you at the beach right out in the open..... if anyone sees us they will be too embarrassed to report it because no one will believe it..... I think it would actually be hot with someone watching!"

I didn't say a thing as my anus started twitching with anticipation around her fingers as Tina excitingly spoke. I didn't even care that this smoking hot dominatrix wanted to teach me a lesson at the beach for all to see because she was so exciting.

We quickly got dressed wearing very little knowing we're going to be naked most of the time. I wore a button down Hawaiian shirt which hung low enough to hide my skimpy tight suit. Tina found her most immodest flowered bikini which barely covered her nipples and crotch and decided to cover herself up with a see through blouse which still showed off her beautiful shapely breasts and curvaceous hips.

Prancing over to Darren in the stocks he was already complaining about the painful position begging for relief. Tina started slapping him across the face several times cursing out of control telling him, "You deserve every second of your punishment and for bitching about it I'm putting you on come fast for the next three days and I'm going to call my girlfriend and add another hour in the stocks as well as I'm going to tell her to give you a whipping before she releases you!"

Darren didn't speak but I can tell that his whole demeanor was frowning as he contemplated his new fate.

Before we left Tina got on the phone with your girlfriend happily instructing her saying, "Be a good girl and add another hour for Darren in the stocks I'm leaving my riding crop nearby and I expect his bare bottom to be properly punished before you release him.... I'm looking forward to taking you to bed tonight make sure you're ready hun!"

Tina grabbed her beach bag stuffed it with a harness, several toys, water and food, and several of her favorite instruments of pain to make sure we had everything to play. Tina giggled saying, "A real woman never leaves the house without bringing her strapon and several whips.... I'm going to make you that glad I did!"

We quickly drove out to our favorite remote beach. Since it was during the week and before most people got out of work we figured that we would be getting the privacy we required to get wild. Tina figured that the only other people at the beach right now were people that wanted to do the same thing we desired!

We parked the car in a safe place locking it up. Before we started the hike to the beach Tina suggested, "Get naked with me and let's hike to the beach in our birthday suits and see what we really can get away with slave!"

Not wanting to spoil the moment I quickly removed my shirt and tight fitting suit relieving my genitals which were already starting to get excited. It was hot watching Tina strip down seeing her hard nipples and swollen vagina which was already glistening with fluids.

Walking over to me Tina grabbed my shoulders pulling me into her bosom. Giving me a long warm kiss I could feel her hard nipples rubbing all over my chest. Her hands were busy grabbing my shaft teasing me by rubbing the head of my cock between her labia lips just like a match. Kissing me until I was rock hard Tina finally forcefully pulled away giggling saying, "It's going to be hot watching you walk that way to the beach. I'm going to try to keep you excited all afternoon!"

Tossing me her bag Tina grabbed my hand leading me off down the trail to the beach to play. It was exciting to have the sun beating down on our naked bodies as we walked with a nice cool breeze whispering between our legs. Both of us actually felt quite naughty but excited at the same time. We had to walk through a field about a mile along a well worn horse path to the beach. We actually walked right by a single college age girl who seemed so excepting of our nudity. Not blinking an eye even when she saw my erection she gave us a friendly hello and smiled telling us to have a fun afternoon. Tina looked back on the trail as this girl walked away speaking softly to me saying, "I should have invited her to join us because she looks like I could easily turn her into a lesbian convert!"

When we got to the dirt road leading down to the beach we stood on the cliffs finding only two other couples that were already busy. Giving me a slap on the rear Tina spoke, "Stay naked and we will walk right past them getting our feet wet in the water and they will think nothing of us other than get a charge out of seeing another naked couple!"

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