Going to the Club


"Why? You don't like it when I kiss your neck? I would kiss slowly." Sam promises.

Jenny sighs with pleasure and says, "You are not playing fair, Sam."

Jenny's hand unconsciously touches the side of her neck. The same side he had kissed her when helping her undress.

"Playing unfair would be me telling you how I want to suck on your neck." He said breathily, adding, "You know like - My lips touches your neck softly, kissing lightly. I let my lips move a little then gently as I suck on your skin – maybe even give you a light nibble. You might feel my teeth run along your skin lightly, grazing you with its sharpness."

Jenny closes her eyes, she could almost feel him sucking and nibbling on her neck. She does not know how other women reacts to that but it is one of her more sensitive areas. She could hear him continue to describe to her what he would like to do to her, she found her finger tracing lightly along her neck - following his descriptions with the tips of her fingers. Her body reminds her how it excites her and she shivers with pleasure.

She listens to his voice. It also excites her. It is not how deep it is and it is not how loud he is with it. He knows how to use it, that is what excites her when he talks about these things. It especially excites her when he describes things that he would do to her or with her body. Jenny can almost feel the emotion or the excitement of the words. And it touches some part of her, giving her that extra push.

She opens her eyes to see where the bed is and she moves to it.

"Remember how I helped you with your clothes last time?"

She whispers, "Yes." Her 'S' seems to drag a little, as if it is a hiss.

"Well remember how I reached under your arms to unbutton your shirt?"

She nods then realizing Sam cannot see her nod, she quickly says, "Yes."

"My hands slide underneath your arms as I lean forward to look over your shoulder. Then I press myself against your back as my fingers reach for your buttons. When my hands move over though, I let my hands and then arm lightly brush against the sides of your breasts."

Jenny shivers, remembering that and would not have guessed that he was doing it on purpose.

"I made sure that when I unbutton your shirt, while moving lower - that now and again make my arm brushes lightly along your skin through your shirt. Every now and again, I would kiss the side of your neck. It is a slow and light kiss, touching your neck and teasing your skin."

She sighs with pleasure as quietly as she can so she does not interrupt Sam. Her mind follows his description while she remembers his actions and her body re-experiences the feelings.

"One button after the other, I slowly unbutton your shirt from behind. Kissing the side of your neck and whispering to you. Do you remember what I whispered to you?"

"Yes." Jenny answers almost too quietly.

"What did I whisper to you?"

"That you wanted me." She says.

"Is that all?"

"No. That you love the way my skin feels against your skin. And how you love the way I smell. It drives you crazy."

"Yes. That's what I told you. Did you know that it drives me just as crazy thinking and remember the feel of your skin and how you smell?"

"No." She answers as she shivers some more with pleasure. Her fingers run lightly around her breast and down her stomach. She could almost feel his fingers and his touch. She imagines him pressing against her back while his fingers moved along her shirt and body.

"When your shirt is completely unbuttoned and still standing behind you, I use one hand and let my fingers run lightly up your stomach. I gently kiss the side of your neck again as my finger slides up between your bra covered breasts."

Jenny realizes that her fingers are moving to his words. Her fingers move between her breasts, not covered by a bra as Sam believes. She moves her fingers still as if her breasts where covered by a bra and follows the movement from her memory.

"I let my fingers run up and slide around towards your left breast. My fingers move around your bra covered breast. Lightly, they move over your skin and trail along the material of your bra."

Jenny closes her eyes and moves her hand around her left breast. Moving it the way she remembers Sam does it. She feels the shivers of pleasure and tingles of excitement start to move along her body in light waves. It is like fingers of pleasure moving along her body as she touches her self at the direction of Sam's words and the memory. Jenny lets a soft noise escapes her lips.

Sam hears the noise and knows he has her. He smiles to himself and looks to see if anyone is by his office.

"While I do this, I kiss softly along your neck. Gently, I bite your neck as my fingers circle closer and closer to your nipple. You hear and feel my heavy breathing. And at the same time, you feel my fingers move closer." he continues.

"Open your eyes and look at my fingers moving closer to your bra-covered nipple. Listen to me as I kiss your neck and suck it ever now and again. You can feel me getting excited. Can you feel me pressing against you? My excitement shows you how much you, your skin, your scent drives me wild. Open your eyes and watch my fingers moving closer and closer to your nipple."

Jenny opens her eyes to watch her fingers as if they were Sam's. Her mind remembers his movements as she retraces them with her fingers. Jenny matches the words coming over the phone with her memory of the experience. She runs her finger tips lightly along the skin of her breast. She circles them around and around, making the circle smaller as her fingers circle closer and closer to her nipple. She could feel her excitement. Jenny could also remember the feel of his excitement against her. The way it was hard against her leg, almost pushing between her legs below her bottom. Her body moves, slightly. Jenny could feel it in her body and along her skin. She also feels the excitement as a form of comfortable heat coming off her body. Jenny can see her body moving. She feels her legs push together subconsciously and her hips move slightly in an almost grinding motion.

"As my fingers reach your nipple, I just let one finger tip run around your nipple. It circles slowly and lightly against it. Then my thumb moves up and gently squeezes your nipple against my fingers through your bra. As I do that, you feel my teeth gently bite your neck."

Jenny moans as her fingers squeeze her uncovered nipple. Her head tilts to the side imagining Sam biting her neck. She shakes a little, squeezing her nipple a little harder than he might have. She enjoys the feeling always a hard squeeze, but right now she really enjoys it.

"I release your nipple and slide my hand away. My lips kiss the spot I have just bit and my hands move up over your shoulders. My fingers take a hold of each side of the shirt and slide it off your shoulders. You feel it sliding off your back as I let it fall to the ground. You feel me step close against your back once more. The heat from my body presses against the naked skin of your back."

Jenny smiles and sighs again in pleasure, remembering and loving the feeling.

"I move my hands back to your skin, to touch your lower back. I press my lips lightly against your neck. The tips of my fingers start to move lightly along your skin. They move up as my lips start to move from the side of your neck. You can feel the cool air against your skin in contrast to the warmth of my lips and the tingling of my fingers. My fingers slide up. My lips kiss down."

It feels really good. She could feel the warmth of her excitement between her legs without touching herself. She could feel the very excited tingle running along her back and skin. Jenny could feel his words in the description of his movements. She should really stop.

Jenny breaks in, "I really need to take my shower now."

Sam either is lost in his fantasy or he is ignoring her. He continues to describe what he is doing to her. His voice gets slightly huskier and still speaks with that quiet tone she found irresistible.

"My fingers reach the back of the bra strap. My lips reach right above where my fingers are. I kiss you there once."

Jenny sighs in pleasure, both imagining and remembering this.

"You feel my fingers slip under the strap and take hold of it. You feel my lips pull away and the tip of my tongue touches your skin. Slowly, I run my tongue back up from your bra strap. I move my tongue tip along your skin like the shape of the letter S. Every now and again, I plant a soft kiss on your back. My fingers pull at the strap and un-hook it."

She could hear him breathing harder. She knows how easily excited he gets when he teases her. It is not that she is not excited. She is and she loves the fact that he is sitting there in his office excited. Anyone can walk in on him. Jenny realizes how much more aroused she is, with that visual on top of what she is feeling from this conversation.

"Sam?" She asks.

"Yeah?" He answers.

"Are you excited?" she asks softly.

"Not as excited as if I was there doing this, but I am." he answers as he glances around towards his office door once more.

He realizes that he should close the door just in case but if he stood up now, his excitement would be obvious. So he slides himself closer to his desk, hiding his excitement under the desk.

"Want to stroke yourself as you tell me what else you're doing to me?" she asks, teasingly with a smile.

"I'm not that excited yet." he says with a laugh. It is a lie because he wanted to get her so excited that she would ask him over. He wanted her to forget about going out tonight and just staying in to continue this conversation in person.

"Oh but baby, I am. I've been touching myself the way you describe touching me." she says, then pauses before continuing, "Well, mostly exactly like you've been describing. I just close my eyes and imagine the way you're touching or kissing my back. Just like the way you touched me back when you undressed me."

"Do you like the way I kiss your back?" he asks.

"Mm-hmm." she nods, "I love the way you kiss my back."

"You love the way I run my tongue along your back up to your neck?" he asks, continuing.

"You know I do." She says after a soft pleasured moan.

"You remember how I release your bra strap, letting it fall loose? Remember how I kissed your neck?"

Jenny nods and says, "You didn't just kiss my neck, you bit me. It was so electric. Your teeth just touching my skin as your lips gently sucked my skin between my neck and shoulder."

Sam also sighs with pleasure and says, "Well, I would be doing that right now. But my hands would touch your back and with my palms touching your skin, slide forward. They run around and under your breasts. With my fingers sliding between your bra and breasts, I push my hands up to cup your breasts from behind. Just as I cup them, my mouth would suck on your skin harder."

She stiffens at the description; remember how it feels and how excited she is. She crosses her legs to squeeze. She moans lightly into the phone.

"My hands squeeze your breasts as I push up against you. Can you feel my excitement?"

Heavily, she responds, "Yes."

Jenny remembers when he did that, his hard-on was pressing against her. She could remember thinking how hard it was and how amazed that it felt through his clothes. She shivered and shivers now remember how it felt so close to her entrance.

Jenny's body responded back then and also now to that feeling. Her hips moved slight, grinding against him. She moved her behind against his excitement.

"My fingers slide across your breasts and grab both nipples between my fingers and carefully squeeze. My mouth releases your skin as my lips move up to your neck. Kissing slowly up as my fingers and hands play with your breasts."

Jenny could almost feel him. She could feel the warmth of his body press against her back as his lips kisses her neck. She could feel his excitement as one of her hands imitates his hands. She could feel herself squeezing her breast with her hand and teasing her nipple with her fingers. She sighs slightly and moans at her nipple being squeezed.

Sam hears her moan of excitement and knew she was following along. He knows that she likes to be teased and likes the public display. Sam could not get her in public much while doing things like this but she seems to enjoy very much so when she does it to him in public. Well, she's not on public display now but she knows that he is still in the office and can get caught in the middle of this. In fact, she probably is hoping for it. The last time they played on the phone and someone walked in on him, she turned the teasing around onto him. It was the worst and best tease he's ever experienced. It was the worst because the tease was turned against him and the best because she had full control. But he wants her right now and he does not mean 'want' by teasing. He has been excited most of the day and was hoping this evening could be spent alone doing whatever they are doing now on the phone only in person.

"My kisses move up the side of your neck and stops just below your ear. Carefully, I kiss that spot. Softly at first, then the next kiss would be a little more passionate. I keep kissing you as my fingers carefully tease and squeeze. Sometimes I give a gentle twist. My lips widen slightly and I begin to suck on your neck right there below your ear. You can hear me breathing hard as I suck."

Jenny moans. The spot that he describes is one of her weak spots. She loves it when he kisses and sucks her there.

"My fingers release your nipples. Then gives your breasts one more squeeze. My hands move up over your breasts and slide your bra off. I let it drop to the ground as I pull my lips away from your neck." Sam pauses.

"You're cheating." Jenny says just as Sam pauses.

"How am I cheating?" Sam asks.

"You know one of my weak spots. I cannot get at your weak spot." She pouts and then says, "I'm going to take my shower now."

"Before you do, I quickly move in front of you and kiss you hard on the lips."

Jenny sighs, with pleasure. She should get up and go to the shower, but she is so aroused.

"Like that time, I kiss you as I move to stand in front of you. One kiss, it is slow and deep. My hands then slide under your arms. It touches your lower back as I continue to kiss you. My finger tips glide along your skin. They lightly touch you as they move up your back. When my finger tips reach your shoulders, I place my palms lightly against your skin and stroke downward. They stop when they reach the waist of your pants."

She recalls this move from that very same session. It is an interesting feeling with his fingers and the kiss is always nice. She could feel his lips pressing against her lips. His mouth opens, urging her lips to open with his. When she opens them, his tongue slides in and carefully teases her tongue. The warmth of his body presses against her body. Her naked breasts press against his chest. She almost moans at the thought while his palms slide across her skin.

"My hands slide around from your lower back along the waist of your pants. They stop when my hands reach each other under your belly button. Slowly they move up. With my palms touching your skin, I slide slowly and gently along you. They move past your belly button as I lead your tongue into my mouth. Just as slowly, I begin sucking on your tongue as my palms reach just below your breasts. Then my hand moves, turning to cup your breasts from below."

She moves her free hand along her side up to her breast almost like the way he describes. She cups her breasts with that hand and squeeze. Jenny closes her eyes, enjoying the sensation.

"My fingers move along your breast and carefully pinch your nipples. I let my grip on your nipples tighten as my lips continue to stroke your tongue. Slowly, I draw your tongue in then letting you slide out. Your nipples grow hard with the attention and you feel my excitement against your leg."

Jenny could almost feel his hardness. She remembers the way it throbs against her leg. She remembers how it feels while he sucks on her tongue. She sighs with pleasure into the phone.

"My hands release your breasts and slide to your sides underneath your arms. My mouth releases your tongue and kisses your lower lip. I move lower to your chin, kissing slowly. Carefully I guide you back, moving towards the bed. My lips move from your chin along your jaw line. Kissing and slightly sucking against your skin now and again. As I feel your legs hit the edge of the bed, my lips move along your neck and down the side. Still kissing slowly and moving gently across your skin."

Jenny moans quietly feeling his lips move along her skin. She opens her eyes, wondering if she feels them or it is her very life-like imagination. She listens to him, his voice very convincing. She remembers it exactly the way he is describing it. For a second there, Jenny wonders if he has a script written down somewhere with these exact directions. Not that she is bored with the way this is going or how he does it. It is just part of her mind, the logical part asking if this is a technique he uses every time. But it feels so good! She could feel his lips stop just at the bridge where her neck and shoulder meet. Jenny could feel his warm breath against her skin and his strong hands holding her, guiding her to the bed.

"I lean forward, causing you to bend backwards. My hands hold you, guiding you down onto the bed. My lips start to move up the side of your neck again. Can you feel them moving along your skin? Do you like the way that feels?"

Jenny quietly says "Yes."

"I gently graze the skin of your neck with my teeth. I don't bite but slide across your skin." Sam teases.

"Mm..." Jenny moans.

"My lips move down the side of your neck once more. Again kissing and gently sucking every now and again. My hands slide forward and cup your breasts once more. Squeezing carefully as my lips move down just below where your neck and shoulder meet. Slowly, I squeeze each of your breasts just as my lips reach one. My mouth moves down but not directly towards your nipple. I move them slightly to the side. My lips start to move around your nipple. They carefully kiss and gently suck along the skin of your breast."

Jenny arches her chest forward. Her free hand, she once more moves to mimic Sam's described actions. She could almost feel his lips moving towards her nipple.

"My lips move around your nipple, not touching it. You feel my warm breath against your skin and nipple. I begin to gently suck the skin along your breast near your nipple. Slowly, I move it around. Carefully, I let it glide across your skin. Do you want me to suck on your nipple?"

Jenny nods and says, "Yes." And again her 'S' drags slightly into a hissing sound.

"You feel my lips suddenly surround your nipple."

Jenny inhales in a quick sharp breathe.

"You feel my lips pull your nipple slowly and deeply into my mouth."

She carefully pulls at her nipple with her fingers.

"You feel my mouth gently rotate the nipple. My tongue snakes between my lips and flicks the top of your nipple."

"Oh." Jenny says, almost a surprising sound.

"My mouth releases your nipple and my tongue circles around your nipple. I let it touch the side of the nipple, circling around a couple of times." He says to her in a quiet voice. His voice not quite whispering but not quite as loud as he normally speaks.

"My tongue flicks once over your nipple then circles again. A few more circles my tongue flicks side ways across. Then circles some more."

Jenny is breathing harder. She could feel his tongue as she uses her finger to circle and move the way he is describing his tongue movements.

"I keep my tongue moving and the circling changes to flicking. My tongue flicks over your nipple again and again. Then I take your nipple into my mouth again. And again, slowly suck your nipple deep into my mouth."

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