tagBDSMGoing to the Dogs

Going to the Dogs


How do you feel about wearing a dog collar, thick black leather with a heavy sliver buckle and some kinky straps across your chest and over your shoulders (a belt shirt shall we say...) Hmmmm a pair of black knee pads, black shorts like biking shorts? (But no ass padding!)

This is what you are to wear to the costume party we are attending tonight...Me? I'm wearing a black leather corset. Thigh high black leather boots with spiked heels, short black gloves, a dental floss thin leather thong and of course we have 1/2 masks on to keep us somewhat anonymous.

We arrive at the party we are both kind of shy we are still not comfortable in our costumes, yet.

Back at home we were laughing and enjoying touching each other playfully teasing about who should be in control. But, it’s a little different now. Our Bravado in the privacy of our home has not completely transferred into the party situation. I lead you into the party by a black leather leash attached to your collar.

It only takes a few minutes to realize that nobody recognizes us. We are getting lots of great and encouraging comments about our costumes. Ladies in their fancy costumes stop me as we saunter in asking, "Pardon me Mistress, but does your dog bite?"

"Only on my command" I reply and yank a little on your leash making you heel at my feet. You look up and kind of smile at me. I wink back you know you’re in trouble now! There is no way I'm gonna let this opportunity pass us by...

As it turns out, we aren't the only couple going for the S&M look. There is a hot, hunky, dominant male with his gorgeous submissive female making their way towards us. The man comes up to me dragging his female on her frilly pink leash (very Poodle-like)...

"I like your dog,” he asks, “is he neutered?"

"Thanks" I say, "Oh no! He's a Purebred...quite a stud...are you interested?" my voice has taken on a sexy throaty quality. You recognize it.

“Uh Oh,” you think to yourself that’s the same voice I use when I really want you to enter me after one of your long agonizing teasing sessions. You think to yourself "Oh Boy! Now what is she doing?"

A circle of people has gathered quietly around us to watch.

I bend down and caress your face and whisper to you, "Be a good boy…make me proud. Listen carefully…make her come like I know you can. Do a good job and I might let you eat me out for this crowd." You lick your lips in anticipation. This makes me smile.

I stand up and reach inside one of my boots and pull out a riding crop the crowd murmurs...

You can't believe that I had that hidden in there and you never noticed!!! You have a little fear in your eyes but I wink again.

“She won't really use it,” you think to yourself, “its just for effect right? Right?”

The dominant male pulls his dog up and takes her frilly pink bodice off. She is now standing before you with only her pink garters, stockings and thong on. She has perky small breasts with unusually large nipples. You look back to me for permission and I nod my approval.

You’re immediately kneeling in front of her.

"Ok boy,” I seductively speak in your ear, “check her out sniff around and make her wet below the belt."

I hear the dominant male tell the poodle not to come or she'll be punished.

I pull you back and whisper to you "Sounds like a challenge, Baby! Make her scream..." I can hear a deep chuckle come from your throat. I give you slack on your leash and you are free to begin.

I watch as you ready her. I know how it feels but I have never seen it before. My thong is drenched already as I watch you so expertly tease and entice her. You start to stand up to suckle her swollen nipples but I whip you smartly in the ass just once. I pull the actual blow but man it sounds good!

"No! Down!!” I curtly order, “Start with her legs!"

You begin by rubbing her legs massaging them. The audience is enthralled watching as her head tilts back. You are definitely getting to her already.

Her master slides in behind her and reminds her not to come… no matter what!

You start using your mouth, playing around the edges of her thong; her legs are shivering from the strain. Her hands are combing through your hair both pulling you closer and trying to pull you away every time she feels her master’s breath on her neck and shoulders.

Oh, I imagine just how it feels. That talented tongue of yours tickles in and under her thong making her gasp. Her hands go to the back of your head trying to lead your tongue to her clit.

All the while she is biting her bottom lip. Her hands have found their way to her bullet hard nipples. She is pulling at them and rolling them between her fingers. She's in agony holding in her reaction to your ministrations and her own hands. The very moment your tongue brushes her love button she squeals with delight then yelps as her master flicks her smartly in the ass with her pink leash.

"Good boy!" I cheer you on. Squatting in behind you my corset rough against the exposed skin of your back. I massage your shoulders as you eat her pussy.

I straddle your back rubbing the warm wetness of my thong on your hot skin. Now you can feel how wet I’ve gotten watching you pleasure this poodle-girl. My thong is drenched and now I am dripping down my leg and on to your back. Oh, like music to my ears I can hear you groan.

You to move her thong aside and deeply lick her sweet juices. They begin to gather and drip as they ooze out of her swollen pussy. All of which is due to all your hard work. I rub the crop around on your ass to remind you to make her come.

She can no longer hold it in. Every time she lets out a moan or sigh its followed by a yelp and then another sigh as her master makes it quite clear he is unhappy with her pitiful performance. We see that she is really getting off on the pleasure/pain thing. I am so turned on watching her reactions, your enthusiasm.

But the crowd is getting restless, time to mix things up a bit.

I jerk your leash and pull you back, "Stand up!" I bark.

I rub the front of your shorts. Mmmmm, you are rock hard.

“Kiss me...gently," You carefully give me a sweet peck on the lips. I can smell and taste poodle girl all over you. I lick my lips and tell you to take off your shorts. You hesitate.whack!!! The crop makes contact with your thigh. (I know I will probably get in trouble later for not holding back on that one) but you know I am really into this and very turned on for the audience. You remove your shorts obediently.

I tell you, "Do not to move. The poodle has been told to make friends, NOW!!!" I push gently on your shoulder with the tip of the crop turning you around to once again face the bitch. I use the tip of the crop to lead your arms up and then I make you put your hands behind your head.

She drops down getting on her knees before you. She takes you into her mouth the crowd is electric. All eyes on the highly lipsticked mouth wrapped around your hard-on as it slides in and out. Every man in the room is breathing shallow wishing they could trade places with you. She's very skilled. (Almost as good as me - but it seems she doesn't deep throat) I slowly walk around to the front so I can see the progress she’s making with you.

Your eyes are rolling back. I can tell you're getting closer to your climax your pelvis is beginning to meet her mouth thrusts. Faster and faster you gyrate sliding your cock in and out of her experienced mouth.

I snap you out of it momentarily with a well-planned Whap! On your ass "don't come!! You're not finished!" I again bark at you. You breathe in through your teeth. (Ouch!) And give me a look that pretty much says, “Revenge later will be sweet”.

Satisfied with her performance the dominant male calls his poodle back and tells her to take out his cock and show him what she was doing to you. She begins to go down on him.

I turn you back to face me. I tell you, “Use your teeth to remove my thong, starting with the back.”

I turn lean my hands on my knees and give you my luscious ass. You bury your nose in my crack looking for the flimsy material hidden in my crack with your tongue. It’s so difficult not to react to you... you are purposely missing the floss so you can drive me wild with your tongue and like always I respond to you. I lose control of myself; I drop out of character for the moment and begin to moan.

I realize I'm losing control and snap out of it..."Take them off, now!!" I hiss at you.

At first using your teeth your start at the top and pull down my thong. Using your hands to finish the job you gently brush my outer lips as you reach in to push the thong down between my legs. My god!! You almost made me come from that quick touch!

Poodle girl has just made her master come...

"Time for you to finish her off, Stud!" is my gasping order.

The master makes the poodle get on her hands and knees, her ass beaconing for you to fill her up.

I lead you over to her by your leash and let you eat her out from behind to get her sufficiently ready for your swollen aching cock. When your face is completely coated with her essence I use my hand and wrap it around your shaft... I have you mount her like the dog you are. I lead your cock right into her dripping pussy. You lean over her body as you mount her doggy style. It is so incredible to see you fucking someone else. I watch your ass rocking back and forth as you thrust into her tight cunt.

I stand behind you making my presence known to you by tracing the crop up your spine. I again squat down behind you. I rub and massage your ass as you fuck her faster and faster.

I whisper in your ear, "Yeah, baby!!! Go! Fuck her good! Make her scream...go baby...do it!" I reach forward and pinch your nipples to turn you on even more. You groan louder. You are so close. You reach under the poodle and play with her clit. She comes immediately at your hand…

"Okay!!!! Good boy...Down Boy..." I pull you off before you can come inside her. The crowd bursts into wild applause. We laugh and I hug you tight. In our own way, we won, and now I get to enjoy the prize your frustrated cock. I’m not going to let you have your satisfaction, at least not yet.

"Eat me out!" I order as sit in a dining room chair...You put one of my legs on your shoulder and you immediately dive down and suck around my hard swollen clit. I am so ready for you.

"Lick it!!!" I growl and I feel your tongue dart out and gently whip across the hardened nub and I immediately come!

Almost screaming, "suck it again!"

You suck and kiss and love my clit. Your tongue explores every fold of my inner lips searching for my next orgasm. You are eating me like a gourmet meal savoring every taste...I am losing control again, it's so easy to let you take me.

"Fuck me now!!!!" I tell you with the lightest lilt of begging at the end.

The crowd is watching silently again including poodle girl and her master. She is trying to get her master hard again by stroking him while he watches us. I turn around in the chair and offer you my ass. You prepare to mount me from behind. I wrap my gloved hand around your rock hard shaft as I help your cock slide right into my soaking wet hole. Then you begin to pull out, now wet and slippery you slowly spread my cheeks and penetrate my tight brown hole…slowly… I open and relax for you as our bodies meet and wait momentarily...my ass is so tight you can just barely keep from coming. I am so hot and unyielding inside.

You only last for a couple of long slow strokes. It's just too much for you and I am too tight. You explode like a volcano you seem to throb and pump inside me forever. (It is the most exquisite feeling when you come inside me like that...its actually easier to tell in my ass, and the throbbing from your orgasm is much more intense as you shoot inside me)

Again the crowd claps their approval and then begins to disperse returning to the party. We can hear them thanking the hosts for the incredible floorshow so unexpected to get that kind of quality entertainment at a costume party but greatly received.

We are left alone in a quiet corner to put ourselves back together. We kiss and cuddle I apologize for the bad whacks. Your one eyebrow goes up and you get a devilish grin on your face. You take the crop from me and lay me back...

"You didn't get a chance to come when I entered you..."

"That's ok." I say, " You'll owe me big time when we get home..."

"Oh no… my mistress order me to get you off."

I smile "Okay…you, Dog...get me off… right now!"

You spread my legs and put two fingers inside me. It is so easy. I’m so wet. You wiggle them faster curling the tips of your fingers into my g-spot. So swollen and wanting your hand immediately brings me to an orgasm. I spasm my back arching I moan softly for you. Enjoying my reaction you do this several times and by the time you are satisfied I am screaming in pleasure. You remove your fingers and I begin to relax.

"No we're not done...” I feel you putting something inside me.

"What the hell…now where did you hide a buzz toy?" I ask...

"Oh no, not a buzz toy...flex those muscle around the handle of your crop darling we're going for a ride!"

You slowly move the handle in and out fucking me so slow. You suckle my breasts playing with my nipples as you fuck me. You quicken your pace and start to go faster and faster. I am moaning louder and louder...all our noise has attracted another crowd.

Quite a few of the guys have their hands in their costumed pants matching the rhythm you are setting as they jack-off.

I finally come and lose total control, moaning, thrashing and screaming your name as you drive me into another pounding orgasm.

I am spent. And it seems all the male spectators have stained their pants. But most of all they are shocked to find out the amazing performances they witnessed were you and I (Oh we always seems so conservative, so quiet and unassuming. They never imagined you possessed such skills!)

Everyone drifts off and leaves us completely alone.

Then in our final preparations to leave poodle girl and her master come up to us.

"Hey, do you guys want to play some more and maybe switch places?" squeaks poodle girl now happily out of character and clinging to her handsome man.

"Maybe later,” you say laughing and stand up, “ give us your number. We’re going to head for home. Right now." You help me up to my feet.

We get our jackets. We can't seem to find your shorts… or my thong for that matter. But we head for home anyway...I think I may be in trouble...

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