tagLetters & TranscriptsGold Card Ch. 07

Gold Card Ch. 07


Mon, 6 Nov 2007 7:28 am

Hi Ted,

I got your email and I have to say I can't wait to see what you get from the electronics place. Hopefully it will be something good, though I'd be a bit nervous they might have nothing. Just as soon as you get back today make sure you let me know what happened, I may have to think about something big like that.

For me, I guess I am a creature of habit, because after work I went back to the coffee shop for another coffee and another go with Brian. Unfortunately, Brian had finished his shift so I ordered a large regular coffee and paid with my Gold Card. I sat down at a table to wait, but almost immediately a tall man with dark curly hair was standing in front of me holding my coffee.

"Hello, I am Adrian, I have your coffee and if you'll take my hand I'll take you to the back for the Gold Card premium," he said, holding his hand out for me.

Mesmerized by his dark eyes I reached my hand out and lightly placed it on his. I then stood up, feeling slightly dizzy.

"If you will, please follow me," he said in the most divine accent.

As I followed him I asked, "Adrian, I love your accent, where are you from?"

"Belarus, I am here on a work program," he replied, "Careful here," he then said, lifting up the hinged counter. He then led me through the storage room and into the back office.

I carefully placed my coffee on the desk, well away from the edge where we were about to, well, I wasn't quite sure. Figuring he was going to go down on me like Brian did, I quickly pulled off my pants and panties and sat up on the desk, but when I looked at him, he was removing his pants. I was about to ask what was he doing when I saw it.

Yes, it had to be the biggest, most beautiful cock I have ever seen. Besides begin long and thick, it just seemed to curve so perfectly up to the shiny, purple head. I simply had to touch it so I reached out with both hands and let them run up and down the length of him. I tried to close my fingers around him, but they weren't long enough to fully wrap around it.

While I continued exploring the vast terrain of his cock, he reached out and gently touched my clit. He slowly manipulated it between his fingers, touching it so lightly I began to lift myself to him. Moving his fingers downward, he slipped them through my lips and entered my pussy. I was already wet, but he moved his fingers in and out of me, first two, then a third finger and as I began to get into his rhythm, he eased a fourth finger into me. After a few pushes with his fingers, he pulled them back out of me. They were so wet they glistened.

Once he confirmed I was wet enough, he grabbed my hand and pulled me off the desk. I stood there for a moment facing him, wondering what was going to happen next when he took my waist and turned me so I was facing the desk. He wrapped his arm around me and pulled back while his upper body pushed against my back causing me to bend at the waist.

Realizing what was about to happen I grabbed the edge of the desk and opened my legs wide. I could feel his enormous rod as it brushed against my ass and then my thighs as he moved up close to me. I then felt it slowly press against my lips as it opened them and inch by inch he eased himself inside me. Surprisingly I took all of him without it hurting a bit. I had never felt so completely filled before and when his cock slipped back the sensation was indescribable and all I could think was that I suddenly felt so empty.

His next thrust filled me again and then he backed away. As he moved faster I felt the joy of being consumed by him and then the empty desolation of his absence and then once again the joy. Moving my hand to my clit, I began moving my fingers over it and with his next sudden thrust I came, my pussy, stretched as it was, pulsed over him, tightening around him and then releasing.

He kept moving, now driving his cock furiously into me so hard I could feel his balls slap against my fingers. In just a few more moments I came again as his thrusts began actually lifting my feet off the floor. Again and again he thrust that huge cock into me when finally I heard him moan and shove himself as deep as he could. As his cock spurted into my pussy, my feet were dangling off the floor and I was balanced only by my hands on the desk.

In a few moments he eased back a bit, letting my feet settle back onto the floor and when he pulled out of me I heard a loud slurping sound as the juices were sucked out of me. My pussy remained stretched, gaping open and I felt our cum running down my legs. He had already started getting dressed as I was just started cleaning the cum from my thighs, knees and calves. As I slipped my panties on and reached for my pants I felt an ache inside me. I couldn't tell if it was aching for want of him or aching from the reaming he had given me.

Once I got dressed I followed him out of the room and back into the coffee shop. I could feel myself walking almost bowlegged and I wondered if I would ever walk the same again. I climbed into my car not sure whether to laugh or cry. Ted, I can't tell you how it felt, to be so filled with that intensity of pleasure and how empty it felt when it was gone. I figured I needed a break so I headed straight home and took a hot bath, swearing to myself I'm gonna set that card aside for at least a week. It may take me that long to recover.


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