tagGroup SexGold Card Ch. 08

Gold Card Ch. 08


Well, today was the day I was going to find out what the Gold Card deluxe premium would bring me. After dropping nearly fifteen hundred dollars on the TV and considering the premiums I got for just buying lunch or a few items at the drug store, I figured this had to be something fantastic. I had been a bit frustrated when they didn't let me have the premium immediately after my purchase, but I really didn't know a lot about this while Gold Card thing and perhaps this was normal.

I was so excited about the possibilities that I called in sick to work, something I think I may have done only once in my career. Hanging around the house was a bit boring and I thought about stopping off at a coffee shop, but considering Carolyn's adventures there I figured I better not try it. I wanted to fresh and ready for what the electronics company would have for me.

After watching some TV and checking my email I couldn't wait any longer so I got in my car and drove over to the electronics store. Even though I took my time driving, I still got there about twenty minutes early, so I sat in my car and wondered about the Gold Card. With all these perks why hadn't I heard something about it before? There has to be hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people with the Gold Card. Have all of them been enjoying all these premiums through the years? Maybe just a few of the cards got the special premiums, but then, if that's the case, what was so special about me and Carolyn that we got these special cards? I was no grand executive with incredible credit, hell I was barely making ends meet and now suddenly I am rewarded with this sexual smorgasbord. It just didn't make sense, but hey, the store was opening and I wasn't about to let my questions get in the way of the Gold Card deluxe premium I had been promised.

I got out of my car, crossed the parking lot and as the automatic doors whooshed open I walked into the store, and asked the greeter where I would cash in my Gold Card deluxe premium.

"The Gold Card deluxe premium? Oh yes, wait here, let me call the manager for you," the greeter said, grabbing a phone and dialing a number. After a few brief words he looked at me and said, "Sir? If you would head over there," he pointed, "to the customer service desk, the manager will meet you there and get you taken care of."

"Thank you," I said.

"You're welcome, and thank you for using your Gold Card," he replied.

I headed over to the customer service desk and as I got there a tall, balding man reached out his hand to me, "You're the Gold Card user with the deluxe premium?"

"Yeah, that's me."

"I'd like to introduce you to Casey," he said, nodding to an attractive young woman with dark curly hair that rolled down onto her shoulders. Her electronics store blouse was very tight, exposing some very attractive breasts. She was either very cold or very turned on, because her nipples seemed about to burst through the fabric.

I realized she was holding her hand out so I reached out to shake hands, but instead of shaking hands, she turned, grabbed my hand and began leading me through the store. I glanced over to the manager but all he said was, "Enjoy."

Following Casey through the store, I watched her walk, the way her tight ass moved, the flexing of her muscles and felt my cock begin to harden. By the time we reached the back of the store, my cock was poking out against my pants. When she released my hand to open the door, I quickly adjusted myself. Looking up I realized she saw my quick move when she smiled and then licked her lips.

I followed her into the door and then down a long hallway past a number of doors. We finally reached a door marked "Deluxe" which Casey knocked on and then opened. She stepped into the room and then moved back out of my way so I could see a very large bed in the middle of the room. There were two naked women in the bed, both blonde and from what I could see they were either both natural blondes or they were very close to their hairdresser.

Casey then said, "This is Janis," pointing to the short, but well built woman on my right, "and this is Allison," pointing to the taller woman with perky little breasts on the left.

"What about you?"

"Would you like me to stay?" Casey asked.

"Yes," I immediately replied.

"What about you girls, can I stay and have some fun?"

"He better be a very good man if all three of us will share him," Allison replied.

"I had a peek at what he has to offer," Casey said, "and I think he'll do just fine." She began unbuttoning her blouse, exposing a beautiful lace bra, which suddenly fell to the floor as her large, round breasts bounced in front of me.

I quickly pulled off my shirt, then my shoes and socks, my pants and finally my jockey shorts, carefully working them around my erection. Casey was completely naked too now and I stood there for a moment gazing down at the full, curly bush of hair between her legs. It was quite different than the two other women with the wispy light pubic hair.

As I moved onto the bed the three women quickly rolled me onto my back and while the two blonde women began licking and sucking my nipples, Casey grabbed my cock and slipped her mouth over it. With my head propped up on several pillows I could watch Casey's clips slowly close over the head of my cock and then slide downward as her tongue circled over it. I could feel her fingers tickling my balls as I watched her mouth slide up my cock leaving the glistening shaft in the cool air.

My view was suddenly blocked as a blonde furry mound descended in front of my eyes and I felt Allison's pussy gently kiss my lips. Moving my face back and forth, I burrowed between her lips and sank my tongue into her wet opening. A sharp, tangy taste rolled over my tongue as I lapped up her juices. After a few moments I had to fight for breath as she continued grinding herself on my face.

I did notice that Casey no longer had my cock in her mouth, instead, one of the women was holding it upright. As I began running my tongue up Allison's slit, I could feel my cock being guided into another woman's pussy. All I could see was the beautiful, curly locks of Allison's pubic hair, so I had no idea who was making my cock feel so good with her soft, wet and warm cunt.

As the woman moved slowly up and down on my cock, I could feel Allison begin grinding her pussy onto my face as a faster and faster pace. Suddenly she moaned loudly, arched her back and came, her tangy juices suddenly flowing over my mouth and tongue. While Allison was coming, I felt a cool breeze on my cock and then suddenly I felt it entering the pussy again, but this time, it felt a bit different, a bit tighter, and the way the woman moved was a bit different.

Allison climbed off my face and I could see Janis lowering herself onto me. When she reached the hilt she looked up at me and smiled, then she quickly rose up and then dropped back down onto me. While I enjoyed the sensation of Janis' pussy on my cock, I noticed the women counting, "...five, six, seven...."

When they reached ten, Janis frowned and then climbed off of me and I watched as Allison moved over my cock. It slid easily into her soaking wet pussy and she quickly began moving up and down as the girls counted again. In no time, Allison climbed off me and then I watched my cock disappear into Casey's beautiful pussy. From the feel of it, I knew she was the first one, the one that was fucking me while I ate Allison's pussy.

They counted to ten and then it was Janis descending upon me, squeezing my cock with her tight little pussy. She moved with an anxious ferocity and groaned when they reached ten. It was then Allison's turn and I watched as she moved up and down on me, her fingers diddling her clit as she did.

By the time Casey climbed back on me I knew I was about to explode and sure enough when the count reached five I moaned loudly, arched my back and came, spurting my cum deep into Casey's pussy. She paused, kneeling over me, with a big smile on her face. I had to smile too, it was the most incredible fuck I have ever had, but something in the way they acted seemed to hint that this may not be over...

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