tagErotic HorrorGold Eyes

Gold Eyes


A gift for a long lost lover.

Lex's husband was working late again. He tended to do that a lot. Early in the marriage they had sex regularly. She enjoyed it and she was happy to put a special effort in little outfits and romantic evenings leading to warm sexy nights. But after that first year they were already growing apart. He'd get home later and later. She'd on several occasions bought a naughty outfit of sheer lace and silk only to wait for him on their marital bed until she simply fell asleep. Alone.

Lex was lonely. It had started innocently enough- she wasn't looking for some one to cheat on him with. But she'd stared facebooking old friends and lovers. She didn't communicate with any of them. Lex fancied herself a a loyal and loving wife. She simply wondered- what happened to that guy with the really cool car in high school? What was happening with Carl- they'd had fun. What about that girl she'd always joked about 'experimenting' with- though they never did go through with it. Occasionally, her mind and cursor would wander and she started to masturbate. She surprised herself as she learned more about what her tastes were for when she was alone six nights a week surfing the Internet.

Her thoughts on sex were in their way innocent. She liked the idea of a gentle lover. She liked being caressed and that was usually what she got. She'd always enjoyed it but sometimes she'd wander about something a bit more extreme.

It was another night alone. She was in her usual pajamas. A simply t shirt from some fun run she'd done. She liked to jog to keep in shape for her less than grateful husband. She also had on a pair of simple gray yoga stretch pants. Soft and familiar but tight enough that when she saw her reflection she thought she should get a little more attention. She was in bed early that night. She was in bed early most nights. She had some soft music playing and her left hand on her right breast.

Her laptop on the night stand was being ignored now as she let her hands run over her body. Down her stomach between her thighs. She didn't bother stifling her little moans and squeaks. She started rubbing herself over the yoga pants- her fingers beginning to spread herself. She was on her back with her hips slowly rolling up to meet her hands. She felt herself getting more and more excited. Soon she'd need to start undressing.

Lexs' eyes were shut tight. Her upper teeth biting down just a bit hard on lip. She started to roll the pants down her thighs. Her legs were silky smooth and vaguely muscled. With her yoga pants constricting her ever so slightly at the knees she moved back to her pussy. She didn't bother with her panties. T backed bikini cut. Another detail often gone unappreciated. She felt a subtle moistness as she made long strokes with two fingers. She wasn't in a hurry tonight by any means but she was getting close surprisingly fast tonight. She sighed gratefully as she stopped teasing and pressed into herself.

She was very wet now and there was an steady slick sound coming from her as she moved a little faster in and out. She was nearly there. Her hips bucked, as they always did just before her body shuddered in a small orgasm. She didn't stop touching herself but slowed as she tired to force her fingers a little deeper knowing what she'd really like. She found herself on her side with her legs pressed tightly around her hands as they greedily tried to reach deeper into her sex.

"That was very nice. Have another."

She was surprised by the sudden voice. Her eyes opened and she froze. She was so startled she didn't even take her hands from between her thighs.

In front of her was a largish man in a dark suit and tie. His hair was vaguely long and smoothed back. His face was just barely handsome and his shoulders broad. His eyes were very dark and she couldn't decide if they were very brown or simply black. Either way Lex was certain she could make out flecks of gold in them. She was certain of the gold as they seemed to flash. She was too shocked to speak and and too scared to move.

"That was tremendously entertaining. Please. Don't stop."

"Who are you?"

"Hardly matters. Please continue."

She gulped hard but couldn't seem to pull her fingers out of herself. They weren't moving now but she was so frozen that they still pressed firmly in her pussy.

"Mm-my husband will be home soon."

"You know that isn't true. He won't be back for almost half an hour."

She didn't know how but he was right. She had planned for that as she knew he didn't like to come home to that. He was happy with her being asleep when he got home.

"I- I'll call the police!"

"You can't even move. How do you expect to call the police? And if I wanted to stop you there'd be nothing you could do."

There was the threat. She knew he was right. She couldn't move anything but her eyes and he was between her and the telephone.

"Please. Continue. Your movements and sounds are wonderful."

She didn't respond to that.

"And you have a very beautiful body. I'd like to see it again."

Some part of her is screaming 'do it. Maybe he'll go.' another 'scream for help'


She almost surprises herself as her hands pull forward and instead of away from herself they press back. Her fingers slipping in again with a small slipping sound. His eyes flash gold again.

At her heart she'd always found exhibitionism erotic but hadn't really experienced it at all in the last few years. She couldn't help finding some arousal in a stranger watching her with clearly rapt attention.

"It's all right. You can roll onto your back. I know you prefer that."

She obediently does so now that she's building up steam again. On her back she at first nervously spreads her thighs just a bit to give her hands room to explore and rub. After a moment her eyes begin to close to slits and she doesn't care for anything but the feeling coming from her pussy so she spreads her thighs as wide as she can with her yoga pants still around her ankles. She whimpers a little and licks her lip again. When she looks back at him he is still watching her with rapt attention. She thinks he may have licked his lips once.

She throws her head back as she feels her hips buck into her hands again but the orgasm doesn't come. She keeps rubbing, her body wanting it, and her pussy throbbing to oblige but it doesn't come. She tries to kick out to get the yoga pants off, thinking it's getting in the way. The man with the gold eyes moves to the foot of the bed and quickly grabs the yoga pants and tears at them leaving material dangling from each of her ankles. She spreads her legs wide and starts to rub very rapidly now. She's still looking at him as she see him remove his jacket and tie.

"You need to come now."

From this angle his eyes are flashing constantly.

"G-g-get out of here..." She forces herself to say it. Her fingers still moving.

"You are especially beautiful now. Wracked with pleasure." He unbuttons his shirt revealing a muscular chest. He doesn't remove it.

"You need to leave..." Her voice doesn't some commanding.

"I can't. You aren't satisfied. And I can tell you'd give anything for that now."

She whimpers in response as he removes a leather belt and lets his pants drop. He wears no underwear and his rapidly hardening dick bobs- it's big. As big as her favorite toy that she keeps hidden from her husband below the bed. If he wasn't there Lex would have flung herself under the bed and retrieved it as she was still cresting just before her orgasm. His shoulders, his chest, his cock. Every part of him screams power. Oh, god no- she wants him.

He slips out of the shirt and approaches the bed. He takes her ankles which makes her jump or maybe makes her hips buck again. He pulls her to the edge of the bed and looks her up from her hands and pussy over her belly, over her breasts, and up to her eyes.

When their eyes meet she can't think straight. The loud juicy sounds of her fingers and pussy are the only sound now. The only sight is his body and the only sensations are her hands and his. His hands seem very warm like they'd been warmed by a fire.

His arms are thick and muscular. She's ashamed to say that she likes the power he has in being able to pull her body forward with ease. She wants him to force her. She feels like such a whore thinking it- but she wants him force himself on her. He puts his hand on her waist and pulls her waist to meet his. That one hand is large enough and strong enough to raise her off the bed. This angle is ideal for his cock to bury itself into her in one powerful thrust.

"Oooooh! Fff-fuck!" She can't help but shudder and scream through gritted teeth as she feels him fill her so completely. He doesn't hesitate and pulls his cock mostly out and forcing it back in to her.

"Come for me!" His voice is deep and shaking. Lex feels her hips bucking in rhythm to his thrusts.

"Yes! Fuck me!" His arms lift her from the bed and easily pressing her whole body up and down on his thick member. She blindly claws at his back holding on tightly

"Come for me!"

She's lost in pleasure and his dark gold eyes. She realizes something terrible on the fringe of her mind- the part that isn't screaming -

"Fuck me. Harder! God! Just like that!"

He forces it to rise out of her like a flood. She starts coming long and hard. Moaning and thrashing as he continues to drive into her over and over. On the fringes of her mind she can dimly hear the door open. His hand raps around her throat and she doesn't care about anything else. She's lost and she doesn't care if she's caught just so long as he keeps slamming into that spot!

He lowers her to the floor by the bed and she falls to her knees shakily- wracking orgasms driving out of her cunt. He cradles her head with both hands as he shoots his warm jizz over her face and lips. Long strings of heat splash against her tits. The last things Lex would remember would be the feeling of the almost searing hot streak of lust on her face and the door to her bed room opening as she feels a quivering after shock and passes out. Delirious and exhausted.

Suddenly she's in bed. She'd been asleep on her side her legs pressed tightly together pinning her hands against her pussy. Her fingers were still deep in her pussy. She felt the slick warmth still between her thighs. The lights were off now and she had a cover over her. She was about to move when she realizes her husband has just sat down on the bed. He patted her once on her head absentmindedly. She was almost relieved he didn't notice she wasn't wearing pajama bottoms with her breath slowing from an intensely erotic dream. Until she noticed on the floor by her head she could see her pajama bottoms. They were just off to the side on the floor. They were crudely shredded. Lex was not sure what to think; even less so when she realized a slick warmth sliding down from her cheek.

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