Toshiro Hakagawa (Tomiko tonight) felt the hundreds of male eyes following him as he turned off the trail and began the ascent of the more densely forested hill. He had given them something to stare at, a miniskirted Japanese schoolgirl, ten years younger than Toshiro's actual age of 28, with firm slender thighs, sleeky black hair, high breasts, and a book bag carelessly slung over her shoulder, as she sauntered off the path, her hips provocatively swaying with each step.

Oh, how they wanted her. If only they knew. They could all have her. But she wouldn't be quite what they expected.

He had to be crazy walking here, Toshiro thought, with the killer they were calling Goliath still on the loose. Soon, he was deeply into the woods, the voices in the park faded into indecipherable whispers.

Suddenly, his mouth was covered with a giant hand, and another massive arm wrapped itself around Tomiko's expensive and lifelike falsies. He was spun around, face-to-face with the giant. Goliath stood before him, all 7'2" and 400 pounds of him, clad in only a pair of jogging shorts. His body was rippled in muscles, from his massive chest to his slender waist to the huge quadriceps bursting forth from his shorts. And that was not all that was about to burst from his shorts.

"Ain't it a bit late for a little gal like you to be walking out here all alone?" the giant asked in a thunderous voice. "It maight not be safe. Don'cha watch television, little girl?"

"How's yo' mouth, sweetie?" he asked, both of his hands on Toshiro's shoulders now, forcing him to the ground. Toshiro felt each pine needle under his knees, exposed because of the miniskirt kilt he was wearing.

"How are you at sucking cock, little cunt?" If you suck me right good, Ah maight wait awhile befo' Ah tear off yo' head," the giant said, holding Toshiro's head in a viselike grip. His massive hands almost completely covered the sides of Toshiro's face, and Toshiro had no doubt that the giant could do precisely that.

Fortunately, Toshiro was quite good at sucking cock.

"Peel off my shorts," Goliath told him, and Toshiro obliged. The giant's cock came free, slapping Toshiro in face. It was surely over 10" long, with a baseball bat circumference. Despite his fear, Toshiro's own cock was growing hard as he contemplating the prospect of sucking Goliath's massive dick.

He pulled Goliath's shorts down past his feet and then rose to greet his shaft. He had to rise off his knees to attain the tip, which he eagerly engulfed in his hopelessly inadequate Japanese mouth. His mouth stretched to its maximum extent, taking in the entire hood, as he lowered himself back upon his miniskirted knees. The giant's shaft was now horizontal, ready to pound Toshiro's jaw into fragments. Toshiro's own hardened tool throbbed beneath his kilt, as he stretched to take more of the giant's cock in his mouth, his hand roaming over the giant's beautifully sculpted abs, then his rock-hard glutes, and finally down to the thick steel-like hardness of his massive thigh muscles. He pulled the giant toward him, caressing his hard ass as he engulfed another 6" of his cock. He grabbed Goliath's buttocks hard as he began to drive his eager mouth up and down on the giant's shaft, his own cock now aching with desire.

"You really kinda like this work, don'cha, you little whore?" Goliath asked, as he began to drive his shaft in time with Toshiro's movements, battering his way into the hitherto virgin territory of Toshiro's throat. "Grab my balls, you little bitch. Ah am going to pour so much cum into you that yo' belly's gonna burst even befo' Ah tear yo' head off."

Toshiro's hands ran down to grasp Goliath's shot-put sized balls in each hand, while the giant drove his cock past his throat. Goliath was now battering his mouth with the full length of his massive cock, thrusting it well past his throat, while his hand grasped Toshiro's head more tightly, almost to the point of tearing it off.

Which is exactly how most of Goliath's victims had died.

Toshiro bobbed his head more violently up and down Goliath's shaft, keeping time with the giant's thrusts, despite the pain. His own cock throbbed and ached for release.

He squeezed and played with the giant's balls, pumping them in time with Goliath's thrusts into his violated mouth. Finally, the giant cried out, impaling Toshiro, holding his head firmly in his viselike grip as his weighty balls jumped in Toshiro's hands and Toshiro squeezed them like a tube of toothpaste as Goliath poured his hot salty seed into him, flooding his mouth and stomach.

The big man squeezed Toshiro's head tightly, wanting to tear it off right then, but suddenly released it.

"Not bad fo' a little ole schoolgirl. Ah tell you what. Ah'm gonna to let you live a few minutes longer. You're a real talented cunt. You know what Ah'm going to do? Ah am going to fuck you. But not in yo' cunt. In yo' sweet little virgin ass. I'll bet you never been fucked like that before."

Actually Goliath would have lost that bet, and his word were music to Toshiro's still aching cock.

"Don't' worry honey, Ah recharge right quick. The docs tell me it's because Ah've got too many of them Y chromosomes. The more the merrier, Ah say."

Goliath picked Toshiro right off the ground, spun him around, and then dumped him unceremoniously right back on the bed of pine needles. He spread Toshiro's legs and flipped up his kilt to expose his ass. He ripped off Toshiro's panties in one quick motion.

"Well, looky at we got here! A little stallion, not a mare. Well, it don't matter none to me, son. An ass is an ass. Ah'm an equal opportunity fucker," Goliath informed him in his sonorous bass voice.

"Here, Ah'm gonna make it a li'l easier fo' both of us, the giant said, and started to spread Vaseline over Toshiro's asshole as well as his own monster cock.

He grabbed Toshiro's waist with his massive hands and raised him off the ground. "OK, honey, Ah'm home. Let me in," he said as he drove his gigantic steel-hard rod 4" into Toshiro's ass, spreading him as he had never been spread before.

Toshiro cried out, but relaxed his sphincter to allow the giant greater passage, even reaching back to grab Goliath's balls to urge him onward.

The giant drove himself deeper and deeper in Toshiro, in time with Toshiro's squeezing of his balls.

"That feels nice, but it ain't gonna save you son. Ah'm gonna tear off yo' head when Ah come. Ah like the feel of the death rattle when Ah pour my seed into a warm still-movin' headless corpse. Nothin' personal, son. It's just the way Ah skate."

Goliath drove himself up to 9" inches in Toshiro's ass, passing Toshiro's limit, and Toshiro could feel himself stretched to the edge of bursting. Then, the giant grabbed Toshiro's head, yanked it up and rotated it sidewise, and began to lick Toshiro's ear. "Ah'm gonna be kissin' ya even after Ah pull your head off," the giant said. Ah'm gonna turn yo' worthless head around so you can watch me as Ah cum inside of yo' headless corpse. Ah'm gonna look into yo' dying eyes and see yo' fear as Ah pour my seed inside you."

He began to drive deeper and deeper into Toshiro, stretching him painfully, as his tongue caressed Toshiro's ear, then roamed slowly down Toshiro's face, as he rammed into Toshiro harder and harder, burying all 10" of himself into Toshiro's colon. His tongue found Toshiro's lips and parted them, seeking the depths of Toshiro's mouth, even as he pounded his massive shaft at a faster and faster pace into Toshiro's impaled and defenseless body.

Toshiro felt the giant beginning to come, and his grip on Toshiro's head grew stronger and stronger as he removed his tongue from Toshiro's mouth and prepared to tear Toshiro's head off.

Toshiro reached inside his Tomiko wig and retrieved the stylus. He expertly pushed it through the socket of Goliath's right eye and deeply into his brain, giving him a prefrontal lobotomy the old-fashioned way and allowing the chemotropic electrodes to seek out their destinations in the giant's hypothalamus and amygdala.

He then reached into his schoolgirl bag, sought out the control clicker and pushed button #3. Goliath arched his back, his brain nothing more than a giant orgasm now as he dropped his hands from Toshiro's head and poured his gallons of hot seed into Toshiro's digestive track. Toshiro could feel the warmth spreading through his abdomen as the giant collapsed on top of him, with all 10" of his massive cock still embedded deeply inside him.

Goliath's weight was crushing Toshiro, and so he pressed button #5 (nursing behavior). Goliath got up on his hands and knees, lifted Toshiro completely off the ground, spun him around, plopped him face up on the bed of pine needles, and ripped off the smaller man's blouse and kilt, exposing his naked body to the moonlight. His mouth then zeroed in on Toshiro's still throbbing cock and balls. At first, he engulfed all of Toshiro's genitalia in his cavernous mouth, flicking his tongue over Toshiro's balls, while Toshiro's shaft slid up and down the roof of the giant's mouth. Then Goliath withdrew and began to lap Toshiro's balls and cock with his huge tongue like an eager puppy. He licked up and down the length of Toshiro's hard prick, holding it in his viselike grip as his tongue frantically lapped at it in search of milk. The milk will soon come, Toshiro thought, while his fingers explored Goliath's huge triceps and forearms as the giant squeezed his throbbing cock and the fingers of his other massive hand played with Toshiro's balls, while his mouth continued to nurse on Toshiro's cock like a baby at its mother's teat.

Goliath's huge fingers began to trace their way around Toshiro's naked chest as he ferociously bobbed his head up and down the length of Toshiro's shaft.

Toshiro felt himself beginning to come, and he quickly withdrew his throbbing dick from the giant's frantically sucking mouth.

"Not like this," he told the giant. "I want to ride you like a bull." He pushed button #6 and the giant got up on his hands and knees and assumed the traditional mounting position for a female mammal.

Toshiro slid out from under the soon-to-be-ridden bull. He used Goliath's Vaseline to lube both of them for the task at hand. He slipped his belt around Goliath's throat, tightening it so that he could use it as a rein.

Then he stood on his tiptoes to shove his cock into Goliath's well-sculpted ass.

"Giddyap!" he told the giant, and Goliath proceeded to do exactly that, bucking like a bull as Toshiro began to pound his way in and out of the giant's ass, crashing into Goliath's rock-hard butt with every thrust, his balls smashing into the giant's own magnificent orbs over and over again. Toshiro resisted the temptation to swing his schoolgirl beret, Stetson-style, above his head and yell "Yee-hah" as he rode the ogre into the sunset.

Instead, he decided that the giant should have one last treat before he began his life of celibacy.

He punched button #2 and Goliath became instantly erect. Toshiro reached under to take the Neanderthal's huge balls in his left hand and reached around with his right hand to grab his gargantuan cock. He then began to play with Goliath's balls, as he pumped his shaft with his right hand and continued to pound his way in and out of Goliath's ass.

He lowered his mouth to the giant's spine and began to lick his huge muscular back, running his tongue up, down, and all over the hulk's naked skin as he continued to fuck his ass, which was now clutching Toshiro's cock with each movement as Toshiro pumped the big man's rod faster and faster in time with the increasing frequency of his own thrusts.

Finally, they both screamed out, as Toshiro shot his wad deeply into the giant's bowels, squeezed his balls, and Goliath poured his hot stream once more into the cool night air.

They lay there for a moment, Toshiro's tongue still softly exploring the big man's spine as his hands ran over every muscle of his mammoth back.

Toshiro stood in the moonlight then, the forest shadows dancing on his naked flesh as he bent down to retrieve Tomiko's torn clothes and rearrange them on his ravaged body.

He gave the giant's forehead a parting kiss as he rose to walk back down the wooded trail.

Goliath looked up at him then. His brain was simplified now, more at peace, as his watched the moonlit clouds streaming above him. How could he have not recognized their beauty until this very moment?

Toshiro reached into Tomiko's book bag and retrieved his notebook and pen. He crossed Goliath off his list and tried to figure out who was next. Perhaps the Seattle Slasher.

He always wanted to see the rainforest.

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