tagInterracial LoveGood Grief Ch. 11

Good Grief Ch. 11


Sienna woke up from her nap in the luxurious massive wood canopy bed alone, there was sheer fabric draping the sides of the bed. The sun was setting. The orange, reds and blues caressed the white washed walls like an intricate mosaic.

She could hear the soft crashing of the waves just below the steep cliff.

The creamy satin sheets glided off her body as she stirred to reveal herself completely naked. Her pussy was swollen and tender from being well-fucked just hours before.

The delicious pain was a reminder of the man she loved, the man of her dreams.

She heard movement coming from the large balcony. She looked around and sat up. She found a slinky ivory silk dress at the foot of the bed with a pink rose and a note that said to put the dress on and to walk out to the balcony.


Jason and Sienna left New York the week following their reconciliation.

True to his word, Jason took care of everything with Sienna by his side. Mr. Stein practically jumped for joy when Sienna told him she was leaving New York City with Jason.

He hugged her tightly and said, "Good for you Sienna, it's about time you started living."

Nicole moved into Sienna's apartment since it was bigger and in a better location. They promised to Skype and talk all the time. And when Jason and Sienna got settled in a place, Nicole would come visit them.

Sienna and Sharon had a long conversation about everything that happened. They cried and clung together as they laid everything out on the table. It was painful but healing. Both women had never been so open about their feelings.

They talked about Sean and Suzy... and Frank. But Sharon seemed cryptic and nervous when she spoke about her ex-husband. She was never clear with the real reason Frank left. Sienna knew there were things that just didn't add up with her family. But Sienna accepted that for now, this is what they needed. Anything else would come to light in due time.

The night before Jason and Sienna were set to travel, Sharon and Gigi made sure to throw them a big Bon Voyage party. They ate, drank, danced and laughed all night long. Jose even had a live band that played Spanish music.

Sienna was surprised when she realized Jason had never stopped visiting her family. He was completely at home with them and even called Sharon mom; which Sharon seemed to absolutely love. He was already picking up some Spanish words from Gigi... they were all curse words of course but he was learning nonetheless.

Jose who hadn't seen Sienna in a month kept trying to feed her saying she was too skinny, Jason agreed. Sienna laughed and said it was only 10 pounds and she was sure to put it back on with all the delicious food they would be eating in the future.

Sharon cried most of night, out of happiness and out of sorrow. The whole family was unified even through the heart ache of Suzy's actions. All agreed that Suzy needed to learn her lesson on her own.

And so with everyone's blessing the gorgeous couple set out to their new adventure. They didn't have an agenda they simply traveled freely. Of course at every destination Jason made sure Sienna was pampered in luxury.

In the past, Jason's motivation in gift-giving was the praise, even with his mother. There was always an ulterior motive... what he could get out of it. But with Sienna he simply loved pleasing her. Jason freely gave Sienna of himself, they thoroughly enjoyed everything together, even the smallest things.

They had each other... the luxury was a bonus.

They traveled to the Swiss Alps, Prague, Madrid; Sienna was ecstatic for every new escapade with Jason.

While in Prague they saw on the news that Bane International was being investigated for an elaborate Ponzi scheme involving multi-billion dollars led by Richard Bane.

Richard was being tried for securities fraud, perjury, money laundering and a long list of other felonies. On the news he could be seen being escorted to prison in handcuffs.

Jason scoffed while Sienna was worried for Jason. He assured her that there wasn't anything he was tied to and had every piece of evidence exonerating him from any illegal activities.

Richard Bane III ended up being convicted after they learned he had defrauded investors over $60 billion dollars, he had worked closely with Bernie Madoff. Richard Bane was given the maximum of 150 years in federal prison. His assets were frozen and handed over to the FBI.


After a couple months of traveling, the happy couple settled on the island of Santorini, Greece residing in Jason's large estate. Even though Jason called it a house, it was definitely a large mansion. It was once a hotel but Jason made some renovations and additions making it feel more like a home. It still featured astonishing panoramic views of the island. The huge white-washed building on a cliff overlooked the brilliant blue Aegean Sea was a breathtaking view.

This place inspired Sienna to paint art pieces. She captured their home's essence through abstract brushstroke movements and colors. Her artwork which was sensual in nature, could vividly tell her story, their story.


After Sienna quickly freshened up, she slid the dress on, and tamed her wild thick hair which cascaded down her back. The dress Jason picked out was simple yet regal. She only wore a tiny cream thong and her large breasts sat in place within the plunging neckline. She walked to the balcony and gasped.

Candles lit in every corner, the floor was covered in pink rose petals. There were glasses of champagne and covered dishes set up for an intimate romantic dinner. She smiled and covered her mouth as she thought of the love and adoration she had for her man.

She felt his hands curve around her waist and she comfortably fell back onto Jason's chest.

"Jason this is beautiful."

"You're beautiful."

Jason turned her around and gave her a heart-stopping kiss. She moaned as she tasted him again. She could never get enough of him.

Jason paused the kiss and looked into Sienna's eyes. His eyes searched hers as if peering into her very being; saying everything and nothing at all.

He led her to his seat at the table and pulled her on his lap. It was as if he couldn't bear being too far away from her.

She ran her fingers through his shiny thick brown hair and noticed a large sparkle of light on her left hand. She stopped and looked at her hand in confusion.

Her mouth opened to say something but was speechless as she stared at the exquisite ring. The intricately carved 5 carat emerald cut center diamond was beautiful. It was unusual as the color was a grayish-blue like the Hope Diamond... the exact color of Jason's eyes.

Jason smiled touching her cheek with back of his fingers and kissed her tenderly.

"Sienna, you are the one constant in my life I cherish. You inspire me and calm my soul. There was nothing before you and everything after you. You are everything I never knew I wanted or needed. You have my heart and hold my future. I want to be with you forever. Will you marry me?"

Crying and nodding her head she hugged him tightly. "Yes!"

"I love you so much." Sienna whispered.

"And I love you."


Sienna and Jason called the family to tell them the good news.

Sharon was so excited she called Gigi on 3-way and were rattling away ideas for the wedding. Even Jose sounded excited as he talked to Jason for 4 whole minutes, his longest conversation with him yet.

Before Sharon hung up, Sienna surprisingly asked about Suzy. Apparently Suzy's community service at the women's center was a very good thing. In the beginning she had a hard time but now she seemed different. She humbly worked performing menial tasks like scrubbing toilets.

It was like her life's choices were finally hitting her. Sharon only checked up on her but didn't coddle her. Suzy needed to be woman and own up to her actions on her own. Sienna was glad for it. Not that she wanted a relationship with Suzy but was glad she was changing.

Sienna's thoughts inevitably went to Sean. How she missed him. She had been having dreams about him lately. She thought he might be smiling down on her from heaven.

When Nicole heard of their engagement, she must have screamed non-stop for 5 minutes. They excitedly talked about her plans to visit Santorini the following month. Sienna told Nicole to call Jason's best friend, John who was flying in as well so they can travel together. Sienna said he was definitely a 'Papi' to watch out for.

Nicole muttered under her breath, "Too late for that."

Nicole didn't tell Sienna that she had already met the gorgeous blue eyed blonde haired John when she was out one night. One thing led to another and they were drawn together like moths to a flame. They had a wild one-night stand and never spoke again. Although John called and texted; Nicole never responded.

"This is going to be an interesting trip." Nicole thought. She would tell Sienna when she saw her in person and ask her advice.


Sienna still painted every day. She developing a nice sized body of work she entitled, "Good grief." Her large art pieces were abstract with intense blue, green and purple brushstrokes with a dark gray background. The first paintings showed a large dark cloudlike blurry spot and this spot progressively got smaller throughout the subsequent paintings. The last art pieces were totally clear and vibrant color with precise strokes.

Her artwork expressed how through death and grief she found life and love. She was asked to show her artwork in a gallery in Milan.

Jason found his passion in architecture and planned to complete his masters and start his own firm. Cambridge University designed a course study especially for Jason while in Santorini.

They traveled to Athens so Jason could attend a course seminar.

One night, when they were leaving a small cafe near Acropolis; Sienna heard a very unique laugh. She stopped dead in her tracks and she could feel the little hairs in the back of her neck stand.

With widened eyes she kept shaking her head no. Jason turned around when he realized Sienna wasn't walking next to him.

Jason had her sit down and knelt in front of her.

"Baby, what's wrong? What happened? Are you sick? Princess, you're scaring me."

Sienna mahogany skin looked pale and her lips were dry. Her watery eyes widened and in them Jason witnessed raw agony as she stared into empty space. She looked catatonic but her trembling fingers kept rubbing the key pendant hanging from the necklace she wore that day.

Jason turned around and saw a tall man with tanned skin, a shaved head and expressive blue-green eyes. Jason thought the man was there to aid the obviously sick Sienna.

As tears fell from her face, Sienna trembled as she mumbled something incoherent. Jason's complete attention was on her welfare and didn't really register that the stranger standing behind him had anything to do with Sienna's present state. Jason heard the deep voice behind him say...

"Cece, I never thought I'd see you again. I'm glad to see you still have the necklace I gave you..."

To be continued...

**I hope you figured out who the stranger is and if you haven't... well keep reading my stories and you'll find out. ;) So this chapter ends Good grief and picks up in the next story Duplicity. Jason and Sienna's story continues but with new leading people. There will be many more answers as the story unravels. I hope you've enjoyed the series as much as I've enjoyed writing them. Thanks again for your votes, comments and feedback. Till the next chapter!

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