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Gotham City Whores Pt. 01


WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, comic books, franchises, places etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I am making no money off the writing of this story. I do not own DC Comics or any of its characters.

Starring: Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)

Gotham City Whores -- Part 1

An erotic DC Comics fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral, inter.

* * *

Gotham City was used to dealing with a seemingly infinite number of criminal organisations. A number further increased if counting the threats made to the world as a whole by beings from this planet, other planets, and from any number of countless alternative dimensions. Thankfully there was just as many heroes (and plenty anti-heroes or those who walked the fine line between good and evil) to battle such villainy. The eternal struggle between good and evil that would no doubt go on for as long as time itself existed.

As such, groups like the Justice League, the Teen Titans, and even off-shoot groups such as the Birds of Prey usually would not investigate mere rumours or speculation. Cases of missing persons were best left to the police to solve unless there were especially suspicious circumstances. Similarly when those people thought vanish soon reappear it would usually mark a closed case. But when those kinds of vanish-then-reappear cases start to happen more than once? A few times? That's when rumours start to be whispered on the streets.

Rumours that women -- specifically attractive and often curvaceous ones -- had suddenly vanished for no reason, in very uncharacteristic fashion. About a day or so later they would reappear. No damage done, no signs of torture or restraint or any harm done physically or mentally. As if nothing had happened to them at all. However, in these cases the women who had reappeared soon acted in suspicious and very sudden ways. Quitting day jobs. Dropping out of education. Breaking off relationships, including marriages. Moving out of their last known place of residence without any warning to family or friends, and leaving no clue about where they would heading to or living next. Indeed, it seems they had reappeared only to vanish again. Only leaving at most a basic note saying various versions of a farewell note, telling loved ones not to worry about them. No connecting details to link one another... That is, apart from one similar thing. A vague reference to entering into a new line of 'work', but no indication to both what kind, and for who the women are now working for.

Most normal rank and file police officers would just file that away, and act if ever any new evidence came forward. Barbara Gordon was far from normal.

Despite being warned by some of her allies that this was a fool's errand and their efforts should be focused on the likes of The Joker and other super criminals, Batgirl was persistent. Researching on her own, with perhaps just a little help from accessing the Gotham City Police Department evidence archives (not that they were aware of it of course). Leads were almost non-existent. Dead end after dead end. Tiny scraps of new information. A vast amount of gossip, 'what-ifs' and hearsay. It was ironic therefore when a solid looking lead finally came through, it had been through what essentially amounted to a rumour.

An anonymous tip-off to the cops that one of the most recent women to 're-vanish' had been seen around a 'gentleman's club' in Gotham City. 'Delicious Delights'. Considering it was a stripper club, there didn't seem too much of anything 'gentlemanly' about it in Batgirl's opinion. A lead was a lead however, and considering she had literally nothing else to go on in this case that she, as the man she's taken her name and identity from had stated, had 'gotten too personally involved with'? She went on her gut instinct. She had to investigate it. Even as foolish at perhaps was to investigate it on her own. She wasn't dumb enough to not let her allies know where she was heading though. She had by the break of dawn. If they didn't hear back from here, they'd storm the place. Perhaps an extreme response, but terms she agreed with. Never hurt to have a bit of back-up after all in some form.

As Batgirl scanned the warehouse attached to the rear of where the 'club' was located, she smirked as she lowered the binoculars. Why would a strip club have any attached buildings, let alone some pretty hefty looking storage facilities? Oh, and a couple guards patrolling the rear? Not to mention men decked out in professional looking suits complete with ties and shoes? Yeah, just a little suspicious. From the research done prior to arriving, she knew that all these buildings, club included, were owned by one person. A 'S. Tud'. Not a name that was popping up on any criminal records, but also on any public ones either. Suspicious in itself.

Batgirl swooped down, gliding onto the warehouse rooftop with her Bat-cape, fluttering in the breeze as her flowing flaming red hair did the same. She touched down silently with her yellow boots touching the ground, matching the colour of her gloves, utility belt and the Bat-symbol across her more than ample chest. Her body clad in a black bodysuit complete with mask that covered her head but left her lower face exposed and let her eyes be seen. Still enough of a covering to hide her true identity as Barbara Gordon.

There didn't seem to be any CCTV cameras around the rooftop, and no guards up here either. However approaching a sky-light that looked down to the inside of the building, she noticed quite heavy duty reinforcement of the glass, the hinges, and especially the electronic lock on it. Sophisticated and certainly expensive looking -- very out of place for what seemed on the outside to be just a run of the mill warehouse. Nothing that a genius computer expert and hacker like herself couldn't handle however. Another confident smirk across her lips as she took out a specially designed device, applying it to the lock and watching the screen flash into life. A couple presses on it and she watched code scroll across the screen as the hacking machine did its job. A little source locating here, some by-passing there...

A message coloured green reading 'SUCCESS' followed by a the click of bolts unlocking signalled another successful entry for the Batgirl. Almost too easily in fact, but then again against her skills and talent? The poor lock didn't stand a chance. Reattaching the device to her belt, she carefully opened up the sky-light. Peering down to the standard from the looks of it storage building before. Rows of crates and boxes on industrial shelving of multiple levels, but all sealed up. Some metal, some wooden and of different heights and widths as well. Most smuggling operations, and it was certainly in the realms of possibility to her that this could involve human trafficking, used standardised methods of transporting goods. Kept costs down to have everything shipped the same way. So the variety here was interesting to say the least.

Batgirl dropped in, once again gliding down to the floor as silently as she'd broken in. Quickly she moved against the nearest shelf, looking from side to side, high and low to scope the surroundings. Again, no visible sign of any security within. That was both good to keep her presence unknown, and bad. Why store so much and not internally protect it? She didn't see nor hear any guards either. The thought flashed in her mind that this was looking more and more like a trap. Yet she hadn't exactly been lured here either. Unless that anonymous tip-off...

She shook off the thought. Last thing she needed was to jinx herself again in a mission. Instead she moved, creeping along the shelving in the dim light from the windows high above as she examined the boxes as she passed. Plain labelling with bar codes and what could inventory numbers above. A clear sign that this was a planned operation going on here. They could also do with employing a cleaner from the dust on the shelf edges she mused. Stopping at the corner of the shelving she peered around. A couple of doors on the wall ahead, and in front of them a table with a wooden crate with latches on the lid, and a metal container beside it with similar basic clips holding it closed. Almost begging to be investigated. She noted a side fire exit at the left wall in the distance -- a potential escape point. On the right, shutter doors usually used for shipping and receiving of goods. What kind of goods? About time to investigate...

Batgirl approached the wooden crate first, giving it a quick visual scan along with the table for good measure. No signs of a trap or tampering from the outside appearance, but taking out a Batarang she applied the tip against the latch, ready to jump back in case something went off. With a flick, the first latch was opened up without fanfare. Similarly the second was popped without any tricks being triggered. All that was left was the lid itself, so with the Batarang placed just under the edge, she carefully raised it up at arm's length just to be extra sure.

"Jars?" Batgirl questioned as she saw the contents inside. Not just clear, glass jars but all labelled the same, as containing the same product. Lubricant. Specifically, of the sexual variety. As stereotypical as it sounded, it wasn't all that out of place for lube to be in a strip club, or around it in this case. But for this kind of frankly vast amount? Suspicious. Perhaps a hidden sex den? Illegally offering 'special dances' for patrons? The thoughts of this case being about trafficking of not just humans, but sex as well danced in her mind. This alone however wasn't anything close to having some evidence.

So onto the next inviting crate, with its latches looking rather like those found on a regular briefcase, sans even a combination lock. Just really for storage rather than proper shipping? Once again she used the sharp tip of the Batarang to dislodge the clips one and then the other, before tipping up the lid to see what was inside.

A blush came across her cheeks to match almost the colour of her hair, while her eyes went wide as she examined the contents. Not just sex toys, but rather lengthy and sizeable ones in terms of length and thickness. Dildos, vibrators, beads on strings, and even a couple she'd never seen before. What was the terms for this kind of size? Fit for a 'Size Queen' to take? Never mind the ones with bumps, or 'ribbed' for pleasure. This had to be specialist stuff. Ideal for a sex den, or a Brothel...

The lights snapped on, and in turn Batgirl snapped out of her thoughts into reality. Turning around to find guns pointed right at her from suited guards. The same kind as she'd seen outside the building. She looked back, and there were more guards from the doors beyond the table. The same for the side door and now the rattle of the shutter door was heard as it opened up, and a couple more guards with weapons raised ducked under to enter. She was surrounded. A trap, and she'd walked right into it! But how did she get caught so quickly and without even hearing them approach just then?

A tense silence hung in the air as Batgirl put on her best game face, Batarang still in hand. She was heavily outnumbered, but perhaps if she took one direction to make a dash for a retreat... Possibly flipping the table as a distraction... Those lube jars could send guards slipping...

"Examining the merchandise there, girl?" A deep, amused sounding voice broke up the thoughts of a plan as Batgirl turned towards those far doors as a new man stepped forward. Unarmed, but from just the cocky smirk on his face he was obvious someone in charge of at least these men. Perhaps the operation as a whole.

She couldn't say that she recognised the face of this African American, but he was built like a tank. Muscular and tall, and with pearly white teeth that was both a perfect fit and stark contrast for his dark skin of this handsome man. Complimented by what appeared to be a lavish, custom tailored attire of a suit from head to toe. Even his cuff links shined with gold and gems. There was already an aura about this man that screamed confidence in himself, no doubt verging far off the edge into arrogance. The was something dangerous about this man. He seemed able to handle himself in a fight from the looks of him. Speaking of looks, this man was looking over her still with that amused smirk. Eyeing her up in fact. Rather like how a hungry animal eyes up a piece of meat.

"A warehouse fully stocked with sex toys?" Batgirl responded calmly as the man approached the table she was on the other side off. "Hell of a lot of 'merch' for a little strip club." She pointed out the facts, still holding her Batarang just in case. She wasn't the type to so easily surrender, even with these unlikely odds. Missing women who return and vanish again? All the 'victims' being attractive women? Leading to a strip club with far more toys than it should have? Pieces were falling together here in her investigative opinion.

"Sounds like a libellous accusation there..." The man chuckled, unfazed by her words. "Considering the famous crime fighter Batgirl has just broken into one of my properties? Looks like you're committing an offence right here."

"Says the guy who has his thugs pointing their guns at me." She flatly replied.

"Hmmm. A fair point." He said with a nod. "Stand down boys."

To Batgirl's surprise, and raised suspicion, the thugs actually did as ordered. Stepping back and lowering their guns. She didn't do the same, a glance around before looking to the black man in front of her. "If this wasn't a trap before..." She started to say.

"Trap? Girl, my security caught you in the act when you triggered the sensors on the window up there." He stated, glancing upward at the skylight she'd used to enter. Doing the same, she looked up and blinked in surprise when she saw red blinking lights at the corners of the frame. How did she not see them before? They can't have just appeared out of nowhere! "Then I checked out my cameras and saw you sneaking around, opening up these crates..." He continued, now motioning upward to the roof again. And indeed, there were now in plain sight security cameras in the corners, and along the line between the roof and walls so that every angle down the shelving could be covered well.

Batgirl was stunned. Rattled by this. Cameras just don't appear out of nowhere. They couldn't have been hidden by the darkness. She could see all the crates, all the shelves in the light from above but not all the security measures? There was something up here...

"And here I thought that heroines like you were supposed to be the good girls..." He chuckled again. "Not just common thieves."

"For one, I haven't stolen anything here..." She pointed out, trying to remain as composed as she knows she should be. "And two? There is something going on here..."

"Another found-less accusation Batgirl... But you know something? Maybe we've just gotten off on the wrong foot here. It seems you have questions about the... Business, that I run here." He smirked, knowingly. A sign that indeed there was something going on here just as she'd thought. "How about a... Compromise here? I won't press any charges against you for breaking and entering into here, and you join me upstairs in my office?" He offered, still smirking as confidently as ever. "There you can ask my any questions you want about what's going on here."

"Sure. That doesn't sound like a trap..." Batgirl noted, casting a look over the man in front of her.

"Trap? Honey, I'm hurt..." He responded, but didn't sound or looked offended in the slightest. "Way I see it? You've got a choice. Either we all wait until the cops turn up, and they cuff you and take you away and it makes the front page of every paper and TV headline in the country... Or? Or you take up my generous offer and we brush all this... Misunderstanding under the rug and talk this out like businessmen. Or businessman to super-heroine in this case."

Batgirl gritted her teeth for a moment. As much as it sickened her, this man and his big smile had a valid point. In terms of blackmail he had her. It would damage not just her crime fighting reputation to be carted off by the cops, but of Batman and all her allies as well. No doubt criminals would pounce on this and it would lead to major problems for the city. At the same time, she didn't trust this man with clear secrets and an agenda one bit. There was something going on. He was up to something with this gang, but she had no idea what. Crucially, no evidence of any wrong doing either yet...

With great reluctance, she lowered her Batarang and reattached it to her belt. "Don't expect me to hand over any of my gear or weapons..." She warned, admitting defeat in a way as she made her choice obvious.

"Wouldn't dream of it." He replied. "Step aside boys. Me and Batgirl have a business meeting to hold..."

* * *

Batgirl's suspicions were continued to be far from unfounded as she and this man moved (more accurately he and his goons escorted her) from the warehouse to his office. The buildings were connected from the warehouse to the 'club' as they headed though backstage corridors, catching glimpses of doors to other areas and hearing sounds of pop and R&B music as they passed. Ticked boxes of a strip club for sure. This was a well planned, well organised operation. Yet at the same time there wasn't any clear sign of anything illegal going on here. Yet. Everything seemed clean (as far as stripping goes) and ship-shape. Almost too clean.

Arriving at the office, haven taken a lift up to a higher floor of another connected building, she had more reason to question how 'legitimate' this business was. It was lavish. Almost more like a personal relaxation room than an office, if not for the desk in the room. Polished wooden floor with a rug of what looked like to be of animal fur. A long leather couch. Multiple TV screens on the wall opposite the desk with speakers on the side. A mini-bar with spirits of various types, brands and ages. The desk itself was expensive looking itself with computer, telephone and golden looking pen-holders. Was that actually... A 'pimp cup' on the desk? A goblet of gold with several gems set into it.

"Give us some privacy boys..." The boss instructed. With nods, the men who had escorted them up turned and left, closing the door behind them. Not even locking it. "So, Batgirl..." He grinned as he looked to the redhead with another grin.

"Enough games." Batgirl snapped, hands on her hips as she stared across at him. "Explain what's going on here. Who are you? What's going on here? What do you know about the women who have been vanishing, the reappearing only to vanish again?"

"Guess a drink is out of the question?" He chuckled again, remaining as calm and confident as ever as he moved to take a seat in the couch. All too casually leaning back as he looked across at the far from amused Batgirl. "The name is Samuel Tud. I own the establishment downstairs known as 'Delicious Delights' that caters to the modern needs of... Well, strip club patrons." He let out another cocky short laugh. "Cold beers, the odd snack, decent music... Oh yeah, and hot ladies shaking their thing up on stage. Or working the pole. Or in a private, V.I.P. room if they have the cash. To get in here? They do have the cash."

"Samuel Tud?" Batgirl questioned. That matched the 'S. Tud' name of ownership for the buildings. "You seem to be living it up pretty damn well for someone who just owns a strip club and some property. You also only answered one of my questions there Tud..."

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