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Gotham City Whores Pt. 03


WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, comic books, franchises, places etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I am making no money off the writing of this story. I do not own DC Comics or any of its characters.

Starring: Harley Quinn

Gotham City Whores - Part 3

An erotic DC Comics fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral, inter, anal.

* * *

Samuel Tud was many things.

Arrogant. Cocky. Cruel. Vicious. Manipulative. Cunning. The list could go on and on. Publicly, he'd just describe himself as a business man with some real estate interest on the side. Privately? His business was centred around the sex industry in some very far from legal terms. Sex slaves? He wouldn't use the term... More like, independent contractors, without the contracts.

From prom queens to beauty pageant contestants, housewives to cheerleaders. All he needed to do was get them alone with him behind closed doors, and he'd soon have them cumming all over his cock, being broken into his growing roster of willing whores. Ready to do whatever he wanted them to do for just the hint of a chance at getting a piece of him and his huge, black cock again. Blowing unknown dicks from a Gloryhole, private lap dances where the 'no touching' rule is strictly ignored, and just full on all holes open sex with high paying clients. Add in some shipping of sex toys and similar aids for enhancing pleasure, and some sales of sex-tape footage of the whores in action, and he had a 'business' with plenty of elements enough in it.

The money was steadily coming in too. Allowing him to enjoy a lavish enough lifestyle, while still protecting and investing in his operations. His 'staff' - including his hired help that some on the 'right' side of the law may describe as thugs and crooks - were always paid well and on time. Security was top notch, including some specialist technologies not readily available to the masses. Which may or may not have been 'acquired' through foul means. Everything was, as unlikely for a crime boss still under the radar in a city where crime seems to always thrive, going almost too well.

Until the night that one of Gotham City's finest crime fighters came into his life. Then? Then things started getting even better.

Batgirl. Perhaps through a tip-off, or through some other slip-up in his plans, had broken into his warehouse of sex toys and lubricants snooping around, looking for incriminating evidence. What she soon found was his massive cock, slamming into her throat. A round of wild sex with the masked crime-fighter had her broken just like all the rest, to the point of openly admitting to her real name. Right before he plastered her unmasked face with his load. He remembered that look of wanting from the red-headed beauty that he'd seen time and time again. She'd be back again for him, and doing whatever he ordered her to.

That was proven true when she'd sent one of her friends and fellow enforcers of truth and justice straight to his office. Black Canary. The stunning blonde whose throat was tested and used in a manner far removed from disarming foes with a scream. She took a round of hard fucking that drove her into a similar cock-drunk state. If these super-heroines had partners or lovers, they didn't seem to be giving them the fucking they deserved. Tud was more than happy to do just that, and reap the rewards of breaking their minds to the point of forgetting all about fighting crime, and doing whatever it took to get some red hot action with him again.

Which is why currently Samuel had a wide smile on his face as he leaned back on his couch in his private executive office of his central business front, 'Delicious Delights'. Staring at the woman clad in a black bodysuit, fishnet tights, boots with killer heels, and black leather jacket in front of him. His latest 'employee' to his sinful business.

"The mask is a nice touch babe..." Samuel chuckled as he spread his legs wide. Deliberately letting her see the package his was packing from the bulge in his suit pants that he knew she'd come back for.

"T-thank you, Sir..." Black Canary stuttered, her eyes indeed drawn to staring down at his crotch for a long moment. Out of reflex sticking out her own, large chest in the process as she stood in what should be her full crime-fighting attire. This time indeed with a black eye-mask covering her face. "I thought you might like it..."

"I do... Now tell me... What did you tell your little friends to explain why you aren't on duty with them tonight?" He asked of her, knowing he already her deep under his control but wanting her to admit to what she was doing. To the lies she was telling her allies.

"I... I told them I was on a stake-out... Just like you told me to." Canary answered with a nod.

"And yet, here you are, about to start working for me... So that means, you lied to your friends, right?" He smirked as his twisted the knife, openly mocking the woman who has come to see him even though she knows it stands against everything she used to stand for.

"...Yes." She obediently said as she shifted her gaze to stare back at him. "I lied to them."

"Good girl..." Samuel chuckled with a hint of pride. "In fact, so good? I think you deserve a reward... Come on over here and let me see if the Canary can handle going 'black' again..." He ordered, motioning with a finger for her to step forward.

All too eagerly, Black Canary moved forward, her high heels clicking off the floor as she approached the couch, standing between his spread legs. "And just how would you like me to do that, Sir?" Canary asked with a seductive tone, knowing exactly what she was going to be doing from the last encounter they had. Making no attempts to hide her desire to get some of him, and that huge cock, once again.

Tud smirked again, taking a moment to stare at her chest before glancing up. "I think you need to..."

Before he could finish, a buzz of an alarm sounded, making both of them turn as the many TV screens in his private office. Instead of the various CCTV feeds from around both the strip club front of his business, and some of the hidden 'sex den' footage being broadcast, it was footage coming from one of the warehouses connected to the main building. From different angles high and low the screens showed what appeared to be a break-in in progress as a female figure acrobatically cartwheeled down along the storage shelving.

"A chick? In some, jester's outfit?" Samuel questioned. "That sounds familiar..." He mused as he starting to think of his held knowledge about the local criminal underworld.

"Harley Quinn." Black Canary answered for him as her eyes narrowed at what she saw. "The on-off main 'squeeze' of The Joker. Insane, dangerous... And if you'll pardon the pun, she's no laughing matter to deal with." She added before looking to him. "She'd been off the radar since Joker was locked up in Arkham."

"Hmmmm..." Tud stroked his chin thoughtfully for a moment as he looked up at the woman still standing in front of him. "...Think you can handle that crazy bitch?" He asked, but his deep tone made it sound more like an order than a request.

"It'll be my pleasure." She replied, balling up one fist and slamming it into the other.

"Then do it." He motioned with a pointed hand to the door of his office. "And bring her up here. I think we need to teach this chick a lesson about breaking into my business..." He added with a smirk. Thinking back to the night when he'd taunt a similar 'lesson' to Batgirl not too long ago.

* * *

"I'mma make Mistah J so proud of me!" Harley Quinn said out loud to herself, a contrast to the silent way she was strutting down the shelving. The side cones of her jester's hood bouncing along with the baubles on the ends as she stepped. "Breakin' into some suspicious lookin' strip joint... Messin' their stuff up! I'mma show these no-good whores what a real woman looks like!" She vowed with a sinister smirk on her bright red lips.

Quinn was in what many have termed as her 'classic' jester-style attire a full bodysuit of partly red, partly black that hugged tightly to a curvy frame of her large breasts and a rounded ass. With white ruffles on the wrists, gloves and boots, and card diamonds on the red leg and red arm of her attire. At the neck another white jester 'ruffle' with baubles, and the hood with jester cones sticking out to the sides. Her face exposed and painted bright clown face-paint white, with a black eye-mask to top the crazed criminal off.

"Now, where should a girl like me start..." Quinn pondered out loud, suddenly producing out of seemingly thin air a large, oversized mallet. Gripping the handle with one hand as she rested the mallet-head just over her shoulder. The other hand placing a finger on her lips as she thought for a moment.

With her beloved Joker locked up, but not for long she hoped, she needed something to occupy her time. With things not working out with the Sirens and seemingly the Joker's gang not trusting her fully these days - couldn't they forgive a girl for setting bomb timers to 5 seconds instead of minutes? - She had to impress her man somehow! What better way than striking at a place that not even 'Bat-brain' would think she'd target? A titty joint that if it wasn't on the map, no one would even know about. Truthfully, she had decided to target this place after hearing a rumour... She couldn't quite remember how she'd heard it in fact, but there was something doing the rounds about this being the front for a real low level gang of crooks. Or was it something else? Whatever the explanation, Harley didn't like the idea of someone sneaking into her man's turf and setting up shop.

"Maybe I'm gonna play dominoes with all these shelves of stuff, and watch 'em all... Fall... Down!" Quinn decided with a big, crazed smile as she shifted her grip, bringing her mallet in front of her to hold the handle with both hands now.

"No chance, Quinn!"

Harley's eyes went wide in surprise as she turned around, arms outstretched as she wildly swung her weapon. Not only did she miss, but her stance left her wide open for the screeching Canary's Cry that send her flying backward and off her feet. Slamming down hard into the ground a distance away with a groan of pain while her mallet flew out of her hands to slide away out of reach.

"He-hey! No fair!" Quinn whined as she sat up, shaking her jester's hood wearing head. "What kind of smuck attacks a girl from behind anyway?!?"

"...A girl who wants the best fuck of her life again!" Black Canary stated as she stepped forward. Putting her Martial Arts skills to full use with a sudden, well-placed kick to the head of her target.

If Quinn wasn't seeing stars before, she soon did when that shot landed.

* * *

"Urrrrrrgh..." Harley Quinn groaned, her head rolling around her neck as she started to regain consciousness. "Did somebody... Grab the name of that truck that hit me?" She asked as the rest of body started to stir.

Immediately Quinn figured out all was not as it should be, even in her far from normal life. While she was still clothed in her full criminal attire, her arms were tired behind her back. Very well in fact with not just ropes around her arms across the back, but even handcuffs securing the wrists. As her eyes focused, she also noted three things. One - she was sitting on some expensive looking leather couch. Two, she was currently in a new location of a fittingly lavish room, some kind of office of some sort for someone who loved to show off his power and wealth. And three - the black man in a suit smirking at her.

"The name of the 'truck' was my hot blonde butt-kicker..." Samuel Tud informed her. "Teaching you a lesson about breaking into my property uninvited... She did quite a number on you actually. You were out of it all during the time I gave her a nice little 'reward' for capturing you..." He added with a proud chuckle. Being far from subtle when he said 'reward' to make it clear what he was meaning.

"So... We gots ourselves a tough guy here, huh?" Harley snapped as she glared through the holes of her eye-mask. "Catchin' a girl off guard, sneakin' up on her, and then tyin' me up! You got a lotta nerve buster!" She said with an angry tone.

"I could say the same to you... Breaking and entering might be the lowest level of crime you've committed in your life Harley Quinn..." Tud stated, taking a moment to look over her as he smirked.

"Hah! Am I supposed to be impressed?" She mocked, showing no intimidation despite her current defenceless position. "Big deal! You caught me on a bad night. Once I'm out of these... Hnnnnng! Stupid ropes and stuff!" She vowed with a struggle, still staying seated as she tried fruitlessly to get herself free from the tied up and cuffed situation she was in. "I'll kick your dumb grinnin' teeth in! A whole lot worse than what my Mister J will do to you when he finds out!"

"The Joker? You mean the crazy clown locked up far away in Arkham Asylum?" Samuel said, still smirking as now he was the one being unfazed by the words of the other. "In fact, as I recall... Didn't he try and have you taken out? Something about you being strapped into a roller-coaster cart with a couple hundred sticks of dynamite in the back?"

"Th-that was just a... A misunderstandin'!" Harley claimed, although the slight break in her voice as she spoke showed she wasn't even fooling herself. "I know my puddin' would never really mean to hurt me! I mean, like that anyway..." She added, her voice trailing off at the end as some memories, good and very bad, flashed back in her mind.

Seeing an open opportunity, he took the chance to strike as he stepped forward closer towards her. "Is that so? Well, perhaps then this has all been one big misunderstanding... So I'll tell you what Harley. How about... How about we strike a deal?"

"Deal? What kinda deal we talkin' about here?" Harley questioned, her eyes narrowed as she looked over the man in front of her.

"Well, if you make it up to me for breaking into my business, and interrupting my evening? Then I'll let you go." Tud said as he looked back at her right in the eyes. "Totally free to leave and I won't even call the cops."

"Ha! Yeah right..." Quinn laughed. "Like you think I'm some kinda chump? I ain't workin' for nobody except my Mistah J! ...Except that time when me and 'Red' and Catwoman... And then that other time... And..." Quinn started to ramble in her crazed way, eyes looking upward at the roof as she blabbered on for a while.

With the criminal beauty in front of him distracted, Samuel took advantage of the situation as he started to silently and swiftly undress. From the tie to the belt, the shirt to the pants. He'd taken off the garments and set them aside and out of the way. Leaving him standing completely naked in his own office with his muscular, strong body on full display. Not to mention his lengthy and fat to match cock that was stroking in his hand, easily using the 'motivation' of the curvy body in a tight bodysuit in front of him to get himself fully hard.

"Yeah... So... S-so what?? So what if I've..." Harley attempted to ramble on more as she finally looked back to the other person in the room. Her eyes then locked onto that huge piece of man-meat pointing right at her. The shock was clear on her painted face and the wide eyes seen through the holes in her mask. A look he'd seen plenty of times before to show this was the biggest cock she'd ever laid eyes on before in her crazed life. "T-th... That a baseball bat in your pocket... O-or..." She tried to come up with a joke, even as her gaze remained staring at that meaty length. "Heh... You ain't got pockets on..." She admitted, finally looking over the rest of him.

"Nope... But I got this big fucking black cock right here that needs seeing to..." Samuel stated with another cocky smirk on his rugged face. "Don't think I need to explain out what the deal is here now, do I Harley? Unless you don't think the 'Clown Princess of Crime' can handle it?"

"Ha! So, you want to 'Rev up' this Harley huh? Fuckin' perv..." Quinn replied, sitting up straight on the edge of the couch now with his cock just an inch from her ruby red lips. "...Guess... Guess it's been a while..." She admitted with another look over him. "And never this big..." She mumbled before looking back up to him. "Fine! You got a deal... I bet you won't even be able to handle me gettin' all 'crazy' over this dumb, big dick of yours!"

"Let's see if I can..." Tud grinned at her pleasantly surprising acceptance of the indecent proposal. "Open up and let's see which one of us is right or wrong..."

"Ha! I can fuckin' see we both ain't 'right'..." Harley said, meaning it in more ways than one. However with that dick coming in closer, she complied with the request and in turn with the deal they'd just made. Parting those bright red 'clown' lips in willing fashion, her eyes still narrowed behind her mask as she glanced up at the man in front of her, and his huge black cock now going past those lips. Even with the defiant look, she further gave into the sinful deal as she pressed her lips around his size. A touch enough from her surprisingly perhaps for such a crazed criminal soft lips that made him let out a light moan of approval. However when that length continued to push further forward into her oral hole, those eyes of hers went wide again. Locked onto the shaft that already was going deeper inside than anything she'd ever taken before.

"Mmmmmphhhh!! Mmmmmm... HHHHHHRRRRLLLLKKKKK!!" The former criminal psychiatrist turned criminal herself let out a gag when the fat head of his shaft touched the back of her mouth. A feeling that made the tied up beauty groan herself around that man-meat. As he pulled out a little, she looked up at the smirking stud as he moaned, more than enjoying the feeling of her lips all around his tool along with the rest of her mouth. "GAHHHHH!! HHHHHLLLLKKKK... Mmmmmmm!!" Soon she was gagging again when he firmly pushed his cock deeply forward into her. No simple blowjob here, but already straight into some face-fucking. Thrusting steadily in and out between those ruby lips to stuff his dick right into the mouth of the dangerous beauty. Making her gag loudly each time he fed her his big pole, and quickly getting her saliva splattering over his inches as the reflex action continued.

"Mmmmmm... Yeah... Choke on that fucking dick Harley..." Samuel moaned, but with the kind of dark smirk on his face to show he wasn't exactly giving her a choice in the matter right now. Each pump of his strong hips forward sending his cock right into that warm and wet mouth of the 'Clown Princess of Crime'. Feeling her spit now coating his inches nicely, and starting to make her lipstick smear as his cock worked in and out of her oral hole. The repeated fucking of that white-painted face was taking a toll as well. Tears starting to well up as her body responded to the discomfort to put it mildly of her mouth having to endure such an onslaught, even though she agreed to every moment of it.

"HHHHHHRRRRLKKKK!! GAAAAAHHHHH... GAH GAH GAAAAAHHHH HHHHHLLLLKKK!!" Saliva now drooling past her lips, trickling down her chin and staining the white jester-style collar around her neck to go along with the ruined situation her make-up was approaching. Yet, Quinn wasn't just taking this face-fucking better than many a porn starlet could handle. She was actively wanting more of it, and that huge black cock down into her throat as she now starting to work herself against those stiff pumps into her mouth. "Mmmmmmmphhh!! GAHHHHHH!! MMMMMPHHHH!! HHHHHLLLKKKK..." The cones of her jester's hood started to sway as she bobbed her head along the pistoning pole passing between her lips. Trying to keep them pressed against his member as much as possible but still gagging out loud every time that cock pushed right into her mouth. Just resulting in him moaning louder, the gags increasing, and more saliva dripping down her bodysuit clad body and off of his prick.

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