tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGotham Girls Pt. 03

Gotham Girls Pt. 03


All characters appearing in the following narrative are fictional. Any resemblance to any real persons - either living or deceased - is entirely coincidental on the part of the Author. Unless otherwise noted all persons appearing in the narrative are written as being of the majority age of eighteen years owing to depictions of graphic sexual activity contained throughout the body of this work.


Rain for the third straight night and still no sign of The Riddler, or any of his flunkies. Stephanie Brown - the Batgirl - stretched and yawned as best she could from her precarious perch on the side of the Gotham Savings and Loan. Why the hell she had to be out on a night like this searching for signs of when one of Batman's rogues was going to unleash his latest diabolical scheme was anyone's guess. Nights like this made her wish she had never allowed herself to be brought into the fold as one of the Dark Knight's junior partners. Times like this made her wish she was still just another junior-vigilante taking out street punks and the costumed villains that Batman would not waste a second punch on!

"Something to cheer you up?" Came a hushed whisper from behind her.

She was so startled that she almost took a fall off the ledge! Whipping around, fists rising to the ready position, she came face to face with one of the only other reasons that kept her suiting up night after night. Five feet and six inches tall, one-hundred and forty-five pounds of sinew and muscle, and the sweetest smile she had ever seen. Tim Drake. Formerly known as Robin, now building his own reputation as the Red Robin, had dropped down on the roof behind her. There he was with a thermos of hot chocolate and two collapsible cups. No doubt something Alfred had come up with! His new outfit looked good on him and was - so far as Stephanie was concerned - tight in all the right places!

"It would kill you to make some kind of noise when you do that?" She asked.

"The Boss would take away my play time on the computer if he knew I had made a noise when dropping in on someone." Tim smiled as he said it and that alone was enough to earn Batgirl's forgiveness.

Jokes about 'the Boss', Batman, were common between the sidekicks. It was probably why he kept taking them in? As a means of warding off some of the dark brooding for which he was infamous. Stephanie risked a giggle even as she reached out a hand to accept the steaming cup of warm liquid. Tim was doing his level best not to look at her so she took advantage and drank in a good long look of her own! It almost made her wonder just how well he would fill out the old Robin costume that was archived in the Cave. She definitely had no problems seeing Tim in those green briefs and the red vest that Dick Grayson had made famous and Jason Todd had died in. Just thinking about that though was putting her off the reason she had been sent out here tonight. That, and it was making things inside of her tighten up in ways she knew were not good for her. The thought of what he might look like in nothing at all sprang, fully formed, into her mind before she could stop it and brought a blush to her cheeks!

"Oops! You laughed while on patrol!" Teased Tim as he crouched down on the ledge next to her and drank in her company. "You blushed as well. Keep up this behavior and I am going to have to report you." His own smile was hidden behind his cup. Tim had been working with 'the Bat' too long to make the same rookie mistakes she was.

"You're not even the least bit curious as to why I was blushing?" Stephanie risked asking.

"With you, sometimes I am afraid to ask." Tim looked up from his cup and into Stephanie's eyes.

Before he could protest, and before she had time to second guess herself, Batgirl leaned into Tim and planted a soft kiss on his lips at the same time she took his free hand and raised it to her breast! She thrust her chest forward, encouraging his touch, and then opened her mouth for his tongue. Tim dropped his cup a second before she did and then wrapped both his arms around her, drawing her into a tight embrace and crushing their bodies together. There was only an inch difference in their heights so the rising bulge in the front of his armored suit pressed nicely against her in just the right places! They wrestled this way until they were safely away from the edge of the roof and away from any prying eyes from street level. The paparazzi were infamous for trying to catch Gotham's erstwhile defenders out on patrol so that they could use the photo in some lurid headline of the supermarket rags. At the moment though that was the very last thing on Batgirl's mind as Red Robin pressed them both under an old chimney - one with a large overhanging lip - and continued kissing her until she was certain that she was going to burn up.

Her utility belt, cowl, and attached cape had been the first things to go. Tim's hands knotted in her blonde hair as his tongue explored every inch of her eager and accepting mouth! The rest of the costume was going to prove to be a real bitch. Batgirl's own hands had dipped down and she had one of them firmly gripping one of Tim's rock hard ass cheeks while the other was gently cupping and squeezing the swelling in the front of his own armored suit! Not like he was going to feel much through the armor in that area but Stephanie was pretty sure that he was getting the right idea. Each of the suits was wired and coded for biometrics. Nobody but the wearer could remove them. Releasing Red Robin's sweet, tight, ass, she reached to the collar and thumbed the micro-fiber control. The integrated wiring beeped and the camouflaged seems opened up!

It was a bit of work - struggling out of the Kevlar suit - but at last she had peeled away enough layers to expose her breasts! Tim was dutiful and attentive though from the moment that they appeared. His soft lips, teeth, and tongue had become their best friends and Batgirl's breathing was becoming more rapid in response to what was being done to her body. The damn boots were problematic. Especially since she did not want to break contact with Tim's lips as he was nibbling down the length of her exposed stomach! Stopping only when he came to the part of her costume that was still in place. The heavy boots came off and, almost in a fevered hurry, Stephanie peeled away the body hugging pants and the under-armor. At last it was just her panties between them and Red Robin now moved down and buried his face between her legs, bringing a wash of added warmth to the thin cotton barrier standing between them.

Red Robin's own belt and boots were gone in a flash. Curse his added years of practice in getting in and out of all of the added shit that Batman insisted on them wearing. The leggings of his costume came down agonizingly slowly for Batgirl's tastes too. Almost as though he were teasing her! At last he was standing in front of her in only his tunic, cape, and mask. His rock-hard penis jutting out of the ebony tangle of his pubic hair, an absolute glory to behold! Stephanie wasted no time then in shedding her own underwear and pulling him into another, body crushing, hug.

"Just push it in!" She breathed around his lips as they kissed.

"I don't want to hurt you though!" He replied, even as the swollen head of his cock dipped into the void between her legs, searching for her hot and welcoming opening.

Stephanie lifted a leg and Tim helped her to hook it over his hips. She kept it there through the simple expedient of burying the heel of her foot into his buttocks. In this position it was nothing at all in the way of a challenge to reach between them and grasp his dick in her hand. She was not the worldliest woman but she managed at last to part her vaginal lips with the head and lodge it against the opening of her hungering cunt! With a single, almost hesitant, thrust he was buried inside of her with his balls pressing against her.

"Ooh!" Batgirl gasped. Savoring the feeling of being so suddenly filled.

Tim supported her weight entirely even as he bucked his hips and sent his cock to the depths of Batgirl's pussy. She was tight! So tight in fact that she groaned and bit on her bottom lip with every thrust he gave her - as though it hurt her every time - but she only crushed her breasts against his chest and begged him to fuck her harder. It was something that he had been wanting to do for so very long that he forgot his caution and made his thrusts all the harder and faster. He could look between them and watch as he sank inside of her. The mingling of his black pubic hair with her honey-blonde thatch was even more of a turn on and in short order he began to feel the first hints of orgasm building in his balls and the root of his member!

The brick chimney chewed into her back, her buttocks, and her thighs, but Stephanie ignored the discomfort in favor of enjoying every surging inch of hard cock that her hero-crush was feeding into her wanton little quim! This standing position made the angle of penetration a little extreme for her as with every thrust he was rubbing over her g-spot and slamming against her sensitive opening and swollen pussy lips. The crushing of their two bodies together was giving her just enough friction against her clitoris though as to make her squirm each time!

"Ugh! . . . Mm! . . . Ughn!! More!" Breathed Batgirl! Yes! Fuck me Tim, just fuck me!" She egged him on.

Tim hooked Batgirl under her ass with both hands, laced them together, and lifted until both her feet left the ground and her other leg looped around him to lock together with the other. The angle was a little different but the adjusted position allowed him to thrust harder and faster against the mound of her hot and tight box! Already he could feel the stickiness on his shaft and his own pubic mound from where Batgirl's juices had wetted the two of them down. Still, her insistence, coupled with his own need, drove him into her all the harder and faster until tears were running down her cheeks and her ass was bouncing in his hands from the strength of his thrusting cock! Stephanie's eyes were rolling in their sockets and she was feverishly twisting and pinching her nipples in time to his thrusts! Her chest was splotched a deep red color and those marvelous tits of hers were dancing in her own hands. He felt the building heat in her cunt and the muscles of her tunnel gripped him like steel vices, pulling and holding him inside of her as her orgasm crested and washed over her!

Stephanie had felt the first surging wave of orgasm as her pussy pulled Tim inside of her! After that there was only the seemingly ceaseless waves of pleasure with flashes of feeling as he continued hammering at her wanton hole! No doubt her back was bruised and scraped raw from fucking against a chimney but the concern over physical evidence was the least of her concerns as those pulses of pleasures formed in her womb and then rushed upward into her brain! Incapable of speaking, Batgirl settled for allowing incoherent sounds to be wrung out of her by that wondrous cock that was between her legs. She was not yet finished with her own climax before Tim planted his legs and buried himself inside of her clear to his own root!

"I am going to cum!" He gasped raggedly.

In the glorious seconds during which the two of them shared themselves, as well as an orgasm, Stephanie no longer regretted venturing out on patrol. She did not give two shits what the Riddler might be getting up to - not right now anyway - but this night could no longer be considered a complete waste of time. She felt the hot jets of Tim's cum shooting inside of her to splash against the closed neck of her womb and each of those jolts only fed her own pleasure and kept her orgasm going on its own!

It felt like hours before Tim's cock was soft enough and slipped out of her. Leaving her pussy gaping and wet from the mix of their own fluids. She leaned against that damn chimney trying to figure out why the two of them had not done something like this ages ago? Aside from the slight differences in their ages and the fact that they had met as crime fighters first before becoming friends in their own right. She only hoped that this was not going to be a one-and-done kind of thing! As she struggled to put everything back on the right way Tim was right there to help her. He picked up her discarded panties and looked at the scant material in his gloved hand.

"Do you have an open pouch in your belt?" She asked him, with a smile.

"Yeah." He said.

"Keep them then." She kissed him then even as she tugged the leggings of her bat suit over her hips and fingered the collar tab in order to seal herself in. "If the Boss can keep trophies then there is no reason that we can't as well."

The internal clock inside of her cowl told Stephanie that it was well past two in the morning. She was tired and sore - wondrously sore at that - so trying to find the Riddler was going to have to wait. She needed a shower and some sleep before coming back out again tomorrow. Maybe, if this weather held, she would stand a good chance of running into Tim again. Just the thought of another 'meeting' between the two of them was threatening to make her wet again. As the last of her costume fell back into place she turned and noted that he was already gone. Just a silently as he had appeared he was off again. Firing off a grapnel Batgirl turned toward her own apartment and vanished into the inky gloom of the Gotham night.

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