tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGotham Nights Ch. 04

Gotham Nights Ch. 04


For Batgirl, there was nothing like a nice hot shower after an evening with Robin.

A evening on patrol, that is. With the new Robin, Stephanie Brown. She was a college freshman that had worked with the Bat crew before, and after months of begging, Bruce had finally allowed her to officially join the crusade against crime. And for her first night, Bruce just happened to be "busy" with Justice League work, leaving Barbara to show her the ropes.

(More like babysitting her), Barbara thought as she toweled off. Still, at least she got full use of the Wayne Manor. Dick would stop by later, and with Alfred taking sick leave, and Stephanie supposedly on her way back to her dorm, she and Dick would have the whole mansion all to themselves. Ever since they had started dating, they never quite got the chance to properly spend the night together. Oddly enough, Dick had somehow managed to stick his pole into the wet hole of seemingly every woman in Gotham except for hers. Not that Barbara had much room to complain, as her own wet hole was on its way of being used by every other woman in Gotham as well. She had never thought herself as bisexual, up until a night with her mentor Black Canary had opened the floodgates, both figuratively and literally speaking.

Still, it wasn't a terrible situation, as Barbara got into her silk pajamas, sans underwear. And she was actually becoming quite fond of the new girl. The blonde 18-year-old had a spunk and determination that reminded Barbara of herself at her age, which was only a few years ago. And she had a cheery sense of humor that reminded her of the first and original Robin, back before the injury. She had much to learn, as Barbara had to save her life a couple of times. Still, she showed a lot of enthusiasm, and it didn't hurt that she was in awe everytime Barbara did something cool. What? Barbara enjoyed the flattery.

She made her way into Dick's old room, only to be treated by a very unexpected sight: Stephanie Brown posing on the four-poster bed, wearing nothing but a red bathrobe. At second glance, Barbara could see that it was, in fact, a red, yellow, and green bathrobe, with (of course) an "R" logo stitched on the side.

"I thought you went home," Barbara inquired.

"I wanted to thank you for tonight," the blonde replied, smiling, as she attempted to seductively cross and uncross her legs. "You were a good teacher, and you saved my life tonight. Now, why don't we fulfill the other part of the Batgirl and Robin tradition?"

"Er- what are you talking about?"

"You know, what you and Dick used to do in the Batcave together, after a long and thrilling night..."

Barbara wasn't sure if Stephanie was trying to sound sultry, because she sounded more like just an awkward fangirl. Despite that, Barbara still found herself turned on. (Damn, Babsie. Are you really that horny that you're about to be seduced by your own sidekick?).

"We- we never really..." Barbara stammered. Well, it was partially true. They'd never gone all the way, but only because Bruce or Alfred would catch them. There was one embarassing incident in which Batman had caught the two of them fooling around in the backset of the Batmobile. He threatened to tell her father. Barbara didn't know what would scare her more: her father finding out that she was Batgirl, or her father finding out that she was canoodling with Robin.

Stephanie patted the space on the bed next to her, bringing to Barbara's attention an object that she hadn't noticed earlier. It was a dildo, roughly six inches in length, shaped like a real penis, with a few ribs along the length for added pleasure. And at its base, protruding off to one side, was an egg-shaped knob, about three inches in length, and slightly wider than the shaft. It was a feeldoe. The wearer would slip the egg-shaped knob into her own vagina, while thrusting the length of the toy into her partner. Barbara had seen one, while shopping for a thank-you gift for Dinah, before nervously bolting from the store after seeing the wide selection of items that she could be penetrated with. What shocked Barbara the most was that the shaft of the toy sported a red, green, and yellow color scheme, while the knob featured Barbara's own colors: purple and yellow. It was branded. Barbara briefly wondered where Steph even got such a thing. Was this something mass-produced, or did Bruce himself have this made, with this specific instance in mind.

Barbara quickly pushed all those thoughts out of her mind, as she realized that she had a thirsty college freshman eager to get under her. She made her way to the bed, unbutonning her PJs and tossing them aside before climbing over the eager blonde, who had opened up her robe to expose her perky breasts. Lips and tongues mashed together, their bodies rubbed against each other, and Barbara was all to happy to finally be on top for once. Much like her, Stephanie had a petite but still athletic body. Barbara took the feeldoe in hand, and slipped the Batgirl-branded portion inside of her. She gasped as her tunnel took a moment to accomodate its wide girth. After a bit of adjustment, she had the full portion was nestled comfortably inside of her, her vaginal muscles clutching it in place, and her clit resting on a flat but ridged surface at the base of the shaft.


For Stephanie, things could not get better. She was finally a full-fledged sidekick, and she had Batgirl with her. Batgirl! Her inspiration from back in high school, who convinced her that there was always room for more female heroes in Gotham. And now she was going through what could only be the definitive Robin experience! Kicking ass with Batgirl in the streets, and then getting ass from Batgirl between the sheets! Stephanie made a brief mental to write that down, before watching in awe as her senior partner thrusted the fake cock into her open womanhood.

Barbara had started slow, getting a handle on the penetrating motions, before steadily increasing the pace. Stephanie anticipated and cherished every penetration, hooking her legs around the redhead's back.

(Either she's done this before, or she's a really quick learner), Stephanie thought. (Either way, she's the coolest person in the world for doing this to me). Already, Batgirl was giving her more pleasure than any of the boys she'd been with in college. For a time, Steph was infatuated with Tim Drake, the previous Robin. He was a sweet kid, nicer and more considerate than those other shallow jerks. But every time she threw herself at him, he had someplace else to be, with Superboy or someone.

With every thrust, Steph moaned and groaned. She fondled Barbara's breasts, massaging and squeezing those modest-yet-lovely orbs as she felt her orgasm building from each time the toy slammed into her hole, the ribs along its length hitting every spot in her love canal. Neither girl even noticed when Dick Grayson, the original Robin, appeared by their side, naked save for a pair of boxers that did little to hide his impressive bulge.

"Got room for one more?"

Acting on instinct, Stephanie reached and pulled Dick's hardening member out through the flap. She swept her tongue up and down his shaft, before putting her mouth on him and attempting to take in as much of his length as she could. Bobbing her head sideways, she had hoped to get him hard and ready by the time her hero crush had finished pounding her into pussy. Her cries of ecstasy were muffled, as she came hard and her body convulsed. Her mouth fell free of Dick as she panted, recovering from the mindshattering experience she had just received at the hands of the gorgeous redhead on top of her. Meanwhile, Barbara had occupied herself with making out passionately with her newly arrived boyfriend.

(They're so cute together), Stephanie thought. (Wonder what I could do to make their experience more memorable?)


Barbara removed the toy from herself, and wrapped her arms and legs around her standing boyfriend, who held her in his arms, her moist heat just stationed over his erect tool. Fucking Stephanie with the feeldoe had done a number on her pussy and clit, but she had managed to hold on, hoping to have Dick deep inside for when she came. He lowered her onto his pole, slowly, and the two stared lovingly into each other's eyes. Barbara felt herself stretched out as his meat made its way inside of her core. She savored every inch of it, despite the intial pain. With Dick's manhood buried to the hilt inside of her, she had even forgotten that her junior partner was in the room, until she felt a familiar hard object pressed against her ass.

"Got room for one more?" a cheery voice chirped from behind her.

Too surprised to respond, Barbara meekly nodded her head, and exclaimed as the slick toy slid inside of her. There was a brief pain as her forbidden tunnel widened to make way for the ribbed toy. Luckily, it had been heavily lubricated with Stephanies's own love juices.

With both orifices thoroughly filled, Barbara motioned her lovers to begin. Working in sync, Dick and Stephanie lifted and pulled the redhead up and down their respective members, while simulatenously thrusting, working a slow but steadily increasing rhythm. With each successive penetration, they lifted her higher and forced her down harder, impaling her again and again as she screamed in joy.

It almost seemed strange that not even a week ago, Barbara had been nervous, and even scared, to put anything inside of her bigger than a finger. Now? She was having the night of her life, having both of her warm tunnels ravaged again and again by her loving boyfriend and her junior partner, the former and current Robins. God, she loved Robins. Her vaginal and anal muscles convulsed with each penetration, each time clenching harder onto the intruding objects as her two partners worked in unison to fuck her brains out. A combination of tears and sweat rolled down her face. Her climax in reach, she shared a deep and longing kiss with her man. She wouldn't trade this experience for anything else. Behind her, she could hear Stephanie's moans as the younger girl's pussy felt the reverberations of each powerful thrust through the feeldoe. Together, they came, as Dick's semen fill her lovebox and Stephanie gave one last loving thrust into her rear passage before pulling out for good.

The trio collasped to the bed, Barbara giving one lengthy sigh of a thoroughly satisfied woman. Her lower body very sore, she playfully cuddled onto Dick's chest, and motioned Stephanie to spoon her from behind. She groaned as the blonde rookie broke the silence with what would only be described as the worst (and best) post-coital words ever:

"Holy threesome, Batgirl and Nightwing!"

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