tagIncest/TabooGrandma Get's Love

Grandma Get's Love


Jane had been working in the modelling industry her whole adult life. She'd started at a young age and had progressed through her once youthful appearance, to the mature elder woman look.

She had 3 adult children of her own and 2 grand children from her eldest, aged 18 and 21.

Her husband had passed away 2 years ago as he had been 15 years her seniour.

Lonely and frustrated, Jane took it upon herself to make things a bit more interesting.

As another year was coming to an end, christmas was right around the corner. Her entire family were going to be there and she would be in the company of her loved ones for this festive period.

On christmas day Jane went to her eldest child's house where she'd been hard at work with her husband, preparing the meal for later on.

Only Simon, the eldest of her grand children was around when she arrived and so she started to talk to him about what was going on currently in his busy life.

Jane had always had a soft spot for Simon as he had always been the more considerate of the two brothers. Chris had a lot of anger issues that had got him in to trouble at school resulting in expulsion.

Simon loved his Grandma and felt somewhat sorry for her in the sense she had to spend most of her time alone, so he often made the effort to visit her and help with jobs around the house or in the garden.

The mulled wine and sherry was brought out of the kitchen and placed on the living room table for the family to enjoy and discuss various topics of conversation. Cousins had come over too and the room was filled with the sound of laughter and chatting.

Simon and Jane were talking about relationships and how he felt about girls at college. He'd never had a girlfriend before and Jane reconised that he (like her) lacked the companionship of a significant other.

Being of an elder generation, Jane had plenty of life experience, which with the aid of lots of drinks on both their parts, was discussed openly between them.

The christams dinner was put out at which everyone enjoyed filling their plates and satisfying their appetites. More wine was made available and so everyone took full advantage. As the plates were cleared from the table, various members of the family and their partners started to occupy different areas of the house, talking about anything and everything that came to mind. Simon and his Grandma took their place on the sofa.

Jane could feel herself getting tipsy and put her hand out to steady herself when she leaned forward, but instead of placing it on Simon's leg like intended, she missed and landed right in his croth area.

The pressure in which the blow had landed left Simon feeling a bit winded and so Jane immediately tried to see if he was ok. Without thinking she started rubbing his private area as if to sooth it better.

Suddenly there was moment of realisation where both Simon and Jane became aware of what was happening. The day had taken it's toll on both their inhibitions and they simply looked at each other for a while.

Jane was a 73 year old woman who still had a vague hint of a pretty youth in her appearance. She was slender and had short curled silver hair with thin framed glasses perched on her nose.

Simon had a tall and skinny frame, that was shown clearly with his toned stomach. Jet black hair cut short and spikey.

Without a word, Jane put her hand out again but motioned for Simon to take it, at which he obliged. He led the way through the hallway and towards the more private part of the house. His bedroom.

Once inside and the door closed, they sat on the edge of his bed, maintaining the silence. Jane looked at Simon for a minute and then placed her hand back in his lap. Simon didn't move it.

Instead he turned to face her and held her other hand with both of his, moving his thumbs in a massaging like motion.

Strange thoughts started to enter Simon's head.

"Why was he sat here like this with his Grandma?"

But just as he was trying to put an answer to his questions, their heads started moving closer together.

Jane's lips were soft and thin and showed signs of her developing age with a few crinkles in her skin. Simon met this head on with his inexperienced, youthful mouth, showing determination not to be totally useless.

As their lips met, Jane gave Simon a hint of what her tongue was doing in her mouth and he wanted it badly. He pushed his own tongue deep in to the mouth of his Grandma and let them both entwine and dance together in a free session of passion and saliva.

Jane was now massaging his cock vigorously while Simon's hands were rubbing her back wildly, trying to take in as much of her body as possible.

Simon's member started to pulsate behind it's barrier of jeans and underwear and Jane took charge. She undid his button as he ripped off his top and pulled his trousers down quickly. As they had been rather tight and no need for a belt, they took his boxers down with them.

Stood stark naked in front of his Grandma, with a fully erected penis, he blushed.

"Don't worry darling. I'll take care of it for you." Jane said with a caring tone in her voice.

Still sat on the edge of Simon's bed with him stood up in front of her, she placed her mature aged hands on his stomach and leant her head towards his penis.

It stood about 8 inches tall and so when Jane reached the base of his cock with her warm mouth, it put his senses in to overdrive.

Her lips sealed tightly over his love pump and her tongue flicking quickly over his throbbing purple head making it spasm with delight.

Simon's hands were running through his Grandma's hair, pushing her head gently in to his penis.

He reached down and pulled at the blowse Jane was wearing and it lifted easily. Her aged body shown clearly in the light of his bright bedroom.

"Turn the light off dear. You don't want to see my old body now do you?"

"Well to be honest Grandma, I've never done this before and I'd really like to see what's happening on my first time. I'll put the lamp on instead."

Simon got up and flicked his glowing red lava lamp on and turned out his bright bedroom light. Everything had suddenly become much more comfortable and considerably sexual.

Jane was now sat in her bra and lace knickers waiting to see what would happen next.

"Are you going to have your way with me then young man?" She asked winking at him.

"If that's what my elegant lady desires." He replied with a grin on his face.

Jane smiled back and removed her bra for Simon.

Her breasts hung equally in length and still retained some of their previously youthful pertness by showing evident signs of arousal.

Simon knelt down and kissed them tenderly, rubbing them with this hands as he went. Jane moaned at the pleasurable sensation being put through her body.

It had obviously been a long time since the passing of her husband and even then it had probably been several years since she had last recieved this level of physical attention from someone.

Simon then started to rub Jane's clitoral area and felt that she was completely wet with her growing horniness.

"Take them off." She spoke.

Simon did as he was told and removed his Grandma's underwear for her. What waited for him behind the lace knickers was something Simon had only ever dreamed about or seen in magazines.

Her carefully looked after vagina still looked as though it belonged to someone in their early adulthood. Their were no signs of aging atall.

He instinctively started moving his head towards her clit, tongue on the ready. Jane guided him with her hands on the back of his head, moaning as he made contact with her exposed vagina.

Simon ran his tongue up and down the front of her clit, flicking it teasingly on the odd occasion, relishing in making his Grandma squirm.

"Oh that feels so good." Jane exclaimed rather loudly.

He was trying to be careful so that the other members of his family did not hear or catch them mid activity.

Jane pulled him to his feet and layed back on the bed. Simon joined her, lying next to her quivering body. Excitement running wild in their minds.

They embraced each other again, rubbing their naked bodies against one another in a passionate motion, kissing frantically as they did so.

Jane reached down and started to pull at Simon's member that was still totally stiff with lust for his Grandma. As she serviced him, he took it upon himself to return the favour.

He pushed his 2 longest fingers deep in to her clitoral area and felt her tense immediately. Her body convulsed at the long forgotten memory of what it was like being entered. He moved gently at first, increasing his rhythm and speed as his Grandma became more wet and ready for the next stage of their forbidden night's pleasures.

"Simon, I want you inside me." Jane gasped as she hit another climactic point.

He removed his fingers and moved in to a more accessible position while his Grandma spread her legs wide apart for him.

He leant over her and guided his throbbing penis towards her swollen and heavilly wetted vagina. Trembling as he did so, Jane put his mind at ease and helped him the rest of the way.

He reached the entrance to her vaginal cavity and pushed inside.

No feeling in the world could live up to what Simon was experiencing at this moment in time and from what he could see and feel beneath him, the same could be said for his Grandma.

Rocking back and forth gently over Jane's mature body was exhilarating. She looked several years younger in this light and her body looked inviting and temptuous instead of wrinkly and past its best and he was loving it.

"I havn't done this in years. Thank you darling." Jane panted as she got fucked harder and deeper with every thrust of her Grandson.

Suddenly she let out a cry and her clit tensed up completely. Simon froze with horror.

"What was happening?" Was the thought racing through his head.

"Don't stop." Gasped his Grandma.

He continued to thrust as hard as he could and just when he thought that it couldn't get any tighter and more intimate, Jane's clit had one final squeeze around his penis, resulting in a joint climax of passionate ejaculation.

Simon's member exploded with burst after burst of hot sperm sent deep in to his Grandma's stomach. Her cum came in floods down the shaft of his writhing cock, dripping on to his balls and then to his sheets.

They lay there together on Simon's bed, still penetrating each other with their respective sexual organs in a sweaty embrace, breathing heavily after what had just taken place.

Jane kissed Simon tenderly on the lips as they lay on top of each other.

"Thanks Grandma. That was incredible." Simon said after he'd managed to catch his breath.

"My darling, it was my pleasure. I'm just glad I got to share the experience with someone who would appreciate it as much as I did. Hopefully you will be able to find a nice young girl to continue with. You certainly know how to treat a woman nicely."

Simon smiled and sat up. His cock becoming increasingly limp again and dripping with his and his Grandma's cum.

"We'd better get back to the party." Jane said enthusiastically after they had put their clothes back on.

"Yeah, good idea." Simon replied.

As Simon went to turn the door handle, Jane put her hand over his.

"I mean it Simon, you're a good boy and deserve a nice girl. Don't give up."

As she said this, she placed her hands to his face and kissed him one last time. Their tongues having a final battle, exchanging fluids with one another.

They left the bedroom hand in hand and returned to the living room. Everyone was still there and taking part in their various topics of conversation with each other, and so they blended back in to the atmosphere without anyone even having noticed they'd gone.

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