Grandma's Toy Surprise

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Grandson helps grandma with awkward predicament.
843 words
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Editor's note: this fictional work contains scenes of completely fictional incest or fictional incest content.


Summary: Grandson helps grandma with awkward predicament.

Note: This is a 750 Word Story, so there is a lack of character development and plot... just a quick wicked fantasy.

Note 2: Thanks to Tex Beethoven for editing.

Honey, can you come over right away?" Grandma asked me urgently.

"Sure, what's wrong?"

"Just please come asap, and straight to my bedroom," she said, with what sounded like a moan.

"Um, okay," I agreed, then hurriedly made the ten-minute drive. I went in, proceeded to her bedroom, and gasped... since she was naked from the waist down, with her legs spread, and moaning like crazy in her nylons.

"Honey, please get this vibrating egg out of me," she begged.


"I put a vibrating egg in my vagina, but can't get it out," she explained.

Although it was awkward, I went between her legs and paused.

"Just stick your fingers inside me and get the egg out," she instructed.

I brought my fingers to her wet pussy, and slid them inside, in awe.

"Ooooooooooh," she moaned loudly.

I could feel it, but couldn't get hold of it.

"Oh, God!"

"Sorry, grandma, I can't get hold of it," I explained, with my dick confusingly suddenly rock hard.

"Keep trying," she said, sounding like she might come.


After another fifteen seconds, as my fingers continued fumbling with the elusive toy, she suddenly suggested, "Lick grandma's pussy, maybe that will get it out."

"Um, I..."

"Just do it. Lick grandma's pussy."

"Okay," I agreed, and I extended my tongue and licked her surprisingly hairless pussy, tasting her wetness.

"Oh yes, Jeremy! Eat grandma's pussy, I need it so bad," she moaned, while I did just that.

"Oh yes, eat grandma's pussy, finger bang my cunt, fuuuuuuck!" she screamed, before collapsing backwards onto the bed.

I kept licking and catching as much of her cum as I could find, and I also took hold of the toy and pulled it out.

After a minute, grandma asked, "Are you hard, Jeremy?"


"Is your dick hard?"

"Yes," I admitted.

"Can I see it? It's been so long since I've seen a real cock."

"You sure?"

"Yes. Pull out that dick and let grandma see it," she said with lustful urgency.

"Okay," I replied, getting off the bed.

"Oh my," she said, starring at my seven-inch dick, as she slid to the edge of the bed. "Bring it closer to me."


As I moved closer, she reached over and stroked it. "So big."

"Oh, God," I groaned, and before I could even warn her, shamefully I splattered her face with my load.

"Mmmmmm," she purred, smiling up at me with a face full of cum.


"I needed that," she said, not at all fazed by what had happened. She asked, "Can I suck it?

She didn't wait for a response, she just leaned forward and took my dick in her mouth.


After a couple minutes, she got on all fours and pleaded, "Please fuck me. I haven't been fucked in years."

"Okay," I said, dying to fuck her... a long-held fantasy coming true.

"Slide that cock inside your grandma," she demanded.

I did just that, and she moaned while I filled her up. "Oh, yes! Fuck grandma, fuck me with that big cock."

My hands on her hips, I pumped into her with deep back shots, getting the ultimate rush, listening to her moaning and talking, apparently turned on by the incestuous aspect of it. "Fuck grandma," "give me that fat dick, grandson," and "pound grandma's pussy," as her moans got louder and more urgent.

After a few minutes we switched positions, and she straddled me. While she bounced on my dick, she asked, "Do you like grandma's tits?"

"I do," I said as I admired them, so she placed my hand on her firm tits.

A couple minutes later, she screamed, "Yes, you grandma fucker!"

She collapsed on top of me, and her entire body quaked. Wanting to come again, I rolled her onto her side, and slid back inside her.

"Yes, come inside grandma," she moaned, "give me that load."

"Here it comes," I warned.

"Fill me up," she said, and I unleashed a big load inside her.

I kept pumping every drop into her, then she quickly took my cock in her mouth... sucking hungrily.

A few minutes later she asked, "Think you have enough stamina left to fuck grandma's asshole?"

She grabbed lube from the nightstand, tossed it to me and got onto all fours. I promised, "Anytime."

"Good. Because you'll be spending a lot of time visiting your grandmother from now on."

"Anything for my sexy grandma," I assured her, and slid deep into her asshole.

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AnonymousAnonymous3 minutes ago

Would love a more detailed story

AnonymousAnonymous7 days ago

Liked the story, but a bit too short

oldmanbill69oldmanbill698 days ago

Grandmaw got run over by grandsons dick late one night.

AnonymousAnonymous8 days ago

I liked the story and the illustrations. Wouldn’t complain if you also wrote a sequel some day…

AnonymousAnonymous10 days ago

Pictures are too cartoonish for me...

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