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Greek Myths: Arethusa & Alpheus


Author's Note: In the myth of Alpheus & Arethusa, Alpheus' love/lust is never realized. In this version I decided that it is, but in a way that it's very close to a non-consensual union. So just be forewarned... and Enjoy!


Arethusa was an exceptionally beautiful nymph, lithe and sweet with a voice the birds envied. A follower of the Gods, Artemis was her favorite and she was seriously considering joining the virgin's vocation, the strong female band of followers that joined the Goddess on the Hunt. But Arethusa hesitated because she was not a strong nymph, and she did not particularly care for the hunt, but she deeply wanted to be part of Artemis' elite group.

The Goddess had noted her attention, but respected Arethusa's reservations, waiting for the nymph to come to her own decision. Artemis' band was not an easy group to be in, the nymphs were expected to hunt, to run with the fleetest stags, swim like fish, and to guard themselves from all male contact. Arethusa was swift enough on foot and in the water, and she had never felt the touch of a man nor wanted it, but she also could not quite reconcile to the killing of animals. She did not condemn the Huntress or any hunters... but she was not sure that she herself could do it.

And so, there came a day when she wanted a bathe, and she chose the stream belonging to the River-God Alpheus (although she knew it not), and she did not have the Goddess' protection.


Alpheus felt his waters swirling around the most enchanting form his cool reach had ever touched, supple thighs and firm pert breasts, long trailing hair like vines in his waters. He groaned, letting his presence rush towards the beauty bathing herself in his swift waters, and he circled around her body.

Arethusa was completely unaware of the River-God's presence, as she ventured further to the middle of the stream the current strengthened, and so she did not immediately recognize his touch. Water rushed against her thighs, middle and breasts, firmly pressing and sweeping away any dirt or grass that dared touch her perfect form. In fact, Alpheus scoured the beauty completely, running his hands over her perfect form...

The water felt both warm and cool against her body, pleasurable in fact as it pressed between her legs. Arethusa sighed in pleasure, feeling almost hypnotized by the water. Pleasure grew in her breasts and between her legs, she almost hummed with contentment...

Then, suddenly, a form was pressing against her from behind, the water had hands and the hands were gripping her breasts firmly... something nudged between her thighs at her pussy. Arethusa's eyes flew open, and she opened her mouth to scream... Alpheus dragged the beautiful nymph underwater... his lips on hers gave her the ability to breath in his stream.

Seeing the form of a man in the water, although the form was MADE of water, Arethusa felt faint with fear. And at the same time, the water was still inciting feelings of lust and pleasure in her... when she tried to kick away from the persistent River God, he just laughed and pulled her closer to him, pressing his lips to hers again. Arethusa could not bite down on his tongue, because it was just water that spilled into her mouth and down her throat when she did so... filling her stomach with his essence as much as if she had taken his member in her mouth.

Arethusa moaned as his hands squeezed her breasts, the water pressing against her nipples... her hair flowed freely in the current as she was molested. Yet, she couldn't help the arousal that filled her at the River God's touch...

Alpheus was enthused at Arethusa's response, the way she arched her back in response to his touch, her hands firmly against his chest, the fact that she had chosen to take some of him into her body already when they'd kissed. It did not occur to him that this particular nymph had been trying to resist. And he was completely enamored by her beauty, her lovely features and perfect body...

Forming a hard water cock, he began to press into her virgin orifice... it was tight and easy for him to slip into. Arethusa screamed as he thrust past her virginity, breaking it easily and his dick flowed into her body... it pressed against her spasming walls, stroking her insides as he began to thrust in and out of her. Although she did not want to, Arethusa began to feel great pleasure as the water stroked her pussy, both outside and inside, firm hands holding her close to his presence in the water.

Bubbles escaped from her mouth as she began to breathe harder, her breasts heaving with the pleasure of it. Alpheus fucked her hard and masterly, his water flowing all over and around her, teasing every pleasure spot on her body... his lips returned to hers, watery tongue thrusting into her mouth again, and now she was drinking from him without thinking about it, so lost in the sudden and new sensations filling her body.

Many nymphs chose to play with River Gods, knowing their vast powers for pleasure, because only a being made of water could encompass them completely, fill them completely, and bring the kind of pleasure that dallying with the Gods always brought. It never occurred to Alpheus that Arethusa was anything different.

His powers overwhelmed the nymph to the point where she couldn't protest, she was engulfed in pleasure, unable to utter coherant words as she gasped and writhed in his embrace. When she finally climaxed, Alpheus stroked her and made her cum again and again and again, until finally he released his own pleasure and filled her mouth and pussy with his essence.

Then, finally able to return to her right mind, Arethusa realized what had happened and went limp in his arms. Alpheus laid her gently down, stroking her hair and body gently as she curled into a ball. Content that she would remind there, motionless, he went rushing back up the stream to where he knew there were some very fine water lilies... he wanted to bring them to the beautiful nymph, having already fallen quite in love with her.

But as soon as Alpheus was gone, Arethusa shot up out of the waters and climbed out of the bank... he knew as soon as her body left him. And Alpheus rushed back, faster than Arethusa could have ever imagined and saw her running into the woods.

With a cry of heartbreak at the desertion of his beloved, Alpheus did what very few River Gods ever did, he pulled himself out of his stream and ran after her.

Looking over her shoulder, Arethusa saw him chasing after her... she felt ashamed at the pleasure received in his waters, knowing that she could never join Artemis' hunters now. The choice had been taken from her. With a cry of despair she called out to her chosen Goddess for mercy and help...

Artemis looked down from Mount Olympus and realized what must have happened... she granted Arethusa mercy, turning her into a spring. But as punishment, she told Alpheus where the under ground channel was that would connect his stream to Arethusa's spring, and so eventually he found his beloved again... and she was more open and less frightened when he did, and their waters still mingle to this day.

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