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Greenhouse Encounter


My appointment was for 9.00 am.

Janek said that I should look in the garden if I did not get an answer from the front door and to try the garden shed room, this would amuse me while I was waiting.

I went round the back of the house and I could hear a sound in the garden shed. The windows were pretty dirty and I couldn't see inside so I pushed open the door which moved easily on well oiled hinges. There was the usual benches at the sides with plants and greenery, at the far end was a stout wooden door which was ajar by about four inches.

With my left hand, I quietly pushed it open to reveal a larger room, about 15 foot square with whitewashed walls and a high barred window in the wall facing me. On the right side was a wooden frame construction bolted to the wall with many straps attached to it.

A creaking of leather came from behind the door. I slowly entered and looked behind it.

I was dumbfounded to see before me the trim nubile figure of a young nude woman tightly and comprehensively strapped against the wall. A tight leather blindfold hid her eyes.

Closer inspection revealed that she was fixed to a similar wooden rack to the empty one on the opposite wall. She was held by tightly cinched straps at wrist, elbow, shoulders and waist, a tight leather collar was strapped around her neck. Her magnificent breasts were crowned with large erect pink nipples, each nipple cruelly pierced with a steel ring. Straps above her knees fixed her legs firmly apart to the wall so that her thighs were held widely open and her glistening vagina was fully opened to my view.Her black hair was brushed out into an afro style all around her head and around her neck was a tight metal collar padlocked into place with a hasp and staple. On the wall above her captive body was a sign bearing her name, "Gobbly".

As I moved into the room she turned her head towards me and licked her full pink lips. The septum of her nose was pierced horizontally and a heavy steel ring rested upon her upper lip just like the ring through a bull's nose.

"Is that you master?" she said in a low, hoarse voice, her speech low and sexy.

I stopped and did not speak, for I was lost for words, this vision was the stuff of erotic dreams of my youth and here it was fully enacted before me in captive female flesh, I shivered and my penis hardened immediately with lust.

"Please use me, master, use me, my body is fixed here for you to do with as you please with it. I long to feel your hard penis fucking my cunt, fuck me please fuck me!"

I spoke, "Who is your master I have just come to see a Mr Janek."

"If you are a man you, are my master. I am just a sex slave, every man is my master who wishes to use me, come kiss me, caress me and fuck me. I am bound captive in this place to be of service to any person who wishes to use me, please use me master."

I could not resist this open invitation and stepped forward, taking her head between my hands I kissed her full on the lips, licking around the wonderful ring which pierced her nose.

She eagerly responded with her lips and entered my mouth with her tongue, straining against her bonds towards me. Still kissing her mouth I caressed her full breasts and then gently teased her nipples with a light touch of my fingertips. I kissed her face and her neck above the steel collar.

"Oh my cunt is so wet, so ready and so aroused. Fuck me master, oh please fuck me now." she breathed.

I took out my swollen penis and slid it slowly into her well lubricated vagina. Being spread the way she was allowed my prick to sink easily and deeply into her womb

"Oh master your prick feels so good sliding up inside me, fuck me forever, fuck me."

I soon came to a gushing climax and stood, fully inserted into her, gradually my penis softened and came out of its own accord.

"Thank you master for coming inside me, put your penis to my mouth and I will suck it clean for you", she whispered.

I brought over a wooden crate and standing on it I offered my shrinking cock to her lips. She energetically licked and sucked all the semen and her own secretions from it.

"Was I a good cunt for you master?

"Yes you certainly were."

"Is this the first time you have fucked a slave strapped to a slave rack?

"Yes it is my first time."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"It was truly wonderful!"

"Mr Janek knows who to send round to me, men who can appreciate my helplessness and who know how much I need to be abused. You have a lovely long prick, do you think you will be able to fuck me again with it before you go? Maybe I will be able to come the next time, if you give your permission of course master. Perhaps you would like to fuck my arse next time, master, there is plenty of KY Jelly in the cupboard. I can always suck you off if you would prefer that. The choice is entirely yours my wonderful master. I am always here at your service."

I caressed this blindfolded slave and asked if her slave name was indeed "Gobbly". She had been a slave for three years. Twice a week she was strapped to the wall so that complete strangers could use her body. At other times she was incarcerated in the cellars of the house. She was not the only slave here, there were ten women like herself who had all chosen this form of existence for themselves.

Do you really like this form of life?

Oh yes master, I love to feel prick fucking me any way I can. This is the best way, I don't have to go looking for it like a prostitute does, it comes to me. Being blindfold is a bonus because then I don't have to be fussy about my men. If they have pricks I rejoice in them, sometimes lesbians use me and I love that too. Humiliation and bondage turn me on better than anything else.

I used her body again as soon as I could raise another hard on, fucking her arse very slowly and rubbing against her clitoris as I did, she came to a slow and huge orgasm which lasted and lasted so long I thought she would never stop. She revelled in it and egged me on as she mounted in her pleasure.

"You wonderful master, how you pleasure me!, a slave gives her humble thanks for your wonderful prick which tames my rebellious body and shows me true humility,

Oh! Oh! you make me die of pleasure."

She wriggled and sweated around my penis until she was exhausted and hung limply in her bonds.

I withdrew and prepared to leave.

"Do I free you now?"

"Oh no, please Master no, I must be held ready here for my next master for the rest of today and overnight."

"How many men rape you each time then?"

"Usually not less than ten or twelve in the 24 hours."

"You must get very sore after all that."

"Oh yes I do, I usually walk like a crab all the next day. It feels great!"

"May I come back and use you again?"

"I am yours to command, but don't you want to sample one of the other girls, most men want to try all of us before they decide on a favourite."

"If you think I should."

"O yes, one cunt is very like another after all. We are all made for abuse."

As I walked away she called after me.

"Thank you my master for a wonderful orgasm, I love you."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/11/18

A Slave enjoying her many Masters

Good writing from the slave and the master's point of view. It was stated that the slave was raped. How could it be? She enjoyed being blindfolded so she would not know her many lovers. That's how casualmore...

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