Grim Fairy Tales Ch. 01


At that moment I realized the camera must have been hidden, as my wife made no mention of it, her eyes clearly scanning over the direction the camera was facing.

My mind was spinning a thousand miles a minute. I remembered the party being held at the Ritz Carlton, also recalling quite a few people—including Jess—had booked rooms there so they could enjoy the entire party and drink without having to worry about getting home.

Vaguely I wondered if this was her room, although knowing the camera had been placed there beforehand, knew it could have been Jason's.

Once again recalling the past, I remembered Jason had told me he would meet Jess at the hotel bar, keeping her company so she did not feel alone at the party.

Based upon Jason and Jess' speech patterns and actions, I knew they had already had several drinks.

As Jason lowered his head to Jess' neck, I paused the video, as if I could stop the past from happening. I was afraid to continue watching, hoping for the best as I sat back in my chair, slowly recalling that time of our lives.

It had been early October and the merger I was overseeing was coming along nicely when the office voted for a costumed Halloween party. I was so stressed out about the merger, Jessica had told me I could pick out her costume, willing to wear whatever I wanted in order to put my mind on something else and help relieve some of my worries about work.

The diversionary tactic worked, and I had looked around for almost two weeks before finding the perfect costume for her—an authentic Snow White costume, a perfect replication of the famous Disney cartoon. The skirt was a long flowing silken yellow gown with a blue peasant's top having 'poofy' shoulders and a low-slung neckline. It being so close to Halloween, the company I rented it from did not have the correct sized top—the only remaining tops being those rated for 32-sized chest—but even though I knew the top would be snug, it would fit her.

Imagining Jess' 35C breasts pressed tightly into the blouse had given me a perpetual hard-on.

I had not show Jess the costume, although I did finally cave in and tell her she would be dressed as Snow White. I recall the conversation, remembering her joking around with a smile and asking where I was going to find seven dwarves to keep her happy. At the time I remember laughing, explaining I would be going as Prince Charming, so she did not need the seven dwarves. We had both laughed at the semi-roleplaying humor.

I remembered back then my mind was more on the Bell Atlantic/Nynex merger than anything else, including a Halloween party. So as it turned out, before I was even aware of it, the time of the Halloween party was upon us. Unfortunately, because the party had not been high on my thoughts, I had inadvertently scheduled an important meeting with the executives of both companies for that whole weekend! As such, I would not be around for the Halloween party.

I confessed my mix-up to Jess and she stated she would just not go to the party; however, I had told her she needed to go in order to get to know some of the partners.

"If I am to be considered for a Junior Partner position, people need to know who you are and that you are behind me one-hundred percent. The Junior and Senior staff have quite a few people to choose, so you need to be seen and known," I had explained to her. "They know I will not be there due to business, so you need to show your support by standing in my stead."

Jessica knew the truth of my words, both of us remembering when I had applied for the position, the Senior Partners had interviewed Jessica as well, making sure she understood the commitments involved in me working at the firm. They did not want their lawyers' minds thinking about an unhappy home life or divorce proceedings in the middle of a big job, so it was quite understandable for their policy to include the wife in every aspect of the job.

Although reluctant, Jess finally agreed she would attend the party.

The next obstacle I had was figuring out how to get her costume to her. I had rented it at one of the Halloween stores near my office, figuring I could pick it up after work and it would be convenient to drop it off the following Monday morning. Although Jess could have driven to get the costume, the Halloween party was being held on the other end of town and the costume would not be ready until late Friday the day of the party—it would take way too long for her to pick it up herself. Jessica would have had to drive an hour to get into town to get the costume, then another hour back home, and a third hour in traffic to get to the party. By then the party would have already started, our original plan being for me to meet her at the hotel with the costumes, thereby saving over two hours of travel.

I remembered talking to Jason about the problems and him throwing me a lifeline, offering to pick up the costume.

"It wouldn't be any problem," he said over lunch. "I'm here anyways and I could pick it up and meet Jess at the hotel just like you planned. It will be the same thing, only a different messenger," he explained. "That will give her plenty of time to do what she has to do to impress the other partners," he had told me enthusiastically.

I recalled his words vividly, and looking at his face on the computer screen, inches from my wife's neck, I now wondering if he had meant something much, much more.

At the time it seemed he was merely helping me out, but seeing the video so far, even fifteen years later, I now had doubts.

But back then I could not believe my luck, telling Jason I had ordered a Snow White costume for her. I suddenly recalled his open interest asking which sexy version of the costume I had ordered.

Again, back then I had shrugged off his comments, but with the image of him with his arms wrapped around my wife on the screen, I again wondered if he meant something entirely different.

I vaguely remembered him being disappointed when I showed him the costume I had ordered online, recalling him rolling his eyes at me.

"A woman as sexy as Jess should be shown off," he had said, "but if that's what she wants, more power to her," he said.

Suddenly my heart jumped into my throat as I recalled telling him Jess had not seen the costume, only aware of it being Snow White. I felt a deep-seeded chill enter my soul was I recalled the rest of the conversation, forgotten until now.

I recalled Jason joking around about never buying clothes a woman had not already seen as I confided in him Jess telling me she would wear whatever I wanted, and that I had complete control over her costume. I had then recalled the top being a small, telling Jason that if Jess mentioned anything about it, to tell her I was aware of it and figured she could still wear it.

"It would do her good to show off a bit to everybody," I had joked, recalling my words with complete clarity. "Heck, it might even sway some of the Junior Partner's decisions," I had laughed to my 'friend,' now wondering if that term could still apply.

The idea of my best friend seeing my wife as more than just my wife had been disturbing even back then, so it was understandable at my feelings now. I had never thought Jason would pull anything on another man's wife—particularly his friend's wife. I had assumed those many years ago his offer had been genuine to help her out, but now I wondered.

As I looked again upon the frozen image on the screen, I realized I was seeing what happened after my wife and Jason had met for drinks, coming up from the bar. She was not yet dressed for the party in her costume, and I wondered once again why the camera was there.

I knew Jason had known Jess during undergraduate school, so I had not been worried about them meeting up at the hotel; however, this many years later I wondered if my lack of concern had been misplaced.

Although Jason had been single back then, I never would have thought him having the gall to encroach upon another man's wife, but seeing the beginnings of the video began to have doubts.

Then again, without watching the rest of the video I did not know if anything happened. For all I knew, Jess finally stomped out of the room. I could not believe at the time this occurred I had been so mistaken to leave town secure in the knowledge Jess would be well-taken care of by my friend.

My stomach in knots, I reached out to the computer, seeing my hand shaking as I wondered what the hell was going on, pressing 'Play' again on the video.

To my relief, I saw Jess and Jason breaking their embrace, my wife stepping away before Jason could kiss her neck.

"That's my girl," I said with relief, chiding myself for thinking the worst.

Glancing at the player window, I noted there was still almost seven hours on the video, wondering what else might be on it as I turned my attention back to the main screen.

Jason moved out of the picture frame for a moment, returning carrying a suitcase and a box, the latter which he handed to Jess.

"Here's your costume," he told her. "You can get ready in the bathroom and I'll get ready out here," he told her, smiling pleasantly. "That way we can join the party together. I'll introduce you to the other Junior Partners as well," he told her as Jess stepped into the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

Suddenly I heard Jess' voice through the door.

"Jim picked this?" she asked, her voice having an odd lilt to it, sounding somewhat surprised.

I watched as Jason shrugged to nobody in particular, leaning near the door with a smile as he told her, "Hey, I'm just the delivery man and babysitter," he told her through the closed entrance.

"He told me I was dressing as Snow White," she finally said, "but I was thinking Disney style."

My mind wondered what the hell was going on, as I knew the costume was exactly what she was expecting.

I heard Jason chuckle, holding his hand to his mouth for a moment before he finally seemed to compose himself as he said through the door, "Jim did say you told him to pick whatever he wanted," I heard my 'friend' say, having confided in him. "Why? Is there something wrong with the costume?" I heard him ask.

Even from the distance of the camera I could see his wide smile.

"Well, no, you're right," I heard my wife's voice in the bathroom. "I did tell him to pick whatever," she said, "but it seems a bit...tight," she finally said.

I suddenly remembered the top being a size or two smaller, all my worries disappearing as I realized what she was worried about.

I saw Jason shake his head as he then said, "Yeah, Jim even told me it would be tiny," he said to her through the door. "He also said, and I quote, "It would do her good to show off a bit to everybody' also saying it might sway some of the Junior Partners' decisions," he told her.

"Wait, Jim really said that?" I heard my wife's voice.

"And I quote," Jason said. "If there's something wrong I can call him, I have his number," he said.

I then watched as Jason walked to the side of bed and picked upon the phone, dialing a number.

"No, no, don't bother him," I heard my wife's voice come from the bathroom. "It's not like I haven't worn something this revealing before," she said. "I just didn't expect it. It's a good thing I brought all my make-up, I think I can get the right look for this outfit in particular," I heard her say.

I remembered Snow White having deep red lips and dark eye-shadow, guessing Jess to be going for the full Monty as my attention was suddenly drawn to Jason still on the phone, realizing he was actually speaking to somebody!

"She's getting into the outfit now. Yeah, we're in room 2118 so get everybody together and come down here," he said into the receiver before hanging up.

I wondered what the hell was going on—not for the first time—as I watched Jason again dial the phone. This time he was apparently calling room service, listening as he ordered a half case of the house Merlot and a dozen glasses. At the last minute he stopped from hanging up the phone and returned the receiver back to his ear.

"Oh, and do you happen to have hot fudge and whipped cream?" he said into the phone. I saw him smile as he replied back, "No, no, we will have our own treat to pour it on, just make sure several cans of whipped cream and a large enough amount of hot fudge is included," he said, chuckling as he hung up the phone.

My mind in turmoil, I watched in morbid fascination as Jason stripped and began changing into his costume. I realized after he put on a fluffy white beard he was dressing up as a dwarf, complete with red cap and boots.

Looking at him I could barely tell who he was, the beard hiding most of his face. If I had not watched him put on the costume, I doubt I would have even recognized him.

Almost immediately after he was dressed I heard a knock on the door, watching as Jason moved out of the camera's view to open it. I then saw him ushering in a bellhop who had a cart with six bottles of wine, quite a few glasses, a gravy pourer over a lit Sterno can, and a canister of whipped cream on his wheeled car.

Jason tipped the bellboy and poured a glass of wine, filling it to the brim before moving to the bathroom.

I watched as he knocked on the door, telling Jess he had some wine ordered and to open the door so she could get it.

I stared in shock as Jess opened the door wide open, clad in nothing but black laced bra and panties!

"I'm still getting my make-up on," she told Jason in explanation, not at all phased at being half nude in front of my best friend.

Jason smiled, obviously admiring the view of my half-naked wife as he said, "Well, you could go like that and I don't think anybody will complain," he laughed as Jess smiled, posing for him as he handed her the glass of wine.

Jess took a sip and nodded her approval before once again closing the door.

I could only stare at the screen, wondering how she could feel so comfortable being half-naked in front of another man as my attention was drawn back to the video, hearing another knock on the door. Watching intently, Jason once again moved out of the view of the camera to answer the door, and to my surprise, I watched as the room filled up with men!

All of them were dressed up as dwarves, complete with beards, and like Jason, I could not recognize them; however, as they started talking in low voices I began to recognize a few of them. I heard and recognized Greg Johnson and Peter Ornithson, both 'friends' of mine, as well as a few other Junior Partners of the firm.

As I stared at the screen I realize all seven of the Junior Partners—including Jason—were in the hotel suite, all dressed as dwarves.

I became noticeably concerned for my half-naked wife in the next room, suddenly putting together the idea of the guys dressed as dwarves—there being seven of them—and my wife dressing as Snow White.

My mind wondered what the hell was going on as I recalled the conversation with my wife when I told her I picked out a Snow White costume, her mentioning need seven dwarves for her at the party.

I once again could only stare as Jason poured everybody glasses of wine, wondering again what the hell was going on.

Now, at this point I did not know what to think. I very well could have been blowing everything out of proportion and they guys decided to make Jess feel better by dressing up as the Seven Dwarves. If she was going as Snow White and I—who had been planning on going as Prince Charming—it stood to reason they might be dressed up to make her feel at ease.

But my inner trepidation was on high alert as I suddenly heard Jess' voice come through the door several minutes later.

"Are you sure this is the costume Jim picked? It doesn't seem to leave much to the imagination," I heard her muffled voice through the door.

The guys in the room snickered as Jason made a motion to quiet them to quiet before replying.

"As I said, I am merely the messenger, Jim picked Snow White, and that is what I picked up," he said, grinning to the guys.

"More like Whore White," Greg Johnson said to the other guys' laughs.

I recalled Greg had also known Jess at Northwestern, for the hundredth time wondering what the hell was going on.

"What did you say?" I heard Jess ask through the door.

Seeing Jason glare at Greg before he answered saying, "As I told you, Jim said he ordered that so you could show off a little skin," he said, twisting my comment. "So I guess it's alright," he said as the guys all chuckled.

"I can't wait to see those firm tits again," one of the other Junior Partners—Donald Jones—said, loud enough for the camera to pick up his comment.

I recalled he had also gone to Northwestern, although graduating a couple years after Jess. It was not unreasonable he may have crossed paths with her, but my mind was focused on him 'seeing those firm tits again.'

"Are you sure she'll go for this?" another one of the men, Bill Merle I recognized by his voice, asked.

Jason smiled. "You remember her motto, 'Jess Undresses to Impress,'" he told the man. "Trust me, you can take the girl out of the slut, but not the slut out of the girl," he laughed. "Besides, you were there when we hired Jim. In fact, if I remember correctly, YOU only gave up your gold ball when she let you fuck her in the ass you bastard," he laughed with the others as the men all made toasts, drinking their wine and pouring more.

"What the fuck!" I murmured yet again into the empty garage.

The gold ball he referred to was an old custom at the firm. The practice had originally started in the early 1800's, and the method of voting for employees, partners, and such had been done by using ballot boxes for each individual. Coins had originally been used, placing a silver for nay and a gold coin for yay into the ballot boxes to vote on whether a candidate would be hired or promoted. The tradition continued on even today, although now we used solid gold and silver marbles which were handed out at the time of each vote and used to case the ballots.

As with all the voting in the firm, a candidate had to have a unanimous vote to be hired or promoted.

My heart stopped at the implications of what had just been said.

"Besides," Jason continued as I reluctantly watched the video, "I told her all the Junior Partners would be here to make the decision on whether Jim makes the cut or not. If there's one thing I know about Jess Nelson besides her tight pussy, it's her willingness to do anything she can to help her husband advance," he grinned, using Jessica's maiden name.

"You fucking bastard," I muttered under my breath to the man who was supposed to be my best friend, glaring at his image on the screen.

At that moment the bathroom door opened and my mouth fell open in shock.

I actually had to pause the video for my mind to absorb everything I saw.

Jess stood in the doorway, dressed as Snow White, but not in the costume I had ordered! Instead, she was wearing an extremely short frilly yellow skirt that barely extended past her hips, a poofy white lacy petticoat beneath the skirt which pushed the yellow material out from her body. Beneath the petticoat I saw Jess wearing a pair of tight white ruffled panties.

Beyond the gap of Jess' bare thighs, she wore a pair of white thigh-high stockings with bows at the tops, extending down to her high-heeled, at least six-inched heels which had yellow trim and a yellow bow, with the rest of the shoes being a deep blue matching her top.

And speaking of tops, gone was the peasant blouse where I imagined Jess' tits filling out, and in its stead was a tiny bandeau-type halter in blue matching her shoes, red stripes, and white lacey ruffles on the hem. The top was barely a bikini top, and Jess' breasts bulged out on all sides of the 'blouse,' showing off more skin of her breasts than it covered!

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