Grim Fairy Tales Ch. 01


She also had blue finger-less gloves with a white ribbon cross-crossing up her arms and a red bow in her hair, but what caught my eye was the other accessory. Around her neck was a leather white choker studded with silver, to which was attached a white dog leash!

I stared at the screen in shock as Jess stood there, holding her leash in one hand.

I could not believe my eyes as I looked upon my now curly raven-haired wife standing in front of seven Junior Partners of the firm looking like a fairy tale stripper! All I could do was stare at the bikini-like top she was wearing, still not believing how most of her breasts, as well as her legs and abdomen, were exposed to the men in the room.

The room filled with cat calls and wolf whistles as Jess looked around the room in surprise, asking, "What the hell is this?"

Jason moved up to her, handing her another glass of wine as he took the leash out of her hand saying, "Snow White, I present to you the Seven Dwarves," he said proudly.

Jessica looked at the men. Slowly her surprise changed to a smile as she looked at one dwarf after the other before taking a long pull at her glass of wine.

My wife was no idiot, apparent as she looked at Jason and said, "I assume these are the Junior Partners voting for Jim's promotion?" she asked.

Jason said nothing, instead walking further into the room, leading Jess by the leash.

I could not believe how nonchalantly she followed him, my wife, led by a dog leash dressed like a tramp in front of the company's junior staff as she stopped at the foot of the bed.

"You would assume correctly," Jason said as he smiled. "First, let me introduce Horny," Jason said proudly.

I watched as Greg stood up and walked to Jess, who was grinning openly at the name. Immediately Greg wrapped his arms around my wife, pulling her towards him as he gave her a deep French kiss!

I could not believe my eyes, seeing Jess' only response being to moan deeply as she returned the kiss, her face buried in his fake white beard.

I watched in trepidation as Greg/Horny's hands moved across her bare back, then slid down to pull up her skirt and giving the room an open view of my wife's ruffle covered ass which he blatantly squeezed.

Jess' only response was to moan louder.

After over a minute of French kissing and feeling up my wife's ass, he finally stepped away.

I could not move, my mind in a state of shock. My thoughts were blank as I watched Jason hand Jess a refill of wine, certain she must have drank the previous glass, but so dumbfounded, I could only watch as she quickly downed it.

Jason then announced, "And next, Lusty," he told her as they both smiled.

Yet again I watched as another fake-bearded Junior Partner, Dan Hunter, came up to Jess. Just like Greg/Horny he gave her a deep French kiss, his hand roaming across her body as their tongues visibly lashed against each other's in their mouths.

I was pretty certain Dan had never met Jess, so I could only stare flabbergasted as my wife rubbed her body against another of my co-workers, this one a complete stranger!

I watched completely mesmerized, morbidly fascinated as Jason introduced each of the men—Promiscuous, Well-hung, Drippy, and Hard-on—each moving up to Jess and giving her a deep French kiss which she returned with equal fervor as their hands roamed over her body.

As they kissed, I watched Bill Merle/Drippy reached down and cup Jess' crotch, her moans only getting louder, muffled only by their melded mouths and his fake beard, as he slowly began rubbing her between the legs.

I stared in shock as Jess' only response beyond her moaning louder was to spread her legs further apart!

As Bill finally broke their kiss and moved away, I watched as Peter/Hard-on move up to her. I could only gape as his name lived up to him—seeing him pitching a large tent in his blue satin dwarven trousers. He too reached between Jess' legs, rubbing her crotch as their tongues explored their mouths for what seemed like hours—although was probably only mere minutes—before he backed away.

Finally Jason smiled as he handed Jess another full glass of wine, staring in fascination as Jess downed it and he moved up to her.

Oddly the thought occurred to me that Jessica rarely drank so much, my thoughts obviously trying to grasp stray straws of sanity as my best friend stepped in front of my wife, dressed like a fairy tale whore.

"And of course you know me," he said with a smile. "Cums-A-Lot," he said.

Jess laughed at the name and I watched him move towards her.

Unlike the others, instead of kissing her he pulled her in front of him, her back against his chest as she faced the other men sitting or standing around the bed. Once again morbidly mesmerized, I watched as Jason moved his hands around Jess' bare waist, sliding up her stomach to her torso where he proceeded to grip her breasts, massaging them through her scant top right in front of the crowd of Junior Partners of my very own firm, grinding his pelvis into her ass.

Jess tilted her head back into Jason's shoulder in response, although she continued looking and smiling at the men in front of her while she visibly gasped.

My mouth was literally hanging open as I watched my best friend and Junior Partner of the firm openly grope my wife's chest, kneading her wielding flesh between his fingers like dough.

I had tunnel vision, completely unaware of what was around me as I could only stare in shock and awe at what I was seeing. The entire house and garage could have caught on fire and burned and I would not have noticed.

I never had any indication of my wife being unfaithful, and my heart sunk into my gut as it pounded out my desperation. I had a mixture of feelings—shock, disappointment, betrayal, trepidation, humiliation—all of these and more enveloped my body.

It was then I became aware of other emotions, darker and more sinister emotions of excitement, anticipation, desire, lust, and exhilaration.

My pulse was beating fast, not just from the negative emotions, but ones I could only identify as excited ones. Shifting my seat, I was suddenly conscious of my rock-hard cock poking into my jeans while staring at the video on the screen.

Jess' breasts were continuously manipulated by Jason and I watched as she finally raised her head, looking at each of the men with a smile as her body was groped by Jason.

His hands still massaging her breasts, I heard Jason say, "We decided since you could not have the release from your long time slumber by your absent Prince Charming, your faithful dwarves would help you out," he told her as he suddenly pulled her top down, exposing Jessica's breasts to the guys in front of her!

The men all cheered at my wife's bared chest as I gaped at the laptop in open astonishment, transfixed as Jason slowly pushed Jess towards the bed.

Reaching the foot of the bed, I watched as he turned her around to face him before slowly pushing her back, laying her down on the bed, her breasts still exposed to everybody in the room as they pointed straight up to the ceiling!

Harry Rudd—who Jason had earlier introduced as Promiscuous, who I recognized by being the oldest Junior partner—stood over Jess holding the gravy pourer containing the hot fudge.

Looking down at her, he said, "If I remember right, you enjoyed hot wax poured on your tits, but this will be much tastier," he said, tilting the gravy train and pouring the steaming chocolate upon my wife's bared breasts!

Jess immediately cried out—but not from pain, instead recognizing her exclamation as that of sheer pleasure. I then watched as Harry bent down on the bed and ripping off his beard, lowered his mouth to Jess' chocolate-covered left breast.

Looking on in amazement, Jess gasped as her breast was sucked into the man's mouth, immediately groaning in arousal as I vividly imagined his tongue and teeth assaulting her nipple.

"What the fuck?" I muttered again. "When has she ever met Harry?" I asked myself, unaware of Jess ever crossing paths with Harry. He was much too old to have known Jess in school—and yet he seemed completely familiar with her acceptance to breast torture.

Then I recalled the comment made by Jason about my interview period, wondering what the hell had happened then.

In complete horror I watched as another of the Junior Partners, Paul Fleming, pulled down his bright green dwarf shorts, his large cock springing free as he climbed on the opposite side of the bed, moving towards my wife's head.

In my agitated mind I remembered Jason introducing him as Well-hung, agreeing with the name as he guided his at-least-ten-inched dick to my wife's mouth.

Just before he reached her opened lips, one of the other guys tossed him the canister of whipped cream, which he proceeded to squirt onto his massive erection before moving it closer to Jess' face. Jess did not say a word as she opened her lips, the man slowly inserting inch by inch of his whip creamed covered cock into my wife's mouth!

Whipped cream smeared across Jess' face as she began to fervently suck Paul's manhood, moving forward steadily as his cock filled more and more of my bride's mouth.

Absently I watched as another Junior Partner, Dan Hunter, moved beside Paul and bent down, taking Jess' other breast into his mouth.

Meanwhile Greg Johnson had pulled up Jess' skirt and began slowly pulling down her ruffled panties, revealing beneath them a small white laced thong.

Then, spreading her legs, I could just make out the folds of her slit on each side of the thong as he too pulled off his beard and lowered his face between her legs.

Jess let out a loud moan around the cock in her mouth in response to the Junior Partner eating her out and I watched, my view obscured by his body and head as her hips began bucking.

It was as if I were living in a different world, barely able to grasp reality as I watched one of my friends and co-workers eat out my wife, while she sucked another's cock, and two more suckled her chocolate-coated breasts!

I watched the screen in horror as the rest of the men slowly began to undress, standing around the bed with their cocks all pointing up as if in anticipation.

I watched as Greg moved out from between Jess' legs, sliding her skirt and petticoat off of her, the white G-string panties hugging her hips as he suddenly ripped the material off her, throwing it across the room behind him.

Soon they were all naked, seven men and my wife—or at least naked for all intents and purposes. The men peculiarly had all left on their dwarven hats, a few even keeping their beards on, while Jess still wore her white thigh-high stockings and blue and yellow high-heeled shoes.

Seeing her naked except for her stockings and shoes, bow, and collar, while a group of naked, erect men surrounded her I felt my cock harden as the men began rotating who was on the bed, my wife alternatingly sucking one after another—my coworkers and friends—while others alternated eating her out.

This continued for quite a few minutes, and eventually the inevitable moment happened. Like watching a train wreck, helpless to do anything about it, I stared at the screen as Jason finally climbed on the foot of the bed, his cock sticking straight out from his body as he moved between Jess' legs. Lifting her legs to his shoulder, he arched her up as one of the other guys placed a pillow beneath her ass.

As my mind screamed "No!" I watched him move his hips forward, guiding his rock-hard cock into my wife's pussy.

Jessica immediately let out the loudest moan thus far around the cock in her mouth—Greg Johnson's currently—as her body arched seductively on the screen as my best friend's hips began thrusting back and forth, fucking my beautiful wife.

I watched as Jess began moving her hips in return, meeting each of his thrusts, her mouth never faltering around the cock being fed past her lips as she was steadily and repeatedly impaled by my best friend's member.

Within a few minutes Jason began to speed up, the sounds of slurping and his pelvis slapping against her thighs filling the room, accompanied by the moans of both the men and my wife.

Suddenly Jason stiffened, and I realized in horror he was cumming, emptying his release into my wife's pussy!

My wife. My bride. My spouse. The woman who had pledged her life, and obeisance to me in a holy church, took another man's load of cum in her pussy.

Jess merely moaned as Jason pumped his seed into her before finally moving back, leaving her legs splayed open on the bed.

Without hesitation Greg Johnson took his place, entering my wife with a single stroke as he too began earnestly fucking her, Jess once again moving her hips to meet each thrust.

Unlike Jason, Greg spread her legs wide opened, two of the guys grasping them and holding them apart as if she were a wishbone, Greg's cock continuing to drive in and out of my wife's pussy, now clearly visible to the camera.

I continued to watch in fascination, unaware of the time or my surroundings as my wife was repeatedly degraded, sucked, and fucked by each and every one of the Junior Partners of my firm. One after another took their place between her legs, fucking her until cum seeped freely from between her legs, none of them even pausing as they changed places in her cunt.

Over and over they continued, some fucking her more than once.

After most of the men had fucked her on her back, I watched as Paul Fleming got onto the bed and laid on his back next to her, his huge erection pointing straight in the air. Without speaking a word the other men pulled Jess up, lifting and guiding her to straddle Paul. In disbelief I watched as she slowly lowered herself upon his impressive hard cock, her body rocking as she began to ride him vigorously.

Meanwhile the other men in the room fondled her tits, her ass, touching her all over her body.

And like a fool I sat in my garage watching as my wife fucked first him, then Bill Merle, riding them insatiably, her body bouncing up and down, forward and backwards, her tits bouncing haphazardly in response.

Eventually they placed her upon her hands and knees, and I watched as Harry Rudd moved behind her, preparing to take her from behind doggie-style. Still amazed at her actions, even after fucking all the men in the room at least once, I stared in astonishment as Jess' body arched beautifully, sticking out her pelvis, watching as Harry slammed roughly into her.

I could only stare as his body slammed into her ass over and over, Jess' body moving back and forth, meeting each thrust vigorously while she continued to take another cock—Greg Johnson's—into her mouth.

I once again realized I was hard as a rock. Being alone in the garage, too much in an 'I don't give a fuck' mood, I pulled out my cock and slowly began stroking it, watching as each of the Partners proceeded to move behind my wife and shove their cocks into her already well-used pussy.

At one point the youngest Partner in the firm, Peter Ornithson, another of my 'so-called friends,' grasped Jess' hips, fucking her for all she was worth as she sucked on Jason's cock. As I watched his cock slam into her over and over, without warning I came, my ejaculate shooting across the laptop keyboard and my hand, grunting in unison with Peter's grunts as my wife's body jiggled and shook, fucked relentlessly.

A break in the fucking came when Bill Merle moved behind Jess.

Slapping her ass and getting her attention, he smiled at her and said, "You remember last time?" he asked.

My mind blanked out in a complete void as I heard my wife and lover say, "As long as you brought lube this time," she said, actually smiling when Bill held up a bottle.

I watched in horror as he squirted first his cock, and then the crack of Jess' ass with the bottle before he moving behind her.

Propping himself up on one leg, I watched as he spread her ass cheeks apart and moved his cock forward.

"Oh my God," I gasped, realizing he was about to fuck my wife's ass.

Jess' body arched, her head tilting as she looked up to the ceiling shouting, "Oh yes!"

In dismay I watched as Bill slid his entire cock into my wife's asshole, waiting until she nodded as he then began fucking her ass, Jess moaning loudly in response.

"Jesus Christ," I heard Dan Hunter say to Jason, "If I'd known that was on the table I'd have brought some lube too," he said.

The others laughed as they all stood around and watched Bill Merle, Junior Partner to my law firm, a man I had lunch with almost daily, screw my wife's ass, his hard cock sliding in and out of her rectum, his cock filling her bowels.

And Jess groaned and rocked even more vigorously than when the guys were fucking her cunt!

Suddenly Jess' body began shaking and I realized she was cumming, as Bill Merle grunted one more time and slammed his cock into her, holding her hips still as he finally came inside my wife's ass.

I could only watch unmoving, my deflating cock still in hand, unmoving as I slowly came to grips with my wife having been sucked and fucked by every Junior Partner in the firm, several of them twice, and one in her ass. The insides of her thighs were wet, soaked with cum and sweat, while her face, hair, and back were matted with similar loads of the men's ejaculate.

The camera continued filming even after all of them finished exacting their lust upon my wife, and I watched in silence as they cleaned themselves off with towels from the bathroom before getting dressed and eventually leaving the room.

Soon there was only Jason and Greg remaining.

Jess was lying on the bed on her back, her legs spread as cum visibly leaked from her pussy in full view of the camera, her body glistening with cum, sweat, saliva, and traces of chocolate and whipped cream.

"Just like old times," she said to them with a smile.

I stared in shock as Jason and Greg laughed, both echoing her words, "Just like old times," they repeated as they climbed into bed next to her.

I watched dumbfounded as Jess turned on her side, spooning with both men on each side as they all eventually fell asleep.

My mind was in shock as I watched them sleeping for a few more minutes before I fast forwarded the video, observing both men again taking turns fucking Jess later in the night.

I realized the video had gone on for over six hours, my wife and two friends sleeping and fucking once more before they both finally left her alone in the room.

The rest of the video showed Jess sleeping until she woke up, going into the bathroom and the sound of a shower turning on.

I was about to end the video, seeing only a few minutes left and knowing little else would happen when I heard her cell phone ring.

Running out of the bathroom, her magnificent body shining with the moisture from the shower I heard her say, "Hey honey," realizing it was me calling her the day after.

"Oh, the party went fine. Jason and everybody took really good care of me," she said over the phone.

I remembered at the time being pleased the members had been nice to her, now finally understanding what truly happened as she continued.

"I think they were all impressed enough to consider you for the Junior Partner position," she said as she dripped water upon the floor.

I vaguely remembered the call, only now realizing the hidden meanings to her words.

The video finally ended, and I sat staring at the blank screen for several more minutes before finally ejecting the DVD, placing it my pocket as I made my way out of the garage.

I cannot even begin to explain the emotions that were running through me, not even sure if I was upset or not.

I watched the video several times that night, orgasming each time as my feelings continued to remain in a jumble, the idea of being so betrayed battling with my fantasy of Jess fucking another man, the thoughts bouncing through my head as I relived the scene over and over.

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