GTO - Office Discipline


She just laughed.

"OK, so this is escalating faster than anticipated. Fortunately, I have a plan for that. I'll see you at home this evening." Gail replied.

"OK, lover. Who knows, perhaps I'll be wearing a thong or be going commando when you get home."

"And you already know that I will check." She laughed.

Mandy wasn't at her desk when I walked back to my office after lunch. I didn't think too much about it since I had been in meetings all morning. It didn't matter. I knew how much this job meant to her. I could use her absence as more leverage against her. Damn, I couldn't wait to have her on her knees under my desk with her lips around my cock. Gail was sitting at my desk waiting for me. Damn, I would love to tap that as well, but it was painfully obvious that it would never happen. She may be single and available, but it was also common knowledge that she had absolutely no interest in men who were in a committed relationship.

"Hi Gail. What are you doing here?"

"First off, are we still on for Friday night? Can you and your wife make it for dinner?" she asked hopefully.

"Of course." I responded. We are both looking forward to it. I had explained to my wife how important this dinner was. There was an opening for a management position that I had applied for. Gail had a habit of taking the person and there 'significant other' out to dinner to as a last 'unofficial interview' before a promotion. My wife had already gone out and bought a new cocktail dress with matching shoes for the occasion.

"Great." Gail smiled. "Unfortunately, we have an issue that you do need to deal with before then. The Gunderson Project has a few issues that came up. I need you to go up to Reno for the rest of the week to deal with it." She said as she handed me an envelope. "Here is your travel info. Airline tickets, hotel, and rental car. Your plane leaves in 4 hours. You will get back Friday at mid-afternoon in plenty of time to get ready and make dinner. Sorry it's such short notice, but I am confident that you are up to the challenge. Now get out of here and get packed. All the info on the project will be e-mailed to you so you will have it on your laptop. See you Friday night." She said as she got up and walked out of my office.

Friday evening:

"So, John. Thank you for meeting me here and bringing your lovely wife. I do make it a habit of meeting with key employees and their families casually outside of work -- especially when I am considering them for a new position." I smiled.

Of course, he assumed that I was talking about the Engineering Manager position that had recently opened up. Of course, he had applied and interviewed for it. Yes, he believed (as did everyone else) that he had the inside track for it. Also, I wasn't lying. I actually do meet for dinner and drinks with the employees and their families that I am considering promoting. This is a well known (unofficial) final interview for the position. Being the founding partner in the firm, I make the final decision. That means that I make the rules. Times like this, it is also one of my perks.

"And Dianna," I went on, "You are just so beautiful. John is a very lucky man."

We were sitting in the back of an upscale restaurant. My back was to the wall, John was sitting opposite from me, with his wife to my right. I ALWAYS sit with my back to the wall, so I can see everyone as they walk in. Maybe I'm paranoid, but I remember reading about Wild Bill Hickok and the one time he sat with his back to the room. Besides, I had another reason for this particular seating arrangement tonight.

About that time, I noticed a very attractive woman enter the restaurant. She was a couple of years older than me, brunette hair, 5' 6", D cups, trim, and athletic. Show time!

"I find that it is very important for managers and key people in my company to have a stable foundation. A good relationship with their significant other helps keep people focused, so there are less mistakes. It keeps them from distractions and is a calming influence when the office gets hectic. Don't you agree?"

"Oh yes," agreed Dianne. "John used to be rather wild and carefree before I met him, but he seems to have settled down quite a lot now."

The brunette had made her way across the room and was just getting to our table.

"Oh good." I said. "She's here. As she side stepped over to the chair to my left, I introduced, "John, Dianne, I would like you to meet my girlfriend Mandy. Mandy, this is one of my engineers John, and his lovely wife Dianne."

Poor John. It looked like he was about to have a stroke. I, of course, was in no hurry to let him off the hook. After all, the evening had just begun.

"Are you OK John?" I asked. "You look like you just saw a ghost."

Got to hand it to him. He recovered quickly.

"Oh, I'm fine. I was just a bit surprised is all. I didn't realize that you would be accompanied by such a beautiful woman."

Sorry, I couldn't help myself. I had to twist the knife a bit.

"Surprised that I would be accompanied, Surprised that it is a woman, or surprised that she is beautiful?" I asked with a wicked smile.

Of course, there was no correct answer to that. All he was doing was trying to figure out which answer was the least horrible.

"Gail, it is completely obvious that anyone you choose to accompany you would be beautiful." Diane rescued. "I believe that what my husband meant was that the extent of how beautiful the two of you are was more than he imagined." Turning to John with a glare, "Isn't that right Sweetheart?"

"Exactly right, Honey." John choked out. "Please don't get the impression that I in anyway object to your preference. Believe me, I am not in the least homophobic."

"OK." I replied. "You should know that that term actually offends me. Homo means 'similar'. Phobic is a person with an irrational fear. Homophobic means that a person has an irrational fear of similarity. I understand that the term has been hijacked to describe anyone who does not accept same sex relationships, but that is just plain stupid. People object to things for a variety of reasons. Fear is not necessarily one of them. Personally, I detest cooked carrots. I am in no way afraid of them, I simply do not like the taste. Understand?"

He just nodded. I'm pretty sure he was trying to figure out what alternate dimension he had just transported into. I started to feel a little sorry for his wife though. John was so shell shocked at this point that she was doing everything she could to salvage the evening for him. Poor girl. She was about to find out how bad it was going to get for him.

"Oh Gail, please excuse John. While he is a wonderful engineer, he does occasionally put his foot in his mouth. I'm sure he meant no disrespect."

"No, of course I meant no disrespect." John said, finally getting control of his short-circuited mind. "I was just surprised to find out that you were in a relationship."

"You mean a relationship with another woman?" I asked.

"No, of course not." John answered. "I have absolutely no problem with homosexuality, if that is your choice. If you are a lesbian, that is your business, and it does not affect my admiration of you in the least."

"Well, I am actually not a lesbian. I do not particularly like labels. They are too simplistic. Let's just say that both Mandy and I are equal opportunity lovers."

As if the Gods were lining up, I suddenly noticed a familiar figure striding towards our table.

"Gail! And,,,Mandy? Oh my God. How are you"

"Hi Dave." I said. "Damn, I was hoping to keep this as a surprise for you until tomorrow night."

"Hi Dave." Mandy replied. "Long time, no see."

After kissing both Mandy and me, Dave asked, "What are you doing here?"

"Well, Dave, Mandy just moved here. Her company transferred her to the Las Vegas office, and we decided that it would be a great idea if she moved in with me. Also, this is one of the engineers that works for me -- John, and his lovely wife Diane."

After a few pleasantries, Dave excused himself to return to his friends at another table with the promise to see us at the races tomorrow night.

"OK, enough of the heavy topics for now. That isn't what tonight is about. Please tell me about yourselves. I like to know about an employee on a personal and family level before I change their position in my company." I stated.

With that, the conversation turned to more pleasant topics as we ordered and ate our dinner.

After dinner, I suggested we move to a back table in the bar for a couple more cocktails and conversation. We ordered and received our drinks. Show time.

"So, John and Diane, this is when I typically discuss the new position for the employee and their family. Luckily for you, John, I really like your wife, so I am going to offer you a new position in the firm. I will need BOTH of you to accept that position, as I really believe that this position requires a strong spousal support."

I could see an excited look in John's face. He was really believing that I was offering him the manager position. Of course, since Mandy was sitting beside me all evening, there must have been some serious fear in his head. He knew what he had done. He also must have suspected that I knew what had happened as well. Diane, of course was completely clueless about what was happening at the office. She was positively glowing with happiness thinking that her husband was about to get a significant promotion. I actually felt bad for her. I really liked her.

"Anything you have to say first John?" I asked.

"Just that I appreciate the confidence you have in me, and I will make sure you don't regret your decision." He replied.

Time to let the hammer fall.

"Oh, don't worry, John. I am sure that I will have no regrets. Are you sure that there will be no regrets on YOUR part?"

His expression suddenly turned to questioningly.

"Do you have anything to say to your wife, John? Perhaps you have something to say to my girlfriend? Maybe you would like to tell your pretty wife about meeting my girlfriend in the office on Monday."

A look of abject terror spread over John's face. Diane was completely confused by this point.

"Let me spell it out for you John. Sexual harassment is absolutely NOT TOLERATED at my firm. Now, you do have two things going for you. First, you are a very talented engineer, and I don't want to let that go. Second, you have a very lovely wife who doesn't deserve to have her life ruined because her husband is a classless pig." By this point, Diane had moved from shocked to the beginning of anger as what I was saying started to sink in. "No, there is no way in hell that I am going to make you a manger. You threw that position out the window. Now, I am going to give you a choice. Option one, I fire you for cause. That will include all the evidence of your sexual harassment of your secretaries being forwarded to the Board of Engineers. You will lose your Engineering license. You will also be sued personally by your former secretary, and anyone else that you have harassed. You may even be brought up on charges by the DA. Needless to say, after all this, no reputable engineering firm will even look at you. You will be ruined. Fortunately for you, that is not my preferred option."

"So, what is the second option?" he whispered.

I looked over at Diane. "This option requires you full bye-in. If you refuse to accept this, it will automatically default back to the first one. I'm sorry, but I simply cannot allow his behavior to continue without corrective action. There is another reason that I will need your approval as well, but I will explain that later. I truly am sorry. You do not deserve this."

Looking back at John, "First off, Julie is now your supervisor. You will report to her, and she will report to me. She will give you your assignments and scheduling. She will also be performing monthly evaluation on you. Your pay will remain the same, and outwardly everything will look normal. She will still act as your secretary, but you will no longer have any power over her. Second, you will report to my home one Friday a month after work for intense training sessions. Plan to remain there until noon Saturday. We will re-evaluate your status after one year. If Julie, your wife, and I are satisfied by your progress, we will consider your punishment complete. It should also be noted that your wife will be encouraged to join or watch your training sessions. This is not necessary, but she is required to consent."

I wasn't really surprised that Diane asked the question. "What does this training consist of that you need my consent for?"

This was the tricky part. I looked her directly in the eye as I spoke. "He has been harassing and humiliating women that were under his supervision. I am going to show him exactly how that feels. From the time he gets to my home on Friday, until he is released Saturday, he will be my slave. I will give you assurances that his dick will never penetrate anything, he will not be injured, and there will be no permanent marks. He will be punished, but not harmed. Whether or not he is allowed to orgasm will be for you to decide. If so, it will be by his own hand. Again, there will be no penetration of any kind for him. That's not to say that HE won't be penetrated occasionally though."

I let that thought sit for a couple minutes while I watched them looking at each other and think about it. Mandy reached into her purse and set a small box on the table.

"Any questions?" I asked. Seeing that they probably did have a lot of questions, but didn't know where to start, I continued, "I understand that you need to discuss this a bit, but I do need an answer soon. Diane, this box is for you. Should you decide to take me up on the offer, what is in the box will determine if you wish to allow John to orgasm. If he is wearing it, we will no that he cannot orgasm. If he is not wearing it, he will have the opportunity to cum." Sliding some papers I pulled out of my purse to her, "Should you decide to accept, BOTH of you need to sign these forms. John, you have three hours to be at my house with these forms signed. Diane, you are free to attend to either watch or even participate. You can change your mind at any time, but once Option One is started, there is no stopping it. You have three hours. If you are not at my house by then, you can call and schedule a time to clean out your office." With that, Mandy and I got up and walked out.

Two and a half hours later:

"Think they will accept?" Mandy asked as we were sipping our wine relaxing on the couch.

"They'll be here -- unless he is in the hospital trying to get his dick re-attached." I laughed.

"Yeah, I noticed that you made sure we were away from the steak knives before you sprung it on them." Mandy replied.

"Mistress Gail?" I heard from the doorway.

Turning, "Yes Kayla."

"You have visitors." She responded.

"Very well. Show them in, get the lady a drink if she wants, then prepare the play room."

"Yes Mistress."

John and Diane were escorted into the room. Diane sat in the recliner across from Mandy and me, while John moved to a chair at the end of the couch.

"What do you think you are doing?" I shouted at John.

He froze about half way down as he was beginning to sit.

"Slaves do NOT use the furniture! Go stand beside Diane with your hands behind your back until told otherwise."

"Whh-what? I-I-I though......" he started

"Do I need Kayla to bring a gag for you as well? Go. Stand. Shut-up. If I need you to talk, I will ask. If I need your opinion, I will give it to you. If you can't follow directions, you know where the door is."

Red faced, John went and stood beside his wife quietly.

Kayla took Diane's drink order. John started to open his mouth to ask for one as well, then thought better of it after seeing my glare.

"First off, do you have the forms?" I asked Diane.

She pulled them out of her purse. Smiling, she handed them to John and told him to give them to me, then return to his position. I was kind of impressed. She was catching on quickly.

"These are all signed and complete. So, Diane. Are you here to watch, or do wish to participate?"

"I think I would like to start off by just watching. Maybe I'll help out later. I am curious, though, why do you insist that I agree?"

"I have an iron-clad rule. I NEVER get involved with a man who is in a relationship unless his girlfriend/wife are fully agreeable to it. I don't need the drama of a jealous woman." I answered.

Then Mandy piped up giggling, "Yeah, but notice that she didn't say anything about not going after a girl that is in a relationship with a guy?"

Well, can't argue with that one.

"OK, might as well get started." I said as I stood up. "Kayla, take the slave to the foyer. Show him where to put his clothes, then take him to the play room. I expect him in 'Display' position when I get there."

"Yes Mistress." Kayla smiled.

Looking a John, "You will obey her completely. Disobedience will NOT be tolerated."

Motioning to Diane, "Come with us. Even though you are just observing, we still need to get you changed and prepared."

'what the fuck have I gotten myself into?' I thought. I almost shit myself when I saw my new secretary join us at the table for dinner. Then when Gail introduced her as her girlfriend, I got a really bad feeling about things. Crap! She wasn't even really working for the firm. WTF was going on here?

Gail and Mandy acted like nothing was wrong, and kept a light conversation going all through dinner. Of course, my wife was clueless about everything that happened. I started to relax as nothing was being brought up, and Gail kept hinting about the managers position all through dinner.

Then everything fell apart in the bar. I had been set up beautifully. I was set to accept the position of Engineering Manager, only to have the floor pulled out from under me. God, the fire that was being thrown at me from my wife's eyes. Pissed doesn't even begin to cover it. Serious panic came over me as Gail told me what my options were. I was going to be more than ruined. Everything was about to be taken away.

The second option actually didn't sound too bad. Sure, my secretary would now be my supervisor, but I was pretty confident that she wouldn't be allowed to get too out of line. Also, one night of training a month didn't sound too bad. Not sure what that whole thing with my wife joining in the training was all about, but it must be pretty tame if they wanted her to come along.

My wife really let me have it after Gail and Mandy left. She was really pissed at what I had done, but also for the position that I had now put her in. If I was ruined, so was she. Sure, she could divorce me and start over, but we would be completely broke with a mountain of debt. She basically told me that she didn't care what it involved, I was going to take Gail's offer. We signed the forms there in the bar. Suddenly, Diane started laughing. I saw that she was looking at what was in the box they gave her. Instead of showing it to me, she closed the box and put it in her purse. Calling the waitress, she ordered a double bourbon on the rock for her, and a glass of water for me. I started to change it when she just glared at me and said that I would drink water, or she would rip up the forms we just signed.

After finishing the drinks, the waitress said that everything was already taken care of, so we walked back to the car. Of course, she insisted on driving.

Once we pulled up to Gail's house, I discovered what was in the box. Now I knew what panic was. This was not going to be good.

Now here I am. Naked, kneeling, hands behind my head, knees spread, and wearing a collar. Kayla, Gail's PA is standing behind me with a riding crop that she used to prod me into the correct position. Apparently, we were now waiting for the other women to get ready and come down.

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