tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGuardian Angel Ch. 02

Guardian Angel Ch. 02


I arrived home from work as normal but I was off tomorrow, so this was the start of my long weekend. Another boring night to look forward to. After a microwave curry I decided to turn on my computer and see what was happening in the big wide world. I first logged onto my Facebook account, I only have twenty six friends but I had a look anyway. To my astonishment I have a new friend request, its from Donna. My fingers are shaking as I click the "Accept Friend." Button.

I quickly look through her home page and then find her photo albums, my cock is already in my hand, as I enter her profile pictures. In the first Donna looks drunk, dressed in a skin tight ruffled white mini-dress, she is bending slightly forward, her cleavage bulging out of the top of the revealing outfit. Her legs were clad with white stockings, the lace tops not covered by the shortness of the dress. I was stroking my cock furiously but I don't want to cum to soon, so I have to slow my pace. In the second photo Donna is sat down with a group of people, in what looks like a bar. Again she is wearing a short dress but this time it is midnight blue, her blonde hair cascading over her shoulders, her blue eyes gleaming but the best part was her legs were slightly open and her white panties were clearly visible. Shit, my cock erupted, I was covered in jet after jet of my hot cum.

After cleaning myself up, I returned to the computer screen, viewing more and more images of this goddess. Holiday snaps of her in various bikini's that hardly covered any of her fabulous body. Pictures of Donna on nights out displaying her in the skimpiest of clothes, always surrounded by a gang of men. My cock had regained its erection and I made sure I wanked over every image.

I finally reached the last album entitled "XXX", it was lots of pictures of Donna in various states of undress but she didn't show her tits or pussy. The shots were mainly of her in bra's and panties but this was enough to make me cum again. I was about to log off but decided to click back to her profile and look at her friends list, I was interested to see who else would be wanking over her tonight. "Friends:- 1." That couldn't be right, what as she playing at? I was the only one on her list. When suddenly a message popped up.

"Are you still Cumming tomorrow night. LOL". It was from her, my deflated cock once again sprang to life.

I immediately answered her. "Yes, I will be there." I waited for the next fifteen minutes but there was nothing more from Donna.

Saturday evening finally came and I arrive at the Madison bar about eight. The bar was empty, I ordered a drink. Talking to the barmaid, she tells me not many people come in before nine. I settle down with my lager. After about ten minutes, I am half way through my pint, when I see Donna enter the pub with a group of four men.

Donna looked amazing, she was wearing a deep red, green and cream tartan pleated skirt, that just about covered her panty line, white socks with black ribbons that fastened just above her knee. A tight white blouse, the bottom tied up in a knot, exposing her midriff, with the top two buttons undone, revealing a glimpse of her pink bra. A burgundy and white striped tie around her neck completed her outfit. She looked like a perfect slutty schoolgirl.

Donna walks past me but doesn't say a word, she winks her eye as she passes by and takes a seat with the men. My mind starts to wander, is she going to fuck all of these guys or has she already been fucked. My cock is hard as I stare at her.

After five of ten minutes of banter at the table, Donna gets up and I see her head into the gents toilets. I quickly follow, the group of men take no notice of me. I quietly open the door and enter, there are four cubicles, I cannot see Donna but know she must be in one of them. I drop to the floor and look though the gaps at the bottom of each door. I can see her feet in the second cubicle. As I stand up, I hear the toilet door open, I quickly jump into the third cubicle and lock the door.

I can hear the next cubicle door squeak open and Donna laughs as the man enters. I hear a zip open, it must be his. I then listen to him gasp as he starts to speak. "Suck me bitch, suck my cock you fucking slut."

It takes me a moment to pluck up the courage, I then undo the lock and open the door and sneak a peek into the next toilet. Donna is sat down, the view of her obscured by the man. His back is towards me and his hips are bucking relentlessly towards Donna's face. She is now gagging on his meat but takes a grip on his arse, she wants more. I again hear someone open the main toilet door, I nip back into my hiding place.

I hear the voice of another man. "Get her up Dave and you sit on the bog. She can still suck you while I fuck her." I could hear them moving around and then moments later I heard Donna yelp, again I sneak a quick glance, the second man is balls deep in her cunt. Her screams are muffled by the cock jammed down her throat but she doesn't seem to want it to stop.

I quietly leave the toilets and I retake my seat at the bar, over the next twenty minutes all four men have entered the toilet, more than once and I guessed they had all fucked Donna hard, filling both her mouth and cunt with their discharge. Another few minutes pass by and then Donna reappears, she walks past me, her legs seem a bit wobberly but she gives me a smile, sticking her tongue out slightly, I can see the sperm still in her mouth, coating her teeth. What a slut, my cock is ripping at the material of my trousers in its quest to escape its prison.

Not long after the men get up and leave Donna sitting alone at the table, do I go over? Before I have chance to move she is joined by another bloke. They chat for a minute and then he goes to the bar and gets two drinks before returning to her.

They laugh and joke with each other, I can see his hand on her leg, how I wish it was me in his position. They quickly down the drinks and he returns to the bar for refills.

When he sits back down he starts to whispering in her ear, her face is beaming with a wide grin. I can see his hand has moved under the hemline of her skirt and she is showing no sign of resistance.

They then get up and leave, I follow. The night is quite warm for the time of year. I keep my distance as I try not to get noticed. The mans hand is under Donna's skirt and gripping her arse cheek as they walk along. They stop now and again to share a kiss, each time the mans hand moves to her tits and gives them a rough squeeze.

They turn into a small park, surrounded by trees. They walk over to the tree line and stop. I find a place were I have an unobstructed view but I'm still hidden enough so they cannot see me. Donna quickly drops to her knees and soon opens the mans trousers, without waiting she starts to suck his cock. I can see her taking big mouthfuls of his flesh. He grabs both handfuls of hair as he starts to fuck her face. He must have been close to Cumming as he removed his cock from her face. He drags her back to her feet and has soon removed her blouse, he then turns her round and he bends her over pushing her skirt up and pulling her panties down. He wastes no time before his cock is deep in her cunt and his hands are full of her tits. I am close enough to hear her muffled screams as he fucks her hard from behind. He doesn't last long, I hear his loud grunt and moments later he is fastening his pants. Without a word he leaves Donna and quickly makes his way out of the park.

Donna stands up straight, looking around as if she is lost. She takes a step forward but the panties around her ankles cause her to fall. I run the short distance to her but she is out cold, unconscious from the alcohol. I need to get her dressed, I take hold of her gooey panties and with a struggle manage to pull them back up, making sure I take a long look at her gaping cunt hole, I need to fuck her but not now.

I pick her up and lean her against a tree as I attempt to put her blouse back on, it takes a few minutes but finally her arms are back in the sleeves and I start to fasten the buttons. Suddenly an animal lust bursts through me and I cannot help myself, before I know what is happening my hands are under her bra, both filled with the soft flesh of her tits. I grab and squeeze at her breasts and nipples, maybe a little to roughly and a soft moan leaves Donna's mouth, bringing me back to my senses. I finished buttoning her top and with my arm around her waist helped her to walk. She was still barely coherent but she was managing to stumble along, we quickly made it to the main road and after checking her appearance, making sure she was decent, I flagged down a taxi and we were soon outside my house.

After we enter the house and go into the living room, Donna takes up her position on the settee and is soon again unconscious. I know tonight I am going to do things to this girl but I want to take my time with this slut, now I know she would remember nothing in the morning. I poured myself a whisky and sat opposite Donna, taking in the glory of her young body and planning what I would do, finishing my drink I knew it was time and I removed all my clothes.

He legs were already spread as I moved my head to within an inch of her pussy, taking a deep breath and revelling in the aromas of her well used cunt. My hand moved onto the material of her panties, they were still wet and sticky with cum as I traced the outline of her lips and clit before pulling the elastic to one side and exposing her still open hole. I start to finger fuck her pussy, slowly easing my finger in a centimetre at a time. There is no tightness to her pussy, just a wetness of mixed juices. Soon I was in as far as I could go, I then start to work my finger in and out before adding a second and then a third but there was still room for more.

My cock was aching as I started to have a wank but I knew this time that a wank was not enough, I had to take it to the next level. Removing my cum drenched fingers, I take a hold of her leg and pull her round, spinning her body so her arse is perched on the edge of the cushion. I wanted to take her panties off but I know I will have trouble getting them back on, after I had finished with her pussy. I cant resist any longer and start to rub the head of my cock across the folds of her cunt flesh before plunging my cock deep into her. She was so wet my balls were resting against her arse, she had taken my full cock on the first stroke. I withdraw so only the head of my cock is still inside her and then again give her my full length, there is no reaction from Donna.

Ten more strokes and my cock erupts, I know I have flooded her cunt walls but I leave my cock inside until it has fully deflated before I pull it out. My cock it is followed by a stream of spunk. Donna looks amazing as I scooped up the dripping sperm and massaged it into the soft hair above her pussy. I finish by groping her tits and wiping the remaining cum from my hand onto her blouse.

I have another drink and sit staring at Donna, my cock is soon hard again. I need more and I fuck her again but this time more slowly. I can feel the pressure building to the point of no return and I pull my cock out of her pussy and swiftly move it to her face, the first jet of sperm splatters across her lips. Quickly I turn my cock and spray my remaining cum over her blouse and exposed stomach.

I again fall asleep in the chair, the next thing I know is Donna shaking me awake. I takes a moment for my eyes to come into focus, I can tell she has been in the bathroom and tidied herself up. She tells me she has to go and I stand up. Donna leans over and gives me a peck on cheek, as he does, she rubs herself against me, a little to hard.

"I should keep a change of clothes here, save me doing the walk of shame." She joked, I agreed with her, at least I knew she would be back.

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