tagLoving WivesHalf-Moon Valley

Half-Moon Valley


"This can't be right," Rachel said, her head glancing back and forth at the thick forest so close to the road. "Does this look like the approach to a bed and breakfast?"

"I don't know!" Allen responded, clearly in distress. "I've just been following the map. It's right ahead, we'll know in a minute."

No sooner had Allen's words left his lips that they crested a rise in the road and the landscape opened up ahead of them. They took in the sight of a deeply carved crescent mountain valley, on the edge of which was perched a sprawling estate, with gardens, sculpted landscaping, and a magnificent drive leading to the manor.

"Aha!" Allen said. "There is Half-Moon Valley! It's shaped just like a half moon! And that building is the bed and breakfast. It's... Quite a bit larger than the pictures on the website, but that's hardly a problem!"

Rachel looked worried. There was something wrong here, but she couldn't put her finger on what, exactly.

Allen continued on, following the paved drive past the elaborate gardens. They slowed, curious about all the plant life they could see from the car. They spotted a small plaza, with a few chairs and a table, maybe a spot for guests to relax. On one of those chairs, leaned back and folded flat, was a woman. A nude woman. As they passed, their mouths open in shock, her head turned to watch as their car idled past. She blinked at them, as if she couldn't quite believe what she saw. The same was true for Rachel and Allen.

Allen and Rachel could clearly see the woman they'd just interrupted mouth the word "shit" before turning and running back towards the estate.

"The guests certainly seem comfortable here," Allen murmured.

"At least until we bother them!" Rachel countered. "Come on, let's head inside, it's getting late."

The two pulled up and parked their small rental car in front of the entrance, a massive two-story overhang held up by dark oak pillars. As they got out, there were no signs of other people here, and no service staff. Rachel was beginning to worry even more that they'd arrived at the wrong place. But what else could this grand estate be way out here other than the Half-Moon Valley Bed and Breakfast?

As the two began removing their luggage from their car, the woman they had startled before approached from the garden they had passed on their way up to the front door. This time, she was wearing a flower-print silken robe, barely covering her full breasts, falling just to the middle of her thighs. This close, Allen appreciated for the first time this woman's curvy physique, and although she was could have been his mother's age, she was still striking, especially in this state of dress. But as exposed as she was, she was still confident, powerful. She might have been wearing a suit of armor instead of a sheer robe, the authority she exuded.

"Welcome to Half-Moon Valley," the woman began, holding her arms close around her body. "Although, I imagine it's not the one you're looking for.

"See, I told you!" Rachel said to Allen pointedly.

The older woman sighed. "This isn't the first time this has happened, I'm afraid. I presume you're looking for Half-Moon Valley Bed and Breakfast?"

Allen nodded. "That's right. This is where my phone's map told us to go!"

"Your phone is right, in a sense," she answered. "This is the real Half-Moon Valley. But not the bed and breakfast. You're about an hour's drive away from there."

She looked up at the sky, sun nearing the edge of the horizon above green-covered mountains. "I suppose you should probably come inside. If we send you back out into the woods now, you'll probably never find it."

The woman walked across slate stone pavers towards the impressive pair of entry doors, and just before reaching them, turned around to address them. "I'm Theresa, by the way. My husband and I built this estate. Please, come in." She opened the doors, swinging without a sound, revealing the house within.

Passing through the pair of sturdy oaken doors inset with frosted, etched glass, Rachel and Allen were treated to a view of a spacious and well-appointed living area. The enormous room stretched from the front entryway sixty feet to the back wall, which was nearly entirely floor to ceiling windows. To their right, a large kitchen and dining area with cabinets, fixtures, and counters matching the oak door and glass entry. Natural light from the fading sun drenched the room in a warm glow. It was the nicest house the two had ever been in. They wondered just who these people were.

"Robert!" Theresa called out. "We have visitors!"

A man's voice replied from some unseen room off of the main living area. "Visitors? Did someone get lost again."

Theresa laughed. "Yes. Again. Maybe put on a shirt or something."

She padded into the grand hall, her feet silent on shining wood floors. Theresa directed the couple to leave their luggage here, and their shoes if they preferred.

"As you've probably noticed, we aren't real big on clothes out here," Theresa explained.

Allen and Rachel nodded. They set their luggage next to a large closet, and kicked off their shoes. Allen made a show of starting to remove his shirt while only Rachel was looking, giving her a little wink. But he stopped as soon as he saw another man enter the room from a hallway leading to parts unknown.

"My husband, Robert," Theresa said, reaching out an arm as he approached, looping an arm around his waist as he placed an arm around her shoulders.

The man smiled and waved at the newcomers. Robert was a little taller than average, clearly in excellent physical condition, but twenty years or more older than either Allen or Rachel. Faint lines creased his face, and here and there gray showed in his stubble and his dark hair, but he looked ready to run a marathon. Or chop down a tree.

The two made quite the couple. Their mutual affection was clear from the easy way they embraced, confident, standing nearly nude, in front of this strange couple in their home whom they'd never met and certainly never expected.

Rachel had a sudden feeling of intrusion. She felt slightly ashamed, like she'd seen something she shouldn't have the privilege to see. Of course, she already had, with the sight of Theresa naked. But there was a difference between a nude body, and standing, uninvited, in the home of a pair of lovers.

"I..." Rachel began, uncertainly. "We should go. I'm sorry we interrupted your... Come on Allen." Rachel turned to leave.

Allen, reaching out his hand to greet Robert, was confused and conflicted, and clearly had not picked up Rachel's embarrassment. "Go? We just got here!" Allen complained.

"Please, stay," Robert began, his voice baritone and clear. It was the voice of a man used to being heard. "I'm not sure where you are headed, but it's probably too late to get there tonight. We don't get visitors often, and you've probably guessed we have plenty of room."

Rachel hesitated. She still felt guilty intruding on these people, and more than a little intimidated. But she admitted to being very curious about them, and this place was probably nicer than any bed and breakfast.

"We don't want to intrude," said Rachel.

"Nonsense," Theresa insisted. "If you'd like to stay, we'd be happy to have you."

Rachel and Allen shared a glance. Allen shrugged. Rachel nodded, as much to herself as Allen or the others. "We'd love to stay," Rachel answered.

"Wonderful," Theresa replied. "We were just about to start dinner. The restrooms are just down the hall on the right, same one Robert came from. Help yourselves if you need, and we'll meet back in the kitchen. Robert, pick out a bottle of wine? Maybe Allen can help you."

Rachel shooed Allen in the direction of Robert, and then went off herself down the hallway to make use of the restroom. She passed a dedicated library and office on her way, shelves from floor to ceiling with books of all kinds, and plush chairs situated in the middle of the room. An expansive desk with high-end computing components covered the entire far wall.

The bathroom was just as well-appointed as the rest of the house. Tasteful, modest, but high-end fixtures, counters, and floors. It looked like a house out of one of those dream home TV shows. She did her business and finished quickly, returning down the hallway.

When Rachel emerged, she was greeted by the sound of footsteps on stairs that lead down from the upper level. Theresa, it seemed, had changed into clothes a little more suitable for entertaining. She now sported a flowing blouse with a high neckline, and practical dark slacks.

Spotting Rachel, Theresa spoke. "Care to help start dinner prep?"

"I'd be happy to," Rachel replied. "What's on the menu?"

"Robert was going to grill pork chops, and I'm making salads and roast potatoes. I hope you and Allen are meat-eaters!" Theresa said. She passed Rachel a knife and leaf lettuce to chop for their salads.

"Oh we are. Allen especially." Rachel answered with a smirk, licking her lips suggestively.

Theresa feigned shock and then smiled. "Good to hear. I hope you both enjoy your mealtimes." She continued chopping potatoes and herbs, placing them on a sheet for roasting.

Rachel smiled in return. "Allen certainly takes care of me. And now that we're properly married, it's almost like we fell in love all over again! He can't keep his hands off me. Not that I'm complaining."

Theresa smiled, but looked distant for a moment, her composure shaken. "Yes, that's... I'm glad you two are happy." Theresa was quiet as she put the pan of potatoes in the oven, and seemed to sighed imperceptibly.

Rachel worried for a moment, for the first time seeing a potential unhappiness in the house. She had no more time to think, as the two men returned from their wine hunt.

"Babe, you should see this wine cellar, it's unreal. The must have hundreds of bottles, from all over the world. And Robert bottles his own wine from grapes they grow here!" Allen gushed, gripping four bottles of wine against his chest.

Robert chuckled at Allen's enthusiasm. "I do dabble a bit. We couldn't decide on one bottle, so we brought several!" Robert was also carrying several bottles himself.

Robert set a choice pair in ice buckets to chill, and grabbed a container out of the refrigerator. "Our main course!" He announced. "I hope you two are meat-eaters?"

Theresa smiled. "They are, dear. Now, why don't you get those chops started? Our potatoes are baking, and Rachel and I are working on the salad."

"Coming right up!" he exclaimed, grabbing a pair of tongs, and lighting up their grill top. An exhaust hood lifted up behind the grill from inside of the counter top, starting fans spinning to pull smoke away from the cooking surface. Once heated, onto the grill he placed a half-dozen generous pork chops, their flesh dark with a flavorful marinade. Immediately, the meat began to sizzle, filling the room with a wonderful aroma, and together joined with the roasting veggies, the delicious smells aroused a serious appetite within Rachel and Allen, who had barely eaten all day.

Theresa began to pour glasses of wine, passing one out to each of the quartet. She was glad to have company. Things in the house had felt empty in the past few months since their last child went off to school, and with her and Robert... Well, she resolved to leave those matters for another time, and concentrated on current events.

Robert continued his work on the pork chops, deftly flipping each in turn, exposing a new side to the hot grill, searing the tender meat and filling the room with increasingly intense aroma. Rachel finished putting together their salads, and carried bowls and other place settings to the table, sitting as Robert put the final touches on their main course.

Unencumbered by duty, Allen directed a question at Robert. "I can't help but ask. How is all this possible?" he asked, following his wife over to the dining table.

Theresa smiled behind her glass of wine. "I imagine it all seems a little improbable," she admitted. She crouched and pulled from the oven the roasted potatoes, now a golden brown, green where the herbs dotted their surfaces, and smelling fantastic. She dumped the contents of the pan into a large ceramic bowl, and carried her part over to the table.

"We were tech executives, founded a couple software companies," Robert began. "In the middle of the Dot-com boom." He transferred his finished grilled meats to a service platter, and followed the rest over to the table, walking around to drop a steaming pork chop on each plate.

"Wasn't that really a bubble? One that went bust?" Rachel asked, taking a spoonful of potatoes.

"It was, and it did," Theresa answered. "But Robert and I had two young children, and decided to give that life up. We wanted something a little more stable. We got out at just the right time, right before the bubble went pop!"

Allen talked around a mouth full of food. "Oh wow this pork is amazing."

"Glad you are enjoying it!" Robert exclaimed. "Having tired of the high-stress life of Silicon Valley, we sold the shares in our companies, and decided to move out east, to give our kids a little bit more of a normal life," Robert concluded.

"Sold mine for quite a bit more than his, truth be told." Theresa confided, winking and smiling at her husband.

"Yes I'm sure they are very interested!" Robert said, waving his hands. "In any case, we had come here before, just the two of us before the kids were born, and decided it was a great place to build. We did, and here we are."

"It's beautiful out here. I can see why you'd want to stay," Rachel admitted. She thoughtfully chewed her salad, glancing out the huge wall of windows to the sun setting over Half-Moon Valley.

"Now it's just the two of us. Our youngest just left a few months ago for college." Theresa concluded.

"Wow." Rachel breathed. "Just the two of you out here? If I had all this free time and open space, I'd be in trouble all the time." She said, winking and shaking Allen.

"Well, when you get a little older..." Theresa began.

Robert interrupted. "I'm sure they aren't interested in the nocturnal activities of a couple old folks, dear."

"Well," Theresa said, "Why have you arrived at our remote doorstep?" she asked of Rachel and Allen.

"Honeymoon!" Allen replied, taking Rachel's hand into his own. "We met six years ago, and have been inseparable since. But it's only yesterday that we finally tied the knot."

"Congratulations!" Robert exclaimed. "What a happy occasion. A toast!" He raised his glass. Solemnly, he addressed Rachel and Allen. "A toast to love and laughter, and happily ever after."

"To Allen and Rachel," Theresa replied softly, her sad glare unnoticed by Robert, beaming at Rachel and Allen, who only had eyes for one another.

"Well, haven't we taken up a lot of their time, Theresa?" asked Robert. "They've traveled a long way and are probably exhausted. Not to mention it's their honeymoon!"

Theresa nodded. "Grab your bags, we'll show you to a guest room."

Allen was impressed. "A guest room? Plural? Like, there's more than one?"

Theresa laughed. "Well, everyone always seemed to want to come to visit us. We made sure they could!"

"You could actually start your own bed and breakfast!" Rachel stated.

"Now that would really confuse people trying to find places out here," Robert said, chuckling.

Rachel and Allen grabbed their bags and followed Robert, with Theresa behind them. For the first time, they saw the upstairs area of the home, which seemed to get larger all the time.

Robert led them to the first door off the upstairs landing, and opened the door. Inside was a room that seemed nearly the size of their entire apartment. A huge king bed sat against one wall, covered in lush linens. The carpet beneath their fit seemed soft as a pillow. The room was nicer than any hotel room they'd ever stayed in. Rachel glanced at Allen, her eyes wide, his mouth slightly agape.

"It's... Wow. I'm sure we'll be comfortable," breathed Rachel.

Allen nodded his agreement.

"We hope so," said Theresa.

"The main bedroom where we are is on the other side of the house, so we won't disturb each other in case of... For whatever reason." Robert cleared his throat. "The guest room has its own bath, you are free to use, towels and other items there if necessary."

"Thank you, so much," Rachel said. "Really. Your hospitality is wonderful."

"You're welcome. You're our guests!" Theresa said warmly. "Have a good night."

Robert waved as he and Theresa left the room and the two to each others company.

Allen had unzipped his bag and headed into the bathroom. "Wow. We could live out of the bathroom, it's so big. This is a guest room?" he said in wonder.

Rachel flopped down on the bed, sinking into the light and airy comforter. Rachel heard water running from the bath, and raised her voice to make sure she was heard. "Isn't this amazing?" she asked. "I'm kind of glad we got lost here."

"Uh, yeah. This is way nicer than that bed and breakfast. Although I assume we're still going to have to pay them for the reservation..." mused Allen, exiting the bathroom.

Rachel shrugged. "Well, at least for tonight, let's enjoy it!"

"I'd like to enjoy you!" Allen teased.

Rachel answered with a come-hither glance through half-closed eyes. Allen darted over and flung himself on the bed as Rachel shrieked. He smothered her neck and face in kisses, snaking a hand around her back to grab her behind.

Rachel melted into his embrace, burying her face in his neck, loving the smell of his skin and the feel of his lips on her soft skin. She held him closer, and urged him on by rubbing her hip into his crotch. She could feel him starting to swell against her.

Allen reluctantly removed his hand from his wife's tight backside and began to unbutton the front of her blouse. He took his time, kissing each spot of exposed skin as button after button fell open. Soon, Rachel's entire midsection was bare, and Allen trailed his lips around her stomach.

Rachel sat up, and reached her arms over Allen's neck, grabbed the hem of his shirt, and pulled, baring his chest. She shrugged off her own shirt, and pushed him back onto the bed, collapsing on top of him. Their lips met again, and held one another in a long embrace, lips locked together.

"Let me help you with that," Allen kindly offered, reaching his hands around Rachel's back. He grabbed the clasp of her bra, and with practiced method, unhooked it.

"Feels good to be out of that!" Rachel said, sitting up in the bed, pulling the straps off her shoulders, and the entire contraption away from her body.

Allen lazily traced the round circles of the bottom of her breasts where they met her ribs. "I agree, it does feel good to have you out of that."

Rachel playfully slapped his hand away, laid back down on his chest, and resumed kissing him.

His wife and her breasts smashed on top of him, Allen was in heaven. The desire in his wife was getting him worked up as well. She was normally expressive in her desire, but here, now, she was all over him. Literally.

But he needed to delay things until he was really ready. As she broke off her kiss, he slid out from under her, and started working the button on her pants. He released the button and slid down her zipper, reaching a hand in to caress her mound. Rachel sighed at her husband's touch, pushing her hips down and into his hand, craving his touch.

Allen sat up, moved to the end of the bed, and took the ends of Rachel's pants in both of his hands. He pulled as she shrieked, cleanly yanking off her pants, leaving her nearly nude in the middle of the bed. Quickly, she stood, and pulled down the comforter, revealing smooth bed sheets beneath them. She lay back down and beckoned Allen over to her, trailing her hands over her smooth thighs.

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