Hall Pass Hiccup

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Once taken, can it be given back?
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Once again, a big thank you to blackrandl1958 for her editing and the gang at Specialized Iterations for their beta reading and help improving this tale.

Gray Penner was 120 pages into his newest Clive Cussler novel when he heard his wife's car finally pull into their garage. He touched his Fitbit to see the time was 8:17 PM.

He grimaced. This was the third time this week his wife had come in late from work. Up until four months ago, she had never come home late in the seven years they were married.

Gray wasn't born yesterday, nor the day before. He didn't think anything the first few times Kelly had called to let him know she'd be late. Then he noted one evening when she got home later her lipstick was slightly smudged, something almost unheard of as Kelly was almost OCD about her appearance. He was pretty sure he noticed another man's aftershave as she leaned in to kiss him hello, so that night in bed he purposely nuzzled up to her neck as he spooned her from behind. He didn't know a lot about fragrances, but he knew there was quite a bit of difference between the White Shoulders he bought her and whatever the hell he was smelling.


Gray almost gasped when his auburn-haired wife walked in the door. At 30, he felt that she was every bit as beautiful as the first time he had seen her in college, and his near-gasp was his usual reaction every time he saw her after being apart for several hours or more.

Kelly smiled to herself when she saw her husband's usual reaction when she walked in. She knew his reaction was truly a sincere compliment, plus she had to admit to herself that she found it arousing that her husband found her alluring so soon after she had been attached to another man's lips.

"Hey, sweetie," she said as she strutted over to him, gave him a quick kiss on his lips and turned to head upstairs, her unseen smirk both confident and condescending. "Just need to get comfy. Be down in a minute."

Gray hadn't said a word while his wife breezed in and headed upstairs, not that she seemed to notice. He noticed, however, the now-usual scent of aftershave. Not for the first time, he furrowed his brow as she climbed the stairs, dreading the upcoming confrontation that had to happen soon if he was to keep his marriage alive.

At this point in time, Gray was pretty sure his wife hadn't totally crossed the line with the "Prince of Paco Rabanne," as he thought of her would-be seducer, but he believed she had been moving closer.

For seven years, Gray had feared that his beautiful wife would one day realize she had married beneath herself in terms of aesthetics, and seek to remedy that situation. Gray didn't see himself as an ugly man, but what he felt were average looks were no way in the same league with his spectacularly beautiful wife.

The snake walking into the Garden of Eden was named Johann Wegman. Kelly was an assistant vice president at an international telecommunications firm. Johann was a well-built 40-year-old blond vice president who transferred in from the firm's headquarters in The Netherlands about six months ago. Gray heard way more than he wanted to about the Dutch transfer for the first two weeks before Kelly went completely radio-silent about him. Gray had his suspicions.

"Hey, that new Dutch guy still in your office?" Gray asked one evening during dinner when Kelly was talking about her day.

"Yeah. Why do you ask?" she answered somewhat confused.

"For a few weeks, he was the only one you talked about. Now it's like he's disappeared completely," Gray said.

"Uhh... well he works in another department. We don't see each other much," she said, her face coloring more than a little.

"Huh," Gray mumbled, shoveling in a bite of food as he noted that his wife had just lied to his face.

The late nights started soon thereafter.

Kelly found herself attracted physically to the 6-4, 225-pound Dutchman from the first moment she was introduced to him. As much as he was a physical specimen, he projected an air of extreme confidence almost bordering on arrogance. He spoke three languages and had deep blue eyes that Kelly felt seemed to look into her soul every time he looked at her. If she was honest with herself, she had to admit that she felt her pussy moisten the first time Johann smiled at her.

In truth, Kelly and Johann didn't work in different departments and actually interacted quite a bit in their jobs. The two were going to lunch by themselves within a couple of weeks of Johann coming on board.

Kelly loved her husband and never gave a thought to what was becoming a burgeoning relationship with Johann. For his part, Johann was very aware of the fact that his relationship with Kelly was growing because he was gently pushing it that way. Johann knew the woman was married, but figured she would let him know if he was pushing too far. Extra-marital affairs were not anathema in his country.

Two weeks later, the pair was working on a project that wouldn't quite be done by the end of the day. Johann suggested they could pick up the project again first thing in the morning or just put in a little extra time that evening at the office. Her smile told him everything he needed to know.

She quickly called Gray at his office to tell him she would be a couple hours late. He noted to himself that it was the first time she would be late in the many years she had worked for her company, but since he occasionally had to work late, he had no complaints and told her he would fix dinner on this night. She gushed over how considerate he was.

The two left the office at 7, even though they had finished their work by about 5:30. They were both aware of the time.

Working—or rather staying—late started to become a regular thing for the pair, who spent much of their extra time talking at first. That evolved into touching, cuddling and kissing. Kelly was completely aware that she was balanced atop the edge of a slippery slope, but she was enjoying having her husband and a... boyfriend? In fact, she was so caught up in her own feelings that she was either unaware or uncaring that her husband had noticed.

Coming out of college, Gray had gotten a good position with a good salary at a small local telecommunications firm. Kelly, having the same degree as Gray, had started out in a lesser position, but with an international firm.

The two had a plan to remain childless until they were 30. They also soon decided that Kelly would be the first to go back to school online to get her master's in business so she could advance in her company. Once she got her master's, it would be Gray's turn so he could advance in his job.

Kelly got her master's in four years and soon got a promotion that boosted her salary and position in her company above her husband's money and place in his. He was very proud of his wife and pleased that their plan for their careers was working.

Caught up in her own financial and personal success, Kelly lost track of the couple's plan. When it came time for Gray's turn at getting a master's, she argued that they should instead use that money to buy a house in which they could raise a family. Gray wasn't happy with his dreams being subjugated, but he had to admit that buying a house for their future family was a good idea. He could always go back to school in a couple of years, she reminded him.

Kelly always seem to come up with something big the couple needed to spend its money on instead of Gray's MBA. He didn't want to appear selfish, so he always acquiesced to his wife's wishes.

Kelly's ego very much enjoyed her being the major breadwinner and having the bigger job among the pair. She began to see herself as the "more equal" among two equal partners.

Kelly had butterflies in her stomach as she descended the stairs. She loved her husband, but she needed Johann: needed to feel him inside of her, needed to spend the night with him, needed to snuggle with him after the two of them had sex. She just couldn't cheat with him, though; she had to tell her husband first so it wouldn't be cheating. She knew he loved her every bit as much as she loved him, and he would give her this one weekend... this hall pass. He had never denied her anything.

"Dinner's in the microwave. You just need to zap it for about a minute," Gray said flatly when Kelly appeared downstairs.

"Thanks, babe. I'll get it in a bit. Can we talk?" she asked.

Gray raised his eyes from his book. Dirk Pitt was going to have to wait. Gray could tell Kelly had something important she wanted to say to him. Did it have something to do with what he wanted to talk to her about soon?

"I-I-I want a hall pass this weekend, Gray," Kelly said hesitantly but clearly.

Gray sat frozen in his spot on the sofa. His brain went into overdrive. He hoped he didn't look as stunned as he felt. He felt like his insides wanted to come up to the outside of his body.

"Pardon me?" he asked, knowing that he had, indeed, heard his wife correctly.

"I need to spend an entire weekend with Johann Wegman," she answered. "We have... feelings... that need to be addressed... once. Just once. I love you, Gray, not him, and I will come back to you after this weekend and spend the rest of my life showing you just how much I love you."

Gray felt even sicker to his stomach, knowing that just by asking, Kelly had ended their marriage. Still, he figured this tragedy had to be played out.

"What if you decide after this weekend that once isn't enough?" he queried. "What if you decide you need him more than one weekend? What if you decide you need him more than me?"

"That won't happen. I promise," she said quickly.

"Really? How can you promise that? You promised me... you vowed... that you would forsake all others for me 12 years ago, and you're going to break that promise easily."

She colored again and started looking everywhere except directly at him.

"I need this, Gray, and I know you love me enough to give this to me," she whispered.

"To be exact, Kelly, you don't need this, but you certainly want it, and you're hoping that I'll be stupid enough to give it to you. Not going to happen," he reiterated.

"But I don't own you, so if you really want to do it you can. Just remember that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

"Thank you, Gray. I'm glad you understand," Kelly said.

"No, babe, don't try to pretend you don't comprehend me completely. I just told you to do what you feel you must do, and then I'll do what I must do," he said.

"Whatever," she said.

Kelly was sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee when Gray walked in the door the next night. He spotted a small bag sitting near the door when he walked in. She was definitely dressed for a night out, he thought, as he noted she was wearing one of her sexiest dresses, a mid-thigh cornflower blue number that showed a pretty good amount of her ample cleavage.

"Seems that you're pretty sure of yourself," Gray said as he put down his keys and wallet.

She smiled coquettishly.

"I'm pretty sure of my loving husband," she said softly.

He raised an eyebrow.

"Now give me a kiss good-bye and have a great weekend. No sulking," she said.

Gray wanted to grab her by her arms and shake her until her head fell off. Instead he gave her his saddest smile and shook his head.

"God, I loved you so much, babe," he whispered before turning and walking upstairs.

Although she realized that he didn't kiss her good-bye, Kelly never picked up on Gray using the past tense of love as she left the house. Her mind was already several miles down the road, where Johann awaited her arrival. She felt like a 16-year-old virgin about to attend her first prom.

Kelly and Johann had been planning their weekend for the past two weeks. After three months of escalating kisses and groping, the pair had decided it was time to see where their relationship would lead. Johann had no problem with the fact that Kelly was married; she had told him the two were working on some things in their marriage.

She met Johann in the lobby of the hotel and the two registered in as Mr. and Mrs. Johann Wegman. They went up to their room and dropped off their luggage. Before leaving the room, Johann had Kelly give him a twirl. He responded with a low whistle, then pulled her in for a deep passionate kiss. His tongue sought and quickly found hers in her mouth. She moaned deeply. Lord, this man could kiss, she thought.

Their reservation at the upscale steakhouse was for 7 PM, so they had to untangle and get on the way.

The meal was scrumptious. They enjoyed a nice bottle of wine with the food, but only one because both wanted to be at their best. They each had a gelato for dessert. They talked in hushed tones throughout the meal, enjoying each other's company. They touched gently. To anyone watching they would have looked like a married couple very much in love.

The remnants of a medium-sized pepperoni pizza and four empty beer bottles were on the snack table near Gray's La-Z-Boy. Although Gray was a fairly accomplished cook, he most certainly wasn't up to the task of cooking on this night. After some thought, he decided that pizza and beer was the perfect meal on the night his wife would be giving her body to another man.

Once he was done eating, Gray went upstairs to the master bedroom with several large trash bags. He spent the next 30 minutes throwing all of Kelly's clothes haphazardly into the bags, then walked them downstairs and placed them by the front door. He took a little more care with her jewelry and toiletries while placing them in a box and also putting them by the door.

Satisfied to a degree and angry beyond description, Gray went back downstairs, put a DVD into the player and settled in to watch his favorite all-time movie, the Mel Brooks classic, "Young Frankenstein."

Kelly and Johann had barely gotten back into their room when he crushed his lips to hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck and the two stood there kissing passionately for about a minute. While they were kissing, Kelly reached down and rubbed her hand on Johann's dick, something she had done several times in the preceding weeks.

From what she had observed through his suit pants at the office, Kelly thought Johann's cock would be a little bigger and thicker than her husband's, especially when she factored in Johann's size advantage. He had six inches and 40 pounds over her husband.

Johann was very attentive to Kelly's body as he slowly removed her clothes, kissing her neck, shoulders and breasts as they were exposed.

Once she was completely naked, Kelly reached for Johann's belt with trembling hands. She could feel her moisture starting to drip down her legs.

No longer completely rational of thought, Kelly noted that Johann's semi-hard cock didn't seem to be much bigger than his dick when flaccid. She had heard her friends use the terms "grower" and "show-er" before, but she had never much given that credence. She found out the reality of that in the coming minutes as Johann's cock hardened fully but still didn't really add much length or girth. In actuality, she noted that it wasn't much bigger than her husband's, and for a brief moment she was disappointed.

Her intimate thoughts were interrupted when Johann leaned forward and his hardness was pressed up against her lips. She opened her mouth reflexively and Johann was too quickly inside, causing her to gag and pull back in discomfort. She put her hands on the man's hips to slow him and she felt him relax a bit.

"We've got two days, no need to rush," she whispered before leaning forward and taking the man's phallus back into her mouth.

Having a new and different man naked with her for the first time in more than a decade had Kelly dripping wet in anticipation. She wanted this man inside her vagina.

"In me. I need you in me now," she rasped.

Johann obliged, and found the woman to be as wet for him as any he had in recent memory. He slid inside in missionary in one slick go, Kelly moaning loudly as he did so.

Movement was a little awkward at first until Kelly realized that she had to let her new lover set the pace. The pair re-adjusted slightly several times over the next couple of minutes until Johann found just the right angle and started to take command with long, fast strokes.

Kelly got in rhythm soon after, but five minutes later Johann was emptying his balls inside the woman, way earlier than she had hoped for considering she hadn't yet enjoyed an orgasm.

Johann was very complimentary of his partner as the two lay entwined, but he made no move to try to get his partner over the top. She was disappointed, but realized that they still had plenty of time.

Kelly tried to get her partner interested again after a 20 minute break, knowing that it sometimes took her husband that long to re-engage. She was disappointed once again as Johann's member didn't take the hint.

"Uh... give me a few more minutes, then if you use your mouth we can do round number two," he said.

"Could you... you know?" Kelly asked hesitantly.

Johann looked at her as if she had asked him to eat a turd. She rarely had to ask her husband for oral sex. Gray enjoyed eating pussy and Kelly knew he was very, very good at doing it.

"Umm. Yeah, could you grab a quick shower first?" Johann asked.

Kelly slowly got out of bed and went into the shower.

Johann was sleeping when Kelly came back to the room. She thought about just climbing into bed and going to sleep, but she was still too charged up. She cleared her throat loudly, waking Johann. She climbed over him, her large breasts dangling in his face.

He woke slowly, but couldn't pass up the opportunity to suck on Kelly's hard nipples. He felt them harden even more. She lay down in the bed next to him and spread her legs. She noticed he grimaced, but got his face down to her pussy and started to lick.

Kelly had promised herself that she wouldn't compare Johann to Gray this weekend, assuming her husband wouldn't stack up well, in part because Johann was both new and different, not to mention illicit. Still, she had to admit that Johann had nothing on her husband as a pussy licker. After several mediocre minutes, Kelly finally came, the effort being way more than she ever remembered.

After she came, Johann slid up Kelly's body, lined up his hard cock and pushed in. He started slamming hard into Kelly, not seeming to care that she was anything more than a pussy to be used, she noted. Fortunately for her, he came after just 10 minutes, roaring as he did so.

"Really?" Kelly thought to herself.

The next day, Saturday, the pair was scheduled to enjoy a day of activity before another high-end dinner and then carnal activities. Kelly was hoping that the previous evening was just a one-off.

Gray spent the entire day on Saturday by himself, not even turning on his television until the sun went down. No matter how he looked at his dilemma, he couldn't see any way that he could stay married to his wife. He knew he still loved her—that didn't magically disappear in a day—but he couldn't brook the disrespect she had recently shown him, nor would he ever trust her again, waiting for her to claim a hall pass whenever she wanted to fuck some other guy.

A rerun of "Leave It To Beaver" was playing on the screen in front of him, but it could have been porn for all Gray knew and cared. He took another swig of beer and stared straight ahead, his brain returning to happier times with Kelly.

To be truthful, Gray was never quite sure how the two wound up together. As business majors in the same year at Arizona State University, the two had several classes together, but Gray never suspected that the stunning young woman even knew who he was. She always seemed to have a small posse of admirers around her, but early in their junior year she pulled up the seat next to him in an honors accounting class. She seemed to go out of her way to flirt with him during class, and to his shock she asked him out for coffee when the class ended. Of course, the young man said yes.