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Halloween Hypnosis


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Halloween! My time to perfect my technique. I had my house outfitted with marvelous Halloween symbols, gargoyles, bats and large pumpkins. Electronic music was continuously playing. The sign outside said "Welcome to The Hypnotist's Lair." When I opened my front door the scene behind me was red satin bunting hanging behind a beautiful leather recliner with a crystal globe hanging from the thirty foot ceiling just in front of the top of the chair. It was multifaceted and the light from a hidden spotlight reflected onto the chair. A big brass sign set up inside the door said "$100 if you cannot be hypnotized when asked." There were five comfortable spectator chairs. I had set up a play room next to the Session Room for the children that accompanied the potential subjects.

I was going to pick out subjects when they came to the door. I wanted attractive women eighteen or over. I had a stack of one hundred dollar bills, if needed. I didn't expect to need many. I was very good at screening. The sign in front was a form of pre-screening. I am Lawrence Michaels. I am twenty eight and retired. I am tall, athletic and have a very deep voice. I made my money in the market and got out just in time. For the last two years I have been studying hypnosis full time. I was now ready to apply my knowledge on the public.

My house was in an affluent neighborhood and attracted people from miles away. The neighbors competed to see who could do the best job of satisfying the Trick or Treaters. I was giving out candy and hypnosis.

At 7:30 the first ring of the doorbell. It was eight young children with one of their fathers. Nope. The father asked, "Do you want to try to hypnotize me?" I told him no thanks. I was elated though. It would work.

The bell rang five minutes later. This time it was a pretty little girl with her ravishing mother. The little girl was dressed in a princess costume and the mother was wearing a witch costume. She definitely did not look like a witch. I gave the little beauty a candy bar and looked at the mother. I was dressed in a flowing black cape and black leotards. I had black shiny leather shoes on. Very hypnotist looking.

"What is your name, Madam Witch?" I affected a Russian accent. She looked like a fawn caught in the headlights of a car.

"Judy." Judy looked scared. That was good. She would only be scared if she was thinking of being hypnotized.

"Judy, do you want to try to earn one hundred dollars?" I pointed to the sign. Judy looked like she was about twenty two, blond with blue eyes and a wonderful figure. She did not have a wedding ring on.

"How long do you get to try?"

"If you aren't hypnotized in fifteen minutes you get one hundred dollars." She locked her lips and seemed in deep thought.

"Okay, lets try it." I put out my session sign, "Come Back in Fifteen Minutes, In Session." That sign went next to the Welcome sign. I ushered her and her daughter into the draped room and had Judy sit in the Subject chair. I told her daughter to play in the play room. I had video games, television and movies that would keep her entertained. I explained that to Judy so she would not worry.

"Judy stare at the globe in front of your eyes. As you watch it your eyes will feel fatigued and want to close. You must keep them open. If you close them you will go into a deep trance. Stare at the globe, the light reflects off it and into your eyes. Your head is feeling heavy and your eyelids want to close. Your arms and legs are very heavy and feel as if they would be very hard to move. Keep staring at the globe. Your mind is becoming very blank. You can only think about what I am saying. Your eyes want to close. You are fighting to keep them open."

The globe was spinning and shining strobe like light into her eyes. Finally she closed her eyes. "You are now in a deep trance under my complete control. You cannot move any part of your body." This was a crucial test. If she wasn't under she would get up. I could see she was straining to move. She was failing. That would push her much deeper. She was there. The next part of the plan was the tricky part.

"Judy, I am going to wake you and you will feel marvelous. If I ever tell you to go into a trance, you will immediately go into a deep trance. When you wake up you will know you were hypnotized and you will feel so good, you will ask me for my telephone number so you can learn more about this hypnosis thing. I will give you my card and you will call tonight at ten. If you get a message, you will leave a number where you can be reached. Do you understand?" She answered yes. I woke her. The whole thing took ten minutes.

"Wow, that was incredible. I feel wonderful. Can I call you again? Can you give me your number?" I gave her my card. My goal was to give out ten cards. She gathered her little girl and left and I took my "come back" sign down.

For the next hour I had a stream of little kids and matronly moms at my door. Several challenged me about the $100 but I finessed them by saying there were too many people coming to the door. I was beginning to understand that my goal of ten was excessive. Things started to improve at 8:30.

The doorbell rang and I went to the door with my bag of candy. Three older teenagers were at the door. "Trick or treat." In unison by the two girls and a large young man. As I reached for the candy the young man, looking at the sign, said, "How do we earn the $100?"

The two girls stopped and looked at me. Their eyes were wide. Clearly there was interest. "If I am interested in you, you sit in that chair and I hypnotize you. If I fail, I give you $100."

"Who decides if you fail?" This by the young man.

"You do. If you were hypnotized you won't ask for the money. If you weren't hypnotized you will ask and I will give it to you." I showed him a stack of one hundred dollar bills.

"Cool, I want to do that."

"No, it doesn't work that way. I have to ask you."

He looked very disappointed. " Well, are you going to ask?"

"How old are you all?"

In unison. "Eighteen." That is the most susceptible age.

"If you all want to do it, I will. All or none." They looked at each other. Then they whispered together. Finally, the young man spoke up. "We'll do it."

I ushered them in and put the sign out. The boy was dressed as a football player and the girls looked like cheerleaders. They were all athletic and well built. They looked like they could play their roles. One of the girls looked very anxiously at my apparatus. I decided she would probably be the best subject. They were all very good looking. The girls had long legs and pert breasts. The guy was built like a body builder. I wondered what his sexual equipment would look like. I suspected I would find out. I was already planning a little voyeurism with the three of them.

"Tell me your names?" Their names were Heather, Ashley and Greg. Ashley was the anxious one. I knew if she turned out to be a good subject it would be easier with the others.

"Ashley, you sit in the fancy chair, Greg and Heather you sit in the side chairs." Ashley sat in the recliner and Greg and Heather sat down. I lowered the back of the recliner so her eyes looked up at the globe.

"Ashley, look at the crystal globe. Stare at it. Is it pretty?"


I noticed that Heather and Greg were also looking at the globe. The light was reflecting in all of their eyes. "Ashley, are you nervous?"


"As you watch the globe your body will relax, every muscle will relax. It is incredibly relaxing looking at the globe. Can you feel yourself relaxing?"


I glanced at her friends and they were looking very relaxed. "Ashley, you must look at the globe. It attracts your mind. If you stop looking at the globe you will feel like you are falling into a deep trance. Do you understand?"


Both of her friends were staring at the globe with glazed expressions. Ashley was getting very lethargic. "Ashley, I am going to count from one hundred to zero. As I count it will become harder to keep your eyes open. You will try very hard, but eventually your eyes will close. When they close, you will be in a wonderful deep trance and your body will be completely limp. Do you understand?"

"Yes." I slowly counted down. At seventy five her eyes closed. Greg's were already closed and Heather closed her eyes at sixty. I counted down to fifty. I went over to Greg and lifted his arm. It was completely limp. Heather was slumped in her chair, completely limp.

"You are now all in deep trances and feeling wonderful, every muscle is relaxed and your bodies feel better than they have ever felt. Your minds are linked to mine. When I say the word trance you will slowly become completely limp and go into a wonderful trance. You will follow my every instruction precisely, do you all understand?"

This time they answered in unison. "Yes."

"I will wake you one at a time, by name. You will remember being hypnotized and you will feel wonderful. You will not remember anything else. Ashley, wake up."

Ashley opened her eyes. She looked confused. "What happened, I feel strange. Was I hypnotized?"

"What do you think?"

"I was hypnotized."

"How do you feel?"

"I feel terrific. What about Greg and Heather?" She looked at them slumped in their chairs.

"What do you think?" She laughed.

"I don't think any of us is getting the hundred."

"You are under my complete control. How does that make you feel?"

She laughed again. "Horny."

"Take your clothes off." She laughed again.

"You'r kidding."

"No, I'm serious."

She pulled her shorts off reveling a thong underneath. She was wearing a letterman sweater which she unbuttoned and shrugged off. She was now in front of me in a skimpy bra and thong. She still had her white tennis shoes on. She undid the thong. She had trimmed her bush so it was a mere slit over her pussy. Her bra was front hooked and she undid it and shrugged it off.

"Is this what you wanted?"

She said that in a very sultry voice.

"Come stand in front of me."

She stood in front of me. I put two fingers up her cunt. It was swampy and she moaned and pushed her hips at my hand. "You want to be controlled, don't you?"

"Oh. Yes."

"I am going to give you a card with my number on it. Call me tonight at eleven. Okay?"

"For sure."

"Trance." She slowly melted into a naked heap. I looked at my watch. It was now nine. I had to finish with these three if I was to get any more.

"Ashley wake up and get dressed. Do not discuss what happened with anyone. Do you understand?"


I woke up Greg and Heather and told them to call at 11:05 and 11:10. They would be fun. I hustled them out of the house and got ready for more. It was much slower. I was outside getting ready to quit when a couple walked up. They were not in costume. They looked like collage students.

"Hy, I'm Jeff this is Stacey. We heard about your challenge and we wanted to try. You game?"

So far I hadn't spent anything, it would be fun to see if I could control these two who obviously thought they could make a quick hundred. Also, I could take everything in and spend as much time as I needed. "I'm game if you two are, but, you have to agree to do what I ask of you. If you ignore my instructions, that's cheating and I won't pay.

"What do you mean?" This from Jeff.

"Well if I tell you to relax you have to try and if I tell you to open or close your eyes you have to do what I request. Okay?"

"That sounds fair."

"Just let me take in the signs and we won't be interrupted."

I took in all the signs and turned the porch light off. I ushered them into the Lair. They were a very attractive couple. Since I had time I asked some questions. "Have either of you ever been hypnotized?"

Stacey spoke up. "I was hypnotized on stage once. It was fun."

"How about you, Jeff?"

"Nah, never."

"Okay, Stacey you sit in the recliner and Jeff you sit there." I pointed to a side chair. They both sat down.

"I am going to direct my instructions at Stacey, Jeff you should listen and follow also. Okay?"


I was certain I would get Stacey. I wasn't so sure about Jeff. I wanted to find out what motivated them to come to my house. Was it just the money? I'd find out later.

"Stacey look carefully at the crystal globe. Notice every facet. Notice how it sparkles. The sparkle is absorbing all of your concentration you can't think of anything except that sparkling crystal. Your mind is completely blank. Your eyes are getting tired, very tired. You want to close them, but if you do you will be in a very deep trance." She closed her eyes.

"Stacey, your whole body is very relaxed, very relaxed." Her body visually sagged. I looked over at Jeff. He was staring at the crystal. He was very close to going under. I turned to him.

"Jeff, your eyes are tired, very tired. When they close you will be in a very deep trance." His eyes closed.

"You are now in a deep trance, under my complete control. Every muscle is completely limp." His body also sagged.

Both of you are now going very deep. I am going to count to one hundred and with each number you will go even deeper as your minds and bodies come under my complete control. I counted slowly to one hundred. Their trances seemed very deep, indeed. Now to test how much control I had.

"When ever I say trance you will go back into a trance even deeper than now, your bodies will slowly become totally limp. You will be under my complete control and do whatever I tell you. When I count to three you will waken. You will not believe that you were hypnotized. One, two, three."

They both opened their eyes. Jeff straightened up and spoke first. "I guess you owe us each one hundred dollars. Right Stacey." She smiled and nodded at him.

"Right, Jeff. Jeff, strip naked."

"Are you crazy. You owe me a hundred dollars." He said that as he was opening his pants and pulling them off."

"Jeff, what are you doing?" That from Stacie.

"I don't know. I'm taking my clothes off. I feel strange."

He was now naked. He was no longer talking. He looked forlorn "Stacie go over to Jeff and hold his cock." She didn't say anything as she went over to Jeff. His cock was now erect. It was pointing straight up to his belly button. Stacey took his cock in her hand and stood there.

"Stacey, put it in your mouth." She did. She stood there with his erect penis in her mouth.

"Suck it. It will taste like a strawberry popsicle." She sucked and Jeff panted. It only took him about thirty seconds to cum in her mouth. She greedily swallowed the whole thing as he pumped into her mouth. She kept sucking even after he was completely flaccid.

"Jeff, how do you feel?"

"Man, that was something. I never thought my sister would give me a blow job."

Stacey was still sucking on Jeff's penis. "Stacey, how do you feel?"

She allowed the penis to fall out of her mouth. "I want more of the strawberry flavor."

"Jeff, do you want to see Stacey naked?"


"Stacey, your brother wants to see you naked. You want to show him your body, don't you?"


"Strip, now." She was wearing jeans with a sweater. She pulled the sweater over her head. It was a heavy sweater that hid her charms. Her breasts were large and her skin was creamy and smooth. Stacey sat down and removed her tight jeans. Her shape was tight. She looked like she worked out. She pulled her cotton panties off. She was a natural blonde. Finally, she released her bra and her magnificent breasts came into view. She had light areolas and small, hard nipples. They were large and firm.

I now had two naked subjects. I looked at my watch. It was getting close to ten o:clock. Judy would be calling, I hoped. I took the drape down while Jeff and Stacey sat there naked. When I folded up the drape I led Jeff and Stacey into my large den which had several chairs and couches arranged for a larger group to sit around and talk, or whatever.

"Both of you go into a trance." They both melted onto the carpet in a heap. They could stay that way for at least a couple of hours. I went over to squeeze Stacey's left breast. It was real, no implants. I felt her pussy and it was very wet. I'm sure she fantasized many times about sex with her brother. Obviously I hadn't known they were siblings.

At ten o'clock, exactly, Judy called. "Hello, this is Judy. I'm not sure why I am calling."

"Judy, does your daughter have a sitter?"

"Yes, I have a live-in housekeeper."

"I want you to get in your car and come back to the hypnosis lair where you were this evening. Do you understand?"

In a monotone. "Yes." The phone was hung up. Well. We would see what happens.

I changed my clothes into a lounging robe. It was now twenty after ten. I went into my den to check on my naked guests. They were still crumbled on the floor. Jeff again had an erection and Stacey was even more wet and her nipples were very erect. Their pleasure centers of their brains were active as they lay there naked. It was time to start pleasuring myself. I sat in one of my chairs and spread my legs and opened my robe. I made sure I had a telephone next to me.

"Stacey, come and suck on my cock. It will also taste like a strawberry popsicle."

She opened her eyes and sat up. She looked at my erect cock and crawled over on her hands and knees and started sucking. She was a natural. I am about seven inches and she took me all the way into her mouth. My testicles jiggled against her soft chin. I rubbed her nipples as she sucked me. I had conditioned myself to delay cuming too soon. There was too much fun to be had.

The doorbell rang. "Trance." Stacey melted to the floor as my cock pulled out of her mouth. She ended up on her back with her legs spread. Very convenient. I went to the door. Judy was standing there looking confused.

"I came here and I don't know why. Why am I here?"

"Come in Judy. You came here to be my Halloween sex slave."

She looked startled. "You are kidding, right?"

"No, I am serious. You are under my complete control and will do anything I ask of you. It will make you feel very good. You will be my slave and I will be your master."

"You can't be serious, this is crazy. I am going to leave."

"Judy, take your clothes off."

"I won't do any such thing. I'm not going to be anybody's sex slave." She said this as she was stepping out of the skirt she was wearing.

"What am I doing? What did you do to me?"

"I hypnotized you and made you feel fabulous, you liked it so much you went into a deep trance and let yourself go under my complete control." She was now unbuttoning her blouse which she allowed to fall to the floor. She reached behind herself and released her bra. Her breasts were as large as Stacey's, but they sagged a little. She bent over and pulled her panties off. All the time she was saying how she couldn't believe she was doing this. When she was naked she turned to me.

"Now are you satisfied?" She was a natural brunette. Her pussy was neatly trimmed and very sexy. She had a beautiful body on her five foot six inch frame. Clearly she was proud of it.

"You have a beautiful body and you feel very aroused, correct?"

She was standing six inches from me. I could smell her musky odor. "When is the last time you came?"

"It's none of your business. Over a year ago." I put my hand into her very wet pussy and she moaned.

"Tonight you are going to have multiple orgasms. We will start now. Come with me."

I took her into the den. I rolled Jeff onto his back. His prick was very stiff and almost reached his belly button. "Judy, sit on this man, his name is Jeff. Put his cock into you and ride him. In a few minutes you will have a large orgasm. Jeff you will enjoy it, but you will not ejaculate until I tell you."

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