tagBDSMHalloween Surprise...

Halloween Surprise...


My lovely Wife and I were invited to a Halloween fancy dress party by our good friends Danny and Judy, now I love my sexy little Wife Emily but I have to say I've always fancied Danny's Wife Judy, she's a beautiful bubbly blond babe, who always gives me the glad eye when she's had a few...too many...

My togder was tingling with excitement watching my Wife Emily dressing up in her sexy little 'naughty' St Trinian's school girl outfit, she pretended to be annoyed every time I flicked her short swirl skirt up and copped an eyeful of her lovely round curvy scantily panty clad bottom but I knew she was loving the effect she was having on me as she pranced around wiggling her bottom and deliberately bending over far enough to give me a sneeky view of her sweet little bare bottom cheeks as they peeked out from her bunched white panties...

It was a great party, lots of sexy young couples, drinking too much and flirting like crazy and the hosts were the worst. Danny dressed as a stern head master was swishing his crook handled cane through the air every time he came across a sexy little Wifey and eagerly tapping his cane on the bottoms of any lady brave enough to playfully bend over in front of him and my Wife had to skillfully avoided his whippy cane several times owing to her costume making her a prime target and his delicious Wife Judy gave me a nice big fat stiffie walking past as she deliberately brushed her splendid bottom against my aching todger in her sexy cheer leader outfit, the deliciously naughty little teasing minx, so naturally I copped a good feel of her wonderfully soft warm bouncy bubble bottom the next time she passed, she turned her head and gave me a sexy wink as a reward...

I still had a big stupid big grin on my face as I did a quick check to make sure Emily hadn't seen me only to see Danny had been watching as I'd given his Wife's bottom a sexy little squeeze, nothing was said but I could tell he wasn't best pleased about it...

As all the couples were leaving, I offered to stay and help clear up, hoping to redeem for my earlier faux pas of warming my hands on the hostesses piping hot bottom in front of her Husband and Danny gracefully accepted...

'Let's have a drink in my study' Danny said when everyone else had gone and the place was cleaned up, a nice vintage whiskey in hand I was about to apologise for my clumsy grab of his Wife's bottom, when the door opened and my Wife Emily walked in, she'd definitely had a few too many and her speech was slightly slurred as she asked what we were talking about. Hoping to steer the subject away from my misdemeanour I playfully asked if Emily had been tickled by the head master's cane yet. 'No I don't believe I've had the pleasure' said Danny, 'well go on then Emily, bend over for the Head master' I said, hoping to gain favour with Danny and even the score.

My Wife giggled as she bent over Danny's armchair with her lovely bottom in the air, 'Oh go on then seeing as I'm dressed as a naughty school girl, but just a light tap mind you'. I felt my cock stiffen watching my sweet little drunken Wife bending over with her lovely bottom out and my cock jumped as Danny tapped his cane against her short swirly mini skirt and told her 'stick your bottom out', I felt a mixture of surprise, jealousy and arousal as Emily playfully stuck her bottom right out as commanded.

Then without warning there was a sexy swish crack sound as Danny lifted the cane and brought it down rather hard on my Wife's bottom, that bastard Danny's getting me back for feeling up his Wife by caning my Wife's bottom in front of me, at my suggestion too, the dirty rotten swine. I have to say it was quite a hard cane stroke and I expected my Wife to jump up indignantly and make a scene but she didn't, she seem to push herself further into the armchair and then lifted her right leg at the knee, which was such a cute and sexy look I felt my todger begin to throb.

With my Wife still in the caning position and seemingly in no hurry to get up, Danny began stroking his cane up and down my Wife's bottom through her skirt, as if to sooth her sore bottom, then the rotter, with, I have to admit a rather deft move, flicked her short swirly mini skirt right up over her waist with the tip of his cane, exposing my Wife's scanty pantied bottom with a very sexy red line peeking out on both sides of her lovely plump round creamy bottom where the cane had tickled her. I don't think my Wife realised her panties were on show and still didn't move and seemed to enjoy the soothing effects as Danny continued to rub his cane up and down her sexy little panties. My cock was rock hard standing there as if in a dream watching my friend ogling my Wife's wonderful bottom with her tiny little panties bunched up between her bare bottom cheeks, he was getting a hell of a good eyeful of my lovely Wife's splendid bottom.

He continued to stroke her panties soothingly then eased the cane between her panties and her bottom so now his whippy cane was gently caressing my Wife's bare bottom, up and down. This had the effect of unbunching her panties from between her bare bottom cheeks, so made the scene less revealing, maybe he is a gentleman after all, I thought, I felt up his Wife's bottom now he's covering my Wife's bottom and sparing her blushes as he soothes her stinging cheeks...

I have to admit I started stroking my fully erect shaft through the pocket of my trousers as I watched Danny the 'head master' tickling my Wife's panty clad bottom, bent over, exposed and vulnerable in front of a stranger. I had a monster stiffie as I noticed the top of my Wife's panties were coming down with the up and down movement of the cane, the top of her bare bottom was now emerging into view, that lovely deep cheeky cleft was on show. I should have told him to stop but everything went into slow motion and I was mesmerised as her panties slid right down to her ankles expertly guided by his ferocious cane, fully exposing my Wife's beautiful creamy bare married bottom and with devilish intend Danny landed two hard cane strokes on my Wife's freshly bared bottom...

The angry red line across my Wife's bare bottom was instantly joined by two fresh tramlines expertly equidistant and plumb in the centre of My Wife's magnificent bottom. 'You had a good feel at my Wife's bottom tonight but I bared your Wife's bottom and caned her three times and all in front of her watching Husband as he stroked his cock off' he hissed to me...

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