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Halloween Surprises


"Conner! Come on! Move that ass!"

Angelique adjusted her jean jacket over the orange sweater she was wearing.

"I'm coming. Calm down. I promise there will still be pumpkins left when we get there!" Conner jumped down the last three steps and landed by the front door.

"You're a smart ass. I love Halloween, and I want this party to be perfect. You know that. Now, cooperate please!"

Angelique was a little stressed. Halloween was only a few days away, and so was her party. Each year her family hosted a huge bonfire. Friends, family, and acquaintances all would attend. This year, it was her turn to be the hostess, and she wasn't sure she could handle the responsibility. Conner was her boyfriend of three years, and he knew how big of a deal this was.

"Yes Ma'am! Damn you're bossy!" Conner grinned.

"Don't you forget it." Angel adopted a mock glare.

"Come here." Conner opened his arms at the same time Angel stepped into his embrace.

"I just don't want this party to be a flop." She nuzzled his neck and buried her arms beneath his jacket.

"It won't be. You're a fun girl. You just need to relax. It'll all work out."

"You're right. I'll try." She gave him an impish grin. "How about a kiss, just for good luck?"

"You're so lucky I love you." Conner tipped his head down and gave her a gentle kiss.

"I know I am."

"Let's go. Where to first, your highness?"

"The pumpkin patch. Then to the Halloween store. I need props, decorations, and a costume."

"Let's go then. Quit draggin' your ass!" Connor bolted out the door, running to the car.

"You're a shmuck!"

"Last one there's a rotten egg!" Conner laughed as he stepped in front of the car.

"First one there's an asshole!" Angel giggled as she slammed the front door shut behind her.


"THAT ONE! I need that one!" Angel jumped up and down as she pointed at a huge pumpkin.

"What? I'll get a hernia lifting that fucker!"

"Come on! Conner, I need it. Please!?"

Conner huffed in frustration, then obediently bent to hoist the pumpkin. He swore it weighed three hundred pounds as he loaded it into the back of his pick up.

"I get a back rub when we get home."

"You'll get more than a back rub if you get that one too!" Angel giggled and clapped in excitement at the huge pumpkins she'd spotted. So early in the day there weren't many people there, and they pretty much had the run of the place.

"Damn right I will." Conner bent and scooped the second gigantic pumpkin she pointed at.

"Oh, just think how fun it'll be to get your beer out of that. You can say you picked it!"

"My beer out of it?"

"Yeah! Didn't I tell you? I saw an ad in a magazine where they had a pumpkin hollowed out, filled with ice, with beverages in it." Angel grinned, and it lit up her whole face.

"These people better drink every last goddamn beer out of these bastard pumpkins." Conner groaned as he hoisted the second monstrosity into his truck.

"Such language. OH! That one too!" Angel ran forward, pointing and laughing.

"Holy god." Conner rolled his eyes, and followed in Angel's wake.


"Honey, will you grab a cart?" Angel grinned at an exhausted Conner.

"I'd love to." He replied sarcastically.

"I figured you would."

Angel stripped off her jean jacket and laid it in the cart Conner brought forward, and headed off to shop.

"What about these cauldrons? They'll be good to hold the over flow of beer. I figure we can line the sides of the patio and alternate pumpkins and cauldrons. That'll be too cute!"

Angel placed six big plastic cauldrons in the cart, then moved ahead. She added window clings of ghosts, skulls, and bats. Next came wall clings of sewers and rats, dungeon bars, and bat border. Signs that read 'Morgue', 'Dungeon', and 'Haunted House' followed next.

A headless man holding a knife and it's own head followed next. When you bumped it, it moved. Angel added a cat that was voice activated next. It meowed, it's back arched, and its tail puffed out. Several other decorations were thrown haphazardly into the already overloaded cart.

"Okay! I need a costume." Angel rounded the corner, and picked out a few to try on.

"You're not going to try on all of them, are you?" Conner sighed, leaning onto the handle of the cart.

"Nope. Only half." Angel grinned as she headed off to the dressing rooms.

Conner rolled the cart forward, leaning against the wall for support as he waited.

Six costumes followed, some were a definite no, others were a possible maybe.

Conner was gazing off into no where, when a sharp thud brought his attention back to the dressing room. In the doorway stood Angel, in a thigh length plastic dress that zipped up. A police badge was on one side of the chest, a hat sat on her head, and an obscene amount of cleavage showed. As Conner's eyes drifted down, an obscene amount of leg and ass showed as well.

In one of her hands, a pair of handcuffs dangled, and in the other, a night stick rested, poised for a beating.

"Holy shit." Conner's eyes widened.

"Do you like this one?" Angel turned in a circle, then stopped at the side, sticking her ass out and wiggling it in an oh-so-tempting way.

"I... I.. Yes, I do."

"Good." Angel turned and disappeared behind the curtain.

Conner gulped and reached to adjust his hardening cock within the confines of his pants.

After a few more naughty costumes, Angel switched to normal, appropriate ones. She finally decided on the 'beauty pirate.'

"What about this? I like this one the best. Modest enough for the oldies that'll be there, but racy enough to be sexy." Angel stepped through the curtain, and Conner's jaw slackened.

"That one is perfect. You're absolutely right."

Conner's eyes slid the length of Angel's frame. One side of the black skirt ended at mid thigh, the other ended at her ankle. The edge was ragged and looked torn. Her shoulders were bare, with big white loose sleeves encompassing her arms. The main part of the shirt was black, and the front laced up over red and white striped material. A red and white striped sarong hung around her waist, and a matching strip of material was wrapped around her forehead.

"That is awesome. I love that."

"Good! I love it too!" Angel leapt out of the dressing room and landed at his side, snuggling up against him to kiss him on the cheek.

"See? Wasn't today worthwhile?" She batted her eyelashes.

"Definitely." Conner bent slightly and kissed the tip of her nose.


The crisp fall air snapped around the couple as they headed up the sidewalk to their house. Angel and Conner both had their arms full, carting in the goodies. They agreed that the pumpkins could stay in the truck, and he'd get them out later. Once he'd 'rested' his back.

"I forgot a few things. Dammit to hell. I'll go get it later though. I am beat."

Conner's head swiveled around in disbelief. Angel had a devilish grin on her face. Her sentence was meant to get his goat. And she succeeded.

"You're vicious lady. All the help I give you, and you're a mean ass." Conner shook his head sadly.

"Oh you big baby. I am not. Wait 'til later, and I'll show you some appreciation." Angel's smile promised a fun evening.

"Yay! I love helping you get ready for your Halloween party!" Conner turned obnoxious in his enthusiasm, and Angel rolled her eyes as she went to put things where they needed to go.

A couple hours later, Angel screamed. Conner tore down the stairs, frantically rushing to her side.

"What is it? Baby, what's wrong?" He panted, catching hold of her arms.

The newspaper slipped from her fingertips.

"Trick or Treat is tonight."

Conner's mouth dropped open, and his hands fell from Angel's arms.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me."

"NO! We have no candy! No nothing! The trickery is about to begin, and we're totally unprepared! This is ridiculous!" Angel huffed, arms crossing over her chest.

"You screamed bloody murder. I thought there was an intruder or something! You scared the shit out of me! So I'm sorry if I'm not totally concerned with the lack of sugar for the mongrel children." Conner was angry- he had really thought there was something wrong. His heart was still thudding wildly in his chest.

"Okay, so the scream was a bit overdone, but still. I'm running to the store. I'll be back." Angel left a quick kiss on Conner's cheek and took off out the door.

An hour later, the couple was seated on the front porch. Pumpkins lined each side of the cement stairs leading up to it, and the black-light bulbs that Angel had placed in the light fixtures above them glowed an eerie blue. It wasn't completely dark yet, but it would be soon.

Conner leaned back against one of the giant pumpkins, and sipped beer from a plastic cup in the shape of a pumpkin. Angel leaned forward in anticipation, glancing down the street, watching for the first Trick Or Treater's. Her own plastic cup held a wine cooler. She took a few swigs, then put the cup back down. She was almost too excited to sit still.

"You act like a child, ya know that?" Conner laughed as he watched her wriggle around.

Her only reply was the sticking out of her tongue.

"Don't get it out unless you intend to use it."

"Pervert." Angel turned her head to hide the grin.

"You love it. I'm your favorite." Conner scooted closer to her, grabbing the blanket they'd brought out with them.

"You're right." Angel caught one end of the blanket and draped it across her lap. Conner did the same.

So they sat and drank, and waited for the children to arrive. And they soon did. There was a burst of activity right at the beginning, but it dwindled off pretty quickly.

"That was cheap. Look at all this candy!" Angel spoke once the last child in the group ran down the steps.

"Yeah, but we've also got another hour and fifteen minutes of this shit."

"Poor you." Angel leaned closer, snuggling against his shoulder. She wrapped her oversized sweater tighter around her frame, and sighed happily.

Conner lifted his arm and put it around Angel's shoulders, giving her a squeeze. And he got an idea. He moved his free arm, bringing it under the blanket, letting his hand rest on Angel's thigh. She smiled at him then glanced back to the street.

Another round of kids came up, and the next half hour was a flurry of movement as what seemed like every child for 50 miles came to their doorstep. Finally, there was another break.

Conner started moving his hand across Angel's thigh, in a seemingly sweet, warm gesture. She again smiled at him, and leaned back against his chest. Her eyes fell shut, and she relaxed into Conner's warmth.

He glanced down the street, making sure no children were coming, and he slowly inched his hand higher, stroking her thigh all the while. Angel squirmed slightly, and her legs parted somewhat. He kept his hand a little above mid-thigh, so not to alert her to his plans.

Angel sighed, snuggling back against him more, and his free arm came to wrap around her. Unbeknownst to her, he was trying to figure out how to get his hand inside her sweater. Conner again glanced around, looking for ghosts and goblins. Seeing none, he inched his hand higher on her thigh. She squirmed again, but said nothing. Finally, he worked his hand inside her sweater, then up her shirt, his fingers playing lightly across her stomach. Still Angel made no attempt to protest. Conner smiled against her hair.

"I'd have to say that Halloween is my favorite holiday. It's all about fun. Yeah, Christmas is fun, but its all about Santa and presents. Halloween has no icon, and you don't get gifts. You just dress up, pig out on candy, and scare the shit out of people." If possible, she got even closer as she spoke.

"Yeah, you're right. That makes sense." As Conner spoke, he inched his hand towards her breasts.

"I was always sad we lived in the country. All I ever wanted to do was dress up and hand out candy." Angel sighed.

"You're not dressed up tonight." Conner pointed out, at the same moment his fingers came in contact with the bottom of her bra.

"Well no. Dressing up wasn't a prerequisite. Had I had more.." Angel's breath caught as she felt Conner's finger slip beneath her bra, brushing back and forth across a rapidly hardening nipple. But she managed to finish her thought. "Had I more time, I would have dressed up. But... this is... nice... too."

Conner grinned at her halting speech. He cheerfully added, "Well, I could have gone to get the candy while you got into costume. Ya didn't think that far ahead didja?"

"Well, no I didn't. But just sitting out here with you is a treat. Regardless what I'm.... wearing..." Angel trailed off. Conner's hand had pushed the cup of her bra completely off her breast, and his hand cradled it, squeezing gently.

Conner rested his lips at her ear. "Or what you're about to not be wearing, right?"

"Right." Angel licked her lips.

In the dim light, Conner moved quickly, reaching behind her back to unhook her bra. It was a team effort, and they managed to get it off in record time. Conner tucked the offending garment behind them on the step, and his hand went back to her chest.

"Conner, just what do you think you're doing?" Angel asked, turning her head to look at him.

"Nothing. Just being.... friendly." He grinned.

"I'd say so."

His fingers and hand went back to their explorations, and Angel wiggled slightly. Her back arched a little, loving the feel of his work-roughened hands on her. She'd gotten so caught up in the gentle pinch and pull of his fingers, that she almost didn't realize he was unbuttoning and unzipping her pants.

"Conner, we're on the front porch." Angel started to wriggle away, but his hands stopped her.

"Yes, but you're under the blanket, there isn't anyone around, so..."

"The other people passing out candy." She spoke, her voice protesting hesitantly.

"They'll never know. Just relax. I'll stop when more trick or treater's are headed this way." He dipped his hand quickly inside her jeans and panties, and she shrieked at the coldness of his fingers.

"Wow, your hand is cold!"

"All the more reason for me to warm it up." Conner grinned as his fingers slipped between her lips, feeling the moisture that had already gathered there. "Ha, and you wanted me to stop."

"Just because... of... the people." Angel smiled as she tipped her head back, leaning it on his shoulder once more. Her legs parted a little wider, and his fingers delved deeper.

"Don't worry. Like I said, I'll stop." Conner's lips found the pulse in her neck, and his tongue darted out to taste her skin. He kissed and nibbled gently, all the while his fingers probed and stroked her most sensitive flesh.

"Conner..." Angel turned her head to him, and his mouth crashed down on hers. His tongue lapped at her lips, and she opened them hungrily. Angel's tongue met his as it thrust into her mouth, mimicking what he'd rather be doing. She moaned, and he met it with one of his own. His fingers slid easily upward, zeroing in on her clit. She jerked as his fingers found it then began circling it, molding the swollen nub.

He tore his mouth from hers, sensing she was about to cum, and he wanted to hear her whimpers without his lips muffling it.

"Come on baby, cum for me... that's it, just a little more..." His fingers moved quicker, and she pushed against him as her hips lifted up from the step.

"Oh, god, Conner, please..."

"I know, almost there baby... cum-" A movement out of the corner of his eye made him jerk his hand out of her pants and reach for the candy bowl.

"What the f-" Angel was cut off as she saw their neighbors heading their way.

"Easy baby. Just a little longer." Conner shifted uncomfortably. His cock was straining against the fly of his jeans, and he was grateful for the cover of the blanket.

The couple headed up the sidewalk. They were around the same age as Conner and Angel, but they had never really spent much time getting to know each other. Why they felt the need to do that now... Conner glanced over at Angel and noticed the telltale flush of her cheeks that had nothing to do with the cold. Her blonde hair was slightly rumpled, and not from the wind. All in all, she looked like a woman that was in the middle of a romp and got interrupted. The thought made him smile.

"Hi you guys." The woman spoke as they came to a stop in front of Angel and Conner.

"Hey Becky, Hi Dave. Are you guys enjoying the evening?" Angel shifted uncomfortably.

"Oh yeah. I forgot what night it was so I had to send Dave out for candy. We're fresh out though."

"Same here. Except I tend to over do things, so we aren't out. Yet anyway."

The men started talking football while the women talked Halloween.

"Hey, I'm having a party Saturday, I'd love it if you guys would come. There probably wont be much time to get to know each other, but it would be a start."

"That would be great. This neighborhood is full of old people, isn't it?" Becky laughed.

"It sure is. It's nice to have some people our own age wandering around. Sorry we haven't done much to be neighborly." Angel really felt bad, but their new friends could have timed it better.

"Same here. Well, we just wanted to come say hi while there was a break in the kids. Enjoy your evening. We'll see you guys Saturday!"

Becky and Dave headed back home, turning to wave as they entered their house.

"Nice people." Conner spoke.

Unfortunately, Angel wasn't in such a happy mood. She happened to catch his smile as he turned away, attempting to hide it.

"Get that goddamn smile of your face." She snapped.

It only served to make his face break into a full fledged grin.

"I wouldn't dream of it." He smiled some more.

Meanwhile, across the street, Becky spoke to her husband.

"Do you think he was doing what I think he was doing?"

"I think he was. I think we chose a bad time to do a meet and greet." Dave laughed.

"No such thing. Do you think they would be interested..?"

"We shall see, my darling, we shall see."

The rest of the trickery time went quickly, even thought it felt like hours. At last it was done, and there was only a handful of candy left. The couple stood to head back inside, and Angel realized that, number one, her pants were undone, and two, her bra was on the step behind her. Her eyes flew open and she turned and ran into the house, slamming the door behind her, inadvertently slamming it in Conner's face. She heard his laughter as he opened the door.

"Forget something, my love?" He leaned back against the doorjamb and held out one hand. Her black lacy bra dangled from his fingertip.

She stepped forward and snatched it from him. "Very cute." She turned on her heel to stomp away, and felt her arm in a viselike grip. "What th-"

Conner spun her around and her back thudded against the door. Angel gasped as he shoved her jeans roughly down her legs, tossing her bra to the side.

"What are you-" Her question was muffled by his lips crushing her own, and she forgot what she was trying to say.

Conner slipped his hand between them and found her clit again. She bucked up against his hand, and moaned into his mouth.

"Come on." Conner stepped away and half carried, half dragged her with her pants around her ankles to the couch. He bent her over the back of it, and Angel spread her legs and got up onto her toes. Conner made quick work of his jeans, shucking them down just far enough to get his cock free.

With one hand on her hip and the other guiding him, he shoved into Angel quickly. She jerked forward even as she whimpered, leaning her upper body even further over the couch. Conner grabbed her hips and steadied her as he thrust. Her pussy was more than wet, and he groaned as his cock slipped in and out of her hot sheath. Angel lifted one leg and rested it on the back of the couch, and Conner sighed as the angle changed. He moved one hand under her leg and rested the heel of his hand on her clit. Each thrust rocked her against him, and she was squirming in no time.

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