Halloween Tricks


It was just another day, October thirtieth was here. A chilly day in Indiana was bringing the fall time spirit to a full. The brown leaves blew in the breeze and the apple cider was hot. At a local farm, all was quiet for now. The horses were in the stables and the heater was on in the farm house.

A car pulled up and a woman got out and walked up to the door. She unlocked it and turned on the helipad lights. She zipped up her jacket and walked out as the helicopter landed. She smiled as Lara got out and walked up.

"Nice to see you Lara, it has been a while." She said shaking her hand.

"Yes it has, how are the horses?" Lara asked as they walked to the stables.

"All tucked in for a chilly night. Your father used to visit often and made sure they were ready for racing season." She said.

"Sorry I haven't made it here in a while. I've been busy getting the long forgotten riches of the world." Lara said as she walked into the stables.

After her walk, she went inside and took her coat off. She said goodbye to her friend who greeted her, and went to the kitchen. She turned on the coffee maker and sat down at the table. Little did she know this Halloween weekend was going to be a trick instead of a treat.

She got her coffee and went to watch television. She decided after a bit to get ready for bed. She went upstairs and stripped out of the tight out fit and slid into a nice lacy, short gown and white lacy thong. She turned off the light and fell asleep.

Outside, he came to the pumpkin patch behind the barn. It was almost midnight, his girlfriend was with him. They had heard of this thing they call the evil pumpkin and wanted to check it out. They crept past Lara's house and there it was.

"Come on Dave, it's cold and I'm hungry." Stacy said hiding her nice twenty year old breasts under her arms.

"It's okay Stacey, just think, if we see this, evil pumpkin, we can take a pic and show it off at the college." Dave said going to the very back corner alone, Stacey stayed in the middle.

Dave was looking around and heard a noise; he turned and didn't see anything. He kept going and was by the woods when it struck. A vine shot out and through his throat and pulled him into the woods. They dismembered his body and buried it. They wanted his girlfriend's sexy body and were going to get in her.

Stacy looked around, he was gone. Down by her tan leather boots, the vines slowly wrapped around her ankles, unnoticed to the blonde. She went to move and they tightened and she fell back onto her ass. She sat there in her tight mini skirt, tight sweater and pink thong showing as they enwrapped her wrists and pulled her to the ground! She struggled as she felt her legs get pulled apart; she felt her skirt slowly slipping up around her skinny waist. Stacy was stuck and couldn't free her ankles or wrists from their grip.

A vine popped up beside her and hooked her bra and sweater between her ample breasts. She looked in terror as it pulled and revealed her bare breasts. Her eyes widened as she felt her thong rip off and her womanhood was open. She went to scream as a vine shoved her thing into her mouth. She saw a pumpkin move towards her open legs. It was a smiling jack-o-lantern. Her eyes watched as he got to her pussy and got it in his mouth. A tongue was licking her shaved pussy and then was forcing into her.

Stacy felt it going in and out and she loved it. Her cum began to flow as the pumpkin ate her out. She then felt him retreat. She looked down as the jack o lantern stood up on a vine and smiled at her. She saw a cock pop out of the vine. It was huge, about ten inches long and three inches wide. She was not that loose by any means. He didn't care as he lowered and slowly worked it into her tight pussy.

Stacy had tears streaming down her cheeks as the pain was greater than she ever imagined. He was raping her with the biggest dick she had ever seen. He was also punishing the poor girl who trespassed onto his patch. She was being taught a lesson as her cum poured around the gigantic cock that was ramming in and out violently. He sucked her tits as they bounced with the rape.

Sunrise was close and Stacy gave in and fainted. He finished by flooding her pussy with his orange, seeded, sperm. He pulled out and he laughed as the sperm and pumpkin seeds oozed out of her now loose pussy. They all retreated and let her go. Stacy awoke and redressed her skirt and ran off, topless. He watched as she ran crying, tits bouncing all the way to her truck.

In the house, Lara got up and took a shower. She had breakfast and decided to go out for a spin in the county. She had on skin tight jeans, a tight sweater that showed her thirty four d sized rack off nicely, and her knee high leather boots. She pulled her coat on as she went outside. She looked around the farm that she hadn't seen for at least five years. She walked back and found the pumpkin patch. He saw her and realized who it was. The evil pumpkin wanted her.

Lara spotted something in the vines and pulled it out. A torn bra and sweater, she looked around. She went to the barn and threw them away as she saw her friend pull in. She waved as Liz pulled up in her truck. She got out and went to Lara.

"Any plans for today?" Liz asked.

"Just going to go look around town, it has been a while." Lara said looking at the old truck. "Why are you driving that junker?"

"Why Lady Croft, don't you realize that is a poor man's limo?" Liz said laughing, "My Benz is in the shop. I hit a deer last week, damn near totaled it out." She said.

"That sucks; does the old car still run?" Lara asked looking at the garage.

"Hell yeah it does! Let's go pull midnight out for you." Liz said leading the way to the garage.

They pulled out the nineteen fifty nine Cadillac and it was just dusty. Black, chrome, tinted windows and if it was warm enough, drop top. Lara cracked a sly grin and got in. She said goodbye and sped off, throwing gravel and dirt as she went.

Liz went to the stables and fed the horses. She was a worker and was paid well above normal. She finished and went into the office for some warm cider. She realized that the patch was not normal. She walked to the patch and looked around. She found footprints and followed them. She got to the back corner and looked around. She never realized the pumpkins had gotten so far out of hand. She turned to go to the office when a vine shot up and grabbed her long, brown hair. She screamed as it pulled her down.

Liz was on her knees as the vines enwrapped her ankles and calves. They over took her arms and torso. She struggled as she felt them slip under her jacket and then her tight tee shirt. She couldn't move as they slid under her bra and around her firm, c cups. She felt her jeans get unbuttoned and pulled down showing her black panties and nice ass. She looked as her jacket, shirt and bra was torn off leaving her topless and they squeezed as her nipples hardened.

"Please stop..." She begged as her panties were ripped off her hips.

Her jeans were torn in two and she sat there nude. Liz looked down as her legs were pulled apart further as her pussy got more exposed. He jumped between and sucked. She closed her eyes as he ate her tasty pussy out. She was thirty, tanned and toned. Liz wasn't much for boyfriend's, the last one she had beat the hell out of her and tied her down for his friends to pay him to fuck her. The feeling she was getting from the sucking was awesome as her cum flowed fast. He drank it up.

He decided it was time and began to rape her with the same cock that raped Stacy. She cried in pain as he shoved her panties in her mouth to stifle her cries. Her pussy was almost as tight as a virgin, and he loved the feeling. He pounded it in her fast then slow then stabbed it. She was still cuming as he had his way with her. Liz cried as pain shot through her tight pussy, it felt like he was ripping it into two. He sucked her tits and kept raping her as she got off over and over.

With all this going on, he didn't see the car pull in. Lara ran over as he filled Liz up. Lara looked in terror as her friend and worker sat nude and raped by the pumpkin patch. Lara saw the jack-o-lantern look at her and smile. She pulled out her twin forty-fives and began shooting the vines around Liz and the pumpkin that was working his way to her. She fired and his head exploded. She aimed at the ground as they tried to tie her ankles. She stepped back and kept firing. Lara was broadsided by a large vine and knocked off balance.

She fell to the left as they flew at her. She continued to fire as they enwrapped around her waist and hips and between her thighs. She saw Liz escape and run to the house. She reloaded as one got around her throat and pulled her to her back. Lara disliked this as she felt them entangle her ankles. She looked and shot the one around her throat and sat up. She felt one go down the rear of her jeans and tried to kill it as it infiltrated her pants. She got her ankles loose and then her waist. She went to move as the one rammed up into her pussy. She cried and fell on all fours as it raped her.

Lara tried to shoot it; it was the last vine alive. It was deep in her pussy and was making her cum as it took her down. She flipped around and sat on her ass and it shoved deeper and rougher into her.

"Damn it NO!" Lara cried as she cummed all over herself and her jeans.

The vine kept up with her pussy and was making her want it. She loved the feeling as she got off over and over. She fell to her back as it continued its assault upon the tomb raider. It was sure raiding her tomb and loving every minute. The vine grew inside her and she smiled as it was close to getting off. Liz ran up and fired her shotgun as it began to fill Lara up. Lara jumped and sat up and looked to see orange cum oozing from the seam of her jeans. She looked up at Liz who had gotten dressed.

"Thank you." Lara said standing up and holstering her guns. "Are you okay?" She asked.

"Hurts to walk, but it's alright. How did they get you?" Liz asked as they walked to the house.

"By surprise, a big vine, and I ran out of ammo." Lara said.

Lara dropped her now soaked jeans and seeds fell everywhere. She tossed them to the side and took a well needed shower. This Halloween was already an adventure and it wasn't even noon yet. She got redressed in another pair of tight jeans and the same top. She went and checked on Liz who had been taking this very well. Both of them had been raped by pumpkin vines, and now the patch was destroyed. Lara now knew why she found the bra and sweater. She handed Liz a cup of hot cider and they sat on the couch for a while.

It was now Halloween and so far it was going to be quite the day. Liz left for her house and Lara decided it was time for a nap. She lay down as the time passed. The farm was quiet as the fall breeze blew. The pumpkin patch was destroyed and laid in ruins. Lara was in dreamland as the town began to get busy with Halloween events. Was this the end of her day, or just the beginning?

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