tagIncest/TabooHands Down, Best Vacation Ever

Hands Down, Best Vacation Ever


The genesis of this story began with a premise that lazyhobo, who started a thread in the story ideas forum, suggested. Gunter99 added his input and I took it from there. So a huge thanks to those two.

Disclaimer: All individuals in this work of fictions are above the age of 18 years.

Comment are welcomed and greatly appreciated.


Ashley O' Brien smiled as she pulled her silver Toyota Camry into the driveway. She took a moment and admired the childhood home she'd left about three years ago. With her junior year of college behind her, she felt like a new person returning home. It was the last week of her summer break and her parents had finally gotten her to join them for a little vacation. Schlepping her neon blue pull along across the reddened cobblestone driveway, the petite blonde made her way to the front door. Upon entry, she announced her presence,

"Hello. . . I'm home!"

There was no response.

Ashley closed the door behind her and tried again,

"Mom? Dad? . . . . Kyle?"


She immediately whipped out her cell phone and called up her mom. It only took two rings for Elaine, her mother, to answer.

"Hey sweetie, are you home yet?" the warm voice questioned.

"Yeah mom, where are you guys?"

"Oh, your dad and I are just picking up some last minute stuff for the trip tomorrow; we'll be home in a couple of minutes. We're bringing Thai for dinner."

"Okay, see you soon. Oh wait! . . .Where's Kyle?" Ashley asked.

"Your brother's probably home, he's in a bit of a mood, he wanted to go to this party tomorrow night, so he's not too happy with our family trip to Big Bear in the morning," Elaine explained.

"I see, Okay mom, see you guys in a bit.

Ashley left her suitcase at the foot of the stairs and hiked her way up to her room. The recent twenty-two year old stood in the doorway of her bedroom and smiled gleefully; it was exactly as she had left it. All the high school pictures on her wall, music posters, swimming medals, they were all there. She looked over her shoulder to Kyle's room; the door was shut.

Without thinking, she burst into her brother's room,

"Hey bro!" she exclaimed before her eyes widened in shock.

Before her was the sight of her nineteen year old brother, stretched out on his bed, boxers around his ankles, furiously pumping his erect manhood with the use of a pair of red panties. Kyle, noticing a presence in the room, looked up from the laptop which sat on his stomach. Their eyes locked onto each other for a split second.

"Oh my god! Sorry," Ashley squealed as she rushed out the room to the safety of her own. Kyle lurched up from his bed and quickly shut the door. He leaned his back against the door, naked, his cock throbbing and a pair of earbud earphones hanging from his ears.

Back in her room, Ashley had shut her door and was staring at herself in the mirror; her face was flushed with embarrassment. Before having the chance to process what just happened, Ashley looked out her window and saw her parents pull into the driveway. She quickly composed herself and went downstairs, avoiding contact with even Kyle's door.

Elaine and Kent O' Brien came bustling in the front door and immediately embraced their daughter.

"Hey sweetheart, how was the drive?"

"Not too bad Daddy," Ashley murmured.

"Oh it's so good to have you home," her mother added.

"Yeah, feels good," a still shocked Ashley replied.

The night drew on and the unusually quiet Ashley felt like her parents would talk her ear off. At dinner time, the family of four sat around the kitchen table, Kyle having to be practically forced by his mother to join the family. The siblings sat opposite each other, never once looking at one another as they engaged their parents with individual conversations. At the end of dinner, a dutiful Ashley helped her mom clear the table while Kyle stealthily sneaked off to his room.

Ashley eventually retired to her room, everyone was going to bed early since they wanted to get an early start to the morning on their road trip. After a quick shower, Ashley stepped into her room wrapped in a towel. She opened her underwear drawer and picked out a comfortable pair of black cotton panties. As she looked over the contents of the drawer, she thought back to the incident, she had almost forgotten that Kyle was masturbating with a red panty,

"Where did he get it from, was it mine, it looked like it could have been one of my old pairs?"

The thoughts were rushing through her mind as she dropped her towel to the floor and slid on her underwear. Ashley briefly admired her petite form in the mirror before slipping on an oversized t-shirt and falling into bed. The blonde found herself tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep. Every time she closed her eyes, her mind filled with images of her brother's pulsating manhood. Even stranger yet, she felt herself feeling slightly aroused thinking about it. Ashley flipped onto her back and ran her hand over her breasts; her nipples were tight hardened buds, a surprising fact to the blonde.

Across the hall, Kyle too was tossing and turning in his bed. Unable to get the horrified look on his sister's face out of his mind, he wondered if he could ever face her again. Worse yet, he wondered if she recognized her old red thong.

After a restless night of sleep Ashley awoke to the buzzing of her phone alarm. She felt warm and somehow strange. Inquisitively, Ashley snaked her hand between her legs and felt the crotch of her underwear. She immediately pulled her hand away, shocked at the slight dampness. The confused young woman collected her thoughts, threw on a pair of shorts and went downstairs for breakfast. The rest of the family was already at the table.

"Morning everyone," Ashley chirped.

"Hey sweetie, come have some breakfast, then we can get ready and hit the road," her dad beamed.

Halfway through breakfast, Elaine took notice of Kyle's somber mood. Believing she knew what the matter was, she interjected,

"Oh come on Kyle, cheer up, there'll be other parties."

Kyle snapped out of a daze and feigned a smile towards his mother; the party was the furthest thing on his mind.

Ashley too had many thoughts on her mind but an idea clicked inside her when she heard her mother speak about Kyle's party. She smiled coyly and turned to her mom,

"I have a suggestion that should make everyone happy."

Elaine and Kent turned to their daughter,

"What if Kyle and I stay back today and take my car up to big bear in the morning. Kyle can go to his party, that way he won't be in a grumpy mood for the vacation."

As Ashley said this, she looked to her younger brother and shot him a genuinely innocent sweet smile.

Elaine and Kent looked at each other.

"Well, I don't like the idea of you kids on the road alone all the way up to Big Bear, but I guess you're adults now. If you can drive from college, I guess you two can make it up there safely. And it would be nice not to have you moping around all week Kyle." Kent explained.

Ashley smiled and went over and hugged her dad.

After breakfast Kyle was instructed to wash up by his mother. While Kyle did the dishes, Ashley stood in the driveway and watched as her parents pulled out and drove away. The rest of the day was awkwardly spent by the siblings trying their best to avoid each other.

Ashley waited patiently that evening till she heard Kyle leave for his party. She then sprang into action, carrying out the second part of her plan,

"I just have to know," she thought to herself as she made her way into Kyle's room.

Ashley scanned the room then started rifling through the dresser drawers. When she reached the second drawer from the bottom, she found what she was looking for . . . and more. There was the red thong from yesterday, along with about four other pairs of underwear. She examined the garments, she recognized them, and they were all hers. Most were covered in stains, and Ashley knew exactly what that meant. She found herself blushing, yet she didn't know why. Ashley sat there, on the floor of Kyle's bedroom, for almost five minutes staring blankly into the drawer. She decided right then and there that she would confront her little brother.

As she was about to leave her brother's room, Ashley noticed the quiet hum of his laptop. . .he had left it on. Curiosity got the better of the blonde and she opened it up and continued her snooping. As she thought, all the browser history was cleared. She then began going through folders on his desktop,

"Could he really be so brazen, to have porn in a folder on his desktop?" she thought to herself.

The answer was yes. Ashley stared in awe as she opened a folder and found hundreds of erotic pictures. Most of the pictures were that of college aged girls in various stage of undress, a lot of girls gone wild kind of stuff. She was about to exit the folder when she spotted another folder in the original one, simply titled "Ash".

Ashley opened the folder and her shock was taken to another level, more pictures, but this time, all were of her. All different kind of pictures; vacation pictures with her in bikinis, pictures of her off her facebook page, pictures from her swim meets, she counted a collection of almost fifty jpegs. All kind of thoughts ran through her mind as she sat there staring at the screen. She noticed that strange feeling again of being aroused and another idea began to take shape in her head.

Ashley couldn't believe what she was about to do but the idea of her brother jerking off to her seemed very erotic. She took out her cellphone and removed her shirt. Pointing the phone down at her body, she took a picture of her naked breasts. Next, she tugged on her elastic shorts and aimed the camera and her panty covered crotch and snapped another pic. She explained the premise to herself that since her face wasn't in any of the pictures, she could place these two pictures in the "Ash" folder and Kyle would never know it was her, he'd just think he placed them there himself by accident.

Ashley uploaded the pictures to Kyle's laptop and placed them in the folder. She had just put back on her shirt when yet another devious idea entered her mind. The black panties she was currently wearing were almost identical to a pair that Kyle had stashed away. She was blushing profusely as she slid out of her gym shorts. As she expected, her panties were dewy with here arousal. She quickly removed them and replaced the black pair of panties in Kyle's drawer, placing them right at the top of the pile. Almost proudly, Ashley casually strolled out of Kyle's bedroom, naked from the waist down, clutching her shorts and the old black underwear.

Ashley threw the items of clothes on the floor of her room and immediately passed her fingers over the lips of her vagina. She was moist; she'd gotten herself all riled up. The blonde headed straight to her bathroom, removed her shirt and hopped in the shower. Ashley stepped beneath the warm cascade of water and closed her eyes. She thought about Kyle masturbating to pictures of her, using the very panties she'd been wearing all day. Ashley could no longer ignore the stirring within her; she removed the detachable shower head and turned the knob to the massage function. Holding the shower head down in front her groin, Ashley groaned as the pulsing warm water shot with forceful precision against her clit. Leaning against the cool tile wall, Ashley slowly moved her hand in a circle as the gushing water slapped against her. With her free hand, Ashley cupped her petite breast and squeezed with force, her throbbing red nipple pressing hard against her palm.

It didn't take long for Ashley to feel a familiar warm sensation travel from her clitoris to her pussy, to the rest of her lower body. The blonde's breathing intensified, taking agonizing gasps as her heart began to beat faster and faster. Ashley couldn't help curling her toes, or the sharp high pitched cries she emitted as her vagina, anus, and groin muscles all contracted and pulsed.

"Ahhhh fuckk mhmm mhmm mhmmmmm!" she moaned as her body tensed and shivered, her orgasm shuddering through her.

After a few intense pleasurable seconds, Ashley felt her body relax. She raised the showerhead and let the water flow down over her chest. She smiled to herself watching how flush her normally slightly pale skin had become. After taking a minute for herself, Ashley placed the shower head back in the holder and continued with her shower. Dressed in gym shorts and a t-shirt, Ashley packed up her suitcase for the trip tomorrow and went to sleep.

Later that night, a slightly inebriated Kyle came stumbling up the stairs and made his way to his bedroom. Although going to the party helped take his mind off of the embarrassing encounter with Ashley, it all came rushing back the moment he entered the house. Closing his door behind him, he took the caution to twist the lock. On a different night he might have gone straight to sleep, but the couple of beers he had downed had him longing for his almost nightly routine. Kyle went to his dresser drawer and straight to the second one from the bottom. He looked down at the handful of panties he had sneaked out of Ashley's room before she left for college. He grabbed the first one he saw, a black cotton bikini cut panty. Lying on his bed, Kyle held the cotton fabric against his face, he couldn't help but notice a musky scent, reminiscent of the smell the garments had the first couple weeks he used them. He undid his jeans and bundled them around his ankles. Placing his laptop on his stomach, Kyle went straight to his pictures folder and began stroking his hardening cock with the soft black cotton garment. After a few minutes of getting really worked up, Kyle switched to the folder labeled "Ash," and started a slideshow.

Kyle continued pumping his turgid shaft as he gazed upon pictures of his sister, he thought back to the first time he stole Ashley's panties and masturbated. He could not explain the attraction and knew deep down what he was doing was severely inappropriate but, as he discovered that first time, nothing had ever turned him on more like images of Ashley or her underwear. Images of Ashley in bikinis from family vacations, out with her friends at college skipped along the page, then . . . an image of a naked pair of breasts. Kyle focused his stare as he groaned deeply, it was an image he was unfamiliar with, but in his present state it didn't set off any alarms. Soon the image changed to another, one of Ashley laid by a pool, and Kyle quickened his pace, he knew he was getting close. Seconds later, Kyle could feel his imminent orgasm. The laptop screen switched to another unfamiliar picture, one of a girl pointing a camera down her shorts, showing her panty covered crotch. Kyle moaned as he achieved his final glorious moment of ecstasy, staring intently at the picture before him, his eyes focused on the plump lips of a vagina pressing firmly against a black cotton panty.

As his hips bucked, Kyle caught most of his semen in Ashley's panty, wrapping and squeezing it around the tip of his penis. As his body came to rest, Kyle paused the slideshow on the image of taken down a girl's shorts. He couldn't remember ever seeing the picture. He then noticed something that sent in thoughts into overdrive, the black panties the girl was wearing. Holding the cumstained garment before him, he looked back and forth from the screen to his hand. He was almost certain that it was the same pair of underwear,

"But that would mean . . . no, that's impossible," he thought.

After careful inspection, Kyle was certain that the underwear on the screen, was the same one he held in his hand. A thousand different thoughts ran through his head,

"Had Ashley taken those pictures and put them on his computer, are these the panties she wore today?"

He examined the two pictures more intently, there was no way to tell, but it was certainly possible that these were indeed Ashley's breasts he was looking at. After a couple minutes, a bewildered Kyle hopped in the shower then went to bed.

The next morning the siblings met in the kitchen,

"Morning Kyle, ready to hit the road," Ashley pleasantly greeted.

Kyle, somewhat perplexed by Ashley's bubbly demeanor, joined her at the table for a bowl of cereal,

"Yup, sure am."

"So. . . how was the party last night?" she prodded.

"Uhh, okay I guess."

"Wow, well I'm glad I gave up a day of my vacation for "uhh okay", "Ashley teased.

Kyle chuckled, "It was good, and thanks for staying back Ash."

"No problem bro, you can thank me by driving the car up to Big Bear so I can relax."

"Sure thing," Kyle replied.

After breakfast, the twosome lugged their bags out to the car and set off on the roughly three hour drive from San Diego to Big Bear.

Around two hours into the drive, Ashley's playlist on her ipod began to repeat. She lowered the volume of the car's speakers, believing this as good a time as any to address the elephant in the room.

Ashley had to clear her throat before she spoke,

"So, Kyle, I think we need to talk about what happened the other night."

From the second they drove away from home, Kyle was expecting this moment, he could feel the blood rush to his forehead as his mind became fluttered. He began to stammer when Ashley cut him off,

"Look, it's no big deal, people do it every day, after all, you're a young guy, and it's perfectly natural."

Calmed by Ashley's comforting words, Kyle was finally able to speak,

"Yeah, I'm sorry you had to see that, I forgot that you were coming home that day, I should have really locked the door."

"There's just one thing I'd like to know, I couldn't help but notice . . . but were those my panties you were jerking off with?" Ashley asked, already knowing the answer.

Kyle's nervousness came rushing back and this time Ashley offered no words of comfort just yet, she was taking some slight joy in watching her brother squirm.

Kyle relented,

"Yes, I'm sorry Ashley, please don't tell mom and dad, I promise I'll stop," he quickly blurted out.

Ashley smiled,

"Don't worry, I won't tell, but could you tell me what it is that made you do that?"

"I don't know Ash, I guess I've always found you attractive, and I know it's wrong, but nothing turns me on more," Kyle confessed, wondering if he had divulged too much.

Hearing Kyle's admission about how he felt about her had Ashley feeling a warm sensation across her body.

"Ash. . .do you mind if I ask you something?" Kyle murmured.

"Sure Kyle."

"Were you in my room last night?" Kyle questioned.

Ashley knew exactly where Kyle was going with this and now found herself the shy one.

"Ummm, yes I was," she replied, "And I found your secret "Ash" folder," she added accusatorily.

"I know I know, I'm sorry about that too," Kyle rattled.

There was a brief silence between the two before Kyle worked up the courage to speak,

"Did you upload some pictures to my laptop?"

Ashley's face was beet red.

Kyle already knew the answer,

"And I take it you placed your underwear in my drawer?" he continued.

Ashley just smiled and nodded.

Kyle was shocked and amazed.

"What? Why?!" he bellowed.

"I don't know why I did it, the idea of having you jerk off to pictures of me, and using panties I'd been wearing seemed to get me going." Ashley explained, ". . . I guess we really are brother and sister," she joked.

They both took a couple minutes to process their thoughts.

"So, um, what did you think of the pictures," Ashley sheepishly asked.

Kyle was all too happy to compliment his sister,

"They were amazing; after figuring out it was you in the pics, let's just say I've never been harder."

Ashley chuckled and followed up on her question,

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