tagSci-Fi & FantasyHappy Accident Ch. 02

Happy Accident Ch. 02


As the two lay there in bed, Larann's cum oozing out of her, Anaya chuckled softly. "Only you would get a tentacle monster stuck to your back by accident."

"Yeah. Seems to be permanent. Not that you're going to complain."

Anaya's cheeks flushed as she looked away. "S-shut up. It's not my fault your new parts are perverted."

Larann couldn't help but smile. Drow women had a hard time admitting any sort of submission. Almost since birth, they have been steeped in a culture of female dominance, so for her to have submitted to him so quickly must have mentally chafed at her sensibilities.

"So... Our contract is almost up. Want to go back to just being wandering adventurers?"

Anaya thought about it for a moment. Wandering adventuring was far more high-risk than being a caravan guard, but also had the potential to be far more rewarding.

"Let me think it over. My shift starts in a couple hours, so I'll have time to think." Anaya paused, looking down at her huge breasts. "No way in hell are these gonna fit under my armor."

"I'll figure something out for you."

As Larann got to work, Anaya quietly cleared her throat. "So... um... I'm guessing you know how I feel about you now."

"That you're attracted to me? Yes, I figured that part out. Honestly, I'm surprised you are, given my new... appendages."

"You don't look that freakish. Besides, most men would give their left ball to bang a drow girl."

"I think I have something for your armor."

Grateful for the change of subject, she looked over as she wrestled on her tunic. Her armor looked... just like it always did. Which meant some sort of enchantment had been applied to it.

"What sort of magic did you put on it?"

"You know the magic that lets a bag of holding hold stuff without changing in size?"

"I know of it but not really how it works."

"Every bag of holding is connected to a pocket plane. Well, the good news is that I applied the same enchantment to your armor, so it should hold your breasts with little to no trouble."

"So... my breasts are just gonna be floating around in some void?"

"Kind of. Think of it as the most supportive pair of undergarments you'll ever own."

"Oh... thank you." Anaya strapped on the armor. "I'll tell the boss that you're not feeling well, so you have some time to try and get those new appendages in check." He was right, of course. It was like the most supportive article of clothing she'd ever own.

"Thank you. I really owe you one this time." He hugs her tightly. "Have a good day."

After she left the wagon, Larann sat down and gently willed the tentacles to come forth. He realized the day before that trying to force them caused intense pain, and so was wary of it happening again.

After a moment, they appeared. At least twenty in number. The tentacles were an array of colors, some red, a majority the shade of green you see in frogs, even one that was pure white.

"Hmm..." The image of Anaya going mad with pleasure under the influence of these things appeared unbidden in his mind. "I wonder... Just how good do these feel?"

He remembered that the white one seemed to pour an aphrodisiac down her throat, so he beckoned it over and grabbed a beaker. His inner scientist was enthralled by the idea of such research as he gently touched the appendage, hissing softly as a thrill of pleasure went through him.

He gently squeezed the tentacle, causing it to ooze a clear liquid into the beaker. Taking a deep breath and praying he didn't regret his life choices, he hesitantly put a finger in the liquid, putting in his mouth and swallowing the flavorless liquid after a moment.

A tingling pleasure ran up and down his spine as he became hopelessly, painfully hard. It felt like he hadn't cum in months, instead of just that day. Larann's cock was rather modest at six inches long when hard, enough to please a smaller girl like Anaya.

He was about to grab his cock and start stroking it when one of the green tentacles came into his field of view and started poking at his twitching cock as if trying to understand what was happening.

Before he could nudge it away, it seemed to... melt around his cock, solidifying again with it trapped inside. The feeling wasn't unpleasant, but it certainly wasn't one he was keen on repeating.

He felt a sharp stinging sensation in his cock, accompanied by a bloom of warmth as the tentacle withdrew, now caressing his balls and giving them the same stinging sensation. Larann groaned in pleasure as he felt his cock swell as it usually did when he was about to cum.

And keep growing.

Staring down in awe as his cock grew in length and girth, ending up at about nine inches at his best estimate, Larann couldn't help but stroke it. This was old form, him trying desperately to satisfy himself and soothe his burning desire for his friend. The woman he'd met in the guild hall a year ago, who'd seen past the bumbling mage exterior and into the sharp mind within.

Running his hand up and down the shaft hard and fast, picturing Anaya's needy face as she whimpered and begged for his cock, the softness of her large, pillow-esque tits as they enveloped his shaft, how tightly she'd spasmed around his cock as she came with a whimpered cry of his name...

He felt his balls stir and convulse as he groaned out her name. He was close, painfully, achingly close. He wanted to cum, no, he needed to cum.

"What are you doing?" The young mage whirls out of his chair, his robes fluttering down to obscure just what he'd been doing as Anaya came back from her shift. She pulled off her armor and walked over to the bed, groaning in relief as she sat down, the bounce of her breasts causing his cock to twitch.

"N-nothing. Nothing at all."

"Really? Because that is one hell of a tent you've got going on over there."

"Well, I, uh... I may have been trying to control the tentacles and then the image of what they were doing to you came to mind and, well..."


"I... I need you."

She gets up and walks over to him, Larann's heartbeat pounding like a rabbit's. Her usually hard face softens as she brushes his cheek with the backs of her fingers. "You need me?"

"Yes. Gods forgive me, I need-Ah!" He winces and grabs his erection, panting softly.

"What's wrong?" She puts a hand on his shoulder, her eyes full of concern. He smiled weakly at her.

"I was... about to climax when you came in. I guess the human word for this is blue balls." He pants, looking at her with an almost pitiful expression. "Please help me."

Anaya smiles a little and sits back down on the bed. "Come on, sit. We'll do what we did last time, but... take our time with it."

"I don't know how much time I can give." He sits down next to her. "Especially when in the presence of such a beautiful woman."

"Flattery will get you nowhere, Larann," Anaya smirks.

"Even when it's true?"

Now it was her turn to look surprised. "You think I'm beautiful?"

He nods, gently kissing her neck and nuzzling close. "More beautiful than any surface elf."

The two fell into each other's arms, a mass of stroking limbs and almost frantic kisses as he worked off Anaya's clothes and his own.

He'd only seen her naked body twice, with this being the second time. Large, round breasts capped with dusky nipples, muscular torso widening into round, perfect hips. The hairless pussy typical of an elf, her arousal already a heady perfume to him. He groans as a pearl of pre-cum oozed from his cock.

"Gods, Anaya, you're even more beautiful than I thought you'd be." He kisses the top of her groin, at the spot where a human girl's pubic hair would start. "May I taste you?"

The idea of having this elf between her legs made Anaya hesitate for a moment before she nods. It wasn't out of lack of affection that she was hesitating. She was worried about the dominant side all she-drow had coming out of hiding. She'd worked so hard to distance herself from her people, suppressing everything except her skin that tied her to the drow.

As if he had been awaiting her approval more than anything in his life, he dove into her folds and started licking and sucking. With some exploring, his lips find her clit, a swollen nub camped out at the very top of her pussy. Thinking for a moment, he hesitantly ran his tongue over the ball of flesh, causing Anaya to buck her hips softly and moan.

"Please, Larann, do that again..." Anaya pleaded, hoping that if he made her cum soon then the dominance streak would be sated and he wouldn't see that side of her.

At this point unable and unwilling to refuse her, he starts slowly licking her clit, reveling in her moans. To him, they were the sweetest sounds he'd ever heard.

Her fingers tangled in his long blonde hair, pushing his face firmer into her pussy. "More..." Anaya's voice was husky, the request... no, the demand barely audible over her panting.

His eyes flickered up to see that hers had turned red, something he was told happened to drow women when over-excited, bringing with it an intense dominant streak. Seeing it caused his cock to throb, more pre-cum dripping down it as he began to suckle on her clit.

He'd always wanted to see the dominant streak in her, to see her command him without question, and he got his wish as she held his head tight against her pussy. She moans loudly, purring. "I'm going to cum, pet."

Taking a risk, he gently nipped her clit, causing her to squeal and her world to go white for a moment. Her orgasm caused her legs to tighten around him, trapping his head between her legs as he lapped up her release. When she came back to herself, he was sitting up before her on the bed, his cock throbbing.

Smiling when he saw that her eyes were still red, he licks his lips. Anaya normally was beautiful, but... Her when her dominant streak was showing had to be the sexiest thing he'd ever seen. He easily slipped into the role of her pet, kept around for her amusement and pleasure. "Mistress... what do you wish of your pet next?"

"Hmm..." She twirls a lock of hair around her finger. Finally, an idea seems to dawn on her. "I want you to use your tentacles on yourself. Make yourself go mad with ecstasy."

He swallows. "And you, mistress?"

"I will watch. When you come, paint my skin white with it."

"Yes, Mistress." He closes his eyes, the tentacles whirling to life. When his eyes open, the white tentacle was hovering in front of his lips. Barely hesitating, he takes it into his mouth, eagerly suckling and taking more and more of its secretions into his body. By the time it withdrew, his mind was so pleasure-addled that the only things that existed were his cock, Mistress' orders, and his tentacles.

One of the three red ones rubbed against his ass, causing him to jump and suck in a breath. He saw nothing wrong with anal, he'd even tried it before a couple times, but he was very out of practice.

He let out a needy whine as the red appendage worked its way into his ass, leaving tingling pleasure in its wake as it probed and sought something out. His neglected cock was back to full life and he needed to cum so bad it hurt. He needed that release.

His eyes bulged as it found it, pressing hard on something inside him. His pleasure addled mind remembered enough of her request that he was able to point his cock at her as his seed spurted forth, the white liquid a stark contrast to her dark skin. He was dimly aware of the tentacle writhing in his ass, forcing orgasm after orgasm from his body as he screamed Anaya's name as if it were a mantra to preserve his sanity. Finally, no matter how hard it pressed against him, he just couldn't cum anymore.

The tentacle withdrew from his ass, causing him to drop onto the bed, shaking and whimpering. Spots were floating in front of his eyes, but he thought he could see Anaya clean herself off and hold him close, murmuring softly and stroking his body as he returned to his senses.

"I..." He looks up at her, seeing that her eyes were back to normal, and... she looked ashamed. "Anaya... that was incredible."

"I'm sorry if I got rough with you."

"If you did, I liked it." He kissed her, shaking slightly. "Sorry, still kind of sensitive."

She stared at him, an expression usually saved for those who had just gotten a hunk of wood to the back of the head. "You... You liked me like that?"

"Yeah. You when your eyes go red has got to be the sexiest thing I've ever seen." He smiles. "Of course, you in any state is beautiful to me."

"Thank you."

After a long moment of quiet, he smiles. "Have you thought over what I said?"

"Yeah. I was thinking... maybe we should go independent again. It would be nice to have it just be the two of us, at least so I can avoid the stares from people who just see my skin and think me dangerous."

"Alright, we'll leave when we hit the next town."

The two lie there for a while as sleep starts trying to claim him. "Anaya?" He murmurs, trying to catch her attention.


"I love you..." He nuzzles closer, humming contentedly in her arms.

"...I love you too, Larann." She kisses his brow and lets sleep claim her.

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by Anonymous

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by redzinger03/09/19

Building something good

You have a talent and some great ideas (loved him doing his own anal), however there are some structural faults you need to sort out: switching between tenses, and the constant pov changes. Both of thesemore...

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Reply to 10/17/18

I love that you play D&D. How do your male drow characters respond to flirts and romantic overtures, if I may ask? One would think they would reflexively submit.

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by Anonymous10/16/18

This reminds me of dnd, I'll never be able to play a drow the same way again lol. I usually play male drow though, which is funny and awkward when females try to flirt with him.

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Thank you for thinking so. While I'm editing the first chapter, I'll be putting out some other works as well, just so I don't get rusty.

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by Anonymous10/11/18

Sorry didn't get back to you

Lit has been blocking me from commenting often.
I think with your skills, you would surely accomplish that. Monster girls are always welcome here, I guess :)

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