tagLoving WivesHappy Anniversary Ch. 01

Happy Anniversary Ch. 01


"You have no idea what you are looking for do you?" Tammy asked as she stared angrily at Amy.

"No, and quit being so pissy, you love to shop." Amy shot back at her friend who was truly getting on her last nerve.

"This isn't shopping this is wondering around a huge sporting goods store with no idea what you want."

"Dan loves this place," Amy said snickering towards Tammy.

"So buy him a gift card."

"Nice, here honey I bought you a gift card for our anniversary."

"I still say you should do what I suggested."

"Thanks, but I told you, I don't think I would have the nerve to do that."

"Why Jim loved them."

Amy shook her head as she walked up to another salesman. This was the third one and he looked at her as if she were nuts when she asked him what he thought her husband would like.

"How about a gift card then he could buy whatever he wants."

Amy spun around and shot Tammy a look as she heard her burst out in laughter behind her. "Okay I give, where do I pay for that?"

"God this can't be this hard," Amy said as she dropped her head onto the steering wheel as Tammy closed her door.

"Call Mike, it's not that embarrassing and Dan will love them."

"Okay send me his info when you get home, I can't just give him this card." Amy laughed as she pulled from the parking lot.

It would be their tenth anniversary and she wanted to buy something special for Dan. She had struggled with what to buy him for over a month and the sporting goods store was her last hope. He had always been tough to buy anything for as he usually just bought whatever he wanted himself. A big outdoorsman she thought she would get some idea today when she walked into the store, but really had no idea what he would want.

Amy pulled into her drive and stepped out of the car. "Thanks for going with me today."

"Anytime. Maybe we can go back tomorrow check out some guns or something," Tammy said sarcastically.

"You're such a bitch at times you know that," Amy laughed as she looked towards Tammy.

"You know you love me. I will send you Mike's site when I get home. You saw mine, just think about it, Dan will love them."

"Okay I will, talk to you later."

Walking towards the house she wondered if she could go through with it. It wasn't so much getting them done as much as it was a guy would be taking them. Setting her purse onto the counter she opened her laptop and typed in photographers in her local search. She looked at numerous sites only finding three somewhat close to her that did boudoir photography. Two looked really cheesy, the one site though had some very classy looking shots on it. Shaking her head as she read the photographers profile, she should have known, his name was Mike. Tammy had gone on and on about how much fun it was and how much her husband had liked them since she had pictures taken by Mike a year ago. She also went on about how good looking he was. It was only lingerie though, maybe she shouldn't be so uptight about it, she was still in amazing shape for being thirty-five.

She thought about it the rest of the night and decided to call Mike in the morning. Dan and her had always had an amazing sex life and this would probably just enhance it. He loved when she dressed sexy for him and it always led to a hot night in bed. If she did get some pictures taken that would give him something to look at when he was away on business anyways. Closing her eyes as she laid her head onto her pillow, she was now excited to call Mike in the morning.

Sitting at the kitchen table the next morning she tapped her finger nervously on her phone. Still unsure why she was having so much trouble with this she took a deep breath and dialed the number. Thinking she would leave a voicemail and her number she was a little shocked when he answered. They talked for about twenty minutes discussing prices and going over what she wanted. She was pleased when he told her he was free the next couple of mornings and she made the appointment for the next day knowing she would chicken out if she had too much time to think about it.

After talking to Mike she went to the mall to buy a couple of new outfits. One more classy yet sexy and one a little more form fitting and slutty, which she knew Dan would love. She called Tammy on her way home and asked her if she could go with her in the morning. Mike had suggested that she bring her to ease her nerves a bit. She was disappointed that she couldn't make it but Tammy reassured her he was a total professional and would quickly put her at ease.

Taking a deep breath as she walked towards his door she could feel her anxiety growing. She rang the doorbell and was fidgeting with her dress when Mike opened the door.

"Good morning, you must be Amy," Mike said extending his hand.

"Yes, its Mike right?" Amy said knowing it was, she felt her stomach turning as the good looking man politely shook her hand.

"Yes, please come in." Mike shut the door behind her and invited her to sit at the kitchen table, as he reached for a coffee pot on the counter.

"Might take more than coffee to get me to go through with this," Amy thought as Mike held up the pot. "Thanks coffee would be great." Tammy had told her that Mike was good looking, but she wasn't prepared for how good looking. Standing six two, probably two hundred solid pounds, she guessed early forties. He had salt and pepper hair with steel blue eyes that would make any woman melt.

"Tammy emailed me and said you were nervous about this, anything I can do to ease your mind?" Mike asked as he sat a cup in front of her.

"I'm not sure... Can you do this blindfolded?" Amy laughed feeling herself blush.

"Might be tough," Mike laughed.

"Just never done anything like this, and I'm not really sure I will be any good at it."

"Well all you have to do is try and relax, you're very beautiful, I'm sure your husband will love the pictures. It's all up to you the type you want to take."

"Do you do a lot of these types of shoots?"

"Not a lot, my female counterparts probably do more. But they do seem to be a popular gift idea."

"Tammy's were beautiful; I guess I am looking for something like that, nothing to wild. To be honest I did look online for female photographers but your site had the best photographs on it."

"Well thanks, I will try to make this as comfortable as possible for you."

"Thanks." Amy smiled as she looked towards Mike.

"You can change in the spare bedroom or in my studio down stairs; there is a full length mirror in the bedroom though."

"Oh, okay, well I guess the bedroom then."

"Great, it's the room at the end of the hall. I will wait out here for you. Just holler when you're ready."

Amy walked down the hall into the room closing the door behind her. Sliding out of her clothes she looked at her reflection in the mirror. She cupped her small perky breast then turned and stuck her ass out playfully at the mirror, laughing at herself as she reached into her bag for her first outfit. Looking into the mirror after sliding it on she turned and glanced down towards her ass. The sheer black material of the teddy just barely covering it, her matching panties and bra clearly visible through the material. She felt her nerves getting to her as she opened up the door.

"I'm ready!" She called down the hall seeing Mike look around the corner and wave for her to follow. Walking down the stairs she couldn't help but admire his ass as he led her into the professional looking studio in his basement. Mike directed her to a small stool sitting in the middle of the room with two umbrella lights on each side. Amy sat nervously; trying to cover her bare legs best she could as Mike adjusted the lighting. She could feel herself trembling a bit as he picked up the camera and took a couple of quick shots.

"Just need to get a read on the lighting," Mike smiled as he pulled the camera down. "So how about a few shots on the stool to start, get you used to this a bit, then we can move on to whatever poses you would like."

"Okay sounds good," Amy said nervously.

"You look stunning by the way, if I may be so bold," Mike smiled as he raised the camera.

Although nervous at the start Amy felt herself relax quickly and was soon enjoying posing on the stool, then lying on a black sating sheet on the floor. Mike was very professional with a great sense of humor and had her at ease in no time. After about a half an hour of shooting she changed into her second outfit and rejoined Mike down stairs. This one tighter, showing off her toned body, and she smiled as she noticed Mike's eyes widen as she walked in.

"Wow... I... sorry, that's a great outfit, "Mike smiled his face blushing a bit.

Amy smiled as she looked at a now seemingly nervous Mike. "Thanks, so the same poses or something different?"

"Up to you, but I would take some different ones." Maybe some on the couch," Mike pointed to a Victorian style black leather couch in the corner of the room.

Amy smiled and sat onto the edge as Mike started taking some shots. She soon began feeling more at ease and started trying to strike sexier poses without Mike's prompting. Sliding onto her stomach she pulled one leg under her as the other slid onto the floor.

"Wow, that's really nice," Mike said as she arched her back pushing her ass out.

Amy looked seductively into the lens as Mike kept shooting. He was slowing moving around in front of her getting shots from different angles as she changed poses. She felt a chill run down her spine as Mike reached out and moved one of her legs a bit before placing it back onto the camera.

"You're a natural at this," Mike said from behind the camera, "great seductive looks."

Amy winked as he continued shooting; sliding into a sitting position on the couch, she faced Mike and spread her legs as she bent down a bit. Unsure of where her confidence came from she did know that the looks were not fake on her part. Her eyes kept catching glimpses of Mike's hard cock in his jeans and she could feel herself getting wet as he fired away with the camera.

The rest of the shoot went by quick and Amy felt a bit sad as she undressed in the bedroom. Sliding her hand between her legs she fought not to moan out as her fingers slid over her wet lips. Mike had been totally professional through the shoot and aside from lightly adjusting her poses now and then hadn't touched her. She knew she would have been offended if he would have made some type of sexual gesture towards her though. She had never cheated on Dan, "a little fantasy never hurt anyone though," she thought as she slid on her jeans.

Amy screamed out in pleasure as she felt her pussy explode around her husband's cock, grabbing his hips she pulled him into her as she felt his cock pulsing streams of hot cum into her. His sweat covered body collapsing onto hers as they lay on the living room floor like two hormone ridden teens.

"Damn baby, what the hell was that about," Dan smiled as he pulled his head up.

"Mmmm, sorry was a little worked up." Amy leaned up gently kissing her husband's lips.

"Well whatever got you so worked up go do it again tomorrow," Dan laughed as his cock slid from his wife. Sliding down her body his eyes met hers, as a smile spread across her face. He felt her body jump as he slid his tongue between her cum soaked lips and turned onto his back. Moaning into her pussy as she flipped over and straddled his face, he pulled her into his mouth, the taste of his own cum filling his senses.

Amy rocked her pussy into Dan's hungry mouth, she loved this and her hormones were in overdrive as he quickly brought her to the verge of another orgasm. Amy felt her legs begin to quiver as she thought about earlier today, wondering if Dan would be able to tell if Mikes cum was mixed with his as his tongue darted in and out of her. She screamed out as the thought of that sent her over the edge, her body falling onto her husbands.

They showered after their little romp in the living room and Amy admitted what she had done earlier. She was relieved Dan seemed okay with it, and a little shocked he was also turned on by the idea of someone shooting photographs of his wife in lingerie.

"So when do I get to see them?" Dan asked as they sat across from one another at the dinner table.

"Well they were going to be your anniversary gift."

"That's a month away," Dan objected.

"Can email him to see when he can have them ready."

"Cool, can't wait. Will the nude ones be on his site?"

"The nude ones?" Amy asked almost laughing.

"Yeah, the nude pictures."

"Dan there are no nude pictures."


"I was afraid you would be upset, with the lingerie shots let alone nude ones. Especially since it was a man taking the shots."

"No...why did something happen?"

"No baby, nothing at all."

"Oh okay."

"You don't believe me?" Amy asked unsure if the look on Dan's face was one of disbelief or disappointment.

"No I do, you were just really turned on when you got home, thought maybe something did."

"Nothing happened Dan, I guess it was just posing in front of a stranger really got me hot."

"Knew I should have taken up photography," Dan laughed as he watched his blushing wife do the same.

Mike sent her a link to his site in an email the next day and asked her to text or send a password she would like to use so only Dan and she would be able to see the photographs. He quickly sent her a message back saying it was all set and he would have a disc ready with all the shots on it in a couple days. She responded with simple thanks and quickly logged onto the site. She was shocked at how tasteful yet erotic the photographs were. Quickly going through them she found herself wet by the end of the slideshow thinking about the shoot and couldn't wait to show them to Dan when he got home.

She had called Dan telling him the pics were up and even though he all but begged she wouldn't give him the password until he got home. He was more than happy when he finally got home and got to view them for the first time. They all but raped each other after going through the pics together; both lay panting trying to catch their breath on the bed.

"So I take it you liked your anniversary gift then?" Amy smiled as she rolled into Dan stroking his semihard wet cock.

"God Amy, I've had a hard on since you first told me about doing that."

"So I've noticed. He has more; he just put some on his site so we could see them. The rest he is going to put on a disc."

"Going to have to give him a big tip for those," Dan smiled turning into Amy.

"Oh really, how big a tip should I give him," Amy smiled wickedly tugging on Dan's stiffening cock.

"I'd say at least a BJ is in order." Dan smiled as his fingers slipped between Amy's opening legs.

"You would like that huh?" Amy felt herself getting excited at even the thought of it.

"I should go blow him after seeing how hot this got you."

"Mmmm," Amy moaned into her husband's mouth as they kissed passionately. She had always loved the thought of watching two men give each other head.

"Just kidding, don't get too excited."

"You really never did that," Amy asked smiling, knowing his answer would be the same as it always was.

"No, never."

"You really seem to like going down on me after we've had sex."

"Mmmm, I do!" Dan smiled as he slid the head of his cock against Amy's pussy.

"So what if I told you something did happen?" Amy moaned out as she felt Dan's cock slide between her lips.

"I knew something happened," Dan rocked his pelvis sliding his semi hard cock over her wet lips.

"You would like that wouldn't you?" Amy whispered into his ear as he began to fuck her. "Knowing your wife was seduced by another man.

"Oh god baby," Dan squeezed her tight as he slid his cock into her.

"That Mike fucked me silly with his big cock, and then I came home and fucked you." Amy squirmed wildly into Dan's cock as the thought of it drove her wild. "That it was his cum you licked from my pussy when I straddled your face."

Dan slammed his cock deep into Amy as he exploded, her words driving him over the edge. The thought of it had always driven him crazy, but hearing his wife tell him what she did was too much to take. "God you did fuck him didn't you?" Dan asked between his panting breaths.

"Mmmm, no baby." Amy said calmly as she felt her husband's cum running from her pussy. She slid her fingers between her legs pushing two deep into her pussy. Pulling them out she looked into Dan's eyes as she traced them over his lips. "Would that really turn you on?" Amy felt a rush over her body as Dan moaned onto her cum covered fingers as he sucked them into his mouth. Amy's body was on fire as she watched her husband hungrily lick his cum from her fingers. They had teased each other over the years about sleeping with other people but this was different.

Amy reached under her pillow and grabbed the dildo she had used on herself hours before after looking at the pictures. Kissing Dan deeply she slid it into her pussy and pulled it back out. She heard him moan into her mouth as she pressed it between their lips. Sliding her lips to his ear she traced the wet dildo over his lips. "Would you lick my cum from Mike's cock for me baby. Mike's big cock that just fucked your wife like she's never been fucked before."

Dan felt his cock jump and Amy moan into his ear as his mouth opened, his hand sliding over hers as she pushed the cum covered dildo into his mouth.

"Mmmm, that's it baby suck his cock for me." Amy pushed Dan onto his back as she continued to feed him the dildo. "Mmmm, that's so hot baby," Amy moaned as she turned and straddled her husband; raising her ass she slid her pussy above her husband's face. "Fuck me with Mike's cock baby," Amy begged as her body squirmed on top of his.

Dan pulled the dildo from his mouth as he felt Amy's mouth wrap around his cock. Pushing it deep into her as he wrapped his arm around the small of her back pulling her into him, his mouth sucking her hard clit between his lips. He was overcome with lust as he heard Amy begin screaming as he fucked her roughly with the dildo, his mind wanting it to be Mike's cock slamming into her from behind. He felt her body begin to convulse uncontrollably onto top of him, her pussy squirting over his face as she screamed out.

Amy rolled off of her husband, her body flopping limply onto the bed, her breaths quick and shallow she could feel her body trembling. Her mind racing she fought to control her thoughts as her body recovered from the mind blowing orgasm. She felt Dan turn and slide up next to her, a soft kiss on the cheek then his head lay down next to hers. Both remained quiet as their minds replayed the past few minutes, neither not knowing what to say.

Amy woke the next morning to the sounds of birds chirping in the back yard. Dan was gone already; she hadn't even known he had gotten up. Glancing at the clock that read nine am, she slid out of bed and headed for the shower. The water waking her a bit she began to feel anxious about what had happened last night. Unsure of what had overcome her she wondered how mad Dan was right now. He had never said a word to her the rest of the night and didn't wake her when he left as he usually had.

Sitting down at the kitchen table Amy sipped at her coffee wondering what tonight would be like when he got home. "Nothing like making a fool of your husband as you tell him you want another man's cock," Amy thought. They had often played out fantasies in bed, and had even pretended a few times that one or the other was fucking someone they knew or had fantasized about. Both had always been open with one another when it came to sex, but last night seemed different. Dan had teased with her in the past that he wanted to see another guy fuck her, but last night seemed like it went too far.

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