tagIncest/TabooHappy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!


I've never told anyone this story before, but I'm sure you see that a lot when you're reading stories on here. But it's true. I think the time is right to go ahead and tell the story, and let you be the judge if it was right or wrong. I'm not going to use our real names, so I'll just call myself Jack.

Jill is my twin sister. She's a little bit older than me, being born first, and she never lets me forget it. If something comes up that's one of us or the other, if she wants it she pulls the age card and gets it. Just the way it is around here.

My dad's Dave. He works as the second shift supervisor at a plant that makes rubber parts for the auto industry. Mom's a nurse and works at the local hospital. Her name is Nancy. Most of the time she works nights, but they keep changing it around all the time, and she gets called in early a lot if they're really overloaded there. So Jill and I were used to being home by ourselves a lot.

The entire family was hardly what you could call outgoing. We were all smart, and our grades in school proved it, but we all lacked a bit in the social skills department. Face it, we weren't very good dealing with people we just met. I had a couple of friends, but no real close ones. I stayed home and read a lot. Yeah, a bookworm. That's me. I spent more time with Jill and her friends than I did all mine put together.

Jill had more friends than I did, but even they were kinda wall flowers. She did have three close friends who hung around all the time, and I got along pretty good with all of them. But even the four of them spent more time at home watching movies together than they did going out anywhere.

Taken together the five of us were probably the most withdrawn, shy people in the entire school. We for sure weren't in any danger of having our evenings overbooked, that was for sure.

So came Jill's and my eighteenth birthday.

In our families understated way, no one made a big deal out of it. It was in the middle of summer, and we hadn't found jobs yet, or even decided if we were even going to bother with college in the fall. What I'm trying to say is we didn't know what we wanted to do, and mom and dad never went to college, so we weren't sure we would. Money was a big part of it. Our parents couldn't help any, that was for sure.

We'd all been accepted to a regional college, so we had the option if we wanted it. At least we had the summer to think it through, and make up our minds. So when our birthday came, we were free to just kick back and enjoy it.

Just afternoon mom and dad gave us both our gifts. Jill got a couple of outfits she'd had her eye on, and I got a fishing rod and reel from my parents. Jill gave me a tackle box. Cool. I could use all of that!

I got Jill a present from me, a diary. Sure, it was lame, but that was just the thing I got her that I could let mom and dad see. Her real present would have to wait til they weren't around.

You see, one other thing me and Jill had between us was the knowledge that we were both still virgins. We really didn't have any secrets between us, and picked on each other about it all the time. We got along great, and it was funny, some of the stuff we pulled on each other. Jill had flashed me her tits a while ago, just to drive me nuts, and to tell you the truth they were great tits! Damn, she was hot!

Before that, the only other time I'd even come close to seeing her hot bod was when I peeked into the bathroom when she was taking a shower. All I saw was her outline through the shower curtain, but it was enough for me to go to my room and jack off.

She's about five foot seven, and slim. She has dark brown hair with just a tint of red in it, and the prettiest blue eyes I'd ever seen. Her tits weren't very big, but were what I guessed you call perky. Her ass was tight. I mean, all the guys at school talked all the time about getting into her pants. She really was a hot, sexy woman. Even I knew that. None of the guys ever got a chance, by the way. She shut them down every time.

I was an inch shorter at five foot six. Average body, I guess, but I didn't have any fat on me. They called me 'wirery' and I guess that's true. Had I gone out for a sport it would have had to have been wrestling. Upper body strength without the bulging muscles. You get the idea. Nothing special about me at all, other than being able to eat whatever I wanted without gaining weight. One hundred forty pounds for the last four years, I never varied by more than two pounds. Ever.

I guess I should get back to our birthday, huh? Well, after mom and dad had given us our presents we headed upstairs, and I went to my room to grab her 'real' present. I had it all wrapped up with a bow on it. I grabbed it and headed for her room next door. We shared a bathroom between our rooms, and I took the shortcut through it rather than going out and down the hallway.

I didn't bother to knock. If she didn't want me in her room she locked the door on her side. Since it was unlocked, it was okay for me to go in.

She was sitting on her bed when I stepped through the doorway, grinning like a fool. She had a small package in her hands, all wrapped up. She tossed it to me and I, of course, fumbled it trying to catch it one handed. I handed her present to her, and bent to pick up the book.

"Nice!" I heard her say, behind me. I had turned around to pick it up, and she was staring at my ass!

"How would you know?" I stuttered.

"I know what I like when I see it!" she told me.

I blush too easy. I know that. And sure enough, I was feeling a bit warm right about then.

"Just open your present already," I told her.

She did just that. When she'd unwrapped it, it was her turn to blush just a little. She held it up. I'd gotten her a strap-on. It was a small one, only about four inches long and not very thick. How many brothers got their sister one of those?

"Figured you might need that one of these days. Maybe one of the girls can help you out."

She slapped me on the shoulder.

"Very funny, Mr. Jack-off!" she told me, with a big grin on her face. "Besides," she went on, getting close to my ear and whispering, "Mines bigger."

Oops. My turn to blush again. From the look on her face I could tell she was serious. I think she really had one, and might have even used it!

"You turn," she told me, pointing at her present to me that I still had in my hands. I knew it was a book before I opened it. I was right.

'Sex For Nerds' it said on the front. A picture of a nerd sitting in front of a computer playing with himself was on the cover. I took a quick glance through it and saw chapter one was 'How to Recognize a Real Woman'. A picture of a naked woman was on the facing page, with arrows pointing to parts of her. I'm sure you know which parts. Another chapter was 'How to Jack Off In The Shower'.

"I thought you could use that," she said while laughing. I pushed her back on the bed, and we started to tussle a bit. I tickled her until she couldn't stand it anymore.

"Stop! Stop!" she eventually told me. "I'm laughing so hard my sides hurt!"

I let her up, and then took the book and headed back to my room. I was just going through the door when she stopped me.

"Oh, Jack! I almost forgot. The girls are coming over to spend the night tonight."

I rolled my eyes at the ceiling.

"Great. Keep it down, would you? Last time it sounded like you were having way too much fun over here."

Jill started to laugh again, and just as I was closing the door I heard her say one more thing.

"That's when I got the strap on!"

I put the book away where mom wouldn't find it, and then sat on my bed. It didn't take me long of picturing just what her last comment might mean before I had to go in the bathroom and jack off again.

I seemed to be doing that more and more these days....

The 'girls' started to arrive about eight o'clock in the evening. Tiffany was first. She was tall and skinny, and, as far as I could tell, completely flat chested. She really didn't even have an ass, she just went straight from hips to legs. And she didn't talk like I thought any 'lady' would talk! She had a dirtier mind than I did, and mine was pretty dirty. She made up for any other shortcomings by being about the sweetest girl you could find. The two sides of her didn't always blend very well, but she really cared for her friends and would do anything for them. I really liked her.

I sent her to the basement, where Jill was hanging out.

The other two came a half hour later. First through the door was Candy. Yeah, I know, I've used the joke 'everyone wants a piece of Candy' enough myself. Including in front of her. She's got a great sense of humor, thank god. She had a twin sister names Cathy, who was about the biggest bitch at school. Candy was anything but. About my height, she had a good fifteen pounds on me. But she carried them well. She was one of those girls who just naturally looked sexual. Everything about her said she'd be a tiger in bed, from the way she walked to her voice. I must have jacked off a hundred times with a picture of her in my head. And those tits! Large! She knew it, and wore a lot of tops that showed cleavage that the guys just wanted to dive into. I know I did!

Stepping in behind her was Melody. Think 'bookworm', female version, and you'd be pretty close. She wore her blond hair up on her head most of the time, and dressed so you couldn't really see what kind of body she had. I'd seen it in the pool before, and trust me, she was hot. The hottest of all of them. She had a figure that made the guys want to dive into and never come back up. But she wanted nothing to do with them. I sure hoped she wasn't a lesbian! It would be a tragic blow to men everywhere if she was. Of all of them, she was the one I most wanted to loose my virginity too. And to make me feel bad, Jill had told her that one time. And if she didn't hold it against me, and she didn't, mores the pity, she was always just on the verge of being friendly enough to me that I sometimes thought it may someday even happen. It hadn't yet, but a guy can dream, can't he?

I went down to the basement with them. Jill was there talking with Tiffany about the movie they were watching. I couldn't see what it was, and they turned the sound down when the girls and I walked in. Whatever. Who cared?

It was a full basement, and dad had fixed it up pretty nice. He had a small bar at the far end, then a pool table in front of that. Next towards the steps was a sitting area with a couch and two chairs in front of a TV. There was a gas fired fireplace to the side of the couch and chairs. It made a nice cozy place to just hang out in. There was even a bathroom, so you didn't have to go upstairs for that.

I headed over to the bar to get a beer. Dad kept some down here, and he didn't mind if we drank them. The rule was it's okay, as long as they stay down here, and no one drinks and leaves. They have to spend the night. It wasn't like his kids had any wild parties or anything. The five of us that were here right now were all that had every seen the place besides mom and dad. And we never went anywhere, social misfits that we were.

Tiffany already had a beer, and the other's said no thanks, so I grabbed mine and headed for one of the chairs. I was just about there when the tv screen came into view, and I couldn't believe the glance I'd gotten. They had been watching porn! I recognized it, it was one of dads that he kept hidden in his closet. Like we wouldn't find it? As if!

Sure, I'd seen it. A bunch. But I didn't know the girls even knew about dads collection!

Jill had changed to a movie channel on cable as I'd been walking back from the bar. But I'd seen it! I knew I wasn't mistaken. Jill watched porn! I downed the beer in just a few minutes, and headed upstairs thinking how I was going to use what I'd seen against her someday. It had to be worth something...

I left them there to do whatever they wanted to do and headed to my room. I picked up the book I'd been reading and lay down to read.

I guess I fell asleep a little bit after that, because when I woke up the book was on the floor, and someone was standing beside the bed. In the dark I couldn't make out who it was, but, really, the only ones it could be were mom, dad, or the girls in the basement.

Turned out it was Melody and Jill.

"Jack?" That was Jill's voice.

"Yeah," I said, yawning.

"You feel up to joining us in the basement for a while?"

"What for?"

"We want to play a game, but it takes five, and we don't want to have to change the rules for the four of us. Come on, bro. It'll be fun. We promise!"

Oh my god! If I'd only know what game the wanted to play...

I was awake now anyway, so I figured I might as well. Five players sounded to me like poker, and I could kick their ass at that. And had, too. Often.

"Can't mom or dad help you out? They're home now, aren't they?"

"Yeah, they're home. They went to bed an hour ago. And no, they can't play with us."

My eyes were adjusting to the dark room, and I saw them exchange a smile. What were they up to?

"Sure. Give me a minute to get dressed and I'll be down."

"Cool," they both said at the same time, bouncing out of the room.

"Wait!" I shouted at them before they got very far, and Jill poked her head around the door frame.


"I need a shower," I told her. "Can it wait that long?"

Jill looked back down the hallway and told Melody what I'd said. Then they both stuck their heads in the room and Melody said "Sure! That would be great!"

Then they were gone, back to the basement.

While I showered I got to thinking about this whole deal. They'd never woke me up to play a game before, but we all did hang around together a lot. So that part wasn't weird. But something was up. They were acting weird, and the porn was still throwing me off. Somehow I never thought of Jill as watching porn. But it was Jill's and my birthday, and I was thinking maybe they had something up for that? That could be it, couldn't it?

Whatever, I'd find out when I got there. When I was done with the shower I dried off and got dressed. I thought, why do I need underwear to beat the girls at poker? So I left them off. I pulled my pants and a shirt on, and my socks. My shoes I didn't need either, and I left them in my room. Then I headed for the basement.

As soon as I walked in I knew I'd miscalculated just a tad. They weren't set up for a game of poker. They were in a circle on the floor in front of the couch. The lights were turned down a bit, and the fireplace was lit up. It really was a cozy feeling place like that.

But what was up with that circle on the floor?

"Come sit down," Tiffany said, patting the floor beside her, to her left. Melody was next in the circle, then Jill. Beside her was Candy.

I sat down where I was told to.

"What are we playing?" I asked the group.

"Something Candy found," Jill told me. "It's for five players, and we take turns drawing a card, and you have to do whatever the card says. We go from right to left. When the cards are all gone we switch them out for the next round. There are three rounds total. Got it?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "Sure. Sounds easy enough."

The girls exchanged a smirk. That should have worried me, but these were my friends and my sister. What could go wrong?

Jill reached behind her and grabbed a bowl filled with little cards and set it in the middle of the circle.

"I'll go first," she said, drawing a card.

She read it to herself, and then seemed to be thinking for a second.

"Read it out loud!" Melody said. "We all have to read it out loud."

"Wait a minute!" I said. "What happens if you don't want to do whatever it says?"

"Then you have to take a piece of clothing off, and draw another card."

"Are you serious?" I exclaimed "My sisters right here!"

When I looked at Jill she was smiling. "I'm willing to take the chance if you are," she told me.

Really? My sister was willing to chance getting naked in front of her twin brother? But, I said to myself, weigh that against the chance to see one of these others naked, dude. Odds were four to one. When I put it like that, I only had one choice. I was in!

"Okay with you, okay with me," I told Jill.

"So read the card already, Jill," Melody said.

"Tell the other players which of them you most want to sleep with. Then kiss that player on the lips for thirty seconds. That player then must remove one item of clothing."

It was quiet for a few seconds while Jill considered that. Then she made up her mind.

"Well, since I'm fairly sure I'm not a lesbian, and Jack's the only one with the equipment in the game, I'd guess it has to be him."

I couldn't believe what she'd just said! She leaned over to me and kissed me square on the mouth, and even gave me a bit of tongue. It was hot, too! I felt a little tingle down below. You know what I mean.

The others counted down the seconds, and when they reached zero Jill pulled back. Then, when they all stared at me for a minute, it dawned on me. I had to take something off!

I took one sock off and tossed it behind me, and they screamed at me.

"Oh no! Shoes and socks go in pairs. Both of them buddy!"

That was when another thing dawned on me. I hadn't put any underwear on. Or shoes. That was two items closer to the buff than they were, right off the bat!

I took the other sock off. I really didn't want to, but that was the rule.

"Next," Jill said.

Candy picked a card from the bowl, then read it out loud.

"Describe where you were the last time you made love, and what position you used. Then remove one article of clothing."

She let her head hit her chest for a second, then it came back up smiling.

"In this room, and sixty nine." Then she removed her shoes.

Oh, how my mind was racing now. The only people who had been in this room that she could have sixty nine'd were all here right now! But who? I looked around the circle at them, and they all smiled but said nothing.

Tiffany picked a card.

"Tell your favorite position, and why. Then remove one article of clothing." She didn't even think about, but blurted it right out.

"Doggy, and I don't know. The feeling that I'm being taken? That I'm not in control?"

She was already barefoot, so she pulled her top over her head. She aways had hated to wear shoes. Now it was paying off. For me! She had on a pink lacy bra, and it wasn't covering much, not that there was all that much to cover.

It was my turn, and I picked a card and read it.

"Tell the other players which of them you most want to sleep with. Then kiss that player on the lips for thirty seconds. That player then must remove one item of clothing."

That was the same as Jill had had.

I had to tell the truth.

"I'd have to say Melody."

Jill blurted out "I told you so!" All the girls laughed.

I kissed her long and deep, and it was so good I didn't want to stop. They actually had to pull me back when the time was up. When I was back to sitting down she pulled her top over her head.

Jill and Candy laughed.

"What did you do that for? You still have your shoes on!" Jill told her.

"Because it's suddenly getting hot in here!" she told us all. She was wearing a pretty skimpy bra, and she did had something to cover! Very, very nice ones, too, from what I could see. I noticed she kept glancing at me as she drew the next card.

"Take a piece of clothing of your choice off of the player to the right of you."

Her grin got a lot bigger. The other girls were hooting and hollering.

I was the player to the right of her. And I was hoping she picked my shirt. That kiss, and everything else going on here had given me a hard on. And I wasn't wearing any underwear!

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