tagErotic HorrorHappy Halloween

Happy Halloween


I wake from a nap on Halloween feeling a bit weird. It's normal for me to wake horny. But today I also feel a tension in the air that I've never noticed before. There's a dreamlike haze around everything.

I shake it off and decide to get ready for trick-or-treating. I head to my closet to get the cute new outfit I just bought. Where the hell is it? In its place is a dirty looking tunic and metal restraints. What the fuck is going on?

Whatever. I can roll with it. Maybe I'm still asleep. There's a note with the new costume that says 'Wear this to trick-or- treat.' I'm a bit old for this but figure it's a joke. Let's do this.

I pull the outfit over my head. The fabric is scratchy on my soft skin. I place the neck shackle on. Then I move to each wrist. As they snap shut, a strange feeling comes over me. A bit like panic. It's a costume. Why am I freaking out? I giggle a bit. I can always take them off.

As I try, I realize I can't. I tug on all three repeatedly getting more and more freaked. They won't fucking come off. My panic is interrupted by the ringing of my doorbell. I run to get it hoping whoever it is can help me.

The door opens and I'm looking into a naked chest. I look up to the man's face. It's devoid of any feeling. I'm so creeped out. He grabs my restraint and pulls me out the door. He's leading me to my neighbor's house. Thank god I can get help there.

We reach the door and I ring the bell. It opens but I don't recognize the thing looking back at me. It sure as shit isn't my neighbor. "Trick-or-treat?" I say unsure what's going on.

In front of me stands something with red skin and horns. As it's mouth opens, I notice rows of sharp teeth. They remind me of a shark's mouth. Fuck. I'm in trouble.

"Come slave!" comes a growl from the thing's dangerous mouth. Everything in me tells me to run. It drags me to a room with no furniture. "Kneel!" I immediately drop to my knees. "Stay!" What am I, a fucking dog?

It leaves the room. Now would be the time to run but I can't seem to move from my kneeling position. I look around trying to find a way out. Nope. Nothing.

In walks the red demon-looking thing. It is obviously a male because it has his gigantic red cock in his hand stroking. He walks behind me and continues stroking. I can hear the sound of his hands sliding slowly back and forth. What does he have planned?

After what seems like forever, the demon walks around in front of me. "Open!" he orders. He uses his hand on my jaw, squeezing to make my mouth do as he asks. "Now! You will do well or I promise you your trick." he says with what resembles a smirk.

I open my mouth as wide as I can. His penis is freaking huge. I'm terribly scared I won't be able to do this. He grabs the back of my head and forces my head toward him. His cock fills my mouth. The head is at my throat before I'm ready.

I gag. My mouth and eyes watering. He groans. It sends a rush to my nipples. They've tightened to the point of discomfort and are rubbing on the rough fabric of my outfit. I whimper.

I reach up to try to exert some kind of control. He growls at me. "No! Take it slave." He's pulled most the way out before he moves quickly back to make me gag again. He speeds up and is fucking my face. I hold still and suck as best I can.

His groans of pleasure make my pussy wet. I have tears and spit dripping down my face while my juices run down my leg and onto the floor.

The demon shouts and there's a flood of semen in my mouth. I swallow and swallow but still it leaks out my mouth. It falls to the floor to join my juices. My pussy clenches and my body starts to shake.

He's done and pulls his cock out. My jaw is sore and my body still aches for release. The demon grabs my neck restraint and takes me back to his front door. My escort from earlier is waiting there.

I'm herded toward the next house. My body still tingles. I have cum down my chin and on my outfit. I'm in a weird state and my appearance doesn't bother me.

At the next door, I ring the bell again. It opens and I step inside. I stand waiting for directions. The thing that greets me looks part animal and part man. Again, the man parts are huge and the cock is so hard. He bends down and licks me from chin to forehead. There's a low growl right before he grabs the neck of my tunic and rips it down to my belly button. My perky nipples are no longer hidden. His brute force causing me to pant.

His tongue goes back to licking. First my neck, which he nibbles and nips. Then he goes lower. His tongue laps at my right nipple. He sucks it into his mouth. I can feel it all the way in my cunt. Oh fuck so good.

He moves to the other tit licking, sucking and growling. He reaches down and his hand pushes the bottom of my tunic up. His fingers dip into my pussy and come out soaked. He wraps his fist around his cock and spreads my juices all over it.

He places his fat dick between my soft tits and begins moving his hips. Slowly at first but quickly he gains speed grunting and groaning loudly. His fingertips keep up steady friction on my nipples as he fucks my tits.

Just as I feel my body winding up for release, he palms his dick and brings it to my mouth. He growls and unleashes his cum all over my face and down on my tits. My pussy clenches again but again no release. Mother fucker.

I stick my tongue out to taste more of his cum. Mmmmmm. My hands rub it into my chest. I bring my fingers to my mouth and clean them one by one. Again I'm ushered to the door.

This time I walk without being led to the next house. I ring the bell and wait for my trick or treat. I can't quite decide which they are. My body is so aroused but there seems to be no release for me.

As I'm led around my street to each house, the things I encounter are different. What they do to me is different. What's the same you may be thinking. Well at each and every house I'm brought to the brink with absolutely no relief.

I'm brought back to my house. Where all this craziness began. I think, now it's over. The door opens and I enter. Why is my escort following me in? Then I see. All the creatures I visited tonight have gathered in my house.

I'm picked up, stripped and placed on my kitchen table. The demon comes to stand beside my head to say "Good slave. Now for your treat." He then pulls my body so my head is hanging off the side of the table.

His dick is at my mouth. It pushes its way in. As he fucks my mouth slowly I'm able to take my time to lick and suck his glorious cock. I enjoy the length pushing its way into my throat. I love the width stretching my mouth wide. In and out he continues his slow pace.

I begin to notice the others who've been watching are now touching me. My tunic has been ripped off my body and I lay perfectly naked for everyone to see. The demon nods his head and growls. All around me begin licking, tugging, nipping, rubbing and sucking every inch of my body.

I feel a mouth on each nipple. The suction is making me writhe on the table. My body bows as mouths and fingers take turns fucking my drenched pussy.

My demon lover has pulled out of my mouth and heads for the other end of the table. He lines his big red dick up. I wait for him to ram it to the hilt. Instead he slowly enters my needy hole. It feels like he'll never bottom out. He's going so slow.

I need him hard and fast. Why is he doing this? I whimper. He finally has his cock sunk all the way into me. He leans over me, gets right in my ear and growls "NOW!!"

My whole body seems to shatter. I'm floating in a haze of pleasure. As my pussy locks down like a vice, he begins pumping into me. "No no no no no!" I chant. I can't take anymore.

No one listens. The demon continues pounding into my pussy with jackhammer like strokes. I scream as I cum again. Everyone is holding me down now. My body wants to move but can't.

The demon roars and cum fills my pussy. There's too much for me to hold and it streams down my legs. All the others begin licking up everything. My mind has met its limit and I pass out.

As I awaken, I notice I'm in bed. I stretch and get out of bed. I shower and put on clothes. It's time for my morning walk.

I had the weirdest hot dream ever last night. I must've cum in my sleep because my body is well sated and I actually feel like I've been fucked. What a fucking dream.

The neighbors are overly friendly this morning. What the hell is going on. Everyone greets me and eyes me with a weird look. They smirk and look me over more than normal.

I'm almost home when I see a hot man come out of the house beside mine. He walks to the mailbox and pauses. I slow down to pass him. I need a better look. As I pass him, he steps forward leans toward me and growls in my ear. I cum fast and hard. Happy Halloween!!

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