tagIncest/TabooHappy Valentine's Day, Little Sister

Happy Valentine's Day, Little Sister


Could we make up for all the years we had lost?

A very special thank you to rufriter for graciously taking the time to edit this story for me. I am indebted to you, sir.

Note 1: This is my entry for the Valentine's Day Contest. Please vote.

Note 2: This story is dedicated to, Lin, a very special online friend.

It was early in January. I was in the military stationed in the Middle East. Having been in the military for almost twenty years, I was seriously considering retirement. I was tired of military life. I wanted to buy a small place somewhere and retire peacefully. The only family I had left was my younger sister, Lin, whom I had not seen or even talked with for many, many years. I wanted to see her and see if we could somehow make up for all those missing years. If I could find Lin and she was receptive to it perhaps I could arrange to take my annual leave and visit and maybe spend Valentines Day with her. I could not think of a better time to surprise her.

I wondered how she looked today. I always thought she would grow into a beautiful young woman. From the time I reached puberty, I was attracted to her. Lin started to develop at a rather early age. I would often try to find a way to see her without clothes. On very few occasions, I was successful in my attempts. Because she was my sister, I could never let her know how much I lusted for her but, of course, I knew nothing could ever develop between us. All I could do was fantasize about her.

Our parents had divorced just before I graduated from high school and left for college. It was a very awkward time for all of us. Dad moved out of state and Mom went into a deep depression. In the beginning, Lin and I were very close but as time went on we drifted further and further apart. After college, I joined the military and due to numerous deployments, I had rarely come home. Lin got married and moved away so we basically lost track of each other.

I had a few relationships over the years but I always seemed to try to make every girl fit the mental mold of my sister. I knew it was crazy but I could not get over my desire for her. The sad thing was I didn't understand why I felt the way I did. The thought nagged me for years until it reached the point at which I knew I must do something to resolve it. I had to find a way to let her know how I felt and finally get her out of my mind. Deep inside my tangled mind, I hoped somehow her feelings for me were similar. I had accumulated quite a lot of leave time so I decided to track Lin down and, if nothing else, we could become reacquainted. We were not estranged, we had simply lost contact with each other.

Lin had no reason to hide from anyone, least of all from me, so finding her was not a difficult matter. However, finding a way to get her to forgive me for not having been in her life for so many years could prove to be somewhat challenging. She may feel I had abandoned her.

In my search to find her, I was able to get her last known address. Of course, getting her telephone number might prove to be far more difficult since there is no huge directory of cell phone listings and I could not locate a telephone number for the address I had. Lin, like so many people in recent years, had probably chosen to have only a cell phone. However, a few phone calls to some longtime friends in military intelligence who had civilian connections proved fruitful and I was able to obtain her phone number.

It took me three days to finally make myself dial her number. Fortunately, she answered when I called. It took a few minutes for her to process that it was actually me who was calling and this was not a prank call. She wanted to know how I had managed to get her cell phone number and I told her I had a few friends who track down such things for me.

We managed to get through the first few tearful and awkward moments of not having been in contact for such a long time. It had been almost twenty years since we had last seen each other, almost as many since we had last talked by phone. It was so good for me to hear her voice and to know she was OK.

I explained to Lin that I had some accumulated leave time available and I would like to come and visit with her for a few days. She became extremely excited and told me I could stay for as long as I liked. She said she had been divorced for about two years and had recently become involved with someone new but they were not yet serious enough to live together. I breathed a sigh of relief thinking I might actually tell her of my long-suppressed feelings for her. I knew that by doing so I would run the risk of her thinking of me as a sick pervert and alienate me from her forever. I would make that decision after we had spent some time together. Being with her might, in itself, be enough to eradicate my feelings.

I explained to her that I was in the Middle East and it would be about a month before I could come visit her. If she was alright with it I could probably make it to her in time for Valentine's Day. She told me she would love for me to do that. I promised I would call her as often as I could which would give us some opportunity to catch up on our lives. She was insistent that I try to call her every day and she also wanted us to have a few video calls if possible. I told her I would do the best I could.

I arranged for us to have a video call a few days later and I was stunned when I saw her. She was even more beautiful than I had imagined she would be. I wasn't sure she was actually my little sister. She looked more like she should have been Salma Hayek's sister. My heart felt as if it had stopped and I knew my long hidden incestuous thoughts would never be realized. Lin was far beyond my reach.

I continued to call her as often as I could and we had video calls every few days. I couldn't quite figure out what was going on but the nature of our calls became less and less like of that of siblings and more like we were becoming lovers. I shook off that thought as just being due to my rapidly growing attraction to such an exotically beautiful woman who was showing me a tremendous amount of attention.

At the end of our last video call, Lin whispered huskily, "Hurry home, big brother, I'm getting very anxious for you to be here."

"I will do the best I can, Lin, but right now I have to file a situation report. I'll call you tomorrow." I said hurriedly before disconnecting the call. The tone of her voice began to haunt me almost instantly. I had been without a woman for far too long and my rational thoughts were almost out of control. Lin was my sister. How could I think such things?

Still, I could not shake the incestuous thoughts I was having of my beautiful little sister. I knew had to find a way to either make these thoughts go away or to turn them into a reality. I only wished she was someone other than my own younger sister.

I got a complete physical, including blood tests to make certain I had no difficulties in my travel plans. Finally, I was on my way to visit my beautiful sister, Lin. My thoughts made me feel as if I was caught in a sirocco. During my several connecting flights I tried to sleep but I could not. I had arranged to make a brief stop at SHAEF Headquarters in Casteau, Belgium. I had been stationed there briefly and I knew Belgian chocolates were among the finest in the world. Since I would be seeing Lin on Valentine's Day, it seemed quite natural to bring her chocolate from Belgium.

I remembered someone had once told me there is something in chocolate which prevents women from killing men. I was sure a box of Belgian chocolate might prove to be a lifesaver should my sister become angry with me.

In my mind's eye, I kept seeing Lin's beautiful face, eyes and her radiant smile. I wondered if I would be able to control my incestuous thoughts when I was with her. I knew I should not even be having such thoughts but I had had them for so many years they almost seemed natural to me now.

I had not told her exactly when I would be arriving and I thought about spending a couple of days alone before meeting her. Since I had been in the Middle East for so long, it had been quite a while since I was last with a woman. Perhaps I should contact an escort service and arrange a date. Perhaps holding a real woman, even one I paid, might ease the tension I was feeling. Lin was my sister and I did not want to risk losing her again. In my twisted mind, making love with my sister seemed better than fucking an unknown prostitute although it was certainly far more complicated.

When I got to JFK in New York, I decided to call her and let her know when I would be arriving in San Francisco. I gave Lin the flight information but told her not to meet me at the airport. I would book a room at the Sheraton Fisherman's Wharf Hotel for a couple of days and we could meet somewhere for lunch or dinner before we made any further plans for my stay.

Lin was adamant about my not doing staying in a hotel for even a couple of days. It had been too many years since we had seen each other and she did not want to waste even one minute if it could be avoided. She said she would take some vacation days so we could spend as much time together as possible. She wanted to know if I would be in uniform when I arrived. I told her I was flying as a civilian so I would be dressed in business casual which to me meant dress slacks, a golf shirt, and a sports jacket. She laughed and told me she would be dressed as my Valentine. I had no idea what that meant but I was certainly looking forward to finding out.

When I got to baggage claim at SFO, naturally, it was packed with weary travelers many of whom were grumbling about flight delays and such. I, of course, had no idea of where to find Lin. As it turned out, I did not have to find her. She found me. A breathtakingly beautiful woman flung herself into my arms and showered me with kisses as if I was her long lost lover. The way she kissed me and molded her body into mine did nothing to help me through the mental struggle of her being my younger sister. Lin clung to me as though we were Siamese twins.

When I got my luggage and led her away from the crowd so I could take a better look at her, I understood what she had meant by being dressed as my Valentine. Her dress appeared to be at least one size too small for her. It was silk and I thought would have been more appropriate for almost anywhere other than in baggage claim at an airport but I was certainly not going to complain. In fact, I wished I was in a tuxedo. I was sure that would have been quite a sight.

The deep V neckline of her dress was cut low enough to nearly expose her navel. She was obviously not wearing a bra since her more than ample cleavage was almost fully exposed. The bottom of the dress was split up the right side almost to the middle of the thigh of her long, gorgeous stocking clad leg. The back was scooped to almost reveal the cleft between her firm, high ass cheeks. Her hair was so dark it was almost black and cascaded gracefully falling just below her shoulders. Her smoldering dark brown eyes shimmered like two pools of melted liquid chocolate. Her outfit was further complimented by a pair of matching red patent leather strap on pumps with five-inch spike heels and she carried a very small matching purse. There was no way I could spend a week with this woman without telling her exactly how I felt. I was not even sure we could get out the airport without telling her.

From what I could see, her body was perfect. I had gotten hard the moment she hugged me and seeing her now was doing nothing to alleviate the strain in my groin. I was sure I would need a heavy duty jock strap to contain my erection, especially if I saw her dressed more scantily than she was at that moment.

Damn! Why couldn't she have been anyone else but my baby sister? This was going to be far more difficult than I had thought it would be. As she drove us to her apartment, I could barely keep my eyes off her mostly exposed right leg. The top of the dress had shifted so her left breast was almost falling out of it. There was no way to hide the lump in my pants which was becoming almost painful as it strained to be released.

I guess Lin read my mind because she said with a beautiful smile, "Michael, let's get two things straight right this minute. First, it has been many years since we last saw each other and there will be some awkward moments for both of us while you are here. Second, let's enjoy being together and not try to hide all of our feelings no matter what they may be. This is California and even though it is not circa 1967 almost anything still goes as if it was."

Was she opening the door and welcoming whatever might happen between us while I was here? Her candor surprised me but it also helped to ease the anxiety I had about my long-suppressed feelings. I was not going to hold back any more than necessary when talking with her about why I had decided to visit her after all these years, but neither was I going to rush headlong into a situation which might prove to be disastrous for us.

"Lin, you have become perhaps the most beautiful and sexiest woman I think I have ever seen. I will do my best to fit into your world. I want to know everything about you and your life. Perhaps you can introduce me to someone while I am here so I don't think quite so much about you." I half-joked, almost regretting I said it.

"Just so you know, this dress is all I have on and once we are home it is coming off too. I am a nudist so just relax and go with the flow without going into a panic. I will take it slowly, at first, but you will eventually see all of my body. I have no tan lines and I am freshly waxed all over so you might as well relax and get used to it. Please don't be upset with me for saying this but I have had a crush on you since we were teenagers but I don't know how far I am willing to go," Lin said making it quite clear that her feelings were similar to my own.

"I am not used to being nude especially around a beautiful woman but I will do my best not to do anything stupid. Just don't tease me too much while I am here or I may completely forget you are my sister and try to seduce you," I warned in all honesty.

"Let's just go slow. I'm really apprehensive about this entire situation. I admit I have thought about being with you but now that you are here, I am actually a little frightened. There is one more thing I must tell you. I am bisexual. My current love interest is a woman and you will meet her." Lin said to me.

"I do not wish to cause any conflicts for you but I must confess that I have also had a crush on you since we were young. I will only be here for a little while so I am sure we will be able to get through this together without too much difficulty. I had planned to tell you how I felt while I was here but I was unsure of how you would react," I admitted truthfully.

"Christa, my lover, will be around us quite often. We are not yet living together but I am sure we soon will be. When Christa is around, she and I will be quite intimate so please accept that for what it is, Michael," Lin told me.

"That is not a problem for me. I will only be here for a week. You and Christa will be together long after I leave. I am here to visit with you, not to pass judgment on your lifestyle," I assured her.

"A week! I thought you had taken a thirty-day leave," She exclaimed.

"I did but I am not planning to impose upon you for that length of time," I replied.

"You are not imposing upon me, Michael. Dammit, only a week after all these years. Please change whatever plans you have made. I'll be heartbroken if you leave so quickly when you have so much time available. Please don't do this to me. Please don't go away so quickly," she said with her voice trembling and tears forming in her eyes.

"OK, Lin, I can change my plans. I just didn't want to cause you any unnecessary problems," I told her.

"Thank you," she said as she breathed what must have been a sigh of relief.

Once we were inside her apartment and I had put my luggage in the guest room, Lin suggested I take a shower. She told me she would put on a bikini rather than hit me with full nudity all at once so I should at least wear a swimsuit and not be fully clothed just to make things equal. I did not tell her but I was anxious to see her magnificent body in all its magnificent splendor.

"I'm afraid I didn't pack a swimsuit. In fact, I don't even own one. There was little need for a swimsuit where I have been and I don't think boxers will be adequate coverage for me. It has been a long time since I have been around a beautiful, sexy woman so perhaps jeans might be better," I told her.

"Michael, let me put it another way. Either you wear boxers or I'll forget the bikini and you'll see me fully naked. So deal with it," Lin replied.

"Alright, boxers it is, you little vixen," I teased her.

"Thank you. Besides, Christa will be here after work so you might as well get used to nudity. There will two of us prancing around in front of you so be glad I'm just easing you into it. When you see Christa, you'll throw rocks at me," she told me.

When I came back into the living room after taking a shower, I was stunned. Lin was standing in the middle of the room in what she had called a red string bikini posing as if for an artist. Her bikini could be better described as two little circles of red silk barely as large as silver dollars and matching triangle over her mons, not much larger than the patches covering her nipples and areolae. To me, she looked like a Grecian goddess about to leave for her own private beach.

Her firm breasts stood high and erect upon her chest. Her waist was thin and her hips flared wide and beautifully down to her long sleek athletic legs. Lin turned around very slowly to show me her high well-toned bottom. She was truly the most desirably fuckable woman I had ever seen.

My cock became instantly hard and erect. I was embarrassed as I stood there in my olive drab military issued boxers which were tented by my erection which appeared to be trying to salute her. Still, I could not help but wish I could feel her body pressing against mine. Damn, why did she have to be my sister and why had I not thought to order some red silk boxers which might have made me feel slightly less uncomfortable?

Lin added to my anxiety by bursting into laughter. "Wait here," she said as she dashed from the room.

'Ugh! You're an idiot,' I thought to myself, 'you can handle almost anything thing excepts a woman laughing at you.'

In a flash, Lin returned and handed me a gift-wrapped package saying, "I'm sorry I laughed. I hope this will make you feel a little better."

I laughed when I opened the package. Inside were three pairs of red silk men's bikini briefs.

Lin stood on her tip toes and kissed me lightly on the lips before saying, "Happy Valentine's Day, big brother."

Needless to say, I was almost speechless so I merely smiled, returned her kiss and said, "Thanks, Sis," before going to the guest room to change into a pair of the briefs.

I suppose I may have looked a little better in the briefs but they did nothing but magnify my engorged cock and add to my physical discomfort.

Upon my return to the living room, Lin smiled and said, "Damn, I wish you were any other man in the world except my brother."

I handed Lin the gift-wrapped box of chocolates I had gotten for her in Belgium. I suppose I could have put them in my checked baggage to avoid having to deal with all the airport security checkpoints but even then the package might have opened along the way. Instead, I had pulled a few strings and put them in a sealed embassy courier bag so I could hand carry it through the various checkpoints without difficulty which had been arranged for me with the help of a couple of friends at SHAEF HQ.

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