Happy Valentine's Day, Little Sister


Lin was thrilled with the chocolates and I was rewarded with yet another kiss from her luscious soft lips which was a little more aggressive than the first one.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Lin glanced at the screen of her doorway security monitor and saw a delivery person was there. "Just a minute, please," she said speaking into the microphone.

She darted to her bedroom to slip on a robe while I retreated slightly inside the hallway to be out of sight.

After answering the door and receiving the packages. After answering the door she returned with two packages, One of which was almost a long as she was tall but not too large in girth. The other one was much smaller. I knew what was inside both of the packages but I did not say a word until she started to open the smaller of the two packages first.

"Lin, open the larger box first, please," I told her.

She looked at me quizzically but complied with my request. Inside the box, she found eleven scarlet red roses with five-foot stems and a glass vase tall enough to support them.

///My editor questioned the existence of roses with five-foot stems. Readers, I assure you they do, indeed, exist and they are available online if you care to pay the price for one or more of them.///

Lin gasped in amazement when she saw the roses but tears began streaming down her cheeks when she read the card inside which said, "There are only eleven roses in this bouquet. The twelfth rose...the sweetest and most beautiful rose of all can be found in the other box. Happy Valentine's Day, Your loving brother, Michael."

She scrambled to open the other package. Inside it was bevel edged heart shaped mirror upon which was etched, "The Twelfth Rose."

Lin's earlier tears were a mere sprinkle compared the downpour of these which rained down her cheeks like water flowing over a waterfall.

"Oh my god, Michael! Where? How? Why? You are incredible!" She practically screamed through her tears of joy.

She hurried to the kitchen to put water in the vase and arrange the bouquet of roses. She giggled as she placed the arrangement in front of the large window which offered a panoramic view of San Francisco Bay. Then she leaned the mirror against the base of the vase. It was rather amusing to me since the roses were nearly as tall as Lin.

"If only you were not my brother, I would...," she trailed off without finishing her sentence.

Her back and gorgeous firm ass were toward when she turned and stepped back to admire the bouquet.

I was no longer able to resist the temptation of seeing her that way without doing something.

I walked over to her, wrapped my arms around her and pressed my rigid cock firmly against her tight bottom as I reached around to cup and caress the perfectly formed globes of her breasts. Her nipples were as hard as pebbles. She laid her head back on my shoulder and shivered as I ran my hands down her silky smooth sides.

"Lin, please forgive me but I cannot stop myself. You are simply too beautiful and too sexy for me to resist. I know this is wrong and it is far too soon but I have to hold you and touch you. You are too much for me to resist. Please don't be angry with me. I simply cannot control how I feel or how badly I want you. I promise I will stop whenever you want but I hope you are feeling the same things I feel," I said to her softly.

Lin was breathing heavily and I sensed her own passion was mounting higher with each passing moment. My erection was growing stronger by the second as it pressed against the soft flesh of the luscious twin globes of her ass. I leaned down to kiss her soft smooth neck and breathed softly into her delicate ear. I had already crossed far beyond the line I had tried so hard to stay behind, but at no time in my life had I felt so much love as I felt for her as I did at that moment. Lin truly was a goddess. If she wanted me to stop, she would have to tell me to stop.

I slid one hand lightly across her tight flat tummy while I stroked her freshly waxed pubic mound with the other. She parted her legs to give me complete access to her feminine treasure trove. I could smell the intoxicating aroma of her arousal and feel her sweet nectar as it began to seep down her creamy thighs like the morning dew dripping from a beautiful flower. Her engorged clit felt almost as large as a newly formed rosebud eager to open and expose its inner beauty.

"Sweetheart, please do not be disappointed with me if I come quickly the first time. It has been so long since I was with a woman and now holding you like this is almost more than I can bear. If I am moving too quickly for you and you want me to stop then you must say so now," I whispered to her as I continued to caress her trembling body.

"I cannot say stop, Michael, and I do not care how quickly you come the first time. I want this as badly as you do. We will have many other opportunities to share our bodies. You can have me whenever and however you want me. I want your seed deep inside me," she said in an almost breathless husky voice.

I felt the tiny string which held the patch of her bikini snap as it broke when I placed my fingers on her sensitive, swollen clit and massaged it very gently. Lin moved her hips backward and forward adjusting her rhythm to match my caresses. I slipped my hand slowly lower until her clit was resting firmly against my palm and my fingertips were against her soft creamy smooth labia. I wanted to plunge them inside her but I managed to restrain myself thinking it would be better to let her decide when she wanted more.

Lin rocked herself harder against my hand as my erect cock slipped further between the cleft of her firm yet soft globular ass cheeks. Had we been close enough to anything to support her I would have pushed her forward and entered her then and there. I was aching to feel the softness of her steamy hot cunt as it swallowed my turgid cock. I wanted to feel her massaging and squeezing it with her vaginal muscles as if it was a velvet glove a size too small. I was not huge but I knew I was large enough to fill her and make her want me all the more.

I was surprised when Lin suddenly broke herself away from me but she spun herself around quickly and leaped up into my arms wrapping her legs around my waist for support. She felt as light as a feather to me. She raised her body upward and somehow as if by magic the head of my hardened cock found its way to the opening of the heavenly flower of her saturated pussy. I gripped her firm tight ass and maintained our balance as she slowly lowered herself onto me little by little. She would lower herself and then raise up before slowly descending again to take me deeper inside her.

I had an urgent need to take her with more forceful and powerful thrusts so I walked us to the sofa and laid her down on it, somehow managing not to let us fall. When I had her on her back I knelt between her thighs and hooked her legs over my arms. I spread her creamy thighs wide open and pressed her knees to her shoulders. Lin moaned loudly as I penetrated her with the full length of my rock hard lance. I wanted her desperately and she was mine to take.

As I quickened up my thrusts into her, she rocked her head from side to side. She wanted me as much as I wanted her. I was amazed I had not yet spewed my hot cum into her. She looked into my eyes and kissed me with all the passion in her entire body. She crushed her lips against mine and probed her tongue deep into my mouth never once closing her eyes. I felt as if she was staring into the very depths my soul and I loved it.

She thrust her hips against me like a wild animal as I pounded relentlessly into her with full powerful driving thrusts. Lin let out a long loud guttural moan and I felt her body convulse in her orgasmic release which triggered my own explosion. I emptied my boiling hot sperm into her clutching womb in volleys much like artillery shells on a battleground. Our mutual orgasm seemed to last for several minutes although I am sure it was only for several seconds. Both Lin and I were gasping for breath but we refused to untangle our bodies from each other.

Suddenly, her cell phone rang. She said she had to answer it because it was Christa's special ringtone. I released Lin and went back to the shower to allow them to have some privacy. Lin had been mine for a little while but now she once again belonged to her lover, Christa. I respected their relationship and I wanted to honor it, however, I was wishing for the pleasure of having both Lin and Christa in a threesome. I hoped we would all get along well enough to make that happen.

After my shower, I rejoined Lin in the living room. She told me Christa was coming over later so I asked her if I needed to leave to give them some time alone. I really did not want to do anything which might be problematic for their relationship. My time here with Lin was temporary. Hopefully, her relationship with Christa would endure for eternity. If things worked out well enough with the three of us perhaps we could get together from time to time after I retired from the military.

"No, Michael, it has been far too long since you and I have seen each other. I told Christa you would be here and she is anxious to meet you. I want the two of you to get along well. I love you both and while you are here I want us all to do as many things as we can together which, if I can find a way, will include three-way sex. I am sure you will go for that, won't you?" She asked with a smirk.

"Since you put it like that I would be a fool to say no," I laughed in reply.

"Good," Lin responded, "I want your hard meaty cock in me again before she gets here. I'm only going to rinse off in the shower but I am not going to wash your cum out of my pussy. I want Christa to clean my creampie with her mouth and tongue. I want her to taste your fresh cum. I can't believe how horny I still am for you or how much I want to watch you fuck her.

Lin got on her knees in front of me and pushed my legs apart. She started kissing and nibbling the insides of my thighs as she ran her hands upwards and around them to grasp the cheeks of my ass. She rolled her head across my thighs letting her long soft silky hair caress them.

"Don't be gentle, Michael, I want to be your sister slut. Fuck my face, use my mouth and throat for your pleasure. It's been so long since I had a real cock so don't even warn me when you are ready to come. Shoot it down my throat, in my mouth, or all over my face if that is what you want. Make me yours if only for the short time you are here," Lin begged as she slid her hands around to grasp my cock.

She wrapped both of her tiny hands one above the other around my blood filled rigid shaft and squeezed it tightly causing the purple colored head to swell even more and deepen in color. She leaned forward and licked the sensitive frenulum with the tip of her tongue. Lin looked up at me and smiled as she raised my cock so I could see the pre-cum beginning to ooze from the tip. She licked my swollen glans and lapped up the seeping liquid like a hungry kitten.

"Suck it, Lin, and don't stop until you make me come," I commanded her.

Without saying a word, Lin removed her right hand from my cock and sucked her middle finger into her mouth. As she pulled it out, I could see it was glistening with her saliva. She reached down to massage my balls while she plunged her sucking mouth over my cock. Lin stroke my cock up and down as she increased the powerful suction of her mouth on my cock.

I felt her finger begin probing my sphincter. She forced it inside the tightly clenching muscular ring causing me to moan with pleasure. Lin was a very talented cocksucker and she obviously enjoyed it. She probed her finger deeper into my anus to massage my prostate while fervently stroked and sucked my cock.

As I twined my fingers into her long dark hair and thrust my hips forcefully forward, she released her hand from my cock allowing me to enter her hungry mouth and throat. She leaned tightly against my legs and rocked the firm cushions of her breasts from side to side across my legs. Lin pressed firmly on my prostate as my cock rammed deep into her throat.

Suddenly, my balls exploded and my cum surged through my rigid pulsing cock and down her gluttonous throat. She had no choice but to swallow all of my spewing cum and she kept pressing my prostate as if to force me to give her every drop of cum in my churning balls. After Lin had drained me, she slowly pulled her finger from my anus and released my softening cock from her mouth. I fell backward onto the sofa utterly spent.

Lin sat down beside me and laid her head on my chest to wait for me to speak. I knew I would never be able to give her that kind of orgasm with my mouth and tongue but I hoped my cock would be better than the dildos Christa strapped on and used on her. I put my arm around her and pulled her tightly against me.

"That was amazing, baby, I've never experienced anything like that in my life. I'll do my best but I am sure I will be no match for Christa when it comes to oral skill. I am sure no man could match the technique of a woman when it comes eating another woman," I whispered to Lin.

She chuckled and said, "Don't worry about it, Michael, this is not a competition. I just want us to enjoy being with each other."

"It's funny but I got horny and wet every time we talked on the phone and it was even worse during our video calls. I knew it was wrong to feel that way and I was afraid to let you know how I felt even though I hoped you felt the same way. This seems funny now but when we were teenagers I would sometimes get a pair of your boxers out of the clothes hamper and wear them when I went to school. I hid in your closet one time and watched you masturbate. God, I wanted to jump on you then and feel you inside me," she replied.

"Well, I intend to be inside you as often as I can while I am here but I want more than just constant sex with you. Let's go places and do things as a loving couple and if Christa is OK with it we can go as a loving trio," I told her.

"Christa and I have discussed all of this at great length and I am pretty sure she will be on board for whatever we want to do. Normally, she is rather possessive of me but she loves me enough to let me do this my way," Lin said in a soft voice.

"I am very happy that you have someone like Christa who loves you so much," I told her.

"I'm thirsty. I have a bottle of wine in the fridge. Would you like some or would you rather have some juice or bottled water? I'm afraid that's all I have," Lin said as she got up to go to the kitchen.

"Wine will be fine," I answered ogling her swaying hips as she walked away.

"Give me a little time to recover, Lin, and I will do my best to return the pleasure you gave me. I do not wish it to be one-sided," I said.

We drank our wine slowly and chatted about many of the events which had occurred over the years since we had last seen each other. It was very nice to be with her again and I told her I would like to take both her and Christa out for Valentine's Day dinner. She suggested we spend tonight here and go out the next night when the restaurants would not be quite so crowded. That made sense to me so I agreed knowing I would have agreed to almost anything she suggested.

I had toyed with her ample breasts and teased her taut nipples throughout most of the conversation as we sipped our wine, and my cock had begun to show signs of recovery, but I wanted to savor the sweetness of her feminine nectar before doing anything else. This was Valentine's Day and I wanted to give her a memory she would remember and cherish for the rest of her life.

I turned to her and asked, "Shall we go to the bedroom?"

"No," Lin replied sweetly, "I'll get a blanket to spread on the floor. I want us to do everything lying beneath my beautiful bouquet of eleven roses and know that you think I am the twelfth rose...the sweetest and most beautiful of them all. I don't understand how a man with so much romantic sentiment can be single. If you were not my brother, I would be on my knees begging you to marry me."

"You are not an ordinary girl, Lin, you are very, very special to me. Now, go get that blanket," I told her.

As she walked past me to get the blanket, I gave her a loving pat on her luscious firm bottom and said, "Hurry along, girl."

She giggled and replied, "Yes, sir."

While she was gone, I made a quick telephone call to make a slight alteration and adjust the timetable of my final Valentine's Day gift. I wanted to be sure it did not arrive before Christa got here after work.

Lin returned with the blanket and spread it on the floor innocently asking who I had called. I told her I had made an adjustment to my schedule and needed to confirm that everything would go as planned. She did not press me further on the matter.

She lay down on the blanket and looked up at the roses saying, "Michael, they are so beautiful. I've gotten long-stemmed rose before but never any that was almost as tall as me. They must have cost you a fortune."

"They were that expensive, Lin. The look on your face and the tears of joy you made them worth every penny I spent." I replied as I knelt between her parted legs pulling her up into my arms. I gazed into her mesmerizing smoldering brown eyes and continued, "I hope Christa doesn't mind too much but while I am here I am claiming you as mine."

"Christa, mind? after a little while around your romantic ass, she may be begging you to claim her too," Lin teased me.

Her soft smooth lips parted instinctively as I kissed them. I felt her tongue trail across my lips before her tongue flicked lightly inside my mouth. Soon our tongues were twisting and writhing against each other as if they were two pythons locked in a fight to the finish. Our lips were so tightly locked together we seemed to be passing the same breath of air back and forth during our wildly passionate kiss. I could feel Lin's breasts swelling as her diamond hard nipples dug into my chest. She lifted herself up to sit straddling my thighs as she locked her legs around my waist.

I feel her juices already beginning to flow down onto my rapidly hardening cock. I knew I was going to have to take control soon if I was going to eat her succulent pussy but I was not sure she cared if I ate her or not. Lin seemed solely intent on having me inside her. I decided to follow her lead for now. There was no need to rush anything. This was only our first time together. We would have many other opportunities to explore each other's bodies during the next two weeks.

When my cock swelled to its maximum length and girth I could no longer control my lustful desire. I pushed Lin backward onto the blanket covered floor and mounted her like an animal in rut. Her pussy was so wet it felt as if I was entering a swamp albeit a very warm, exciting and pleasant swamp. She had released her legs from around my waist when I pushed her onto her back.

I placed my arms beneath her legs and folded them back over her shoulders until her knees nearly touched the blanket beneath us. I could feel the muscle inside her flaming hot pussy clenching and release my throbbing cock as I plowed deeper and deeper inside her.

It seemed strange to me but her urgency to reach a climax seemed to match my own as if we were one person. I desperately wanted to bring her to the brink of the bottomless abyss of her ultimate orgasm. I wanted to hold her at the edge of the precipice without allowing her to fall until I was ready to step over the rim and plunge into everlasting bliss with her tightly wrapped in the safety of my loving arms.

Suddenly without warning, Lin's entire body began trembling and shuddering as the throes of her orgasmic release rose to a feverish crescendo. She made no attempt to contain her passionate desire. She knew what she wanted and nothing on earth was going to stop her from getting it. Even in her position beneath me, she had begun to control everything. All I could do was hold her tightly, continue to thrust my turgid cock forcefully inside her and ride through the fury of the raging storm beneath me.

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