tagBDSMHave Crop, Will Travel

Have Crop, Will Travel


How I ever found myself lying on his bed, in his house, after all I've been through, I'll never know. But here I was and I was scared to death. I had been burned in this lifestyle enough times to make me run screaming from it but something spoke to me when it came to him. I had finally found a man that I really believed I could trust once again. His words, his promises, kept reverberating in my head over and over as I lay there waiting on baited breath... "Fear is the ultimate aphrodisiac... you will have to be introduced very slowly... your first time you will be scared to death," and I was.

Just the anticipation of the feel of leather and the control that he exerts over me and above all, the trust... I felt so vulnerable and knew, in time, I would be. He had said that I must know what I am and my place in his house but at the same time I knew that I could trust him not to hurt me. And then, before I realized it, I felt it... the subtle dragging of a flogger over tender flesh and I inhaled quickly, knowing at any moment that he could use it against my will but deep inside, trusting him not to do so. That quick beat of my heart, that instant that I knew it was beginning, was followed by a quick tug on my collar and the leash he had attached and I knew that he was reminding me who was in charge. Glancing up, I knew he could see the flash of fear in my eyes intermingled with the desire to experience all he had to offer and then beautiful eyes were shielded beneath a silken blindfold slipped over my gaze. Closing eyes even beneath the darkness that surrounded me, I couldn't help but gasp softly when he bound my hands and feet to the corners of his four-poster bed. All I could hear was his steady breathing and the beat of my own heart and then, in an instant, he moved away but I could feel him standing close, just watching me and there was no control to the flutter within taut exposed belly as fear again licked along the curve of my spine.

I couldn't help but whimper as I felt the tails of his flogger slide sensually over my shoulder, fear overtaking me as my throat constricted, unable to stop the soft begging that came in a heated whisper, "Please, no..." but I felt him lean close to whisper softly against the silken cloth that brushed my ear, "Trust me girl" and I couldn't help but respond with that which had been engrained in my head even as a small tear fell from underneath the blindfold, "Yes, Master"

Exposed, vulnerable on my back, I felt the trail of tails inch over my breasts before moving away, pulling forth another whimper from slightly parted lips as I began to tremble slightly. It was as if I was terrified to death but at the same time loving what he was eliciting from within me. I knew I was soaked at this point. I could feel my inner thighs tingle with the hot nectar that had leaked just from the anticipation of what all he had in store for me and knew they had to be glistening in the dim candle light. Hearing his breathing return beside me, I reflexively tensed up, not knowing what was coming next, unable to stop my own errant thoughts even as I trembled beneath his gaze... "God help me, but this is exquisite." I couldn't help but cry out slightly as his strong hands wrapped in the leash, jerking my neck slightly as if to remind me yet again of his ultimate power over me and then I moaned beneath the taste of his lips crushed to mine as the feel of a feather trailed over my flesh, goose bumps visible now in the dancing lights.

My nipples were so hard and aching. He was driving me insane! I couldn't help but arch up against the warm mouth that found its way to one, taking it within its heated warmth as teeth clamped securely around it, sending my belly into a frenzy of dancing butterflies and I couldn't help but tremble as his tongue flicked against the very tip. It was as if he had tongue my clit because my body jerked spasmodically beneath my hips and I knew that if he kept this up much longer with my nipples, I would cum. My breath grew ragged as I felt him watch me, torturing me with exquisite longing with that damned feather!

I tensed up as I felt him begin to remove the bindings from my feet, wondering what was coming next and had to actually bite down on my lower lip to keep from asking. When he placed the leg spreader between my knees and secured it firmly, I couldn't help but strain a bit against the bindings that held my wrists in place. I could feel how open I was now to him and the pleasures he was taking on my body and my cheeks grew hot with the flush I knew had to be there. A groan erupted as I felt the feather trail downward between my glistening thighs to the throbbing point of my desire, soaking the end of it in hot juices as he tickled my aching clit with it. My head thrashed slightly side to side, knowing I was being driven to the edge of frenzy and then arched up in delirious need as he slid a thick finger deep within me. God, I knew I had to be coating his finger and when he withdrew it, I could hear his response, knowing he had placed it to his lips for a taste, "Mmmm... sweet, slut." Oh God, that almost did me in!

It took me a minute to realize that he was gone; I was so caught up in the moment. I could feel the panic beginning to move as the minutes began to tick away. The fear of the unknown, of what he was going to do next... maybe even, that he wouldn't finish what he had begun made me want to scream out but it wouldn't come. The trained slave girl in me refused to become a frightened wannabe on his bed but I ached for him to return, to not leave. Just when I could feel my need to cry out for me overcome me, I heard the deep timbre of his voice soothe and reassure me... "I am here, girl" and I almost felt ashamed as I visibly relaxed.

When he returned, I could feel the flogger trail over my skin once more but this time I felt a bit more confident that he was not going to use it harshly against me. I began to relax beneath his tutelage and was on the verge of a heated moan when I felt him lightly strike my throbbing clit with the tails. I almost came unglued but knew he was smiling at my responses. I wanted to beg him to end this delicious torture and go ahead and fuck me because this was driving me insane. I had never wanted someone so much in my life and my whole body was aching to feel him plunge deep into me over and over again, harder than I had ever been fucked before. It was on my lips, my need to beg him to take me when I felt him toy with my nipples, making them tighter than before. I didn't know they could be so hard and ache so much. A loud moan erupted from moist berry-stained lips as he attached small clamps to them and I couldn't control the movements of my head as it thrashed from side to side. It was building and the need to cum was so hot, so needy that it was almost painful as he tugged on the chain attaching the clamps, making sure they were secured in place. As the flogger struck my engorged clit once again, I cried out... the sensation was doubled as my nipples throbbed beneath the pressure of the clamps and I could feel my own wetness splash over the tails of leather that so confidently kissed my aching flesh.

As he moved away this time, I couldn't help but cry out with my need. He returned quickly and I arched up reflexively for his touch, only to be rewarded with a slight prickly sensation over my skin. I recoiled for it was almost painful, but not quite. I wavered momentarily between that moment of fear and insane need, not sure how to react but then my body answered where I could not as sumptuous hips began to rock and grind as the pin roller moved gently over my tender skin... down trembling belly, across shifting thigh and down to my foot before back-pedaling that same trail up my other leg and across my thigh before rolling oh so gently over my aching clit, sending a shudder of need down my trembling form. The sensations were building to a frenzied staccato as he rolled it higher over my aching breasts, slowly, torturously circling each one before tossing it aside. I could hear it hit the floor and it brought a startled gasp from my lips, just imagining what he would do next.

I couldn't hold back the scream of need that tore from my lips as his flogger struck home once again across my swollen clit and before I could beg him to end this delicious torture, I could feel him pushing something against the tight hole of my ass that puckered even more reflexively before he lodged a small butt plug deep within. Another scream of need erupted from my lips as I arched up, unable to keep from begging him as I cried out, "Master, use me!" I could almost hear the smile in his deep voice as he indicated that he planned to do that very thing. I couldn't stop the tremors that wracked my body out of desperate need as he removed the leg spreader between my thighs and quickly replaced it with his own body. For a moment suspended in time, I could feel his hands claim my flesh as he moved into place. I knew I was open and wet and ached for him to fill me. The thought of never being with this man didn't even occur to me. I had never needed someone so much in my life.

Before I could beg him to fuck me, his cock slammed deep into my hot soaking pussy, drilling right into my g-spot as I arched up, delirious to the sensations that he was creating within me. The sound of his body slamming against mine, our hips rhythmically pounding against one another sweet music to my ear. Without breaking stride, he bent down and captured the chain on the nipple clamps and pulled them harshly from my aching tips. I cried out even as I thrust my hips eagerly into his, wanting and needing more. And then I could see, blinking in the dim candlelight as he pulled the silken cloth from my eyes, his cock buried deep within my pulsing body as he gazed down into dark blue eyes. I felt so lost and at the same time, at home in his gaze and for a moment was suspended in time as he took me to a plateau I didn't know could exist.

I could feel my ass stretching from the plug as he fucked me. His cock was long and thick and moved in delicious long strokes within my pulsing cunt. I would have reached up and clawed his back from my blatant need if I wasn't still bound to the bed. He reached beneath me and pushed the plug in even further, sending my pussy spasming around him. I couldn't help the response he had on my body and just when I thought I couldn't take much more, he captured both my ankles and pressed against my legs, my knees buckling beneath him and pressing back towards the bed as his hips slammed again and again into my willing flesh. I could tell by his breathing and the jerking of his body that he was close. Just the panting heat of his harsh and deep breath against my flesh, the stroking of his cock deep into my spasming walls, the feel of his swollen head slamming against my cervix was enough to send me over the edge once again as he exploded deep inside me, filling me with that hot creamy seed that splashed over and coated my constricting walls.

I was so lost in the exquisite sensations that I was shocked as he pulled out of me in one smooth motion and moved upwards, forcing his still throbbing cock into my mouth to clean him. Blue eyes widened even as my lips fit perfectly around him, the taste of our cum intermingled together as I sucked him clean, my tongue unable to stop licking hungrily along his gorgeous cock. My whole body was convulsing beneath him, legs still spread wide as I eagerly licked and sucked him clean and then, without expecting it, he reached for the flogger once more, striking my pulsing clit a dozen times that sent me screaming on his cock, over the edge. I ached and pulsed, my clit swollen from the delicious abuse and I gasped for breath as he looked down at me, our gazes locked as I shuddered beneath him.

My heart thudded deep within my chest, hoping for what I wasn't sure and as he smiled, I relaxed... visibly and within. Tears of relief sprang to my eyes as he lifted upwards and removed the bindings from my hands, tingling sensations beginning as the blood flowed to them once more, trembling arms moved slowly as I pulled them back down towards my chest, lost in his gaze and then before I could respond, he gripped the leash once more, pulling me roughly off the bed as his harsh voice commanded me to nadu. Trembling knees buckled beneath my still convulsing body and the trained slave girl in me reacted where I could not think. Silken thighs reflexively bloomed wide as bared back arched to thrust rounded breasts with aching tips forwards for his pleasure. The tip of my chin tilted to display the hammered steel he had placed around my neck claiming me as his property as shaky hands rested on the tops of my open thighs, palms turning upwards to him even now in a silent plea for him to use me again. I waited on baited breath, hopeful even as I felt his gaze upon me and then, when I least expected it, I felt the soft touch of his hand in my hair, stroking gently as I began to finally calm and the words that I had longed to hear from the moment I arrived at his doorstep finally came... "I am pleased, slut... very pleased."

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