tagIncest/TabooHave Faith... Ch. 04

Have Faith... Ch. 04


"No, no, no...not with her!" Cassidy muttered softly to herself as she looked through the crack in the curtains at the scene in her house. Cynthia had reached the window first and peaking in, gasping out just as Cassidy came up behind her. Cynthia had even tried to stop her from looking; pushing her older sister gently, but Cassidy moved her out of the way, knowing something was up with how her sister had reacted after peaking in. Cassidy started crying immediately at what she saw inside. Barbra, had her skirt pulled up to her waist, her ass completely visible from the front window as she straddled the girls' father as he sat in the middle of the couch. Cassidy could even hear faint moans coming from both of them as she spied from outside. "How can he being doing that...with her!" Cassidy said quite loudly and Cynthia quickly grabbed her and pulled her back into the bushes, away from the window.

"Quiet Cas...they'll hear us!" Cynthia uttered in a harsh whisper.

"I don't care if that witch hears me. I ought to kick her ass!" Cassidy told her, anger now replacing some of the grief of what she had seen.

"Cas, I don't like this either, I wanted daddy too, remember." Cynthia said as she tried to calm her sister, even though she was upset about what her father and the reverends wife were doing as well. Cassidy shook her head.

"Not as much as I did or as long Cindy...he was my dream man! Now I've lost him too that...BITCH!" Cassidy growled out, and Cynthia saw such hatred in her sister's face that she grew fearful for a second of what she might do.

"Cas?" Cynthia said to her sister wondering what she had rumbling around her head.

"What?" Was all Cassidy muttered, too lost I her sadness and anger to think clearly at that moment.

"You aren't going in there are you?" Cynthia asked her; worried her sister would do something stupid. Cassidy shook her head.

"No, it might embarrass them, but dad would be pissed as hell at us...at me, and I'm not sure if it would make anything better." Cassidy explained quietly now, thinking about the situation. "I think I have an idea. Come on; let's get back to the car." She told her sister and then started walking to where she had left her car. She had parked the car about six houses down from theirs, so to lessen the chance they would be caught spying on their father. Cassidy quickly reached the car, her body filled with anger and an idea about how to deal with what happened. Cynthia, moving slower then her sister, walked up a moment later.

"So what's this idea?" She asked as she reached her sister and her car.

"Get in the car; we're going to wait till that woman leaves." Cassidy told her sister, her voice tight with anger. Her sister looked at her, worried.

"Are you going to run her over...because I'd rather not go to jail?" Cynthia asked her worriedly, only partly joking. Cassidy made a grunting noise and looked at her sister, but gave her a slight smirk.

"It's a thought, but...NO! We're just going to sit here till they finish...and she leaves our house. Wait till she pulls out in her car and then we follow her." Cassidy told her sister, glancing back to where they had been.

"And then?" Cynthia asked her softly.

"Then we run her over." Cassidy told her, her face serious for a second, and then she started grinning at her sister's look. "We aren't running her over, though I'd like too." Cassidy said in passing. Her sister wasn't amused.

"I think you're nuts." Cynthia told her and Cassidy just nodded in agreement as they both smiled. "You do have a plan though...right?" She asked her sister as they both kept looking at their house.

"I think so; just have to see if she goes home...afterward." Cassidy said softly. They both sat in the car, mostly quiet, both wrapped in their own thoughts as they waited. About forty-five minutes later Cassidy pointed out the front window. "There she is." She said as she got ready to start the car.

"No running over, right?" Cynthia asked her again, but her sister only gave her a dark smirk in answer. "Fun." She muttered as she sat in the passenger seat and fumed at her sister's attitude of not explaining to her.

"Trust me, ok? I was right wasn't I, that something was up to begin with?" Cassidy asked her sister, and Cynthia just nodded in reply as she kept watching out the window. "There she goes." Cassidy muttered as she started the car and slowly started following where Barbra went. The trip quickly ended when Cassidy saw where the car stopped...back at Reverend Granger's house. Cassidy had a huge grin on her face as she stopped the car a few houses down and they watched the older woman get out of her car and walk into her house.

"What now?" Cynthia asked in frustration, usually not very outspoken or aggressive, but she was worried and a bit angry at her sister at the moment. Cynthia had a feeling they were about to get into trouble.

"Now I go and talk to her." Cassidy explained as she parked the car and turned off the engine.

"And me?" Cynthia asked in trepidation.

"You sit in the car." Cassidy told her and then quickly got out, not waiting for an argument or reply. She did look back when she reached the porch, but her sister only gave her a dirty look. She knocked on the door. Cassidy heard footsteps coming her way shortly after and waited for the door to open.

"Oh hello Cassidy, what are you doing here?" Barbra asked, startled at the teenagers appearance at her door.

"Can I come in?" Was all Cassidy asked as she looked at the older woman. Barbra looked puzzled but nodded.

"Yeah, I guess." She said as she stepped aside and let the girl into her house. Cassidy walked in ahead, into the living room off of the entrance. Barbra followed, wondering what was up with the teenager.

"Mrs. Granger I know about you and my father." She told the woman as she turned too look at her.

"What?" Barbra sputtered out, not expecting the girl's statement, but recovering quickly. "What are you talking about Cassidy?" She asked the teen, thinking she was guessing. Cassidy smiled at her.

"I want you to stop seeing my father...or else." Cassidy threatened her. Barbra grew angry, then quickly amused.

"Or what?" Barbra asked the snooty teen before her.

"Or I tell your husband about the two of you and you can get a divorce." Cassidy told her in a threatening tone and the woman gave her a dark look. "I saw both of you as you were humping like bunnies on our couch!" Cassidy announced, her anger now showing clearly to the older woman. Barbra was now quite angry...and amused at the teen.

"Really...tell my husband...a divorce? How shocking!" Barbra replied, sounding anything but shocked. The teen had surprised her at first, but she was now confident she knew the girl's game.

"Yes, if you keep seeing...fucking my father, I'll tell him!" Cassidy told her again, breathing heavily, her heart racing.

"Ok...tell him baby. You tell my husband, and I tell your mother about you and your father!" Barbra told the girl and took pleasure at the girl's expression. "Yes, I'll tell her all about you two. I think she'll enjoy hearing all about just how loving you two have become." She continued saying, loving the vision of horror on the young woman's face.

"NO! How do you know about that?" Cassidy shouted out, feeling sick and more anger then she had ever known before. Barbra actually laughed.

"Your father let it slip when we talked and I guessed the rest...it wasn't hard with a sexy thing like you. I bet you're a regular firecracker huh?" Barbara told her, baiting the teenager, enjoying the girl's reactions. Cassidy's face was a livid red at the moment and she felt vaguely like passing out.

"You bitch...SHUT UP!" Cassidy growled out, balling her fingers into fists, Barbra looked at her, still smiling.

"Why should I, are you going to cry if I don't...or if you don't get to play house with your daddy and..." Barbra taunted the teen, expecting what the girl would do. Barbra had taken over two years of defense courses after her husband started receiving threats years back, so he made sure she could defend herself if need be. As she watched the young woman, she had placed herself in a stance to defend herself. So when Cassidy took a swing at her, she was ready and side stepped it and grabbing the teenagers arm, twisting her around and slamming the teen into the nearby wall, knocking a picture from its mounting.

"AAAAARRGGHHHH! Let me go!" Cassidy cried out to the woman. But Barbra just continued to solidify her hold on the teen, kicking her leg back and immobilizing it with her own. Barbra remembered about the teen's leg...having even visited her in the hospital twice when her husband had visited her, so she used that leg against the teen by placing it near the wall so she couldn't push off with it. She also grabbed the teens other hand and brought it around to the back with the other one. "Goddammit...let me go!" Cassidy screamed at the woman.

"Or what, you threaten me some more with hollow threats. If I want to see, or even fuck your dear daddy's brains out it's not your call, it's his and his alone. Your father is a real man and I want that right now." Barbra told the teen, her own face pressed into the teens shoulder as she held her in place. Barbra noticed the girl's sweat and her perspiring smell as they both breathed heavily from the brief struggle. "God I don't know how your father resisted you, you are extremely lovely." She told the teenager as she restrained her. Barbra leaned further in and smelled into the girl's hair.

"What are you doing?" Cassidy said, feeling and hearing the woman sniff her hair. Cassidy shivered as she felt the woman's face over her hair and neck. "Let me go!" She screamed out yet again trying to push herself off the wall and failing as the woman pushed her back.

"Yeah, so you can swing at me again...no thank you." Barbra said, then using a hand to hold one of the teens arm and her body to wedge the other, Barbra loosed her other one and brought it to the girls face, turning her head slightly. "God you are beautiful, Cassidy. Your dad is an idiot for not fucking you." Barbra told her then looked down at the teen's body. "Jesus, you have great breasts." Barbra said and slowly brought her hand around the teen and cupped it over one of Cassidy's breasts. Cassidy tried to move again, but the woman had too good a hold of her.

"Let go of me, you sick bitch!" Cassidy spouted out at the woman, feeling Barbra's groping becoming more assertive. Cassidy gasped aloud when she felt her nipple being pinched and pulled, and without thinking she ever so softly pushed her hips back into the woman, stopping herself after she noticed what her body was doing.

"Holy shit, you are actually enjoying this?" Barbra said with a huge grin. Cassidy shook her head, but Barbra just reached over and tweaked the teenagers other nipple, causing it to come quickly erect. Barbra could feel the teen start to breathe harder.

"Stop it you pervert!" Cassidy yelled at the older woman, unable to get away from her.

"Pervert? Who's the one who wants to fuck her father? Her father with a huge...enormous cock!" Barbra said teasingly to the teen. "I bet you're wet from me tugging on your nipples...let's check!" Barbra said, and quickly moved her hand and unbuttoned the girl's jeans. Cassidy started struggling yet again, but Barbra still held her and pushed her into the wall even tighter. "Hold still!" She told the teen.

"Stop it you sick bitch!" Cassidy yelled, shaking her hips as she felt the woman's hand start to slide into her pants. Cassidy jumped when she felt the hand reach, then start too slide into her pubic hair. "Oh my god Barbra, please stop!" She begged the woman, not wanting her to touch her private areas. She gasped as the hand slid over her clit and stopped.

"Ah, the mighty love button, let's see what this does!" Barbra said with a grin as her finger began to fly over the teen's clit. The reaction was immediate, Cassidy threw her head back and her hips shot back, Barbra even thought the teen opened her legs slightly wider. "Oh, that is definitely the go button isn't it." She muttered out as her hand continued to fly over the girl's clit. She listened as the teen began to make small gasping, moaning noises, and even saw the girl close her eyes and her mouth open.

"Ohh...please...stop!" Cassidy begged as she panted out. She wanted the woman to stop, but her body betrayed her and she had no control over it. "Ohh god...no...no...Ohhhhhh...ooohhh...AARRRGGHHHHHHHH!" Cassidy screamed out as an orgasm slammed into her. Barbra grinned as her fingers kept up their assault on the girl and she watched her cum.

"That's it baby, fucking cum! God this is hot!" Barbra said aloud, wishing she could finger her own pussy now as well. Cassidy gasped loudly one last time then relaxed, breathing hard against her. Barbra stopped rubbing the girl's clit, but instead slowly and gently slid two fingers into the teenager's sopping wet slit.

"Oh god...please no..." Cassidy begged weakly, having little strength to fight off the woman's fingers, in fact she felt her own legs open wider to accommodate her. Cassidy moaned aloud as the fingers started going deeper into her. "Oh my god...deeper!" Cassidy resigned herself to the invasion and decided to enjoy what was happening to her. Her actions surprised even the older woman.

"Jesus you are one hot little thing aren't you?" Barbra purred out as she slid her fingers to the hilt into the girl. She then leaned in and began kissing Cassidy's neck, leaving little hickies along the way. "Your father is an idiot, how could he not fuck you!" She threw out, seeing in her head that exact picture.

"Oh my god..." Cassidy purred out, giving herself completely to the sensations that Barbra was giving her, opening her legs even further, as far as her jeans would allow at any rate. She heard the woman's words and her heart jumped in her chest "Take my jeans off please!" Cassidy told her, needing to cum again and the mention of her father being inside her made her want more. Barbra smiled at the teenager's hormones.

"Like a younger version of me..." Barbra teased as she released the girls arm; half expecting her to bolt or jump away, but Cassidy stayed and was still enjoying the woman's fingers inside of her. But Barbra removed them as she turned the teen to face her as Cassidy groaned at the loss of them. "I have a better idea then fingers..." She told the young woman as she looked into her face.

Cynthia had long since passed impatience and into being pissed off. What was taking her sister so long? Hell, she didn't even know what exactly her sister was going too do inside...talk to the reverends wife she said? Then a sudden fear chilled through her and Cynthia actually wondered if her sister was capable of killing the woman out of desire for their father. She started sweating with terror thinking about what was going on inside the house. She had to find out she figured and shakily opened the car door, closing it quietly. She walked slowly up to the door. She felt like passing out as she tried the doorknob, finding it unlocked, she silently opened it and peered inside, half expecting to see blood smeared on the walls.

When she didn't see or hear anything, she tip toed inside, closing the door behind her as her heart threatened to tear itself out of her chest as her blood boiled in fear. As she came close to an open room she began to hear soft noises and bumps. It sounded like a struggle to her and she walked forward even slower then before. Finally as she started to see into the room she saw slight movements from the edge of her vision. She walked forward a few more steps then froze at what she saw before her, unable to believe it. What she looked at beguiled description at that moment and she was totally stunned.

She saw the Reverends wife, kneeling on the floor, her body forward as her head was between her sister's legs. Cassidy had her legs spread wide and she was completely nude, her knees pressed into her breasts and chest. Cynthia could now clearly define the sounds she had heard before...the moaning of her sister as the woman slurped loudly on her sister's seemingly wet pussy. The bumping was coming from the couch as the older woman pressed harder to get at her sister's dripping pussy. Unable to stop or even know she was doing so, Cynthia let a soft cry escape her lips at the scene. "What the hell!" She finally muttered, unable to hold it in any longer. Both Barbra and Cassidy quickly looked at her. Barbra looked completely shocked and abashed for a few seconds. She finally recognized Cassidy's younger sister.

"Cynthia?" She said, she out of sorts at why the girl was here. "I can explain..." Not sure of what to say, not sure if she should be worried. Both Cassidy and her sister laughed, though for different reasons. Cassidy because she figured that Barbra didn't know her sister was outside, and Cynthia because the awkward situation made her nervous, she was glad no one was dead, but more so because the older woman was dripping her sister's juices from her gapping mouth.

"She came with me Barbra." Cassidy stated calmly, breathing heavily at that moment because the woman's mouth had again brought her close to orgasm before her sister's entrance.

"Does she know...?" Barbra looked at the young woman, her legs still tugged tightly to her chest. Cassidy nodded.

"Yes, she knows...everything!" Cassidy told the woman, almost boasting. Barbra looked surprised.

"Everything?" Barbara asked again and Cassidy nodded.

"Well I don't know everything, like what's going on? I thought you were just going to talk to her...?" Cynthia asked her sister, befuddled and amused at her sister's current position.

"It can wait till after I cum...I was close dammit!" Cassidy said, and then reaching out, grabbed the older woman's arm to pull her between her legs again. Barbra laughed as she took her previous position and Cynthia saw the woman start to lick and suck yet again on her sister.

"Some talking...can I get some 'talking' later?" Cynthia muttered out in a grin as she looked on. Cassidy grinned at her as she panted.

"You didn't get your...ahhhh...your ass beat too get this talking!" Cassidy, panted out breathlessly.

"She beat you up first, now she's licking your tinkle?" Cynthia said, reverting to her childish words, unsure of the woman before her.

"Yep...ohhh...yes...explain...later..." Cassidy muttered out as her body started to jerk at Barbra's licking. Cynthia looked on, not knowing how to respond to her sister getting tongued by the woman she claimed to hate just an hour or so ago. Here she was worried that they had killed each other inside Mrs. Granger's house, only to walk inside and see her sister getting her jollies with her. Cynthia didn't deny to herself that she was becoming wet watching the pair, but she felt uneasy joining them or getting naked herself at the moment, and just sat down in the chair across from them to watch...that and softly press her pants into her crotch with her fingers. She sat up and looked closer when she noticed her sister's body begin to jerk.

"Ohlick...faster...almost...uuuhhh...there...uuuhhhh...yyessss...AAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Cassidy cried out as the woman's tongue took her over the edge yet again. She worked her hips, bucking to meet the wife's flying tongue as she played with the teen's sopping wet pussy. In half a minute, it was over and Cassidy lay on the couch panting, while Mrs. Granger sat on the floor between the girl's spread legs, wiping her face dry with her hands, a smile on her face. She looked at Cynthia and she actually blushed at the audience, causing the young girl to laugh at her.

"Don't be shy on my part, though I would like to know what's going on? Cas, I thought you were mad at her?" Cynthia asked her sister, looking over the kneeling woman between them. Cassidy opened her eyes and looked at her sister, then at the woman at her feet. "I was...I am. I didn't do this...she did!" Cassidy told her sister and both of them looked at Barbra, who laughed softly. "She damn near tore my arm off...then she molested me!" Cassidy said loudly, again growing angry. Barbra, shook her head, but remained on the floor.

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