tagSci-Fi & FantasyHaven Ch. 02

Haven Ch. 02


Here is the next part of the story. Please do not expect them to come this quickly, I have had a rush of inspiration. I do not have an editor yet, but hopefully I'll have one soon. Any constructive comments are welcome, any nonconstructive comments will most likely be ignored. Of course all characters are over one hundred.


Eirienel stood there looking at the man in front of her. She could feel the necklace grow hot, and almost pull towards him. That not right feeling also pulled towards him but it also felt different, it felt almost hungry.

The longer Eirienel stood there the bigger the man, no J he said his name was J. The bigger J smiled, and it transformed his face from the stern mask when he fought the demons. To something warm and inviting.

"You are wise to think about it," said J breaking the quiet. "Since I see you're wearing my necklace I know that Uriel sent you."

At the mention of Uriel's name Eirienel stiffened.

"Yes Miraskar I know what you are." Said J when he saw her stance stiffen up. "I also know who is after you to make you his toy. I am also able to keep him from getting his claws on you."

Eirienel studied the man before her, he had to be a human since he didn't give have a presence. He had dark hair either brown or black it was heard to tell in the darkness. She also couldn't tell the color of his eyes, even though it was dark he was handsome. Not beautiful like male Anhie, he was Eirienel guessed just over six feet tall with broad shoulders. As she studied him that feeling grew stronger inside her.

"All you have to do is take my hand and come inside, there we can talk. Trust me I wish you no ill will. I swear on my honor that taking my hand will only be a decision to talk." J swore to her. But still she wasn't completely confident in taking his hand.

Eirienel finally put things together, she felt like an idiot but the growing feeling in her didn't help keep her focus. J must be one of the other powers Uriel had spoken about. He had told her that he could keep her from Satan and that she wasn't making a decision. That thought decided it.

Reaching out Eirienel took J's hand, and immediately that feeling quieted down. She was so shocked she didn't notice the necklace had cooled down too.

"How did," Eirienel said despite her resolve to play it cool.

"How did I calm your power?" Replied J, with a smile. "Every Miraskar's power will keep growing until a Fior comes in contact with them. The greater a Miraskar's power grows the stronger a Fior can sense them."

Eirienel must have looked as confused as she felt, because J laughed.

"Don't worry I will explain everything inside." He told her as he led her past the dead demon and opened the door he came out of.


Unbeknownst to anyone the Greater Daevon that had picked up on Eirienel's presence suddenly lost it as soon as she touched J's hand.

Master it called out using a telepathic connection.

Yes Tuiklion came the quiet reply.

I had found the presence you had commanded us to find but it just disappeared. I have found the city where it disappeared. What would you have me do? Asked Tuiklion through the connection.

Find her and bring her to me. Long have I waited to have my revenge on her, bring her to me alive and unbound. Aside from that I care not what you do with her. And with that the connection ended.

Tuiklion had his orders, and he would enjoy fulfilling them. The last time he had been sent on a mission was to pervert the leaders of Rome. He had feasted well on the orgies and blood, maybe he could find some more innocents to have fun with along the way.


Eirienel was mesmerized. Stepping through the door was like entering a new world. Leaving the dark alleyway filled with death and pain, and walking into a world of lights and life. The many lights flashing in time with a fast paced music she never heard the like of before. She could literally feel the beat in her body reawakening that strange feeling in her. Now she realized it didn't feel wrong to her anymore just strange. Then a split second after her mind got past the lights and music the presences hit her. This was the place where all those foreign presences were! They almost smothered her in how many there were.

"Relax," she heard J speaking into her ear. "Clear your mind and relax. No one here will harm you, filter out the presences you aren't familiar with. Focus on what is familiar."

Taking J's advice she tried to calm down and focus on the familiar. Slowly she was able to pick out the presences she could categorize. She felt a few Fallen presences which would have made her bolt for the door if not for J holding her hand. She focused on those presences to the exclusion of everything else.

The was the Wrath from earlier and wait now there were two presences that at first felt identical but that was impossible. The second one was just barely different, the Wrath had a twin! They must have been humans who had knowingly sold their souls for something. For them to have been made Wraths they must have wanted revenge.

Then she felt a presence that felt like that feeling inside her. She couldn't place it, she must not have encountered that type of Fallen yet, that was rare. She had been a Hunter for almost the entirety of existence. The final one she recognized all too well, it was a Leech. A Fallen that feeds on the emotions that seep from humans. She had heard of Leeches that feed on emotions other than terror and grief, but she had never encountered one before.

J had told her, no swore to her, that he didn't wish her to be harmed. She had to trust him, and finally she had regained control. She opened her eyes and looked down the hallway towards the lights. Since she wasn't dazzled by the lights she could see people dancing. Or what looked like it was dancing, most looked like they would be having sex if not for their clothes. On second thought there were a few people she wasn't too convinced weren't having sex. Yet again that feeling spiked inside her, before she could consider it J pulled her towards the other end of the hallway.

They stopped at a plain door at the end of the hallway marked with some sigil Eirienel had never seen before. As J opened the door male and female moans came through the opening with wet slapping sounds. Once she could see past the door Eirienel saw a beautiful naked woman lying on her back on the desk. With a likewise naked man thrusting his penis into her. That feeling stopped rising and just consumed her.

Almost as if the woman could feel that something consume her the woman turned her head towards the door.

"Shit," was all the woman could say before the man thrust hard into her and grunted. That seemed to trigger something in the woman as a look of ecstasy covered her face. She laid her head back and breathed deeply.

"Fuck," muttered the man as he leaned forward with his hands on the desk, still inside the woman. Eirienel knew that this should be wrong but she couldn't stop staring. That feeling was in control, she felt something hot and wet between her hips. Her nipples got hard and her bra rubbed against them as she breathed. Between her hips where it was hot and wet it began to feel achingly empty like it needed to be filled.

Eirienel felt drawn forward towards this lewd tableau. Before she started moving a cool rush covered her body shocking her back to her senses. The rush originated from the hand that J was holding. It took less than three seconds but to her it felt like an hour had passed.

"Yes, we can tell." Said J into silence as the door clicked shut. J must have known what had happened to her, but he acted like nothing had happened. Besides that, he was acting liked it was common place to find two people having sex on what she thought was his desk.

"Fuck," said the man again when he realized they had walked in. He stepped back and his penis pulled out with an audible pop. It was still hard and wet with the woman's juice, it drew Eirienel's eyes.

With a surge of effort Eirienel forced the feeling back down. She finally realized it was connected to sex, she didn't know why but it was. She just had to deal with it. First she was cast out of the High Realm, then nearly gang raped by six lesser demons. Lesser demons! She used to be able to take fifty lesser demons out as a prelude to the real fight. She had been a Hunter, one of the Anhie tasked to destroy any of the Outsiders that snuck into the Mortal Realm. She had been a warrior when Satan and the first Fallen had been cast out. She personally cast down one of the a Fallen's Generals. Just because she had been cast out it didn't change who she was. It was time she remembered who she was, and act like the being she was. It was past time damn it! Eirienel straightened her back and lifted her head. Yes she had no powers she could speak of but she had her training, she could take on almost anyone.

J must have sensed her change because he let go of her hand. Once he did the presences and the feeling assaulted her senses. They nearly overwhelmed her, forcing her to either fight and control them. Or to surrender, and lose herself forever. Her muscles and joints locked, keeping her from moving. She used her will like a shield, covering her keeping the assault at bay. Once she watched and learned she understood what J had said earlier about a Miraskar's power. She was a Miraskar whatever that was, and that feeling was her powers as a Fallen growing. That meant that her powers were connected to sex. The jolt of understanding nearly caused that fragile shield she had made to collapse. But she accepted it, and used it.

She was a Succubus. A Fallen that used and lived off of sex and lust. She forced all thoughts of sex out of her mind. It was kind of hard since she could smell sex in the air. Also she thought she still had two naked people in front of her. One a muscular man with blonde hair and blue eyes, not to mention a big dick. The other a beautiful woman with long brunette hair and a long lean body with dangerous curves. She HAD to focus. Not on the smell, not on the naked people, and especially not on J. Who in the light made Mr. Fuck look wimpy.

Eirienel focused and slowly she found herself gaining ground on get powers. Forcing them back inch by inch, second by second. After what seemed like an eternity she had backed her powers into a metaphysical corner. She knew she could bind them and be rid off them forever. That prospect was so tempting she actually considered it. However, she knew that J despite his claims couldn't protect her forever. Besides she didn't want to be coddled and hidden, it just wasn't her. She knew she had to force her power into total submission. Only then could she really control it and use it. She was a Succubus she had accept it was who she was now. Yes she was Damned but she would rather die now than let her powers control her.

Another eternity passed, a second one passed. Her power wouldn't submit, well neither would she. Then she got it. Her power wouldn't submit because neither would she. She was thinking about it the wrong way. Her power wasn't some separate entity, her power was her.

Finally she let go and truly accepted her powers and herself. Power rushed into her, filling her but not consuming her. She had already forced control, it wouldn't overcome her again. Power kept coming, flooding her senses and filling every cell. Slowly the power started to change her, reshape her. Eirienel wasn't afraid, she knew no matter what changed she would still be her. The power kept coming making the change speed up. She felt muscles thicken, organs shifting, bones being shaped. Everything was changing she even felt her hair changing, she didn't want her hair to change too much she liked her fiery red hair.

She had been one of only five Anhie to have red hair, she had to be careful in the High Realm that she never grew prideful of her hair. But she was no longer Anhie, she was a Succubus.

Slowly the rate of change decreased, fading to nothing. However, her power kept growing. It was getting too much, she couldn't take much more. She tried to control it again but she couldn't stop it any more than she could stop the rain by holding out her hand. She felt a new emotion, panic. She mentally clubbed that down. She had to release the pressure or her powers would kill her. She focused, it was a race for her life. She scrambled for some release then she found it. An instant before her powers destroyed her mind she tripped the mental switch.

Her powers exploded out of her in a geyser instead of exploding her brain. They rushed out of her, taking every last bit of her energy along with it. She started to feel herself falling but wasn't able to stop it. Then she felt arms around her holding her. She tried to see who it was but sometime her eyes had closed.

"Holy fucking Shit," said a female voice. "She just... she just." Stuttered the voice like it was searching for the right words.

Slowly Eirienel cataloged the changes she could feel. Her breasts felt constricted, so her bust grew. If possible her jeans felt tighter around her butt but looser around her waist. She also had wings and a tail. The wings felt different than the ones she was used to, and the tail had actually broken a hole through her clothes.

"Well,"came the female voice again. "If there was any doubt earlier there is none now. Her sigil and horns mark her as a Vius. That is if that blast of power wasn't a dead give away to begin with."

Horns? Eirienel couldn't feel any horns, but then again she potentially wouldn't feel them any ways.

Slowly she opened her eyes, as the light blinded her. Finally her eyes adjusted and she could see. Everything looked different, with sharper lines and slightly darker colors. She was also looking up into J's face. She could see his eyes weren't dark like she first thought, they were a dark burnished gold.

"You're not human," said a voice with a sultry undertone to it. She realized it was her voice, before she had a voice that used to sing with bells. Now she had a voice that even made her think of sex. Well since she was a Succubus it didn't surprise her.

"Indeed," replied J with a smile. "But neither are you." Eirienel thought his voice sounded different, like there was a slight resonance in it. "May I ask who I have the pleasure of holding?" Continued J with a raised eyebrow. His hair wasn't dark Eirienel thought, it was a pure black darker than ink. Finally she realized he was waiting for her to tell him her name.

"E..." She started to say Eirienel, but she wasn't Eirienel any more. She had tried holding onto that name but Eirienel might as well be dead. "Erin," she continued. "You can call me Erin."

"Well Erin," said J as his eyes softened. "Welcome to Haven." Lifting her up he helped her look towards the desk. Where there stood the man and woman from earlier, except they had clothes on. So she had been out for a while, the question was for how long.

"I would like to introduce you to Kyle the manager of Haven, and Selene my main bartender." Introduced J and directed her gaze towards the two now clothed people. Erin could sense that the woman was the one who had a similar presence to her, so that made her a Succubus too. The man though looked human but there was something off, something that reminded her of J. That meant that he probably was whatever J was. Erin nodded to the two people. Selene and Kyle had very different expressions on their faces. Kyle looked ashamed with a slight blush and his head bowed. Selene just stood there with a look of shock and awe mixing somehow.

"I would say the pleasure is mine, but you obviously had the pleasure earlier." Said Erin with an impish smile, she was happy. She had accepted who she was why let it bother her? Since she was no longer focused on controlling her power she could get a more focused look at them. It wasn't better since they had clothes on but she would take it.

"I'm very sorry Miss Erin, J had told me he would was leaving. And it was the perfect timing...." Kyle told her his blush deepening.

"It's perfectly fine concerning me. It forced me to do something that was long overdue. Besides, now I perfectly understand why you would take the opportunity to take a bite of Selene." She replied with a smile. Selene was hot, she was lithe and stacked almost to the point it didn't look natural. Erin felt fangs in her mouth as she herself contemplated taking a bit of a bite too. She also felt her tail start to move restlessly.

She focused for a bit and concentrated on appearing human. No one else was in their true form it wasn't polite for her to be. Eventually she got it right and her demonic aspects faded away, but she could still feel them.

She looked down at herself and realized for the first time she was wearing all black. Her transformation had stared back when she picked out her clothes, never before had she worn anything but white.

As she looked up she saw Kyle now shared Selene's look, J had a look of well. He looked amused and his eyes were lighter in color too.

"Is there something wrong?" Asked Erin worried that she had already done something wrong on her first day.

"It depends on your definition of wrong," replied J. "You just took one of the never before broken rules of thumb concerning Miraskar and shattered it. Guilfor will consider it wrong but she published an entire one hundred and fifty page thesis explaining that previously exceptionless rule." Erin was confused but she didn't show it. "How about we sit down and get comfortable, everything is closed down and the cleanup crew is working." Continued J as he moved towards his desk.

Kyle and Selene took the chairs they were by, and J sat behind his desk. That took up all the chairs, with nowhere for her to sit. If it hadn't had the look of routine she would have felt snubbed. It was however routine and Erin could easily tell it was. She had already broken one previously unbroken law, why not possibly another? So Erin sat on the edge of the desk looking at J.

His amusement had changed into a real smile. Kyle on the other hand she could see out of the corner of get eye. At first he was shocked, then aghast, then furious, then confused. Erin felt the same way but didn't let it show.

"Since we're all comfortable let me begin." Started J and drew everyone's eyes. "Everyone here obviously knows Erin was a Miraskar, a Fallen Anhie that had not transformed yet. We obviously know she transformed in an incredibly short period of time. What you two," he looked at Kyle and Selene. "Don't know is that Erin here transformed on the day she was cast out. Without my help." That last part shocked Kyle and Selene the most. Erin didn't know why, but she wasn't able to compare anything to it. "What you don't know," he then turned to her. "Is that only the High Daevons transformed without any guiding power, even then it took weeks. The only Fallen to transform on the first day and without help was Satan." It she hadn't already been sitting she would have fallen on her ass. "The good news is that we are the only ones who know the circumstances. Satan doesn't know when you were cast out, and only we know about her not needing aid. It will stay that way." When he said that last part that resonance came back into his voice. Kyle and Selene said yes sir while Erin could only nod.

"Erin," J said reclaiming her attention. "Except for you all Miraskar need a Fior to aid in transformation. Every being that's not human in the Mortal Realm has to be either a Fior or sworn to a Fior. There are five Fior alive today. Obviously Satan and myself. Then there is Mazu in China, Vladimir in Romania, and Èsù in Africa. In time you will become stronger, possibly even strong enough to become a Fior yourself. However, for that to happen you must at least be able to fight to a stalemate ever other Fior that doesn't ally themselves with you. That means you must individually gain enough power to fight not only Satan but all of Hell to a stalemate." She suddenly got very cold. J was a Fior, that meant he at least had an alliance with Satan. But with him killing the lesser demons and not turning her over to Satan, he most likely had the power to fight all of Hell to a stalemate. Now she understood the flash of expressions on Kyle's face. She was basically sitting on his seat of authority, declaring herself an equal. Oh shit, she really screwed up. J must have seen her face change.

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