tagErotic HorrorHawthorn Manor

Hawthorn Manor


The new school year had started, and all the fraternities and sororities had accepted their pledges and were in the midst of performing whatever humiliating rituals they normally did; one such sorority was getting ready for their final initiation ritual.

Five young freshmen were gathering in the common room on a Friday afternoon, waiting for further instructions. There was Tracy, a tall, skinny, Spanish girl with long straight black hair, perky little tits, and a tight little ass, majoring in music; Felicia, her best friend, a black girl of average height, with short black hair, averaged sized tits, and a nice round ass, majoring in education; Quynh Mi, a short, Vietnamese girl, with straight brown hair, and monster tits, majoring in photography; Oxana, a tall, skinny, Russian girl with shoulder length blond hair, medium sized tits, and a tight little ass, majoring in finance; and Claudia, an Italian girl of average height, with long wavy brown hair, and grapefruit sized tits, majoring in marketing. The five of them sat there in silence, knowing that if they were caught talking, they would be forced to bare their ass and receive 10 whacks with the sorority's paddle; which hung, menacingly next to the doorway.

They could hear the other sorority sisters upstairs, making a lot of noise. After a while, the noise died down and they could be heard coming down the stairs. All fifteen sorority sisters marched into the room, the five sophomore sisters holding large duffle bags, obviously full. Once everyone was in the room, and there was silence, the head girl Mandy, a short, Greek girl, with long blond hair, large tits, and a round ass, who was in her last year of accounting, stepped forward to address the pledges.

"You five little girls are about to perform the traditional final ritual, that will turn you from mere pledges, in full-fledged sisters. Behind me you will see last year's pledges, who had to perform the same ritual as you. They are each holding a bag that contains what you will need for this great honor." She paused while each of the sophomores handed each one of the pledges a bag. Once the girls were all back in place, she continued, "Now, tied to each bag is a blindfold; you will remove it and put it on." Without a word, all five girls did as they were told.

"Now each of you will be guided by your sister to the minivan outside. You will sit there in silence, not touching your blindfold, for the duration of the trip." The girls all felt someone take their hands, and lead them out the front door. When they reached the driveway, they were helped one by one, into the minivan with their bags in their laps. One of the sisters got in the driver's seat and started the engine. The remaining girls, got into the remaining cars, and started them. Then they were off.

The girls sat there in silence, waiting to reach their destination. What seemed like an awfully long time later, the minivan finally stopped. The other cars could be heard pulling up just behind it. The girls were then helped out of the minivan and up a set of four stairs. They could hear someone unlocking a door, then the door creak open. They were lead inside, and up a flight of stairs. They were stopped at the landing, and their blindfolds were removed. The girls could see that they were in a very large, very old house. Mandy started speaking again. "You five will now prove yourselves with the final test. You will all spend the entire weekend here, without leaving the house; all the doors and windows are locked from the outside. There will be no contact with the outside world, as there are no phones, and you will each be required to spend four hours, alone, and naked in the basement, where there are no lights. On Sunday, you will be released, and will attend your elevation ceremony at the sorority Halloween party. Now some of you may have questions, feel free to ask them now, there will be no punishments,"

The girls all looked at each other, then Quynh Mi asked "What if there's an emergency?"

"There will be one phone left in the house, but all the buttons have been covered over, and the only button that isn't is the speed dial to the sorority house where we will have a sister by the phone at all times this weekend."

Felicia asked, "What about food?"

"You'll find that everything you need is in the kitchen."

There was a minute of silence before Mandy said "You may be wondering about why you must each spend four hours alone and naked in the basement; and as to how exactly we will monitor this. Will if you look down at the door on the left of the entrance, you'll notice that just above it is a camera. That camera will be monitored by the same sister monitoring the phone. The door is also controlled by remote, by that same girl. She will let you in, and four hours later, she will let you out. We will call you with the order of girls."

"As to why you shall be spending the weekend here, and more specifically, four hours alone and naked in the basement. Well it's quite simple, you see, this is Hawthorn Manor. Those of you, who know your sorority history, will know that this was the original sorority house, before it was moved to its present location. Now the history, behind why it was moved is not widely known. The story most people believe is that a sister died here; the truth, however, is a lot more disturbing."

"Thirty years ago, on Halloween night, when there were only three pledges entered per year, the twelve sisters had all just gone to bed after performing the old final ritual, feeling happy that it was over, and anxious for the party that would take place the following evening. Little did they know that for most of them, this was not going to be a restful night, and for six of them, it would be their last. You see, back then, no one really thought much about security, so when someone wanted to break into an old house like this one, they didn't really have to try hard; and that night someone did want to break into the house, only he had no interest in robbing the place, he had other things in mind."

"It's suspected that he made his way upstairs to the head girls room first, where he raped her at knife point, and then slit her throat. He then made his way to the next room, which contained the other two seniors. It's believed he used chlorophyll to render one of the girls unconscious, and then forced the other girl to have sex with her before killing them both. They think that next he caught one of the freshmen returning from the washroom, where he forced her back in, tied her arms to the pole with the shower curtain and gagged her with a towel. He left her there, probably intending to come back for her later; but you'll see. He then went into the room containing the other two freshmen where it's believed he did the same thing that he had done to the seniors."

"He had now believed that he had killed five girls, and had one tied up in the washroom. His next move was to sneak into the room with the sophomores, and render one of them unconscious, and then carry her out and down to the basement. He repeated this with the other two sophomores. When they awoke they were all tied to various pieces of furniture, which that had been deposited down there, and were gagged. He then proceeded to rape each one of them in turn, killing the first two when he was done with them. Just as he was about to kill the last girl her was attacked from behind."

"It turns out that the head girl had actually survived his attack and had managed to crawl to the one room he had yet to disturb, the room with the three juniors. Together they had found the freshmen tied up, released her and made their way downstairs, where they came in just as he was about to kill again. As one they tackled him. A struggle ensued and he was overpowered. The head girl managed to grab his knife, and then, while the other girls were holding him down, straddled him and plunged the knife into his chest repeatedly. She was so enraged that the four girls had to physically remove her from the room, to wait for and ambulance."

"When the authorities came, they found six dead girls, and one dead assailant. The remaining girls were all taken to the hospital for treatment. When the head girl was finally released from the hospital two weeks later, she was fully expecting to be arrested for killing the assailant; however, she was surprised to find out that the police report said that the assailant had tripped trying to run away, and fell onto his own knife. Everyone knew the truth, but not a single person would ever come forward and blame her for what she had done."

"Many believe that this place is haunted by the spirits of the six girls who died that night and that the spirit of the assailant haunts the basement alone. It is also believed that every year, around Halloween, the spirits become stronger, and can actually affect the real world. Many pledges have said that weird things happen here; that they feel sad. What do they say about their time in the basement?" she paused and let the silence hang for a minute "You'll only hear those stories when we pick you up Sunday night. Goodbye." And without another word the fifteen girls turned, marched out the door, and locked it; leaving the five pledges standing there in silence.

"Well, that was a load of B.S." said Quynh Mi finally. The four other girls looked at her. "Come on, you can't tell me that you guys believe any of that do you? It was just a story to scare us."

"I don't know." said Claudia. "My cousin Maria, who graduated last year, was in this sorority, and she told me that the story was true. After the weekend, new sisters meet the survivors, and see all the newspaper clippings. She wouldn't tell me more, only that it changed her life."

"Even if the story is true, ghosts don't exist. They probably have this whole place rigged to seem like its haunted." The other four girls noticeably relaxed at this thought.

"So, what do we do now?" asked Oxana.

"I guess we should find the bedrooms and see what they gave us for the weekend." replied Tracy. At that, the five girls lifted their bags and set off down the hall.

The first door they came across was a linen closet, and the next was the washroom. Finally at the third door, they found a bedroom with two beds. "I guess we'll take this one." Tracy said, gesturing to herself and Felicia.

"Okay," said Quynh Mi. "we'll all meet downstairs after we're settled in."

Tracy and Felicia entered the room while the other three girls continued down the hall. The next room they found was completely empty. They finally came to the end of the hallway, where there were three doors; two facing each other, with the other perpendicular to both of them. They opened the door on the right and saw that it also was empty. They then opened the door on the left and saw that it had only two beds. The three girls looked at each other, before Quynh Mi said, "You two take it. I'm guessing that this is the head girls' room," gesturing to the only door left, "and it only has one bed. I'll sleep alone."

She was about to open the door when Oxana said "You know, if you want, we could share a bed, so that no one has to sleep in a room alone."

"No. I'll prove to them that I can't be scared by their stories." Quynh Mi replied as she opened the door and stepped into the room. Sure enough, there was only one bed, and it was queen sized, whereas all the others had been singles. She made her way to the right side of the bed and sat down. She looked around the room for a minute, guessing that the room hadn't been redecorated since it had ceased being the sorority house.

She had told the other girls that she didn't believe in ghosts, but what she hadn't said was that from the moment that they had entered the house, she had had the feeling of being watched, and even as they were being told the story, she thought she had felt a hand on her shoulder. This is why she had chosen this room. She guessed that the first two beds were those of the two freshmen who had been killed (being the furthest room from the head girls') and that the other two beds belonged to the two seniors who had died (these being the closest to the head girls'). Seeing as no one had died in this room, she thought this would be the safest place; and in truth, she felt strangely at ease here.

She opened her bag and started taking things out. She saw that these were indeed her things that had been packed. She felt a little upset that someone had gone through her things, but that feeling was immediately replaced by one of embarrassment, as just under the small pile of clothes she saw a small, black velvet bag with a satin draw string pulled closed. She removed it, opened it and poured out its contents onto the bed next to her; out fell all her sex toys, and a little piece of paper that she recognized as being from a pad on her desk. She picked it up and read it.

We decided that a naughty little girl like you shouldn't have to spend an entire weekend without her toys.

She looked down at the rather large pile, feeling like she had just been caught masturbating by someone. She knew that she had an incredibly high sex drive, more so than anyone else she knew. That was why she had all these; if she was unable to get one of her three boy toys to have sex with her, and she needed sex a lot, sometimes three times a day, she had these.

She grabbed them and shoved them back into their bag, just closing it as someone knocked at her door. "We're heading down to the kitchen to get some supper; you coming?" asked Claudia from the other side of the door.

Quynh Mi looked down at the bag still in her lap, and felt an urge building deep inside her. "I'll be down in five minutes." she replied.

Even as she heard Claudia turn and walk away, she was opening back up the bag. Selecting a tiny vibrator, with adjustable speeds, she tossed the bag at the end of the bed. She stood up, unbuttoned her black pants, and dropped them and her little pink thong to the floor. She sat back down on the bed and leaned back against the pillows. She opened her legs and started rubbing her shaved pussy with her left hand; she liked the way it felt shaved, and she knew that most men wouldn't hesitate to go down on her if they saw she was shaved. She grabbed the vibrator with her right hand and turned it on; it hummed quietly. She placed it on her clit, and gasped at the feeling. She switched hands, so that she was holding it against her pussy with her left hand, while holding the little speed controller with her right. She quickly increased the speed to its maximum, and it wasn't long before she was biting her lip, and repressing a squeal of ecstasy, while closing her legs tightly together. She turned off the vibrator, and placed it back in her bag, before hiding the bag in the night table. She took a moment to gather herself before she put back on her clothes, and then she headed downstairs to the kitchen.

When she got there, she saw that the other girls had already prepared a salad and Oxana was in the process of cooking something on the stove. Quynh Mi sat down at the table and talked with the other three about school until Oxana brought over a large bowl of spaghetti. The girls ate supper, chatting about everything and nothing. When supper was over, Quynh Mi and Claudia gathered up the dishes and started washing them, while the other three dried them and put them away.

They all retired to the common room, where they all sat down. "All I got in my bag was two changes of clothes, and a note saying that I had to sleep naked. I don't even think they chose outfits, I think they just grabbed the first two tops and bottoms they found. The same thing with my underwear." said Claudia.

"I got the same except that they gave me a tiny little white nightie, and said that I was to wear that to bed with nothing else." said Oxana.

"I got a full set of pjs, but was told not to wear any underwear with it." added Felicia.

"They gave me a tiny little white cotton tank top and matching panties to wear to bed." said Tracy.

They all looked at Quynh Mi, and she thought back to what she had taken out of her bag. "I got nothing to sleep in; but I normally sleep naked anyways." she said. The girls all started to laugh.

They all talked for a couple more hours, before Tracy asked "When do you think they're going to start sending us to the basement?"

"Probably not until tomorrow; they probably want to do it as close to Halloween as possible. I think they'll let us sleep tonight." said Felicia.

"Then what do you guys want to do now?" asked Tracy.

"Why don't we explore the place a bit? Maybe we'll find something interesting; I doubt that television gets cable." said Felicia as she pointed at the television in the corner of the room.

The girls all got up and headed back into the entry way. They looked around, and decided that they would get more covered if they split up into two groups; so Felicia, Tracy, and Oxana started to explore the first floor, while Quynh Mi and Claudia went upstairs to see if they could find anything.

After a half hour of searching the other upstairs room, including looking in any drawers and closets, Quynh Mi and Claudia headed back downstairs. When they got back to the common room, they saw Felicia and Tracy moving all the furniture away from the center, while Oxana was pouring five glasses of amber liquid from a crystal decanter. Upon seeing the two girls Felicia said "Go collect all the pillows and bring them here, and then throw them on the floor." Without asking why, they did it.

Once the center of the room was full on nothing but pillows, everyone took a glass and raised it in toast. "To the final ritual." said Tracy.

"To the final ritual." the other four repeated, before they all downed their glass.

"Wow, cognac. Where did you find this?" asked Claudia.

"Oxana found a whole case of it in the back of a closet under a bunch of old board games." replied Tracy, who was now sitting on the pillows.

The other four sat down too, while Oxana refilled every ones glasses; to the rim this time. "That wasn't all we found." said Tracy, as she reached behind her and pulled out a little cardboard box. She tipped it so that they could all see the cover and said "Ta-da."

"Truth or Dare: Erotic Edition." Claudia read out loud. "You've got to be kidding me."

"No, we checked it out, this is a real game; in fact, all the board games in the closet were erotic games. We thought that this one would be fun."

"Yeah, I'm in." said Felicia.

"Me too." added Oxana while filling her glass again.

"Sure, why not." said Quynh Mi.

"Well, I'm not going to be the one who says no, so count me in." said Claudia.

Tracy smiled and opened the box. She took out two stacks of cards (one that said Truth and the other Dare), a six sided die (two sides said Truth, two said Dare, one said Pass, and the other said Double Dare.), and a rule book. After reading the rules, during which Oxana refilled her glass again, they started. Tracy volunteered to go first.

She rolled the die and it came up on Truth. Felicia took the top Truth card and read it out loud. "Where is the most public place you have ever had sex?"

"The movie theatre." she answered quickly. "It was just this summer, right before I left for school. My boyfriend and I couldn't find anywhere to be alone so that we could say 'good-bye', and neither of us had money for a motel, so we went and bought tickets to the latest showing of the movie which had been out the longest. We weren't alone, there were six other people in the theatre, but we were sitting all the way in the back, and were as quiet as we could be; I don't think anyone saw us."

"I have to know, how exactly you pulled that off." asked Claudia.

"Simple, I wore a short skirt with no panties, and a tube top. He unzipped his pants, I pulled down my top, hiked up my skirt, sat in his lap, shoved his face in my tits, and rode him until he was about to cum, then I got off and jerked him off on top of the popcorn."

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