Hawthorn Manor


Eventually it stopped stood up and climbed over her tits. It placed the tip of the strap-on against her lips. Without asking, she opened her mouth and allowed it to slide the strap-on in. She started sucking it, enjoying the taste of her juices on it.

Suddenly, it pulled out and she was shocked to feel cum shoot out all over her face. She could feel some pour into her open mouth, and could taste that it was real. Believing that this was a really weird dream, she started licking cum off the strap-on, as it was rubbing against her face.

Just then the bear went limp and fell off her chest to the bed on her right. Soon after, she could feel each one of the restraints being undone, one by one and she could move her limbs freely. She sat up and started collecting cum with her fingers and putting it in her mouth; she had always loved the taste of hot cum. When she was sure she had collected it all, she picked up the teddy bear, laid back down on her side, clutching it to her chest, and fell back asleep.

Tracy was the only one to meet Felicia when she came upstairs. "Where's everyone else?" Felicia asked.

"Well, Oxana and Claudia both feel asleep a couple of hours ago, and I couldn't bring myself to wake them." Tracy replied.

"And Quynh Mi?" Felicia asked as she slid on her robe.

"I went to her room to see if she wanted to come down, but the door was locked. I just assumed she was asleep; she looked really tired after you went down."

The two girls headed back up to their room. When they got there Tracy let Felicia put on the pajamas, before asking. "I was wondering it maybe we could lie down together before I have to go down?"

Felicia turned from the dresser, and started walking towards Tracy. "Sure. I would like that."

As Felicia got into Tracy's bed, Tracy asked. "Do you think that we could switch places?"

"No problem." Felicia said as she turned on her side and started spooning Tracy.

After a few minutes, Felicia slipped her hand under Tracy's tank top and started rubbing Tracy's belly. "I think I love him." Felicia said into the silence.

"Who, Chris?" Tracy asked.

"No, Bill from my dance class; of course Chris."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because, he makes me feel like I'm a queen; even when we're not together."

"You're just saying that."

"No it's true. He treats me better than I've ever been treated before."

"Like what?"

"It's all the little things that most people won't notice. He always opens doors for me, even car doors, and then guides me through with his hand on my back. He's always telling me things like I'm beautiful, or I'm such an incredible person, out of the blue. He gives me little presents for no reason. I always catch him staring at me, when we're doing something. Stuff like that."

"Okay; but maybe you're not thinking straight because he's the first guy you've been with."

"The sex has nothing to do with it; but it is incredible, I mean the things that man can do with his tongue..."

Tracy poked Felicia in the ribs. "Yes, you've told me many times about what he can do; but that just proves my point. You don't really have anything to compare him too."

"I don't need too. How many guys his age do you know would stay in a relationship for two years 'without sex' because the girl wanted to wait until she was eighteen?"

"You're right. But that's another thing, he's a full three years older than you."

"So what; my parents had an eight year difference when they met. And look at them; I can't find anyone who is in love more than them."

"Okay; and what about the race issue?"

"Neither of us cares."

"Then why haven't you introduced him to your parents?"

Felicia paused for a minute, gathering her thoughts. "You know my dad. He wants me to marry a nice, clean cut, church going, Christian, black man. I just don't know how he would react to the fact that Chris is white."

"Plus he's not exactly what your dad would consider 'clean cut'."

"That and I don't think in the entire time I've known him, he's ever gone to church. But my mom likes him."

"What? Your mom met him?"

"Oh that's right, I didn't tell you yet. Well I had already told my mom all about him, and she said she didn't care, as long as he loved me and treated me right. Anyways, just before we left to come to school, she asked if she could meet him; so one day when my dad thought we were shopping, we went for lunch at Chris' place. He had gone all out with the food; I told you how good a cook he is. Well over lunch, my mom and him started talking about everything from his plans for the future to where he learned to cook. We were there for over three hours talking, at the end my mom told him that she liked him, but that we should wait before thinking about meeting my dad. Chris asked her if it would be possible to meet him around Christmas. She promised to work on him between now and then."

"So your mom likes him. That's good."

"She thinks that he's going to propose to me at Christmas."

Tracy actually turned completely around to face Felicia. "What?"

"Yeah, as we were driving home, she told me this. She thinks that's why he wants to meet my dad. She thinks that he's going to ask my dad for my hand before proposing to me at Christmas."

"And she's okay with this?"

"Well she's not one to talk, she was seventeen when she got married, and she had only dated my father for sixth months."

"What are you going to say if he asks you?"

"Yes." Felicia said as she started to laugh. "If he asks me, I'm going to say yes; even if my father doesn't approve."

Tracy stared at her friend as if she was meeting her for the first time. "I don't know what to say."

"Hopefully that you'll come spend Christmas with my family this year."

"Of course; I wouldn't miss it." After several minutes of silence, I which the girls just stared at each other, Tracy asked. "How sure are you that he'll propose?"

"At first I thought my mom was pulling my leg, but now I don't know. Ever since she told me I've noticed a few things. Two weekends ago, when I spent it in town at his apartment, my ring 'mysteriously' got lost, and then two days later he 'found' it under his night table, when I had already checked there myself. Then one night when I went to call you from his cell phone to tell you that I wouldn't be coming home that night, I noticed that he had called my parents' home just the previous night. I know he's been in contact with my mom; she admits it, but refuses to tell me what they talk about."

"Wow. I can't believe it. You're going to get proposed to, and I'm single."

"That won't last. You're too good looking to remain single for too long. I say that you'll have a new boyfriend before Christmas break."

"I hope so. If you get proposed to, and I have to answer questions about why am I still single, I'll kill myself."

"You know that you could ask Chris to set you up with one of his team-mates. I know that there are several guys on his football team that he's always saying he would trust with his first born child; and you know how he is about trust."

"We can talk about this after this weekend; right now, I've got less than ten minutes to get down there." Felicia and Tracy got out of bed, and Tracy stripped. Once she had put on her robe, the two of them headed downstairs.

At the door, Felicia helped Tracy out of her robe before giving her a little kiss on the check. Tracy was buzzed in and got the same message as the others before being allowed into the basement. Like Felicia before her, it was pitch black. She started to wander around, using her feet and hands to search. Several times she came into contact with something, usually a chair. When she felt something more solid with her right foot, she bent down to investigate; she had found a box. She opened the box, and felt around inside. As she riffled through the box, she felt a long metal shaft slip through her fingers; she quickly found it again and removed it from the box. She was almost shaking with excitement, hoping that when she flipped the switch it would still work; sure enough, as she flipped the switch, a beam of light erupted from the end of the flashlight.

Tracy stood up and started looking all around her. Once she had completed a complete circle, she was convinced that she was the only living thing down there. She turned her attention back to the box, only to discover that it didn't have anything else she could use. She stood up and started making her way around the room, looking in various boxes as she went; never finding anything of interest; finally, as she was finishing her tour of the room, she saw that there was a little nook under the closed off stairway. She headed over to it and saw that there was something tall covered with a sheet. She reached up and pulled off the sheet, revealing a full length mirror. As she was admiring the craftsmanship of the frame, she saw something move in the mirror. She looked and saw what looked like a man over her right shoulder. She turned around, expecting to see someone, and backed up. She didn't see anyone, but the moment her back came into contact with the mirror, she realized that she had just made a huge mistake.

She immediately lost all sensation, and had a feeling of being completely detached from her body. She saw her arms come up, as her hands were brought in front of her face. The fingers on her left hand wiggled, as her right hand held the flashlight. Then she was looking down at her body, while her left hand was touching her face. Then she had turned around to face the mirror. She saw her left hand leave her face, and run down the front of her body, over her tits, and down to her pussy, before reaching out to almost touch the mirror. Then she saw an evil smile that was not her own spread across her face.

She saw her lips move, and she heard her voice say. "Finally."

Her left hand began exploring her body again; massaging her tits, and twisting her nipples, then rubbing the v-shaped tuft of hair over her pussy, before she heard. "I like this. I like it a lot." Then her hand reached lower and started rubbing her pussy. She could see that, after a while, two fingers slid into her pussy. Her hand was brought up to her face where she could feel herself take a sniff of her fingers, before sticking them in her mouth and sucking on them; she recognized her own juices right away. "Oh, this is just too good." she heard herself say. "I can't wait to see what fun I can have with this."

Before anything else could happen, the lights came on, signaling the end of the four hours. After her eyes had adjusted, she could see that she was making her way to the door. She saw her hand open the door, and she slid through. She walked up the stairs, and opened the door at the top of the stairs. When she got out, all the other girls were waiting for her. She saw Felicia come forward with the robe, saw herself pass up the robe and say. "I prefer to remain unconfined." She saw Felicia hesitate, with a strange look on her face, before folding the robe over her arm. Oxana suggested breakfast. "I feel like I haven't eaten in ages." She heard herself say.

The five of them went into the kitchen to eat. She could only watch as she ate more than any of the other girls; in fact, more than she had ever eaten in one sitting. When she was finished, she saw the other girls staring at her. "What?"

Felicia said. "I've never seen you eat like that."

"I told you I was hungry." Then she got up and left the room. She headed upstairs to the room she shared with Felicia. Only Minutes later, Felicia came in. "Are you okay?" she asked.

Tracy looked at her and smiled. "Never better. I'm just really tired. Do you think that maybe I could have the room to myself while I sleep?"

"Sure; if you want. I'll be downstairs if you need anything, okay." Felicia said as she was backing out of the doorway.

"I'll remember that."

Tracy stood still while Felicia closed the door, then she walked over and listened. She could hear Felicia's footsteps further down the hall, and soon on the stairs. She locked the door and made her way over to the closet. She stood in front of the mirror and once again could see herself. She saw herself turn around, all the while looking in the mirror. "This is definitely good." she saw herself grab her breasts. "It would be nicer if these were bigger, but I can't complain. Besides," she turned to her left and looked down at her ass. "I just love this ass." she turned back to face the mirror, and saw her hands rubbing her pubic hair. "And I must say that I really love the difference in grooming thirty years can make."

She looked over at the clock. "Thirty minutes until the last girl heads downstairs; just enough time for me to get ready." She opened the closet, and bent down. She reached in the back and pushed open a tiny panel in the back wall. Soon, she was crawling through the panel into the space between the walls. She stood up, and noticed that the space was actually large enough to stand up, and wide enough to turn completely without touching anything. She turned left and walked to the end of the space, where she bent down and pulled open another panel in the floor. She could see that this led downstairs with a ladder. She descended the ladder, and came to a stop at the first floor. She turned left again and headed down another crawlspace. She turned right at the end and several feet later, came to another ladder leading up. She climbed up and pushed open the panel on top; but instead of being in another crawlspace like she had expected, she was instead in another closet. She climbed out and listened at the door; she didn't hear anyone. She opened the door, and realized that she was now in Quynh Mi's room. She made her way over to the nightstand and opened the drawer; inside was a black velvet bag with a satin draw string. She took the bag and opened it. She looked in and saw that it was full of sex toys. She saw her hand reach in and pull out what looked like a long pink dildo with leather straps hanging from the back. She closed the bag and placed it back in the nightstand, before closing the drawer. She returned to the closet and climbed back down the ladder; making sure to close the closet door, and the panel.

She made her way back to the first ladder, but didn't climb it; instead she walked down another crawlspace. When she got to the end of this one, she bent down and lifted another panel, revealing yet another ladder leading down. She climbed down, knowing where she was going to end up. When she reached the bottom, she was in a tiny space, with four blank walls on either side of her. She thought that maybe she had guessed wrong, when she saw her hand reach out and push open the wall on the left. She could just make out a few details, but knew for sure that she was once again in the basement. The only difference this time was that she had no control of her body, but she seemed to know where to go, without bumping into anything.

She could tell that she had stopped in front on a cabinet, and was opening the doors. She knew that she was removing things from it, before she closed the door. She could tell that she was once again of the move. She came to a stop and realized that her eyes had adjusted enough to see that she was, once again, in front of the mirror. She could see that she still held the dildo in her left hand, and that she also had what looked like ropes, or cables, hanging from her right shoulder. She placed the ropes on the floor and took the dildo.

It was then that she realized that this was not a dildo with leather straps hanging from it, but a strap-on. She watched as she saw herself put on the strap-on, and adjust the straps. Then she looked at herself in the mirror, grabbed the large cock, started stroking it and said. "It may not be real to me, but she sure as hell is going to feel this. Sure beats using a broom stick, like with that other girl."

Just then, she heard the buzzer at the top of the stairs. She picked up the ropes, and hid behind the mirror. Not long after, she heard the second buzzer ring and the door open. She could hear breathing, and knew that Oxana was now in the room. The door closed and darkness took the room again. She could tell that she was slowly making her way around the mirror.

Her eyes, having already adjusted, saw Oxana standing naked, with her back to her, only ten feet away. She saw herself move forward slowly, and raise her right hand over her head. She caught a glimpse of a long metal object clutched in her hand, and realized that it was the flashlight she had found earlier. She kept moving towards Oxana in complete silence, and suddenly realized what was going to happen. She tried to scream, but was only able to look on as her own hand came down quickly, and knocked Oxana on the top of the head with the flashlight; Oxana collapsed instantly.

She bent down and placed the flashlight on the ground, before hooking her hands under Oxana's arms, and dragging her towards the corner of the room. Once they were in the corner, she hoisted Oxana up on her feet, and then placed her on a table, on her back. She then grabbed the rope and began to tie Oxana to the table, making sure to let her lower body, hang off the edge. She wrapped the rope around her waist and the table, before tying her hands over her head, and then tying a robe behind each knee, and up to the table legs, near her head.

The result was that Oxana was on her back on the table, with her arms straight over her head, her knees bent and being pulled towards her head, and her ass and pussy being pulled open and hanging in the air. She then made her way to a box next to the table and removed some table linens. She proceeded to use one of them as a gag and the other as a blindfold for Oxana. Her next move was to retrieve the flashlight and bring it to the table, where she stood on Oxana's side.

She lit the flashlight and looked down at Oxana. She saw her hand reach out, grab one of Oxana's breasts, and start fondling it. "These are a little better." she heard herself say. She then bent over and began licking Oxana's nipple, while fondling the other breast. Soon she was alternating her licking and sucking from breast to breast.

After a while, she stood back up and looked down at Oxana's shaven pussy. "I wonder how this feels." she saw her hand slide down Oxana's abdomen and touch her pussy. She could see her two middle fingers moving up and down, as they explored Oxana's pussy, before they plunged in and started fingering her. After a couple of minutes her hand pulled out and she could see that they were covered in pussy juice. She then saw her hand coming towards her face and realized that she was sucking the juice off her fingers. "I'd forgotten how good that tasted." she said.

The next thing she knew, she was making her way around the table until she was standing directly between Oxana's legs. She looked down and could see that Oxana's pussy was wet and swollen. She then kneeled down and positioned her face inches from it. She took a deep breath. "It smells even better than I remember." All of a sudden her face plunged into Oxana's crotch, and she knew that she was eating Oxana's pussy; she could hear the slurping.

Several minutes later she became aware of another sound, and she stopped; Oxana was starting to regain consciousness. "Now we get to have some real fun." she whispered.

She stood up and looked over at Oxana's head; she could see that Oxana was now fully conscious, and confused. She saw her hand reach down and grab the strap-on, while the other placed the flashlight on the table. She then slowly placed the head of the cock against Oxana's pussy; Oxana stopped trying to look everywhere and tried to scream. This seemed to be the cue, as she then plunged the strap-on all the way into Oxana's pussy, in one motion. She then began to swing her hips back and forth, fucking Oxana; at one point grabbing the ropes holding Oxana's legs to help in her thrusts.

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