Hawthorn Manor


"No I mean weird. Like there's something going on here."

Tracy looked Felicia in the eye before answering. "Now that you mention it, I've been feeling weird since the moment we came in this house."

"Almost as if someone is watching you?"

"Yeah. You feel it too?"

Felicia huddled up and started rubbing her arms. "Yeah. Quynh Mi may believe that this is all a joke, but I don't know. It feels real. Like you said, I also felt it as soon as we got here, and that was before they told us that story."

"Do you really think that this place is haunted?"

"I definitely think that something is going on here."

"Maybe we should get to bed. The sooner we get out of here, the better." Tracy stood up.

Felicia grabbed her wrist. "No; don't go. Stay with me; please."

Tracy looked down at her friend and could see the seriousness of this request. "Okay; slide over."

Felicia climbed under the covers and made room for Tracy. Having sleep in the same bed before, they immediately got into their favorite position, with Tracy spooning Felicia. "Thank you, chica." said Felicia.

"Anytime, sista." replied Tracy. "Love you."

"Love you too. Goodnight."


With that said, it wasn't long before the two girls were asleep.


The girls awoke late the next morning, and gathered in the kitchen for breakfast. Although, Oxana was the only one suffering from a hangover, all the girls seemed sluggish. "Did anyone else have trouble sleeping last night?" asked Claudia.

"Yeah. I kept having these weird dreams about my pants falling down, and I would wake up to find that the covers were down around my ankles." said Oxana.

"Our room seemed to be getting colder as the night went on." said Tracy.

"Yeah at the end we were cuddled together under all the blankets from both beds." added Felicia.

"How about you, all alone in that big bed. Anything weird?" she asked Quynh Mi.

Quynh Mi swallowed her coffee and answered. "No. I slept fine."

"Then how come you look like you barely slept?" asked Felicia.

"Felicia!" scolded Tracy.

"No, it's okay. I'm just not a morning person; I always look like I haven't slept until I take my shower." replied Quynh Mi. "Speaking of which, if nobody minds, I think I'll head up and take mine." When nobody gave any objections, she stood up and left.

When she got upstairs, she locked the door behind her, and turned on the water. While the water heated up, she removed her robe. Once she was satisfied that the water was hot enough, she climbed in. She let the hot water run all over her body for a few minutes, absorbing the heat, before reaching for the soap and a washcloth. She poured some soap onto the washcloth and started lathering it up, then she started rubbing it all over her body; paying special attention to her pussy and inner thighs. Once she was sure that she was clean, she washed her hair.

When she was done, she noticed that the shower head was removable, and decided to take care of, what she liked to call, her 'morning horny'. Using the adjustable knob, she set it for intense massage, and got to it. She was so used to doing this that it didn't take long before she came. She decided to give her pussy and thighs another once over, before shutting off the water. She grabbed a towel and wrapped it around herself, before stepping out onto the carpet. When she looked at the mirror she saw that it was fogged over, except that it looked like the word 'tonight' was written in the fog. She looked at the door and saw that it was still locked, and then looked back at the mirror, only to see it completely fogged up. She shook her head, and chided herself for having let herself imagine something like that.

When she opened the door, she saw Claudia waiting her turn. "All yours." she said.

"Thanks." replied Claudia as she slid into the washroom.

One by one, the girls all showered and changed. Then they gathered in the common room and talked. When Felicia finally joined the other four, it was getting close to lunch time. She was about to suggest that they get something to eat when the phone rang; all the girls jumped at the sound. Tracy, being the closest, answered it.

"Hello. Yes I can hear you fine. Yes all the girls are here. Okay, I'll tell them."

Tracy held the phone away from her head and addressed the other girls. "Well, it's about to start. She said that at twelve the first girl goes down. After her four hours are up, there will be a one hour break, then the next girl goes down; it will follow the same sequence for all the others."

She placed the phone back to her ear. "Yes I told them. Alright I see. Okay. Yes, I'll tell them. Goodbye." she hung up the phone before continuing to the girls.

"The girl must make her way to the basement naked, they reminded me. She said that we are not to discuss anything about our time in the basement, we'll have plenty of time at the event planned for Sunday night."

"Well, who's the first girl?" asked Quynh Mi.

"Actually, it's you." replied Tracy.

"Suddenly, I'm not so hungry. I think, I'll just go upstairs and get ready." The other four girls watched her leave.

"Well I'm still hungry." said Felicia. And the four girls headed to the kitchen to eat lunch.

When it was almost twelve the four girls gathered at the entrance to the basement and waited for Quynh Mi. Not long after, she came down the stairs in the same robe she had worn at breakfast. She approached the door, and removed her robe, handing it to Claudia. She stood there naked, looking up into the camera. When she heard a door buzzer, she pulled open the door, and stepped into the stairway that would lead down to the basement. When the door closed behind her she noticed that the stairway was closed in, and that there was another door at the bottom leading into the basement. When she got to the bottom of the stairs, she tried to pull the door open only to find it locked. Before she could even begin to wonder about this, a voice emitted from a speaker in the wall. "We'll open it in a minute. First, let me remind you that you are not to speak of your time in there with the other girls. Second, I want to wish you luck. And third, I want to say that we are all proud of the way you've taken the burden of going first." Without another word the same buzzer that had sounded upstairs rang, and she opened the door.

In the moment before the door closed, she tried to memorize the layout of the room, but realized that it was too big, and there was too much stuff in here to make that possible. She was plunged into darkness, the moment the door closed. She stood at the same spot, praying for her eyes to adjust. She was pleased to see that she was actually able to make out some detail. It was only then that she realized that there was a tiny window on the opposite wall, and that some light was making its way into the basement. She couldn't believe it; here they were, being told that they would be spending four hours in complete darkness, and yet there was a window in the room. She navigated her way over to the light, and suddenly realized that she wasn't entirely correct. The window was only a six inch square of dirty glass. She tried rubbing away the dirt, but realized that the dirt was caked onto the outside. She could also see that the sun would be setting directly behind the window, but that there was a large tree that would soon be blocking any light from reaching this window. She immediately turned around and tried to make her way back to the door before the light went out. She was almost there when she realized that she could no longer see.

She started to panic as she banged into objects. She tripped over a box, and fell to the floor. When she got up, she realized that she no longer knew which direction the door was. Suddenly very frightened, she stood still, hugging herself. She thought she started feeling things brush against her, and even what felt like a hands touching her breasts, ass, and pussy; but all the time she remained where she was.

Four hours later, the lights came on, and she had to close her eyes against the sudden change in illumination. When she could see, she ran to the door, pulled it open, stepped through, and slammed it shut behind her. She was happy to see all the girls waiting for her when she emerged from the stairway, holding her robe open for her. She slid on her robe, and let Tracy lead her into the kitchen, where they had food waiting for her.

"We thought you might be hungry after skipping lunch." Felicia said.

Quynh Mi took her seat and answered "Thanks, I am." before starting to eat. The other four girls sat there in silence, munching on some snacks. All except Claudia, who was staring straight at Quynh Mi, with a blank look on her face.

When she had finished eating, she turned to Claudia and said. "Look, if I could tell you I would, but you know I'm not allowed."

This seemed to bring Claudia back from wherever she was. "What? No, I know you can't tell me; it's okay. I just can't help but think that you were so adamant that this was all just a hoax, yet you looked terrified when you got out of there. You still look a little frightened."

Before Quynh Mi could say anything, Felicia pointed out that Claudia had less than ten minutes to get ready, and Claudia left.

Like with Quynh Mi, all four girls were at the door when Claudia arrived. She handed her robe to Oxana, and was buzzed in. She made her way down the stairs where she was given the same message as Quynh Mi; minus the part about going first. When she was buzzed in, she had only a moment of light before the door closed behind her. Unlike Quynh Mi however, the sun was now so low in the sky that the tree blocked it out entirely, meaning that she had no light whatsoever; she had made out a couch facing the opposite wall about ten feet from her. She started walking forwards, holding her hands in front of her at waist level. She finally made contact with the back of it and was about to walk around it when she felt something brush against her back. Instinctively she turned around to see, forgetting that she couldn't see anything. She was just about to turn back when it happened.

She felt something pinch both her nipples at the same time. She brushed her hand over her tits, but the feeling was still there. She brushed her tits several more times, but the feeling remained. Suddenly, she could feel her nipples being pulled apart, and in a circular motion; and sure enough, she felt her tits begin to move in the same direction.

Panicked, she turned around and planned to run, but forgot that the couch was behind her; she bumped into it and leaned forward. Just as she was regaining her balance, she felt herself being pushed forward. Her lower body was being pinned to the couch, so she could only bend at the waist. She was pushed head first into the cushions, and moments later, she could fell something slide across her back and tie her there. She could then feel her ankles being bound, before they were pulled apart, spreading her legs.

There she was, bent over the back of a couch, tied face down into the cushions, with her ass sticking in the air, and her legs being held apart. For what seemed like a long time, nothing happened. Then finally, what felt like a pair of hands grabbed her ass. She could feel them massage her ass checks, and slowly spread them apart. Then one of the hands was removed from her ass and placed on her pussy. She could feel it rubbing, and exploring her pussy. Then just as quickly as it had started, the hands were removed. She actually thought that it was over, and then she felt something cold and pointy press against her pussy, before penetrating it. She gasped, and inhaled a mouth full of dust.

She could feel something cold and hard inside her, and then it started pumping. She was too shocked to do anything. She couldn't believe that she was in her current situation. She had a hard time believing that she was now being fucked by a ghost.

Sometime later, she wasn't sure how long it had gone on, the object was removed from her pussy, and all the bindings were released. She immediately stood up and backed up until she could feel the wall against her back. She crouched down, clutched her legs to her chest, and waited for the four hours to end. It wasn't long before she was released, and she ran upstairs, not even bothering to put her robe on, continued upstairs, locked herself in the washroom, and showered; carefully cleaning her raw pussy.

The other four girls were left standing at the doorway to the basement, wondering what had happened. Oxana volunteered to go see if Claudia was okay, took the robe, and headed upstairs. The other three girls headed back to the kitchen to finish cleaning up after their supper.

"What do you suppose happened?" asked Felicia.

"I don't know, but did you see the look on her face; she looked horrified." said Tracy.

"I'm really starting to freak out."

"Relax. It's probably nothing; she probably just brushed up against something, and her imagination got the better of her." Tracy said as she placed a hand on Felicia's shoulder. "And don't you even think about talking about it; you know the rules." she added to Quynh Mi as she was opening her mouth to say something.

Felicia shrugged off Tracy's hand and said. "Oh, come on, let her talk. I'm the one who's going down there next; and I for one, would like to hear what I'm likely to experience beforehand."

Tracy looked insulted. "No! You know she can't. For all we know, the whole house is wired, and they're listening to us right now; she talks, and she may as well start looking for another sorority."

"I know, I know. I'm just really freaking out. I'm going to be down there when it turns midnight; it's going to be Halloween. You know that in scary movies, things always start going really bad at midnight, and especially on Halloween. And the black person always goes first."

"Oh get off it. This is not a scary movie, and they've played that whole 'black person always goes first' routine so often lately, it's not even funny. How about we go upstairs and lie down until it's time for you? Or I could let you braid my hair?"

"Alright." as they turned to leave the kitchen, Felicia turned back to Quynh Mi. "Are you coming?"

"You want me to join you?" she asked.

"Yeah, the more the merrier. We can check on Claudia on the way."

The three girls made their way upstairs, and saw Oxana still standing at the washroom door. She shook her head, silently saying that she still had no clue as to the condition of Claudia. They walked past and went into Tracy and Felicia's room.

"So what's it going to be?" Tracy asked.

"Let's lie down. I really just want to be held."

"How do we do this?" asked Quynh Mi.

"We'll spoon. You first, with me in the middle." Felicia said.

Quynh Mi climbed into the tiny single bed, and turned on her side. Felicia climbed in after her and spooned her, wrapping her arm around Quynh Mi's waist. Finally Tracy climbed in and spooned Felicia, pulling up the blanket before reaching around both of them and pulling them all together. Awhile later, Oxana and Claudia came in; Oxana holding the now robed Claudia. Seeing them, Tracy got up and guided Claudia to her place in the bed, before sliding in between her and Oxana, who had to keep hold of Tracy so that she wouldn't fall to the floor. They stayed like that until it was time for Felicia to head down to the basement. Everyone, except Claudia, headed down with her.

Felicia gave her robe to Tracy, and got a little kiss on the check, before heading down. She got the same message as Claudia, and was let in. Just like with Claudia, she was plunged into total darkness. She felt her way along the wall until she came across a chair. She sat on it, pulled her legs up to her chest, and hugged herself. Soon she felt like she was being hugged; she started to feel safe, and relaxed. She spent the next four hours, feeling like she was being protected, and cared for.

Meanwhile, back upstairs, the three girls were walking towards their bedrooms talking. "So, is she okay?" asked Tracy.

"I don't know. She came out after showering and hugged me. I had to push her away so that I could put her robe on her. After that we headed to meet you guys. She never said a word the entire time." Oxana said.

"Maybe we should go spend the night with her?" enquired Tracy.

"I was thinking the same thing. I don't have to go down until eight o'clock tomorrow, so I was just going to sleep through the night with her. You're welcome to join us until it's your turn."

"Yeah, sounds like a good idea. I'll go get changed and meet you back at your room." Tracy said as she turned into her room.

"You coming?" Oxana asked Quynh Mi.

"I don't know. I'm suddenly feeling very tired. I'll go get ready for bed, and see how I feel." Quynh Mi replied.

"Okay. You're welcome to join us at any time." Oxana said as she turned into her room.

Quynh Mi closed her door behind her and looked at her bed. She couldn't remember ever feeling so tired, and wanted nothing more than to go to sleep right now. She had just enough energy to remove all her clothes before she collapsed backwards on the bed, and feel asleep.

After a while, she awoke. She had been dreaming about this time when she had been alone in her friend's basement waiting for him to get home, and she had gotten really horny. Thinking no one was home, she had removed her panties, stuffing them in her purse, and had started masturbating. Halfway through she was surprised to see his father standing there watching her. When she had tried to stop and cover up, he had gotten angry at her, and told her to continue. Frightened, but turned on, she had continued, eventually bringing herself to orgasm while he watched. Before it could proceed any further, her friend walked in and saw his father stroking his cock while she sat there with my legs spread wide, and her hand on her pussy. She had grabbed her purse, and made a hasty retreat, never returning to her friend's house.

As she started to come too, it felt like he was licking her pussy again. With ever second she became more aware of her surroundings, and soon realized that she was still locked in the house, in her room. She could tell that she was lying on her back, and that her arms and legs were spread out. She tried to bring her right hand to rub her face, but realized that she couldn't move it. She looked over to where her right hand was and saw that it was tied to one of the top bedposts; this woke her up fully. She suddenly realized that both her arms and legs were tied to the four bedposts, and that there was something between her legs, licking her pussy. She lifted her head, not knowing what she was going to see. There between her legs, its head moving to the rhythm of the licking was the teddy bear she had found the night before. Almost as if it sensed that she was looking, it stopped and lifted its head. Its felt tongue, which normally flopped out of the mouth, was now so covered with juices that it was stuck to the muzzle. She was now convinced that she must be dreaming, and wasn't even surprised when it stood up, revealing that it still had the strap-on attached.

It suddenly occurred to her that this might not be a dream when the bear held out the strap-on and, leaning into her, penetrated her pussy. It pushed the strap-on all the way in before beginning to pump back and forth. After a couple of minutes she said. "I can't believe I'm being fucked by a teddy bear."

This seemed to urge the bear on as it began to pump faster. She couldn't help but start to feel aroused, and began to enjoy it. The fucking continued until she came, then the bear pulled all the way out and started making its way up her belly, towards her tits. When it got there, it sat down, while sliding the strap-on between her tits, and somehow grabbing both her nipples with its paws. It pulled her tits together, and started titty fucking her. This was not a new sensation for her, having done this many times for different guys. She looked down, and could see the head of the strap-on, popping out from between her tits; still covered in her juices.

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