tagBDSMHayley's First Spanking

Hayley's First Spanking


I had met Hayley two weeks ago at a teacher's conference. She stood out in the crowd like a beacon, elegantly dressed in a figure hugging suit and high heels that showed off her slim legs to perfection. As we chatted I thought to myself that I bet she drives all the boys at her school wild. She certainly had my interest and as the day wore on we found that we had many similar interests. I ascertained that she was currently without a partner and, with fingers crossed, asked if she would like to have dinner with me sometime.

To my relief she answered "yes" with a smile that lit up the room and we met for dinner at a high class restaurant the following Saturday night. Hayley and I both really enjoyed the evening, the food was excellent and I liked the way our legs touched "accidentally" under the table. Hayley is a terrific dancer and holding her during a slow dance was very erotic as she pressed her sexy body close to mine. After the meal I drove her home and she kissed me passionately as we sat in my car outside the front of her home. Her daughter was still up so there was no chance of any further contact that night. We parted after making an agreement to go to a movie during the week. I couldn't wait to see her again and was hoping that next time I would get more than a kiss from this delightful lady.

For the movie Hayley looked sensational in tight jeans with a clingy silk shirt, very simple and very tasteful. I knew the other men in the theatre complex were looking at her in admiration and at me with envy. The film was an adult thriller with some quite good sex scenes. Hayley had held my hand all through the movie and squeezed it tight during the scary moments. One of the more erotic scenes had featured a short spanking sequence and during this I noticed Hayley squirming around in her seat. I noted the effect it was having on Hayley and made a mental note to ask her about it later.

Before the movie Hayley had agreed to come back to my place for a drink and on the drive home she was very quiet, not her usual chatty self. I left her to her thoughts, although I had a fairly good idea what they were.

Relaxing with a glass of wine on the couch in my lounge I decided it was time to break the silence.

"A penny for your thoughts sweetie," I asked with a smile.

"Just thinking about the movie," Hayley replied.

"Something in particular?" I inquired.

"Well," a long pause, "Yes."

"And would that particular thing you are thinking about be the spanking scene?" I probed a bit deeper.

Hayley blushed, the first time I had seen her do that. "How did you know that?" she said quietly.

"I read minds too, didn't I tell you?" I said with a laugh. "Actually the way you squirmed in your seat during the spanking scene made me realize that it had affected you. But I'm surprised that it has been on your mind ever since we left the theatre."

"You don't miss much do you David?" Hayley grinned, "I didn't know that I was that obvious. God, why would a spanking scene make me so excited? How could being spanked be a turn on for anyone?"

"An erotic spanking is a huge turn on for many people," I stated, "And many others fantasize about it but never get the chance to experience it."

"David, you sound as if you know a bit about the subject, do you, or are you just hot air?" Hayley asked.

"Well, I must admit that I have had some experience in the gentlemanly art of spanking," I replied, "I spanked a few ladies some years ago, it was great fun and a real turn on for them and me too. Would you liked to be spanked?"

"What! You spank me! No way, I don't want to be hurt. I admit that I need a good fuck and I hope I get it tonight but a spanking? No way Jose!" Hayley was looking a bit flushed.

"A spanking doesn't have to hurt, sting a little bit maybe, but it can be very sensuous and erotic. And if it gets too much then you use the safe word and I stop."

"A safe word?" Hayley was definitely interested but still unsure, "What is a safe word?"

"I wouldn't spank anyone without a safe word, usually we use "mercy" as the word." I explained "If you say "mercy" then I stop immediately and the spanking can either cease completely or be resumed at a lesser tempo. And also it doesn't have to be on bare skin, I could spank you through your jeans if you wanted to try it, that way it wouldn't hurt you at all."

"Mmmmmm, I'm still not sure," Hayley said, "Let me use your bathroom and I'll think about it for a couple of minutes in silence."

I pointed Hayley in the direction of the bathroom, hoping while she was away that she would agree to be spanked. I certainly wanted to get her into my bed but giving her a spanking before we made love would certainly add a little spice to the evening.

Hayley spoke as she returned to the lounge room, "OK David, you've got me intrigued enough to let you spank me. Let's try with my jeans on first, and if I cry 'mercy' you stop straight away, if you don't you'll have a fight on your hands and you'll never see me again, understand?"

"I always stop at 'mercy' and I wouldn't do anything that would make you run away, you can be sure of that," I replied, "I don't want to lose you Hayley."

"Well come on, what happens now," Hayley grinned at me, "I'm as horny as hell so let's get into it."

I sat down on the center cushion of the couch and patted my thighs, "OK sexy, come on and lie face down here with your lovely bum over my knees."

Hayley flashed a nervous smile at me and lay herself over my knees. I placed my left hand in the middle of her back and my right hand caressed her lovely buns. With hardly any pressure at all I started to gently smack the tightly stretched denim.

"Oh, that doesn't hurt at all does it?"

Hayley sounded a little disappointed so I upped the pressure of the smacks. I knew that the denim jeans would stop most of the effect and I also knew that if Hayley had a slow and gradual introduction to spanking that there was more hope of her enjoying it.

The extra pressure had the desired effect, "Ahhh, I can feel it now David, ohhhhh that feels quite nice actually," Hayley giggled, "It's quite erotic isn't it?"

I grinned to myself and after a few more spanks asked the inevitable question, "How about I take your jeans off and you feel what it's like through your panties?"

Hayley's answer was to leap off my lap and stand in front of me. Her eyes were shining with excitement and she grinned as I reached forward to the buckle of her belt. I pulled the belt out of the keepers of her jeans and put it beside me on the couch, just in case I needed it later. I unfastened the jeans and slid them down her shapely legs. Hayley kicked them off her feet and erotically placed herself back over my knees. What a lovely sight I had in front of me now, a firm tight arse partly covered by very sexy panties above a pair of legs to die for, I was in my version of heaven!

I gently rubbed my hands over the panties causing Hayley to emit a low moan, then I resumed with a gentle spanking making sure I covered all the area of her arse plus the upper thighs. Smack, smack, smack, gradually but slowly I increased the pressure of the spanks causing Hayley to wriggle around a little on my lap. The white skin had now turned a light pink and Hayley was now verbalizing with little "ohs" and "ahs".

Those sounds suddenly changed to a "yikes" as without any warning I grasped the panties and pulled them up sharply into Hayley's crotch. Now it was as if she was only wearing a thong and there was more flesh for me to spank.

I quickly resumed the spanking with a bit more energy. "Ow, ouch, ohhh that smarts", Hayley was getting louder with her reactions now as my hand continued to rise and fall. I spread her legs a little wider apart and slid my hand over her panties. It was no surprise to me that they were quite damp as the familiar smell of a turned on woman became apparent. I was looking forward to getting my tongue into the source of the dampness a little later that night.

I'm sure she could feel the rising hardness of my cock under her as I grasped the panties and pulled them down. Hayley raised her hips to assist me and the panties were soon on the floor with her jeans. Again I spread her legs apart and slipped a finger into her wet pussy causing a long low moan.

But that would have to wait a little longer so I resumed the spanking on the now bare bum.

"Whack, whack, whack" I continued as I turned the skin from its original white to a light shade of red.

"Ouch, ohhhhh, not so hard David", Hayley cried out as she wriggled continuously on my lap.

"Remember the safe word", I reminded her as my hand rose and fell.

"Ohhhhh it's really stinging David, but don't stop yet. Shit, I feel so hot and horny, I'm going to need a good fuck real soon".

I could tell by the stinging of my hand how the spanking must be feeling on her red arse but I wasn't going to stop until Hayley used the safe word.

All of her arse and upper thighs were now red and I was having trouble holding her over my knees. I was spanking quite hard now, harder than I usually would for a first timer and I thought to myself that Hayley would soon call an end to her torment.

"Ohhhhhh, ahhhhhhh, ouch, yikes," she cried, "Oh David, that's all I can stand, mercy, please, mercy!"

I stopped immediately and held her tight as my hand rubbed over her warm skin.

Hayley reached back and touched her red arse, "Oh it's so hot David and so am I, please…………"

"Your wish is my command lovely lady," I said as I helped Hayley to her feet. She was a bit wobbly so I steadied her as I quickly unbuttoned the silk shirt and kissed her deeply as my arms went around her and unclipped her lacey bra.

Holding her at arms length I admired her beauty, she looked many years younger than her actual age and I couldn't wait a second longer. I turned her around and sat her down on a soft cushion, spreading her legs apart as I knelt between them.

Hayley groaned as my fingers spread her pussy lips apart and my tongue licked around the edge. I moved down to a sensitive spot on the inside of her thigh where I teased her by licking, kissing and making designs with the tip of my tongue. I came close to her pussy then floated away making Hayley anticipate what was to follow.

I licked the crease where her leg joins her pussy and then buried my head in her bush. Gently I brushed my lips over her slit, exciting her so she raised her hips to my face, demanding more. I placed my lips right over the slit kissing gently, then harder. My tongue separated her pussy lips and as I spread her legs a little wider I ran my tongue up and down the layers of pussy flesh. I tongue fucked her, pushing my tongue into and out of her cunt, teasing her as once again she raised her hips, wanting more.

My tongue rested and gently caressed Hayley's clit, her legs shuddered as she approached orgasm. As I formed my mouth into an O and gently sucked on her clit Hayley cried out, "Ohhhhhh, this is fantastic, don't stop David, don't stop!"

I continued to lick and suck on Hayley's clit and added to her pleasure by slipping two fingers into her cunt and slowly but surely finger fucked into a screaming orgasm. Hayley was like a bucking bronco but I held on, continuing to play with her as I removed my fingers and replaced them with my tongue. I looked up at her, perspiration was glowing on her forehead as our eyes met, her pleading look told me to 'keep going, don't stop' so I returned my tongue to her cunt bringing Hayley to another thrashing orgasm.

My jaw and tongue was now becoming a bit sore so I moved up onto the couch beside Hayley talking to her, stroking her, caressing her breasts, bringing her back down slowly.

As her breathing returned to something like normal Hayley opened her eyes and smiled at me. "Wow David, that was fantastic. The spanking really turned me on and although it was really stinging at the end I didn't want you to stop. But I was just so turned on, I needed to cum soooooo badly, and your oral skills are as good as your spanking. How did you know I love oral so much?"

"Just a guess my sweet," I replied with a grin, "I just hope you like to give as much as you like to receive, I think I deserve a reward don't you?"

"Oh you sure do, let's go into your bedroom." was her quick reply.

I quickly guided Hayley to my bedroom which of course had been tidied and cleaned earlier that day. Fresh, clean sheets were on the bed and I had even placed a vase of freshly cut flowers on the chest of drawers.

Hayley looked at me and grinned, "Looks like you were hoping to bring someone home tonight, I bet your bedroom isn't usually this tidy."

"I cannot tell a lie." I said with a grin, "I hope you appreciate the trouble I went to."

"Oh I do," Hayley said as she pushed me back onto the bed and started to pull off my shoes and socks. "But now it's time for your reward, so just lie back and enjoy."

I was only too happy to oblige and I raised my hips off the sheets as Hayley pulled my trousers and undies off at the same time. My hard cock sprang to attention and I saw Hayley lick her lips in anticipation. My shirt soon joined my other clothes on the floor and I lay back into the pillows ready to enjoy my reward. Hayley moved up the bed and I opened my mouth as she guided a nipple between my lips. I heard her moan as I sucked gently and then nibbled on the hard teat. My hands went around her still warm arse cheeks as I sucked on both her lovely nipples. Hayley then amazed me by moving away and straddling my left leg. My knee-cap was directly under her groin and she sat upright moving slightly forward and back, masturbating herself while she pinched and pulled at her own nipples. This was quite an erotic show and I felt almost like a voyeur as I lay there, my hard cock still untouched. With another quick movement Hayley was suddenly kneeling beside me, her head directly over my cock. After brushing her hair to one side so that it would not block my view, she slowly lowered her mouth onto my cock. This sexy lady obviously enjoyed giving oral as much as she enjoyed receiving. After licking it all over Hayley slowly took most of my cock into her mouth her cheeks being drawn in as she sucked away at my hardness. I watched as her head moved up and down, both of us moaning with erotic pleasure. I thought I could not hold on much longer and Hayley seemed to sense this as she stopped sucking and squeezed tightly with her fingers just under the head of my cock. My imminent eruption subsided but my cock stayed hard and Hayley grinned at me as she moved to straddle my hips. We both moaned out loud as she slowly lowered herself onto me, the tight walls of her vagina closing around my hardness. Hayley just sat still for what seemed minutes, her eyes closed, her breasts heaving, both of us enjoying the fantastic sensations. Then she began to move up and down, slowly at first but gradually gaining momentum and speed. As she bounced up and down her hard-nippled breasts seemed to have a mind of their own, bouncing in all directions. I laughed out loud as I wondered to myself if she could get them going in march time, one up, one down, one up, one down. My laugh soon changed to a loud moan of pleasure, as my orgasm grew close. Hayley's eyes were closed, her head thrown back with low guttural moans coming from her wide-open mouth. With my hips thrusting up to her we suddenly both came in unison, our loud moans echoing through the room. Both of our perspiring bodies were shaking violently as our lovemaking reached its powerful conclusion. Hayley suddenly collapsed on top of me, our lips meeting in a long, passionate kiss.

"Oh David, oh wow, that was something else," Hayley panted, "I know I said I wanted a fuck tonight but that was amazing. I have never been turned on before like I was after you spanked me. God, I never would have thought spanking could do that for me, I always thought adults spanking were weird."

"Well it shows that you should not judge until you try it," I replied, "Different strokes for different folks as the saying goes. Perhaps next time I will tie you up, you think perhaps you might like a bit of bondage?"

"Oh you lovely wicked man,: Hayley said with a grin, "I was just remembering how I used to love tying the boys up when we played cowboys and Indians as kids. How about I tie you up eh, David?"

My reply brought a look of surprise to her lovely face, "Sure love. Just as long as I get to repay the favor, and don't forget its cowpersons now, not cowboys!"

Hayley burst out laughing as she snuggled down beside and as we lay in each other's arms I explained the BDSM creed of safe, sane and consensual. We both hoped that this the start of a long and happy relationship; one built on love and trust.

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