tagIncest/TabooHeartbreakers Ch. 07

Heartbreakers Ch. 07


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Saturday, Day Eight.

Haley woke up bright and early, as she usually did. The sun was barely starting to hit its stride. Only about half her room was doused with its rays, while the other half was struggling to keep them away. She sat up and pushed her creamy beige duvet away from her legs, before she swung those very same legs off the bed and got to her feet.

First things first, Haley thought, as she stepped over to her dresser. She had a mirror there, but it was a modest two feet wide by three feet tall. The mirror captured her reflection only from the waist up. Still, it told her what she needed to know; her hair was a mess. Haley scrutinized what she had on. Her attire was okay: a powder blue top with spaghetti straps that made her breasts look like perfectly round softballs, which she thought was very sexy, and a pair of semi-loose pajama bottoms, colored white, with subtle and spaced out vertical stripes, colored red. She turned to her side and arched her lower back, catching only a little taste of how her butt filled out her bottoms when she did that. She thought that was sexy, too.

As Haley went on to brush her hair, she took in her room. The walls were colored in a soft yellow, and her furniture was some sort of wood or other, stained in a dark cherry tone. Her bed was only a full size model with a white rail headboard. That was okay, since so far in her life she'd never shared it with anybody.

Haley approached her wide window, which faced the back of the house. She saw that her dad was already outside and working on the yard. It wasn't even eight and he was out there, as he always was during the early hours of the weekend. Her father was like a machine when it came to doing chores, always punctual and always dedicated. He'd be out there for at least an hour. At nine he would come in for breakfast, and at nine-thirty he'd be right back out again. A person could set their watch by him.

His name was Trevor, and Haley could readily admit to herself that he was a very handsome man. She thought of Mindy's dad, who was average, and Shelly's dad, who always looked stern and thoughtful, and who called other guys 'blokes' sometimes, whatever that was. She thought of Heather's dad and his open features. Haley supposed Heather's dad was handsome in a country boy sort of way, but definitely not in a cowboy sort of way. Lastly, she thought of her most recent lover, Rochelle's dad, who was also handsome, but who also looked too stern and serious.

Her dad beat them all. Trevor had soft features, as opposed to manly features. He had the kind of looks that girls at school would always flock to, including Mindy and Shelly. His hair was a soft shade of brown, very light, and his mannerisms were very cultured and refined. She recalled how Rochelle's dad had said Haley was like a fine wine, and she supposed that same label would apply to her father as well. Unlike the pretty boys at school who had looks similar to her father's, Trevor wasn't vain but down to earth and amicable. When you got down to it, he was also very predictable and boring.

Even his job was largely mundane, although Haley's mother did the exact same thing. Both Haley's mom and dad were self-employed and certified teachers. The couple rented themselves out to tutor the students of wealthy families. They were especially in demand whenever college exams and SATs were coming up.

Haley finished up brushing her hair and left her room. The layout of the second floor was her room, beside which was a guest room that was hardly ever used, then came the centralized staircase that led down to the first floor. On the opposite side of the stairs was the master bedroom, along with a second attached room that served as her parents' hobby room, which her dad mostly used. She trotted down the stairs, coming to the foyer, which opened up to the living room. Once she'd rounded the foot of the stairs, she stepped through a short hallway, colored in a brushed off-white and displaying about a dozen family pictures. At the end of the hall was the kitchen and dining room.

Haley went right up to the glass doors facing the backyard, wondering if this was the right time to approach her father. Her hopes were dashed when she saw him squatting by his flower patch. Trevor was either pulling weeds or spreading mulch around, and neither action felt conducive to what she had in mind.

Haley frowned. Don't get mad like you've been doing, she told herself. Just figure something out. Think, think, think! You're good at that! You're one of the best thinkers in the entire school and everybody knows it.

Absently, she left the glass doors and stepped back into the hallway. There was the short row of family pictures, showing her mom and dad, and her. She took a moment to study them.

Her mother's name was Tanya. She also had brown hair, although it was of a darker shade than Trevor's and more closely matched Haley's hair. Tanya had an awesome smile, showing plenty of teeth. Her face and posture always had a warm feel about them. She was naturally sexy, a quality both Haley and her father lacked. Tanya's breasts were comparable to Haley's; they were also C cups. While her figure wasn't supermodel lean, also like Haley's, Tanya had her sexy curves that showed past dresses and other casual attire. Haley had gotten her ass from her mom, she knew.

That's when the little light bulb came on in her head. It was so obvious that she chuckled out loud and wondered that she hadn't thought of it before. All the worry and stress had been clouding up her mental process. That's why she hadn't seen what was standing right in front of her face. She smirked; Rochelle's dad had done the impossible, he, well, he and the nice, long strokes of his cock, had relaxed her enough to put her back on track.

With a renewed confidence, Haley galloped back up the stairs and made a right turn toward the master bedroom. Her mother would be up in no time to start getting her father's breakfast ready. If Haley was going to put her plan in action, she would have to do it now.

The curtains were still drawn, and luckily, her mother was still lying on the bed.

Haley went to her mother's dresser and started fiddling with the radio on the alarm clock. She found a station that played soft jazz, setting the volume to a level that she thought might be considered romantic. Next, the brunette turned toward the large bed and saw that her mother had risen up on her side to see what she was up to.

"Good morning, Haley." Tanya greeted, in her soft and melodious voice. "How are you today? Why are you playing with my radio when you have your own radio in your room?"

"I think we should have a girl talk." Haley replied.

"It must be something pretty important if you need to lighten the mood with music."

Haley knew that both of her parents were smart. If she didn't carefully match their wits, her plan would be exposed and it wouldn't work. She walked over to her mother's side of the bed. "If you turn on your stomach, I'll give you a back massage."

Tanya sighed in lamentation. "Your father never gives me a back massage, so you're on."

Her mother rolled over, giving Haley a good moment to study the silky lingerie gown her mother was wearing. It was colored in strong aqua, had lacy white trim on all its edges and came halfway down her thighs. Haley didn't expect to become titillated by the sight of her mother in lingerie, or maybe it was Haley's hidden intentions that were exciting her, but nevertheless it was happening. She straddled her mother's thighs and leaned up to knead the woman's shoulder and neck.

Tanya purred softly, as her daughter's hands went to work. "Mmmm. That feels nice, but I have to know. What is so important that you're trying to appease me with music and massages?"

"I want to ask you some questions, and I want you to be honest with me when you answer them." Haley replied, as she started to rub circles on her mother's shoulder blades.

"As long as you keep massaging me, I am at your service. Ask away!"

"Okay, am I as boring as dad is?"

Tanya laughed out loud. "Oh, my god! You're even worse than he is!"

Haley felt stung, enough that she paused her actions.

"I'm sorry, did I hurt your feelings? You did ask me to be honest, remember?"

"I know I did." Haley answered, before she got back to the massage. "Okay, so tell me how I'm worse than dad."

"Well, just take a good look at yourself. You have these wonderful friends that are social butterflies, yet you hardly have young men calling you or coming to the door to take you out on dates. You dress, and I'm sorry here, but in a way that doesn't accentuate the fact that you're a woman. You haven't done a thing to personalize your car ever since we gave it to you. You're a leaf in a pond and you're going wherever the breeze takes you, but you're not doing any sort of navigation for yourself."

"I hate you now, mom." Haley grumbled.

"Well, you wanted my honest opinion and I gave it to you. Sometimes, the truth hurts. As far as your father is concerned, the only reason he's not in the same boat as you are is because every once in a while he has a spark go off in his head and he'll do something different. You don't even have the occasional spark."

"Mom, I did something really wild last night."


"Promise me you won't get mad."

"Is this bad?"

"It might be. That's why I want you to promise."

Tanya took a deep breath. "Okay, I promise I won't get mad. Whatever it is, you came to me to talk about it and I respect you for that. Go ahead."

"Last night... Last night I slept with the father of one of my girlfriends."

"Haley! Are you serious?"

The woman started to push herself up on her elbows.

"If you stop me now, I won't tell you the rest." Haley warned her.

"There's more?"


Tanya stopped to consider this.

"Just lie back down and I'll keep massaging you, and we'll keep talking."

Her mother didn't move for a few seconds, until finally, her body slackened against the bed again. "Wow, Haley, just wow. I did not expect that from you. Who was the man?"

"That's not important for our conversation." Haley answered. "But it was important for me. It made me realize that all of those things you said about me are true. I am boring. I go into crazy hysterics whenever somebody tries to make me do something different. And then I over-analyze things fifty million ways in trying to get over the obstacle and back into my comfortable little box."

"How did it happen? Did this man force himself on you?"

"Mom, can we talk about me, please?"

Her mother was quiet and thoughtful for the next couple of minutes, before she finally said something. "Just let me get this straight. You did that because you wanted to break out of your pattern?"

"Well, kind of. I guess I didn't realize the pattern was even there, until I was actually doing it with this man. This will sound weird, but this man opened up my eyes to who I really am."

Tanya sighed. "There are other ways, honey."

Haley had been keeping a light touch on her mother until then, but now she started rubbing her back more vigorously. "I want to try new things, mom."

"Like what? I'd say what you did last night was new enough!"

"When you were younger, did you experiment with other women?"

"Do you think you're a lesbian?"

"Mom, will you answer the question? And be honest."

"Well, yes, I did. You might say that I was bisexual when I was younger."

"And you're not bisexual anymore? It just went away?"

"Something like that doesn't go away. I just got married and that chapter of my life was closed after that. Are you trying to tell me that you're thinking about experimenting with another woman?"

"Well, yes. Maybe. I just want to try it out and see, you know, if I like it or not."

"If it's somebody around your own age and you're comfortable with it, I don't see a problem. However, I do see a problem with experimenting on men old enough to have daughters that are your age."

Haley stayed quiet, as she mentally went through her options. A lot of what she was doing was for the sake of the Challenge. On the other hand, she was finding her body stimulated just by the realization that she was straddling her mother and placing her hands all over Tanya's back. She was more turned on by her mom than she had been with Rochelle's dad.

"Okay, so if you were my age and you were hanging around with my friends, who would you pick to experiment with?" Haley wondered.

"Mindy. No doubt about it!"

"That was quick, mom!" Haley laughed.

"What can I say? Mindy is a very attractive young woman. If I was her age, she would definitely be my type."

"Why? What's so great about Mindy? She's an attention whore and she's always trying to boss the rest of us around."

"That's how you see it, but try looking at it from another direction. She's beautiful; we already know that. She has a great body. She's assertive and she's focused, and she has natural leadership skills. It's no wonder she has some many other girls gravitating to her and wanting to be like her. I would totally fuck Mindy!"

How far could she take things, Haley wondered. She moved away from her mother's middle and to one side, giving Tanya enough room to turn and face her. For a long moment, the teen gazed into her mother's eyes.

"Well, I do want to experiment." Haley admitted. "But I don't want to do it with just anybody. I want to do it with someone who I can trust, who won't embarrass me later. I don't know if Mindy is the right person for that."

"You have plenty of friends, dear. You'll find the right one."

Haley's eyes roamed across her mother's too-bright sleeping gown, while her mother was still looking into her face and watching her.

"Actually, mom, I was hoping to experiment with someone I'm already close to."

Haley reached out to settle her hand on Tanya's waist. Before her mother could even react, she slid her hand up and over on her mother's covered breasts. Tanya slowly sucked in a deep breath, as Haley began teasing her mother's nipple with the palm of her hand.

"Haley." Tanya said, softly, but she didn't move and she didn't sound upset.

Her mother would build up a quick resolve and put a stop to everything, Haley knew. She had to be quicker than Tanya. To that end, she teetered her body forward and tried to block her mother's mouth by kissing her. It was a clumsy attempt, as she missed her mother's lips entirely. Then her mother started avoiding her and Haley's great plan started coming undone. But it wasn't over yet, the crafty daughter knew. Instantly Haley's mind went through her options and alternatives, while her mother's mind was obviously doing the same and trying to formulate a plan to counter her.

Haley slipped a strap away from her mother's shoulder, loosening Tanya's gown enough that her hand dove under the silky material. Her hand enclosed on Tanya's bare breast. Her mother shuddered at the unexpected touch, as Haley could feel a hard nipple and aroused areola under her fingers.

"Haley!" Her mother cried out, gripping Haley's wrist tight and shoving her daughter aside.

Haley managed to grab her mother's middle. She pulled Tanya toward her own body, with the result that Tanya ended up half on and half off of her. Haley's hands were still free. She used them to yank her mother's gown up and right after she set both hands on her mother's bare ass.

"Haley!" Tanya shouted at her, trying to gain leverage by putting herself on her hands and knees. She slapped away at the hands touching her butt. "You need to stop this!"

Those needy hands went from Tanya's ass to her tits, and they weren't being nice, either. They were grabbing and groping and squeezing at every bit of them.

Tanya managed to pull away first one of Haley's arms, and then the other. She stretched her daughter's arms out wide to avoid any other part of her being harassed. When Haley tried to shove herself away from her, Tanya moved to counter her and ended up straddling Haley's middle. Her stupid lingerie had ridden up to her waist, exposing her from the waist down, but she dared not use a hand to fix it because Haley might try to grab her again.

"Haley, I don't know what's gotten into you, but you are going into your room and you are going to stay there until I come and get you! Do you understand that?"

Haley was panting and feverish with lust. "Answer me honestly. Did I turn you on?"

She already knew the answer to that. Her mother's breasts had just told her. Her mother's face was just as flushed as Haley imagined hers was.

"You're going to your room now and you're going to stay there!" Tanya insisted.

"Answer the question first."

Tanya's eyes darted all over the bed, looking everywhere but into her daughter's eyes.

"Mom, answer me!"

Slowly, Tanya forced her eyes to meet Haley's. "No, you didn't."

"Liar. You want me. Say it."

"You're wrong." Tanya replied, but her own voice betrayed her when it quivered those two words out.

"Fine, I'll go to my room. Let go of my hands."

Tanya eased back, keeping her weight on her legs in case Haley tried anything. The moment Haley's hands were loose, she reached down to her own waist. Haley pulled her top up to expose her full breasts. Wordlessly, she defied her mother to not pay attention to them.

Tanya found that this time she couldn't turn anywhere else. She hadn't seen any woman's tits up close and personal like this since before she'd gotten married, and suddenly there they were. Haley's softballs were free now. They spread out across her chest in gorgeous round swells, and their ends were puffy with excitement.

"God damn it, Haley." Tanya's words tumbled out slowly, barely making a sound.

She almost had her, Haley knew. Her next few words would have to be perfect.

"So, let's experiment." She said.

Tanya's gaze fell on hers and the two women considered each other. That there was a palpable attraction between them could no longer be denied. What remained to be seen was what would happen next.

The older woman tore her eyes away long enough to catch the time. "Your father's going to be asking for his breakfast in a few minutes." She looked back at Haley, calculating things in her head as everyone in the household did. Then she started laughing. "I'm going downstairs to make him a sandwich. He's just going to have to wait until lunchtime to get a proper meal. You... You are going to stay here and wait for me until I get back."

Haley watched as her mother slipped off the bed and smoothed out her skimpy gown. She went to the open door.

"I can't believe I'm doing this." Tanya said, right before she stepped out.

Haley sat up and straightened out her top, now so horny she almost wanted to follow her mom into the kitchen and continue their romp down there.

Her mother would probably change her mind, Haley figured. Tanya would go downstairs and start making something for Trevor to eat. Then she'd come to her senses and come back and kick Haley out of her bedroom. Haley would have to go back to the drawing board and work on some other idea for how to accomplish her Challenge. She lay back down pensively, taking in the soft jazz playing on the radio.

About ten minutes later, Haley heard footsteps coming up the stairs. She looked over in time to see her mother stepping back in.

"Haley, do you know what I just did?" Tanya spoke out. "I gave your father a ham and cheese sandwich and a glass of milk, and he had a hissy fit. I told him I didn't care. If he wanted something else for breakfast, he was going to have to make it himself. I guess maybe I do need some kind of excitement in my life, because right then and there I realized that I've become a lot more like him, and a lot less like how I used to be. I haven't done anything this exciting since I can even remember!"

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