tagIncest/TabooHeartbreakers Ch. 07

Heartbreakers Ch. 07


It was just past midnight when Blake was shuffling around in the dark, on his way to his downstairs office. He was navigating mostly by memory, and the closer he got to his front door the easier it was. The illumination from the porch light was visible through the vertical slit window next to the door. This allowed him to move around without stumbling into anything.

Still, the living room was bathed in many shadows. The man paused when he saw an odd shape on one of the couches. He peered closer at it.

"Mindy, is that you?"

"Yes, dad. It's me."

He squinted his eyes, yet he could barely see her in the dark. "What are you doing down here?"

"I couldn't sleep, so I came down here."

"Well, I can understand that. I couldn't sleep myself, not after the argument I had with your mother."

"You ended up in the guest room. I thought mom said she didn't want anybody in there."

Blake sighed. "What can I say? You know your mother. She's... She's been getting really touchy lately, about everything."

"You're just now noticing this? Anyway, why did you come down here, to watch porn on your computer?"

"I... I came to look up my emails, to see if any of my clients have new contracts for me, you know, to get a head start on tomorrow." He caught himself, and let out a long breath. "Okay, that's all bullshit. I did come down here to look up porn. The truth is that your mother and I haven't been getting along for months now. If I could go out and have a fling with another woman, I would do it. Seriously, I'm tired of how your mother's been treating me, and like you just said, I'm only now noticing that she's been treating you the same way."

"I can hook you up with somebody." Mindy revealed.

Blake didn't answer right away. When he did, he simply said, "Really?"

"Sure. I know people and they know people, and they know even more people. It's a network I created. Some people don't have enough, and some people have too much. My friends and I figure out how to distribute from one side to the other while making a profit. Sometimes, people end up owing us favors or services."

"That's really interesting." Blake said. "I had no idea you were that complex."

"That's because you don't pay attention to me, dad. So, what kind of girl do you want? Somebody like Bethany? I could ask her, you know. I know Shelly thinks you're cute. I could ask her, too."

"Really? Shelly thinks I'm cute?"

"Really, dad. Why don't you come over here and sit by me. Talk to me. You can look up porn later."

Blake came over, causing the couch cushions to groan when he settled his weight on them. "So, I can wish for any woman I want and you're the magic genie that can make it happen? I have to admit that Bethany is a very beautiful girl..."

"I love her, dad."

This caused Blake to reflect on his daughter for a moment. "I think I saw that in your eyes, when you were looking at her and laughing with her. I haven't had that same kind of spark with your mother in years."

"So leave her. Mom is a bitch. Let her drag herself into her little pit of despair, if that's what she wants to do. But don't let her drag the two of us along with her."

"I've been with her for a long time."

"So what? Unless you enjoy suffering thanks to her, you can always get up and walk. If you don't feel good about where you're at, you move on. It's that simple. But anyway, getting back to your dream woman, you think you might like a fling with Bethany?"

"I wasn't going to say that. I started to say that Bethany is a beautiful girl, and any man would be crazy not to want a piece of her, but that's only a temporary fix. What I want is to take a woman out to dinner, and to laugh with her and flirt with her like I was doing with you and Bethany earlier. I want to hold her hand and hug her, and look into her eyes, and know that she likes me for who I am. I want to see that spark in her eyes."

"So you're tired of a carton of veggie Chinese every other night?"

She could just imagine Blake shaking his head in the dark.

"I can't believe Marge keeps doing that. Yes, I am sick and tired of the same Chinese food over and over. But even more than that, I'm tired of sleeping in the same bed with a woman that won't let me touch her anymore."

"So, you want to go on a fun date with somebody that might be close to your age, and who might want to go a little further with you than just having dinner. Describe this woman."

"You mean in detail?"

"In detail." Mindy confirmed.

"Okay. She'd have to be blonde, maybe a couple of inches shorter than me. I want her to be in shape, with a nice waist, toned legs and a tight butt. I don't want her breasts to be too small or too big, but just big enough to fit in my hands."

"Champagne breasts." Mindy said.

"What are those?"

"I read somewhere that perfect breasts will fill out a champagne glass."

"I've never read that."

"That's because you don't read anything. Well, guess what, dad? Except for the age part, you just described me. Now that I know that, I have an idea of what I can work with. I will get back to you in maybe two or three days to discuss your options."

"You're really serious, aren't you?"

"It's what I do, dad. I use my brain. You know I have one of those, right?"

"Okay, so I understand the distribution part of your network, but how do you manage the payment and debt part. How do you keep track of who has paid for what, and who still owes you?"

"First, I come up with a Relative Cost for a thing, or a service, or a length of time. I will research what other people are charging for a similar commodity, and what people are willing to pay for that commodity. So I calculate a dollar amount. I write it down and enter this amount into my computer. I forward this estimate to my girlfriends, who are also my partners. Just like a regular business would. Then I consider what I call my Immediate Needs. If I need a ride to the store, for example, and I know that this guy happens to owe me two hundred dollars, I might just call this guy and ask him for the ride. When I first started this network, I would negotiate a price. I would say give me a ride and I'll knock off five bucks from the debt, and the guy would say make it twenty or whatever. We have so many, I guess you'd call them clients, but we call them the Supporting Cast, that right now I can afford to be generous. I'll call the guy and say give me a ride to the store, and not only will I knock off twenty bucks from his debt, but I'll move him up a notch when it comes to his standing with me. That way he'll be closer to the top of the line when we put something new on the market, like invitations to a big party or something. I already knew how to create a network, I've been doing that forever to get what I want. It wasn't until I talked things over with my friend Haley that I got really good at it. Haley's very smart when it comes to crunching numbers. That's when I understood the potential for creating wealth."

"How many clients do you have?"

"How many do you have?"

"Eleven. That's about all I can handle, because people can be very finicky when it comes to trading stocks."

"And it's also because there's only one of you." Mindy pointed out. "There are four people in my crew, including me. We recently added two more, but they haven't gone through what we call Basic Training yet. Once they're brought up to speed, they'll be adding their contacts to our mix and helping to expand our network. We have a system of checks and balances to make sure nobody starts abusing their power. When one of us creates wealth or opportunity, all of us can benefit from it together. Just so you know, Bethany has her own crew and she's been doing the same thing I have, but she's not as good at it as I am."

"So by having Bethany as your girlfriend, you're creating a sort of corporate merger?"

"It might come to that." Mindy shrugged in the dark. "Our crews were in direct competition with each other, up until I realized how I felt about Bethany. Now we're all having to reevaluate where we are and where we go from here."

"Fascinating." Blake said. Mindy could hear him leaning back into the couch. "I always knew you were smart, but I don't think I've ever seen somebody your age put things together like you have. How much money would you estimate that you and your friends have shuffling back and forth?"

"That's Top Secret. I'll tell you that we have a Cash Assets, Hard Assets, People Assets, and Service Assets."

"Incredible, just incredible. I would love to see one of these transactions taking place firsthand. It just boggles my mind that you've got all this under control and you're only eighteen."

"It's not just me, dad. There are four of us. I just took the ideas that my girlfriends and I had and I connected everything together. Okay, here's what I would do, if you approached me and asked for me to provide a date for you. First, we would make a verbal contract. I would assign a dollar value for the time it's going to take me to find this perfect woman you're looking for, and for the time this woman will be spending with you. Then I would present you with this dollar value and ask you how you would like to pay. You can say you'll pay in cash, or you can owe me favors. If you want to pay me in favors, I have to examine what you're bringing to the table that makes you unique in relation to everyone else. This is how the American colonies used to barter back when England wouldn't allow them to print their own currency.

"Maybe you can make big, bright banners and one of my girlfriends just happens to need some. Maybe we need a lot of people to show up at the mall all at once, to make somebody look good or to make somebody look bad, and I'll hire you for that. Maybe we need somebody to spy on what our competition is doing. In that case, I might ask you to plant yourself somewhere, observe and take notes. It all depends on what you can do that nobody else can. Of course, I'm not going to charge you for finding you a date. I'll do that for free, since I'm so mad at mom right now. The only thing you have to do is promise that you'll never tell her I set it up."

"I'm completely floored right now." Blake admitted.

"Dad, be quiet for a couple of minutes. I need to think."

It was all so hard to grasp, thought Blake, as he waited there in silence.

After a short time, Mindy started talking again. "We have what are called Vendetta and Satisfaction. Vendetta is when somebody pisses us off in one way or another, and we decide we want revenge against that person. You don't know how bad mom embarrassed me when she had her little fit in front of Bethany. After Bethany left, I went upstairs and cried thanks to mom. I now have a Vendetta against mom, but I Order you not to tell her. An Order is something you don't want to defy. Do you understand that?"

"I don't know. I guess it depends on what you mean by vendetta, as in what you're about to do against your mother."

"All you have to do is keep your mouth shut. The second part is Satisfaction. This means, what am I willing to do satisfy my Vendetta? How many favors do I have to call in, how many Resources do I have to allocate? Mom fucked up big time tonight. I've never done anything against mom for her to treat me like she did in front of Bethany. I think she needs a slap in the face. This is personal now."

Blake began to wonder just how vicious his daughter could be. He heard Mindy sigh.

"Would you have masturbated to the pictures on Bethany's website? Don't lie. I hate it when people lie to me."

"I don't know. Maybe. Well, probably. I was going to look her up, that's for sure."

"I could have had her in my bed right now, dad. You know, we were both feeling pretty frisky in the exercise room when we were showing off for you. We might have dared each other to bring you into my bedroom, once mom fell asleep. I guess mom fucked that up for you, too."

"That bitch!" Blake said, jokingly.

They both laughed at the comment.

Mindy regained her composure first. "So, do you remember that day when you fucked me?"

"Absolutely not." Blake answered. "You told me that was a one time thing and to pretend it didn't happen. I never said a word about it to anybody."

"You didn't impress me that day. You went off like a starter's pistol."

"That bad?" Blake replied. "Well, I was nervous. It's not every day that my own daughter decides she wants to start taking off her clothes in the living room."

Mindy's body left the couch. For a moment, Blake could only see shadowed movements coming from her. He heard and felt her sitting back down.

"My clothes are off now." Mindy revealed. "This is how I'm going to get back at mom, by fucking you. Same conditions as before with one additional requirement."

"And what's that?"

"You have to give me everything you've got. You have to make love to me like the best time you ever had with mom. This is how Satisfaction works. Anything less than that would make me cheaper than mom. Do you think you can handle that?"

Blake took in a quick breath, as his heart started pounding in his chest.

"I'll even throw in a bonus. If you impress me, I'll let you have a crack at Bethany."

"What makes you so sure Bethany will go along with it?"

"Trust me, I know her. You're going to fuck Bethany and you're going to give her the best fuck ever, just like with me. When you're done, she's going to take a picture of you just like the one I took. When my mom decides she wants to humiliate me again, I'm going to make sure that she sees both my picture and Bethany's picture. I'm going to throw them right into her face and your marriage is going to be over. Can you handle that?"

"I don't know."

"Are you happy? Is your life where you want it to be right now?"

"No, of course not. I'm miserable. You and Bethany flashing your butts at me has been the highlight of my entire week."

"So what are you willing to do to get to where you want to be? Do you think you have what it takes to impress a girl like me? Am I better than porn, dad? Am I worth the risk?"

Mindy was teasing him, Blake knew. He heard her stretch out on the couch beside him. Her feet ended up directly on his lap.

"Pull it out, dad. I'll help you make your mind up."

What a predicament, Blake thought. He'd come downstairs wearing only loose pajamas. All the man had to do was lean back a little and tug on his loose waistband to release his cock. The moment it was loose, Mindy's feet swept over and grasped it. She started toying with it.

It was a pleasant sensation, and one he'd never felt before in all his years of being married to Marge. He wondered what it would be like if he'd never married that woman and had ended up with someone else. What would his life be like? Would he be happier than he was now?

His marriage was doomed, Blake knew, if he went through with this. Knowing Marge, she would harass Mindy even worse, now that Marge knew their daughter was dating a gorgeous model. And Mindy would retaliate, as she would have the means and the drive to do so. But if he allowed himself to be honest about things, his marriage was already doomed. All he'd been doing for the past few months was to try to delay the train wreck that was about to happen.

He didn't know he would relish the thought of his daughter's feet grazing against his cock, but he was. Mindy might even bring him to a climax, if she kept it up long enough.

Blake lifted his daughter's legs, far enough to allow him to leave his seat. He was on his feet for less than a minute, as that's how long it took him to shuck his pajamas off. Instead of retaking his seat, he went down on his knees before the couch. The best fuck he had in him, Mindy had asked for. That was a dare, a challenge. He didn't think any other woman had ever presented such an enticing goad to him.

He leaned toward the couch, using his hands to locate Mindy's feet. That was a good place to start, he decided. He could work his way up from there. Light grazes with his cheek were the first act, followed by kisses and nibbles, and tongue lashes between her toes. Blake's mouth journeyed to her ankles, and then her lower legs. Her kneecaps he briefly skimmed, but he made up for his haste by delving on her thighs for a much longer time. Her thighs were lovely, and always had been. He almost regretted having to leave abandon them.

Blake kissed her lower abdomen for a moment, before moving up to her belly. He'd passed up her pussy entirely, but to remind her that he was coming back to it, he used a single finger as a placeholder. His finger swirled around her little nest, feeling its warmth and wetness, as his mouth traveled further north.

It was during his attention to Mindy's breasts that he attained a new level of sensuality. He was no longer a man trying to impress a woman, with all sorts of worries and inhibitions fogging up his path. Blake became a sexual animal, tasked with the sole purpose of provoking pleasure and excitement from another sexual animal, that just happened to share his last name.

His lips ascended along with him, pressuring good things from her chest, throat and face, until he found her lips. He'd never before kissed his daughter like a lover, full on the mouth. He was surprised at how quickly her tongue began to dart at him like a little snake. His one finger was still drenched with her juices. Blake seemed to have found a good spot within Mindy to concentrate on, as her kisses were intermingled with sharp intakes of breaths, and her body trembled with an occasional shudder. The enthralled father wanted that pussy bad, but he also knew he had to accomplish the goal Mindy had commissioned him with.

To that end, Blake turned her around on the couch, where he resumed his erotic exploration on her back. He kissed her shoulders, her shoulder blades. Once he brushed her hair aside, he kissed the back of her neck.

As Blake descended to the middle of her back, he placed his finger into her again. The digit sought out and found a new perch in her body, and rubbed back and forth on it to build up her frenzy. His daughter started bucking back into his hand, slowly at first but faster the more he poked into her. Blake responded by swirling his finger in short waves. The father nearly lost his composure then, as her rhythmic writhing was rattling his concentration. Despite this great thrill, he wanted to give his specialized attention to the swells of Mindy's butt, and to the backs of her delicious thighs.

Mindy could hardly control her moans and her spasms, but she quelled her body long enough to reach her arm back and grasp his. "I'm impressed, dad. Get on the couch now."

Blake complied, taking a stance behind her and discovering that she'd arched her butt up at him. He had to adjust himself a little, before he stretched his arm out to keep himself balanced, and he pushed himself into his willing subject. Right away, Mindy started rocking back into him, bumping her ass against his hips and each time expelling some sort of noise. Blake didn't have to do much of anything except enjoy the ride. He stretched his other arm our to keep him in place while his daughter did all the work.

When Mindy started rotating her hips, however, Blake found that he had to use damned near all of his willpower to keep from bursting. The sensations were just too intense, as his cock was being swirled around and around and coming into contact with every point in her soft tunnel. Finally, Mindy pushed back tight against him, impaling herself with his full length. She gave in to an epic climax that had her shaking and crying out loud enough to be heard all over the house.

Not without me you don't, Blake thought, as he gripped both sides of her ass and started pummeling into her like a reckless train. Immediately, Blake felt Mindy's reaction to his sudden moves. Her voice increased in pitch and her head rose up and howled into the air. She even made as if she were going to escape him, by lifting herself up on her arms. She was on all fours now. This suited her father fine, as he no longer had to rely on the couch to keep his balance. Now, he could grasp her by the waist and pull her to him, while at the same time drive into her and slam flesh against flesh.

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