tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHeat in October

Heat in October


Sara sets her groceries down on the counter and looks frowningly at her broken A.C. as a bead of sweat runs down her bosom.

"Its 90 degrees in the middle of October how wrong is that." she thinks to her self.

She looks up at the clock, "Shit the repair man will be here any minute"

She runs into her bedroom to freshen up a bit. She unbuttons her silk shirt and lets it slide off and hit the ground relishing in the coolness of the fabric as it graces her soft skin. Sara unzips her skirt and lets it hit the floor with out a care. Hastily she rolls down her nylons.

"It's to damn hot for these things" she says to her self as she throws them into the hamper.

Digging through her closet she finds a white tank top and slips it over her head, it's tight around her chest, creating large mounds of tanned flesh peeking through her plunging neck line. She picks up a pair of short cut sweat shorts off the floor and quickly puts them on. Rushing around she catches a glimpse in the mirror, she stops and stares at the young women looking back at her. Sara is a pretty 22 year old who is slightly on the shorter side at 5'4 with light auburn hair, blue eyes and a sleek tan figure.

The door bell rings.

"Shit, I look like hell" she says to herself as she throws her hair up in a pony tail and goes to answer the door.

Waiting at the door is Josh the repair man. He stands about 6'0 with jet black hair and ice blue eyes with a muscular build.

The door flings open and their eyes meet.

She's beautiful he thinks to him self. He looks her up and down and can't help but stare at her large tits peeking out of her shirt as if to tease him. He feels an urge rising inside of himself but he pushes it away.

"Come in" she says, "the A.C. is over there.

He walks in and puts his tool box down and begins to search for the problem.

"He's gorgeous" She thinks to her self.

She can't help but stare at him. She watches his muscles move under his tight shirt as he works. She wants him.

After a while he stands up. "Problem fixed Ma'am" He says to her. He looks her up and down once more as he feels his cock grow in his pants. "This is your only shot, go for it!" He thinks to him self.

Just then he grabs her by her shoulders and slams her against the wall, kisses her; forcing his tongue through her delicate lips.

She can't believe this is happening. Her back aches from the force of him, but she doesn't care. She claws at his shirt as his mouth drifts from hers to her neck. He slides his hand up her shirt and cups her voluptuous breast. To feel her velvety skin makes his cock grow even harder with lust. Pulling his shirt off she takes a moment to stare at his perfect body, she wants him, more then she has ever wanted any one before.

She traces her hands down his chiseled arms; his velvety skin is moist from the heat. He pulls her shirt over her head; swiftfully unclasps her bra and watches her large breasts fall out before him.

The air from the A.C. immediately makes her nipples harden. She shivers slightly from the shock of the cool air. Taking her into his arms he kisses her deeply sliding his tongue through her full satin lips. She runs her hand down his side and lets her fingers play with his waste line, to tease him just a bit.

He traces his lips along her jaw line to her neck, passion over comes him and he bites her. She winces at this but it leaves her pussy soaked and aching for his cock long hard cock. Tracing his tongue slowly across her collar bone relishing in the salty taste of her skin; he takes her left tit into his mouth. The taste of her makes his dick quiver in anticipation. He sucks hard making as she throws her head back and lets her self moan with pleasure. He straitens him self so he's staring into her eyes once more.

Do you want to taste my cock? He says to her.

Speechless as her pussy drips with lust the only thing she can do is nod.

He gently but directly slides her back down the wall till she is on her knees. The coolness from the wall against her warm moist skin makes her shiver.

He quickly undoes his pants and pulls his 6 inch rock hard cock out. He can't contain him self. Before she can even grasp his hard aching cock he grabs her head and slams himself into her mouth. She is shocked by this and tries to pull away before she chokes on his stiffened member. He wont let her, overcome by the feeling of her warm wet tongue on his dick, he starts thrusting hard into her mouth. She gags, this isn't what she wanted.

With tears streaming down her pretty face she claws at him trying to push him away. This only makes him want her more. He pushes her back so she looses her balance and falls on her ass. Sliding her across the floor by her hair she is against the wall once more. He thrusts harder into her again; he can feel his cock go down her throat as her head hits the wall.

Grabbing her auburn hair he forces her to take all of his cock until her nose brushes against his coarse black hair. She gags struggling just to breathe as she tries to pull away.

She starts flailing wildly beating her fists against his strong thighs. The only thing she accomplishes out of all her effort was feeding his lust for control. After about a minute of this he pulls out.

"You liked it, didn't you, you stupid whore!?" he bellows staring down at her with wild eyes as she weeps on the floor

She says nothing; collapsed on the floor the only sound to escape her cracked lips was the uncontrolled sobs.

He pulls her up off the ground by her silky hair. She screams, kicking wildly trying to break free from her captor.

Grabbing her by her arms he throws her onto her beige corduroy sofa, slamming her head against the arm rest.

Immediately she grabs her head, throbbing from the blow. Instantaneously she feels a warm liquid gush onto her hand, blood. Ignoring her injury he rips her short shorts off over her slender tanned legs. Sara returns her attention to her attacker, kicking one swift blow to his hard cock.

"You BITCH!" He growls in agony, striking her across her cheek.

She gasps from the blow. Stunned he rips her pink thong in two and before she knows it he slams his cock into her. Feeling her tight pussy against is swollen dick he thrusts deep and hard into her. As if releasing a rabid animal he slams his hips against hers.

With her legs she manages to push him off of her, in an instant she rolls onto the floor trying to escape. He is on her immediately, forcing her face into the rough carpet.

"You think you can get away from me you little Slut?" he snickers.

The rage building up in her she lets her self shout "Fuck you!"

His large strong hand pushes her cheek harder into the floor in response new daring attitude. He picks her hips up so that she is on her knees. Grabbing her slender hips he slams deep into her now oddly wet pussy. He begins to pulse hard and fast into her, causing her tits flop uncontrollably with the rhythm he was creating.

Sara leans down onto her fore arms, letting her hard nipples brush against the coarse carpet. To her disbelief she starts to feel her self getting wetter and wetter with every thrust from his strong cock into her tight pussy. Hatred raced through her veins but at the same time she wanted him to thrust harder and deeper.

Sensing her growing pleasure he quickens his pace. She could hear the sound of his sac smacking her thighs as the speed of his pounding caused her nipples to burn against the carpet. Pleasure coursed though him causing him to grunt like the rabid animal he had become. Sara's pulse raised and her muscles tensed as she too began to moan.

She couldn't explain why this humiliation brought her pleasure and at this point she didn't care, thrusting hard against him she began feeling her orgasm rise up in side her. With heavy breathes she digs into the carpet as her back arches. Every muscle in her body tensed as she cries out in pleasure.

Every muscle in her body tense as she cries out in pleasure "Oh Harder I'm Cumming!"

HE digs his nails into the flesh of her hips as he feels her dripping wet pussy tighten around his throbbing cock. As soon as she collapses on the floor he pulls out and with one last wild moan he throttles shot after shot of his hot steamy cum on her back.

Looking from the blood on the sofa down to the women he abused lying happily on the floor he hurriedly dresses and runs out the door.

Not noticing the tool box labeled Josh lying forgotten on her apartment floor..

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