tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHeld Captive Ch. 03

Held Captive Ch. 03


Chapter Three: Taking A Ride

Note: If you have not done so, I suggest you read Chapters One and Two before reading this part. It will provide insight as to what events took place and what is about to happen.

“Get up! Get dressed!” Rod yelled after releasing her restraints.

The terrified young woman scrambled to gather her clothes and quickly dressed. He took hold of her arm and yanked her into the living room where her grandmother sat quietly. He pushed her down beside the old woman, tied her hands behind her back then began pacing like a panther.

Ten minutes later there was a loud knock on the front door.

“Yo, it’s me! Open up!” a male’s voice boomed.

“It’s about fucking time!” Rod bellowed as he let the stranger in.

“So this is them?” the blonde haired male said. He paced back and forth, inspecting the two women sitting quietly with their eyes drawn to the floor. “Not bad, not bad at all.”

“Come on, let’s get the fuck going!”

Rod took hold of Anita’s arm while the stranger yanked Eloise to her feet. Anita heard her Grams gasp.

“Please don’t hurt her…she’s old,” Anita pleaded.

“Shut the fuck up!” Rod said as they made their way to the van parked in the driveway.

The side sliding door was open and the men shoved the two women inside then slid the door shut. The noise echoed inside of the empty utility van as the men climbed in. Rod sat behind the wheel and gunned the engine to a start before putting it in gear and driving out onto the street. The two men talked but Anita couldn’t hear what they were saying. The noise and the radio muffled their conversation.

Anita could barely see out of the driver and passenger windows and there were no windows in the back. She relied on her hearing to keep track of their journey and made mental notes as to the turns and feel of the road as they traveled along.

The van came to a stop and the stranger got up from his seat. He made his way towards the back.

“Take it easy with them, Jake. We don’t want them too fucking tired by the time we get there,” laughed Rod.

“Yeah, yeah,” the tall blonde grunted back.

He squatted down in front of the two women and looked at each of them. Back and forth his eyes darted. Jake was a strange one; it seemed age didn’t matter to him. All that mattered was a pair of tits and ass and a hot pussy.

“Hey Granny,” he teased as he leaned closer to the older woman.

Out of nowhere he grabbed the back of Eloise’s head and planted his lips hard upon hers. His tongue snaked between her lips as she tried to squirm her way free.

“Don’t! Stop it!” Anita cried out. “Please, she’s just an old woman!”

Jake broke off of the kiss and told Anita, “Shut the fuck up cunt!”

The second he stopped talking Jake went back to Eloise and ran his tongue along her lips. She frowned and pursed her lips together. This only made him pursue further. He reached out and moved her away from her grand daughter. Once he was satisfied that she was where he wanted her he reached out and grabbed one of her tits.

It felt very soft and he was surprisingly happy to feel her nipple harden. Jake had had older women before. In fact the oldest woman he had sex with was a few years older than Eloise and it was one a dear friend of his grandmother when he was only eighteen years old. This was the beginning of his crusade to fuck any and all women.

“Please don’t do this,” shakily the older woman said. “Please don’t hurt me or my grand daughter.”

“Let me tell you Granny, once I get you started you’re gonna be begging for more!” he said with an evil grin upon his face.

He lunged at her and pinned her to the floor of the van. His lips pressed hard against her withered lips. His hands groped her tits, body and legs. She tried to fight him off but she was too old and too weak for this strength and age. Then, she was shocked.

“Oh yeah,” Jake said as he worked on the last button of her top, exposing her sagging old tits.

Immediately he planted his lips upon her nipples and one of his hands went between her legs. He forced them open and held them apart with his own legs. His hand went in search of her pussy and found it clad in a cotton panty. Eloise gasped at this strange feeling and she felt the tears welling and her heart pounding in her chest.

Jake pulled at her panty until they tore apart. Now she was open for his fingers to explore. He reached between her soft pussy lips and found her clit. Eloise jolted up a bit, her eyes widened and she sucked in a short, deep breath.

He continued rubbing her clit for a few minutes then inserted his middle finger inside of her damp pussy. She could not believe how her body was coming back to life. She was beginning to feel like a young woman, like her grand daughter, who sat a few feet away from her.

“You like this, old lady? You forgot how it felt to be fucked, huh?” Jake tormented her with his finger pumping in and out of her pussy.

Eloise could not respond at first. She was gasping for air and then it overwhelmed her. Her body responded with a sensation she had forgotten over the years. She was experiencing her first orgasm in over thirty, perhaps forty, years. Her body shook violently.

“Oh Lord! Oh my!” was all the old woman could say as her body shook and her juices flowed every so lightly.

Jake removed his cum soaked fingers from the old woman’s pussy and held it up to his face. With an evil grin upon his face, he stared at Anita and brought his fingers to his lips and sucked them clean. Grams passed out from the ordeal leaving Anita in a panic state of shock.

“Not bad tasting for an old broad,” he commented sarcastically. “Now…” his grin widened, “It’s your turn, ho!”

The van took a right turn, making Jake lose his balance and he fell sideways, hitting his head against the metal wall of the van. A loud thud was heard.

“What the fuck!” Jake yelled at Rod. “Watch the way you’re driving! Fuck!”

“We’re almost there!” Rod informed us.

“What? I’m just about to have fun with the ho!” Jake complained.

“Quit whining and get your fucking sorry ass back up here,” Rod commanded.

Mumbling obscenities under his breath, Jake made his way to the passenger seat in the front of the van. Ten minutes later the van pulled off the road. The sound of gravel could be heard as the tires traveled for a few more minutes before the van came to a halt.

*Another chapter is in the works…stay tuned.

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