tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Adventures of The Hellcat Pt. 01

The Adventures of The Hellcat Pt. 01


Part I: The Beginning

((This is the story of the adventures of Maggie Malone, a college journalist, and gymnast, whom becomes a super heroine. The characters in this story are original to me, but many are inspired by characters from various comic books, and from people whom I've met in the City of Heroes MMORPG.))

((This is my first story posted on Literotica, and it's an origin story. As such, these first chapters, won't be as heavy on the steamy, kinky, deviant, super-sex as the latter chapters will be. Sue me, I like story development. Bare with me, and please be gentle when commenting. It's my first time ;))

((I hope you all enjoy my story.))

Chapter 1: A Very bad day

Maggie Malone was having a very bad day.

It had all started off so well. She had woken up from a delightfully sordid dream about The Enforcer. One of Empire City's toughest and roughest super heroes. About his rough hands touching her. Ripping her clothes off her body. Pinning her arms behind her back, as she felt his cock roughly slide into her. Stretching out her moist slit as he roughly ravished her into submission.

She'd woken up in heat. A sheen of sweat coating her breathless body. The covers bunched up and wrapped up around her body as she writhed in her sleep.

She woke up feeling on fire, and wasn't even fully awake, as she slid on hand under her sleep shirt, grasping her own breast, and rolling a swollen and sensitive nipple underneath her thumb, as her other hand slid into the waist band of her cotton boyshort knickers. They were already wet with her arousal as she explored the folds of her longing pussy.

She wasn't in a teasing mood. She wanted to cum. She plunged two ringers inside of her quivering slit, and frigged herself rapidly, pinching her nipple, as she recalled the sensations her subconscious had gifted her with. Strong, rough hands groping her, fondling her, claiming her, as the thick rigid cock thrust in and out of her again and again. Filling her so completely.

She came with a breathless grunt. Shuddering and writhing on her sweaty bed sheets.

It wasn't the greatest orgasm ever, but it'd be enough to get her through the day. She took a shower, and her apartment's water was running hot, and stayed that way will she was clean. The water temperature was normally one of her greatest foes, but rent controlled apartments in her price range, within walking distance of Crown State University were so rare, that she accepted it with grim perseverance.

Clad only in a towel, she had a quick breakfast of Coffee and toast. The coffee was perfect, and the toast was crisp. She sat down and checked the forums of her favourite superhero fan site.

Empire City had 23 known superheroes operating within the city, and she loved reading about their exploits. Seemed that it had been a slow night, but that was typical for Thursdays. The villains usually wanted to take a night in before weekends. Save up their energy for a little chaos.

There was a couple of interesting tid-bits, though. The Amazon was rumoured to be dating the mysterious Night Devil. That's a match-up she'd never expect in a hundred years. That had to be a false alarm right there, or some prankster trying to see how much traction it would gain.

There was another posting, saying that The Sparrow, one of Maggie's favourite heroines, had been missing for a few days now. She was probably just recovering from a nasty fight she recently had with The Hammer, one of the city's many, many, many super-thugs. He was generally considered to be a nuisance with the hero community. One of those villains that showed up, went on a rampage downtown for a few minutes, before a random hero would swoop down and clean his clock. Lately though, The Hammer had been getting better, stronger, putting up more of a fight. Maggie hoped the Sparrow would get better soon, and get back out onto the street.

There wasn't anything about The Enforcer, though, Maggie's daily crush, so she shrugged and got dressed, and headed out for the gym. Her morning gymnastics practice went brilliantly. She was the odds on favourite in the upcoming state college finals, and after her morning routines, she was brimming with confidence.

After practice, she had her morning communications course, and then went to the CSU student newspaper to turn in her story about an alarming shortage in the student services department. It was going to cause a storm of hellfire, but her editor, Terry, encouraged her to publish it, saying that a good reporter had to be fearless.

She nodded to herself. That was her. Fearless. Right...

It wasn't that Maggie was fearless, it was because she was impulsive. She was constantly acting without thinking. Her curiosity and impulsiveness had gotten into a lot of trouble in the past, but she'd always been able to get out of it before.

"Mags, before you go, I've got a story I'd like you to look into."

Maggie spun around with a grin on her face. That was fast. She was worried that she'd have to do research a few days, then pitch a story.

"You familiar with Hooker Park?"

Hooker park, otherwise known as "Hook-Up Park", was an overgrown park on the outskirts of Empire City. It was a common place for college kids to go and get a little crazy. Well known for wild parties and anonymous sexual hook-ups. She'd herself been a few times, but had never gone as far as some of the other kids have.

"Nope, never heard of it."

"Riiiight" said Terry, with a smirk on his face. "Rumour has it, that the cops are investigating a series of disappearances in the area. Odds are, that some co-eds just fell in love, and decided to run off with some homeless musicians, but just in case, if you're willing, I'd like you to look into it."

"Sure, I suppose I could do that."


Why, oh why, had she agreed to that. She knew why, though. Curiosity. Impulsiveness. It was a mystery, and Maggie couldn't resist a mystery.

In retrospect...oh, how Maggie hated that phrase. It always made her feel stupid. In this case, it made her feel even more stupid.

"What was I thinking?!" She thought to herself. "Hey, Mags. Why don't you go running about some overgrown forest, in the middle of the night, to see if you can find out why women are going missing, whilst walking through an overgrown forest in the middle of the night."

Maggie rolled her eyes.

"Nope" she thought. "No potential problems with that plan."


After making a few calls, Maggie had determined that four women had indeed gone missing in the area. She submitted a request with ECPD to get her hands on the police reports, but that would take 48 to 72 hours to get a hold of, so she decided the best thing to do, was a little old fashioned investigative journalism. After all, it was Friday night!

After her evening practice at the gym, she went home and showered. She had to admit, that she was proud of her body. Years of gymnastics had toned her body well. Her breasts had come in nicely enough, but stayed modest at barely a full C-cup.

Her bright red hair barely reached her shoulders, and her bright green eyes, and a smattering of freckles dancing across her cheeks and nose gave her a cute and elfish look about her. Her face gave her an innocent look which she was often able to use to her advantage.

As Maggie walked back into her modest bedroom, she let the towel fall away from her body, and started getting ready for the night's adventure. She found her flashlight and her small compact camera, and made sure the night time setting worked well.

She grabbed a pair of comfy cotton panties, and a sports bra, then paused with a smirk on her face.

"Well...maybe...just in case"

She tossed the sensible undies aside, and found a sheer red thong and demi-cup bra combination and put them on instead.

"Who knows... I might run into The Enforcer investigating as well" She giggled and admired herself in the mirror. She liked what she saw, but decided that running through a forest at night would require something a bit more practical on top. She pulled in a pair of snug jeans, and a snug t-shirt, and a short denim jacket. She slid her camera into the inside pocket of the jacket, and shoved her cell phone and flashlight into her back pockets, and she started out.

She neglected to tell anyone where she was going, because...after all...that'd be a good idea.


Maggie was beginning to get bored. At first she was having a blast. This place was every bit the sex pit that she'd heard it was. She'd seen two couple skinny dipping in a pond. She watched from safety for a bit. The couple on the shore were setting together, watching the couple in the water. The man had waded up behind the woman, and had his arms around her. One hand fondling her breasts, while the other hand, below the water line, was obviously playing with something else, if the woman's approving moans were any indication.

The woman on shore slide down her man, and slipped her mouth around his growing cock, and started sucking him.

Maggie was tempted to stay and touch herself, but forced herself to carry on. She had a job to do, after all.

Then there were the three girls going at it like animals in a field. They were all completely naked. One woman's head was in between the thighs of another, who's head was thrown back in ecstasy. The third was lying next to the first, massaging her breasts, and encouraging the second woman. They weren't going to any trouble to keep quiet, and in fact, when they noticed Maggie, they seemed even more aroused.

They invited her to come get a better look, but Maggie flushed and mumbled some nonsense about looking for some friends and turn and ran.

She heard one of them call out something about making new friends, then laughter, then more moaning.

There were a couple of other couples making out here and there, but nothing terribly disturbing. Still though, she was tired, sore, and nursing a few scraps from an argument she'd gotten into with a thorn bush. She was also terribly aroused. Perhaps it was time to go home, take a shower, lay down on her bed, and have some quality time with Buzz the Vibrator.

That's when she heard the footsteps behind her.

She whirled around just in time to see the cloaked figure. He was inches away from her, holding an outstretched hand. She could hear him blow, feel his breath, feel powder sprinkle across her face.

She tried to scream, but everything became so dark, so quiet, there was nothing.

Now Maggie was here. Bound naked and spread eagle, on a stone alter, with hooded chanting figures circled around her.

This might've not have been the first time that Maggie Malone had been tied up, spread eagle, to a table, but it was certainly the first time, she'd been so, for the purposes of some deranged magic ritual.

At first she was terrified. She instinctually feared that she was going to be gang raped by these lunatics. They didn't do anything, though. They just sat crouched around her, chanting. It had been hours now. The panic had subsided, but the fear had not. She desperately tried to think rationally.

"Ok..." she thought "I didn't tell anyone where I was going. That might've been a mistake." Then it dawned on her, that her editor, Terry, at the CSU student paper had set her on the assignment that lead her here.

"Terry isn't stupid! He'll know what's going on when I don't show up in the morning! Wait...Saturday morning. Shit!"

Suddenly, the chanting got stronger. More intense. She looked around and saw a hooded figure walking into the room, carrying what appeared to be an incense burner. Crimson smoke billowed from it. She could smell the sweet aroma as he drew near to her, and began waving the burner above her bound body.

As the mist of smoke began to drift from the burner, it seemed to descend upon her. It swirled and enshrouded her bound form.

She looked to her right, and saw one of the figures chanting rise to his feet, and slowly approach her. That's when she started to tingle. She felt it first, in the nape of her neck, but it quickly spread. It wasn't an unpleasant feeling. In fact, it felt rather good. Like a thousand lips gently kissing her exposed flesh. Every inch, every part. Her body was bathed in gentle, teasing kisses...

"Wait!" she thought in alarm. "Is this turning me on? What the hell is wrong with me? How can this be... The incense!" She thought with alarm. The crimson mist of the incense swirled around her body, caressing her. It must've been the incense making her feel...so...sexy.

The kisses had been joined by hands and tongue, massaging her, licking her, suckling her. She felt It everywhere at once. On her arms, her back, her stomach, her thighs, her breasts, her clit...oh, her clit. She could feel her pussy growing wet and quivering from the otherworldly sensations. Fingers exploring her. Lips sucking her nipples, tongues flicking them, teeth nibbling on them, fingers rolling them around. Yer clit was being flicked by a hundred tongues, fingers were exploring deep inside her drenched slit. She looked down, but not a single hand was upon her. The figures just remained kneeling. Chanting, watching, watching as the mist brought her closer and closer to that sweet orgasm.

She tried to fight it, but she couldn't. The sensations were maddening. Over powering. She lay bound to the table, writing in pleasure and agony. Her mind was on fire. She only cared about the orgasm. She desperately needed the release. She couldn't fight it, she didn't want to fight it. She desperately wanted to surrender to it.

Her eyes open, she saw the hooded figure whom had risen standing over her. He pulled a jewelled dagger from his robes and held it above her, the chanting reaching a fevered pitch.

She was scared. She didn't want to die. She didn't want...want...she wanted to cum so badly. What was wrong with her? She couldn't think. She couldn't focus. She couldn't be scared. There was just the sensations. The beautiful sensations. She writhed on the table, screaming in ecstasy.

It came. The orgasm roared through her like nothing she'd ever experienced before. Like a flood of unspeakable pleasure, it washed through her, she lost herself in the moment. She was barely conscious as the dagger plunged down...then time stood still...and there was blackness.

Maggie Malone was having a very bad day.

(Don't worry! Maggie's not dead. It'd be a pretty lousy origin story, if I killed off the main character straight away, now wouldn't it? Please feel free to vote and comment, I look forward to hearing your feedback. Part 2 is already underway.)

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