tagInterracial LoveHelping the Elderly Ch. 05

Helping the Elderly Ch. 05


Thanks goes to Literotica member Smoothed for editing and awesome creative input.

"Helping the Elderly Chapter 5" is an interracial story that contains a big-breasted woman and men with large penises. It includes some cuckolding, cheating, and sex between an older black man and a white woman. If this content does not appeal to you, please find a story more to your liking.

This is the fifth chapter in the series "Helping the Elderly." It is written without recaps, so please read chapters 1-4 to fully understand the plot and its characters.


Tracy came up to bed. She was washing her face as Jim lay "working" on his laptop.

He looked up to ask, "So, how's Harry's condition? Did your work with him help?"

Tracy knew Jim was most likely watching her massage and have sex with Harry a few minutes ago via his "hidden" cameras, but she couldn't know for sure. She became suspicious of his question as a result.

"Yes. He's a lot better after his treatment." Tracy admitted. She thought it best to keep her knowledge of Jim's cameras a secret.

"I remember him saying something about having a friend with a similar condition. Has he said anything about this to you?" Jim wanted to move this along. He couldn't wait to see his wife pleasuring another black man, let alone two of them at once.

"No, not yet. I guess I can have this friend of Harry's over so I can help him. I don't know who he is though. I don't think I have met him." Tracy knew it wasn't any of Harry's friends like Roger, Jeremy, or Wallace, otherwise he would have said as much. It must be another friend. Someone she hadn't met yet.

The next morning, Tracy was making breakfast for Jim and Harry in an old cotton pair of shorts and a tank top. Harry entered the kitchen.

"Harry, you were talking about another friend who had your condition? Is it someone I know?" she asked casually, serving Harry a steaming plate of eggs.

Harry smiled and picked up his fork. He was happy she was thinking about his conversation and the prospect of fucking another black dick.

"No, his name is Anthony. You haven't met Anthony. His wife and mine were friends and we used to do a lot together- movies, go out to eat, baseball games." He began eating, watching Tracy's round ass in her shorts.

Harry was telling the truth about the nature of his relationship with Anthony. His old friend did not, however, have a "condition," other than the pretend condition Harry also suffered from. Harry enjoyed showing Tracy off to his friends and secretly had plans to get her involved with more of his friends over time.

Tracy turned from the stove. "Oh, I see. Well, if I can help him, he's welcome. We have that massage table just for that purpose." She smiled at Harry.

She was eager to get back to the reason she and Harry had become friends, which was her sincere desire to help elderly people get along better in their lives. In fact, she was thinking about touching base with the senior center to discuss Harry's progress. She hadn't returned two calls left from Mrs. Collins, who handles the volunteer schedules at the center. She probably needed to reconnect.

After breakfast, Jim quietly retreated to the den to watch Tracy and Harry's latest video that was recorded with his new camera set up. Now he was on his way to work, and running late. He wasn't sure how he was going to get anything done professionally knowing that his wife would be catering to the every need of older black men. He wanted desperately to see her with this other man who needed help, but knew he needed to continue his current approach, which in his mind, was slow and more secretive than he would like.

Since Harry had come into their world, Jim had never had so many amazing orgasms in his life, and ironically, his sex life had never been better, even though he was having less face-to-face sex now than he ever had in their marriage. He was almost exclusively masturbating by himself.

After breakfast, Tracy cleaned up the kitchen and went to her bedroom to change. She dressed herself in yoga pants and a sheer, pink T-shirt that Jim bought her. She was braless just like Harry liked.

She joined Harry in the living room as he sat watching a morning cable news show sipping coffee. Tracy sat below him, on the floor, and began painting her toe nails in a pink shade to match her shirt.

After painting her nails, Tracy began to tidy up the house, as part of her normal routine. She did some dusting. She picked up odd clothes and dishes that were scattered about. She started vacuuming the kitchen. As she moved into the living room, she noticed Harry watching her. He had been watching her going about her housewife duties. There was something about her domestic side that turned him on. He was smiling at her and his stiff cock was jutting out between his parted robe. He finally had to start stroking his cock to the sight of Tracy shaking her body all over the house.

Tracy immediately noticed his condition, so she went to Harry's room and grabbed the massage oil before returning to him. She crouched on the floor and began to work on his legs as he sat on the living room sofa.

"You poor thing! Here I was picking up the house when you needed treatment! I'm sorry."

Tracy had his foot in her lap as she worked the oil into his leg. Harry was stroking his cock above her, staring down at her perfect breasts as they moved under her tight, see-through shirt.

Tracy finished his legs. She scooted closer and put both oily hands on Harry's thick shaft. He let her take his cock from him.

"Baby, your hands are working wonders," he offered as she was beginning to work on his cock.

Suddenly, the house phone rang.

She quickly wiped off her hands and picked up the phone.

"Hello? Yes, he's right here. One moment."

"It's Anthony." Tracy passed him the phone.

"Thank you, darlin'."

Harry took the phone. "Hey... yep, that was Tracy..." he began speaking as Tracy moved back to the floor between his legs.

She pushed he knees apart and scooted herself right up against the couch. She resumed stroking him with both hands.

Tracy could only hear Harry's end of the conversation as she stroked his cock.

"...Like you wouldn't believe... Oh yeah, we had dinner last night. He's totally fine with it...I know...I know."

Tracy began servicing Harry orally as he spoke. She plugged her mouth with his fat, smooth cock head and bobbed her head up and down. She let go of his shaft and held both of his balls in her hands. She began sucking noisily while massaging his testicles. Harry was watching her play with his cock enthusiastically as he spoke with his friend.

"I think you should. Let me ask..." Harry cradled the receiver against his shoulder.

"Do you think you could swing by and pick up Anthony? He lives in a retirement community about five miles from here."

Tracy removed her mouth with a slurping sound, released his balls, and resumed stroking him with both hands.

"That sounds great! Just let me know when," without waiting for a response, she lowered her head onto his cock again.

Harry finished the call and watched Tracy work her magic on his dick.

Her mouth was sealed tightly around Harry's responding shaft. She bobbed her mouth up and down, letting her spit mix with the oil. Not one to neglect his balls, she leaned forward and took each one into her mouth, massaging and kissing each .

After sucking his testicles, she scooted herself up and wrapped her breasts around his thick tool. She started moving them up and over his cock head. Harry put his hands on her shoulders and helped the bouncing blonde find a good pace.

"That's it, Tracy. Your tits feel amazing." He loved how her breasts wrapped completely around his giant member. Only a girl with enormous breasts could manage this kind of tit fuck.

It was easy for Tracy. She simply smiled and did her best to keep his thick, dark cock between her massive, creamy tits. She dutifully pumped her torso up and down in the black man's lap.

Harry watched Tracy's delicate pink fingers as they dug deep into her supple tit flesh, holding her warm orbs around him.

Harry was close. "Push them in a little tighter, darlin'... like that... yep, a little tighter... that's it... UNGH!"

Syrupy cum erupted powerfully from Harry's cock, splattering over Tracy's forehead and eyes. But she was used to it. Like a trouper, she kept pumping, squeezing her tits tight around Harry's bucking shaft.

He spurted several times, his pale spunk quickly glazing over her face, neck, and the tops of her tits. His warm cum formed a runny pool in her cleavage. Harry slid his sperm-slicked cock out of her cleavage and held it by the base. He clubbed it against the front of her slippery tits, making sure to smack directly on her nipples. This caused him to ooze a few more thick lumps of cum onto the tops of her breasts.

Harry loved tit-fucking her.

"I don't think I will ever get tired of that. You do wonders for an old man like me, Tracy." Harry shook his dick off onto Tracy's chest and sat up straight.

Tracy rose and headed to the nearest bathroom to clean up. She was a mess.

As she mopped-up Harry's load, he spoke to her, raising his voice so she could hear, "Poor Anthony. Same situation as me. The nurses can only do so much to help his circulation so he suffers. We go to the same doctor. Not many physical therapists will help people with our problem the way you do, Tracy. You are a life-saver."

After cleaning herself, Tracy was still in house-pick-up mode and found herself in Harry's room, picking up around his bed, thinking about what he was saying. She can't imagine how any professional therapist or nurse could treat a man like Harry and not realize that he needs the kind of therapy that he does.

'Just look at how much Harry ejaculates and how often he needs his legs and penis stimulated' she thought.

She began thinking about what other kind of ailments he would have to endure if she didn't perform her daily therapy on him. His legs could become numb, leading to a fall. What if he didn't ejaculate for a while and his balls filled up? She soon began to feel guilty and needed to talk to him.

"Harry, I've been thinking about your need of medical treatment."

Harry sat up. Tracy had a serious tone in her voice. He didn't like the sound of this.

"Okay, what's on your mind, darlin?'"

"Don't you think I should be more appropriate toward you? That maybe I'm being a little too unprofessional when I help you with your condition? Or the way I dress, don't you think I should focus more on helping with your treatment and less on my own needs and wants?"

Harry took a moment to think about what Tracy had just said before responding.

"Well, when you wear sexy clothes and use your body to help me with the circulation of my...penis, you are doing more than any therapist could do. The doctor said it is important for me to have my blood circulating throughout all my lower extremities. The sexual part of what you do is about the only thing that could stimulate circulation in my penis. You need to wear sexy clothes because it helps me, Tracy."

Harry paused and looked intently into Tracy's eyes to convey his sincerity, then continued.

"Seeing your sexy body gets the circulation moving through my old body parts, and that's a very good thing for my health. I am lucky to have you and that you are so willing to help me in that area. This has been more helpful than any therapist could ever be."

Tracy smiled and looked down sheepishly.

Harry concluded, "It makes me feel happy, and much less guilty to know that you are able to get something out of our relationship and that you seem to enjoy sex with me."

Tracy smiled again. "I'm glad, Harry. You make me feel so good. I can't imagine not being able to touch you the way I want to touch you. That would be torture!"

"You can always have access to my body, angel. You are doing more for me than anyone ever has, and I thank you."

Harry and Tracy were holding hands as they spoke. Tracy was standing at the side of the bed.

Satisfied with Harry's reassurance, she changed the subject.

"How bad off is your friend Anthony? Does he have the same issues as you?"

Tracy was wondering how the experience would differ from Harry to Anthony and whether Anthony would need his penis stimulated in the same way as Harry.

She couldn't help but think back to last week when she had helped Harry and his friends all have orgasms and how sexy she felt. She wondered if Anthony's condition was as bad as Harry's and if he would make her feel as sexy as the other men did. She was looking forward to helping another man.

"His condition is worse than mine. His nurses haven't ever fully treated him. Most they do is give his legs a rub-down, but nothing beyond that."

Harry had been bragging to his friend Anthony about Tracy. Anthony didn't believe a word Harry said. He couldn't wait to see the expression on his face when Tracy picked him up. He'd make sure she'd be wearing something sexy.

"Why don't we go pick up Anthony right now so you can start helping him?"

Like Jim, Harry was also turned on by the thought of Tracy having sex with another man. There was something so sexy and yet so innocent about Tracy and how she handled a dick that drove Harry crazy.

"I'm ready when you are!" Tracy was excited.

"Darlin,' since you're going to be helping with his circulation why don't you put on something sexier for us."

"You're right, Harry. Let me change." Tracy had the perfect outfit in mind.

After several minutes, Tracy returned, proudly showing Harry her outfit. She had her hair pulled back in a neat bun. She wore a small, thin, white tank top that left her neck and shoulders exposed, but the real highlight of the shirt was her bulging cleavage. The tank top would probably get her in trouble if she wore it in a public place.

Completing her outfit, she had a pair of black short-shorts that barely covered her ass and a pair of zebra pumps.

Harry was still getting dressed so Tracy put lotion on her smooth, toned legs. Her pink toe nail polish was perfect with her outfit.

Finally, Harry and Tracy were ready to get Anthony.

Tracy pulled up and parked as Harry directed her. Just as he'd described, Anthony lived in a semi-supervised senior home; in the non-supervised section. This consisted of several small apartments made to look larger by the way the front was designed.

Tracy opened her door. She hesitated a moment, self-conscious about her slutty outfit. Looking from right to left, she exited the car.

"He's just right up here." Harry pointed at the door at the end of the concrete walk they were on.

Anthony had lost his wife some time ago and his family had arranged for him to live in this community as they were moving out of state and could no longer look in on him.

Anthony was expecting Harry and was sitting by his front window watching for him. He had heard a lot of bragging about how he had met this perfect white woman who was into older black men. Anthony said it sounded like a scam, but Harry's story just kept getting more fantastic by the day.

He didn't think Harry's report had one scintilla of truth in it. Either the bitch was far less attractive, or much older, a prostitute, or an escort or something, but he did not believe the story Harry was telling him. There was just no way a hot white woman was giving herself to that old black man like that.

Looking out the window, he watched an expensive import sedan pull up. A white woman carefully got out. She was very shapely and attractive, but judging by the way she dressed, he thought she must be some kind of hooker. What was she doing here? She walked around her car and was helping someone out of the passenger side. Anthony's jaw dropped when he recognized his friend Harry.

"That ole dawg," he said with a chuckle.

As he watched Harry walk arm-in-arm with this sexy white woman up to his door, Anthony realized that Harry was telling the truth. Now he found himself thinking back to all the bragging and trying to remember what Harry said and what he could expect from this woman.

The couple approached slowly as Tracy helped Harry shamble up the walk. Anthony became mesmerized as they got closer. 'Man, that girl is bouncing and jiggling up a storm!' He began to feel something happen in his groin area as he watched Tracy sway up the walk. He wasn't one to masturbate, so his dick was not exactly getting the same amount attention as Harry's. Still, Anthony recognized that age old tingling. He was getting a hard-on.

They were almost at the door and Anthony still couldn't believe it. "Jesus, Lord, God above, have mercy," he said aloud. He had never seen a finer woman, either on TV, or in real life. Anthony felt his stiffening cock over his pants and moved toward the door in anticipation of the knock.

Before Harry could touch the door, Anthony opened it wide, completely ignoring Harry and focusing entirely on Tracy and her hot body. He stepped out of his apartment and onto the porch.

"My goodness, who is this here?" Anthony held his arms open and put his hands on Tracy's hips as she leaned in to kiss him on the cheek. Her scent was scintillating. Anthony brought her in close, letting his hand slide onto her ass as Harry introduced him.

"Nice to meet you, Anthony. I've heard a lot of nice things about you!"

Tracy smiled and looked the old black man up and down as he finally shook Harry's hand.

"Are you ready to go?" As Harry asked the question, Anthony closed the door behind him, then locked the dead bolt. Harry and Tracy hadn't even made it inside Anthony's apartment. He was ready to go.

Harry continued, "I guess that's a 'yes'."

They made their way down the walk, Tracy helping Harry and Anthony following behind, studying every inch and curve of Tracy's plump ass in the tight shorts.

Upon reaching the car, Tracy helped both elderly men into their seats before slipping into the driver seat.

"So, Tracy, Harry tells me you're a volunteer down at the senior center?" Anthony addressed Tracy from the back seat.

He sat up so he could peer over her shoulder. Anthony looked down at her broad cleavage. Her soft skin jiggled slightly with the motions of the car.

"Well, yes. I don't report to the center in person. I just phone-in and give them an update on Harry's condition every week...except, I missed last week."

Tracy adjusted her rear view mirror to see Anthony's face, but she found his gaze not meeting hers. He was staring at her breasts.

"I didn't know you did that." Harry interrupted.

"I've called twice. They barely remember you." She looked over at Harry. "They didn't even know you had a medical condition." Tracy wore a look of concern.

Anthony looked at Harry and raised his eyebrows.

"How could they not know about our condition, Harry?" He was worried the gig was up before he'd even have a chance with Tracy.

Anthony used the conversation to introduce what he and Harry had talked about over the last several days: Anthony had the same condition and needed the same treatment as Harry.

"Well, I don't get out that way much, in fact, I haven't updated my records since I joined about fifteen years ago, before my condition set in. That's why it wasn't part of your volunteer paperwork."

"I think that's awful. Maybe you two need to update your records." Tracy offered.

"I'll be sure to call them when I get the chance." Harry reassured Tracy.

Harry's answer put Tracy at ease. She was now concerned about Anthony and wondered how he was getting along without any treatment. She liked Anthony so far. At seventy-one, he was younger than Harry. He was shorter too. Anthony seemed to be about five-foot eight and was a little round in the belly, but not fat. He was balding and had a kind face. He seemed to really like Tracy too. He kept rubbing her shoulder as she drove the car.

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