tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHer Boys Ch. 03

Her Boys Ch. 03


She was on her back this time. Legs spread, tied to the footboard, hands tied tightly above her head. Her new captor was above her, running his rough hands over her breasts, playing with her nipples, watching and enjoying the effect it had on her. He placed a shiny silver clamp on each one, tightening it until she was moaning. He fastened a leather collar around her neck, and attached a leash on to it, pulling her head forward, choking her slightly.

He had already removed his clothing, and he pulled her head forward more, sliding a pillow under her head for support. He shoved his cock in her mouth and grinned at her while she began to suck it. Slowly, he began moving his hips, thrusting his cock in and out of her wet mouth. He moved his hands down to tighten her nipple clamps a bit more, and she emitted a deep moan out of her throat.

"Yeah...you like that, don't you slut?" He said. "You want me to fuck you in your mouth, make you suck my cock like a dirty street whore?"

She closed her eyes, and continued to work his erection over with her mouth, sliding the tongue up the shaft and flicking it over the head. He moaned and began thrusting faster, fucking her mouth harder. He pulled on the leash choking her slightly more. She opened her mouth wider, letting him thrust all the way back, trying to take his whole penis in her mouth. He moaned and closed his eyes, shoving his cock down her throat, making her take it as deep as possible.

He pulled back slightly, on the edge of Cumming, so he could shoot a load down her throat. She gagged, and he pulled out, using his hand to shoot the rest of his cum all over her face. He sat back, breathing hard, continuing to stroke himself while she leaned back, trying to get her breathing back to normal as well.

"Please tell me you're done with me." She said in a weak voice. He tugged at the chain on her nipple clamps, pulling them up for a few moments, reaching out with is other hand to stroke her clit a few times. She gasped, knowing her pussy was probably wet, tried to pull away, but she was still tied down to the bed.

"Sweetie, I'm just getting started with you. You sucked my cock so well, I think you deserve a little reward." He said, leaning forwards and running his tongue along her clit. He worked her over with his tongue until she was on the verge of orgasm and he pulled away.

"I said a little reward. Now, you're going to get a real fucking." He growled at her. He tightened the clamps even more, as tight as they would go and she cried out, breathing already ragged. He grabbed the leash that was still around her neck and pulled, choking her again.

"You like this don't you bitch? You like getting fucked and teased by me. You like knowing there's two other guys out there that are going to come in here and fuck you like the little slut you are. This is punishment, you deserve this for being such a cock tease." He growled angrily at her. He slammed his cock into her, letting the leash go and pulling at her nipple clamps.

He fucked her roughly, slamming her head back against the pillow and headboard, pulling at her nipple clamps. She was breathing shallowly, looked on the verge of passing out, but he kept thrusting, harder each time, till she was screaming.

"Oh god...PLEASE stop! Oh my god...don't do this to me anymore..." She cried out, struggling to move her hips away from him. He was fucking her so hard she thought he might break her pelvis. Rough as he was, her body was enjoying it. She could feel the pressure mounting up, her stomach muscles tightened. He let go of the chain on the nipple clamps and grabbed her hips, forcing her to stay still while he used her as a sex toy.

He made her cum, screaming as she did so, but he kept going. This was about his pleasure, not hers. He fucked her harder, coming inside her, his eyes rolling back, digging his hands into her pelvis, and leaving a slight bruise. He pulled away, and grabbed a towel to wipe the sweat off his face and cum off his dick. He stared at the broken girl on the bed, tied up, crying slightly.

He wiped a little bit of the cum, and some of the tears off her face, and pulled on his clothes. He removed the collar and leash, and slowly removed the clamps from her nipples, leaving them distended and erect.

"It's okay sweetie. I'm done with you. You just got to get through two more guys doing whatever the hell they want to you. Just accept that tonight, you're nothing but our bitch to use and abuse as we see fit, and it will go a lot easier for you." He said, before leaving the room and signaling to her third captor, it was his turn.

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